HALLOWEEN: Do, Don't, Please Don't ft. LoveLiveServe - Merrell Twins

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
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    These are the “Do’s” the “Don’ts” and the “Please Don’ts” of Halloween!
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  • macarena valenzuela
    macarena valenzuela 10 hours ago

    I love the ending ahah :P

  • Brian Valadez
    Brian Valadez 10 hours ago

    6:47 gave me a weird feeling

  • Unique Unicorns
    Unique Unicorns Day ago

    Did anyone else notice in the don’t of caving pumpkins at first Nessa was just hitting the pumpkin with the goop scoop

  • Alyssa Gatumbo
    Alyssa Gatumbo Day ago

    “ No really, I’m a pumpkin whisperer...” . Do you think they really buy that?

  • Gentri Lageveen
    Gentri Lageveen Day ago

    I LOVE you merril twins!!

  • Sophia L
    Sophia L Day ago

    *4:13* Im dying of laughing because of how Vanessa is carving her pumpkin

  • puma siaki
    puma siaki 3 days ago

    “No guys, really, I’m a pumpkin whisperer.”

  • Stripes
    Stripes 3 days ago

    7:56 don’t tell me no one heard her

  • Kristina Hall
    Kristina Hall 4 days ago

    This was painful. Couldn't finish watching

  • Caroline Adams
    Caroline Adams 5 days ago +1

    nessa was hitting a pumkin with s spoon

  • Aadya Boggaram
    Aadya Boggaram 6 days ago

    What kind of horrible person gives their cat away to strangers

  • Selina Uddin
    Selina Uddin 6 days ago

    rhino: pumpkins have feelings

    Everyone else in the room:

    sub to my channel press on the "s"

  • Aubrey Torres
    Aubrey Torres 6 days ago

    🤣 haha

  • Mac'k Førtune
    Mac'k Førtune 6 days ago

    @Veronica you Realized you didn’t put your Correct Instagram link !?

  • Itss Sergio
    Itss Sergio 7 days ago

    U have B.I.G. forehead

  • Lamie Unicorn
    Lamie Unicorn 7 days ago +1

    What is Nessa doing at 4:13! She is hitting her pumpkin 🎃 🤣lol

  • Foriiegn Sir
    Foriiegn Sir 8 days ago

    They Finally Got That Collab,Spam W In The Chat

  • •H•Y•P•E• •U•N•I•C•O•R•N•

    i ship noah with roni and nessa with rhino

  • S a m r a
    S a m r a 9 days ago

    Nooo _please_ *do*

  • Suzanna Heredia
    Suzanna Heredia 9 days ago

    Everyone: For the gram, for the gram!😃
    Parents: For Facebook, for all your relatives to see!😁

  • Samy B
    Samy B 9 days ago

    How many t shirts have you ruined

  • Liam Tilden
    Liam Tilden 10 days ago

    Your bad I’m only watching cuz Love live serve is in the video

  • UnOfficial ParadoxPetrify

    When it came to carving pumpkins, I thought the “Don’t” was the chainsaw but oki

  • Tayli Morgan
    Tayli Morgan 11 days ago

    These pairings are kinda everything

  • hola It's. A button dude!

    Mukbang with lls or just bang

  • hola It's. A button dude!

    Kinda good but u know and it feels like they’re forcing us to do those things like those are the things we have to do

  • Julie Nicole
    Julie Nicole 11 days ago

    No one :
    Absolutely Nobody :
    Not even your dog:
    Nessa: *whacks pumpkin with a scoop*

  • Julie Nicole
    Julie Nicole 11 days ago

    I love how Vanessa acts like a kid through this whole video. Love you guys so much!!!❤❤❤

  • Julie Nicole
    Julie Nicole 11 days ago

    6:08-6:27 is so hilarious. I love Vennessa's face when she got the cat

  • keji olatunji
    keji olatunji 11 days ago


  • Nour Alwahish
    Nour Alwahish 11 days ago

    28 sec -32sec we are twins (,nowa and rino),me,😶ummm... no no you are not I see you videos I know your lieing ...I see you 😶 😐😏😼

  • Sarah Tomlinson
    Sarah Tomlinson 11 days ago

    I subbed to you roni and nessa

  • Tasneem Monib
    Tasneem Monib 11 days ago

    Whoops I turned my house into a pumpkin once 😬

  • A bag of drag
    A bag of drag 11 days ago +1

    6:06 Did you mean please do? 😂

  • Jessica _Zhen
    Jessica _Zhen 11 days ago

    Who else thinks they would make a super cute couple

  • Min Yoongi's Waifu
    Min Yoongi's Waifu 12 days ago

    THe size difference tho

  • Lil Nasty
    Lil Nasty 12 days ago


  • Elise Malin
    Elise Malin 12 days ago


  • Salience C.W.
    Salience C.W. 12 days ago

    Lol there are so many memes in the comments

  • Salience C.W.
    Salience C.W. 12 days ago

    Omg who else saw the cat jump out of his hand right before the scene was cut?? Like if you saw it too
    It was at 6:27

  • Fazeel Ali
    Fazeel Ali 13 days ago

    10:53 😂😂😂😂 I’m p******

  • Ilia Favors
    Ilia Favors 13 days ago

    The last one that had please DONT was my fav

  • wazzup
    wazzup 13 days ago

    I’m a baby
    And I’m a daddy
    And together......

    We make Alabama _YEEHAAW_

  • About CHARM
    About CHARM 13 days ago +1

    This is many white shirts got wasted ( it's okay if u don't like :) )

  • Amanda Vang
    Amanda Vang 13 days ago

    This is how much people get scared in a haunted house

  • Elizah Fun Adventures
    Elizah Fun Adventures 14 days ago


  • Jessica Benicia
    Jessica Benicia 14 days ago

    Lol wen vennesa hits them

  • Arid Leon
    Arid Leon 14 days ago +2


  • Renee Hernandez
    Renee Hernandez 14 days ago +1

    Her : let’s make the house a pumpkin me: o you do what you think girl yassss queen 👑 love you guys shout me out

  • Bonnie Lindley
    Bonnie Lindley 15 days ago

    be safe ........ Takes candy frome strangers

  • Judith Servin
    Judith Servin 16 days ago

    And Veronica

  • Judith Servin
    Judith Servin 16 days ago

    I love Vanessa

  • Rosie
    Rosie 16 days ago

    Guys we got a cat 😂

  • 3ŁŁÂ Â
    3ŁŁÂ  16 days ago +1

    The scaring people please don’t had me dying laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 16 days ago

    i guess he just saw that episode of iCarly, huh? 5:32 (but he does realize that Spencer had a HUGE pumpkin, right? O_o)

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 16 days ago

    4:37 kinda fits the theme, i guess. cuz i *DON'T* get it. O_o haha....

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 16 days ago

    would the reverse have been creepier? 3:42 Vanessa playing the daddy i mean... O_o

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 16 days ago

    you sure that's not aluminum, bruv? 2:14

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C 16 days ago

    Ngl i ship roni and rhino

  • Genevieve Preston
    Genevieve Preston 17 days ago

    (Right after hollowween)WELL EVERYONE PUT UP THE XMIS STUFF