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This is why we can't have nice things

  • Published on Mar 25, 2021
  • This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren't better. Go to NordVPN.com/veritasium and use code VERITASIUM to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
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    Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Mac Malkawi, Oleksii Leonov, Michael Schneider, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Lyvann Ferrusca, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal
    Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
    Animation by Ivan Tello
    Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
    Edited by Derek Muller
    Video supplied by Getty Images
    Music by Jonny Hyman and from epidemicsound.com "Aquatic Planet", "Rhythm of Dreams", "Tread Lightly", "Unexpected Visitors", "Curved Mirrors" "Drunken Lullaby" "Fluorescent Lights"
    Thumbnail by Raquel Nuno and Karri Denise

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  • Jellyf0x
    Jellyf0x Year ago +19598

    The thing I hate most about planned obsolescence is that it assumes we have endless resources. It's terrible for our planet.

    • Simon Rosendo
      Simon Rosendo 2 days ago

      How can someone predict obsolete..and can u blame them for the invention..and more then half of our efficient machinery and “Things” had to start from an obsolete form
      Learn your history or your doomed to repeat it

    • Andy Willis
      Andy Willis 4 days ago

      i can one up this by saying i am not a money printer. some cannot afford to buy a car for 40k just for it to be useless in 2 yrs due to electronics and computer management systems

  • Directive 51
    Directive 51 27 days ago +442

    In my experience, LED's don't last as advertised either. I did an experiment. I have an enclosed outside light that I decided to install a "quality" LED bulb from GE that was rated for 50,000 hours. I left this light on all the time, 24/7. I recorded the date and time it was installed. According to the math, it should have lasted approximately 5 years, 8 months. I am on my third bulb which I recently replaced at 4 years, 9 months. The average lifespan comes out to roughly 2 years, 4 months and some change per bulb. I realize that such factors like weather, humidity, and other environmental conditions can play into this, an no, I did not park a lawn chair under the light and tough it out. With all that being said, these are only estimations. While LED's do last much longer than previous technology, they clearly did not last as advertised. Yes I saved the boxes and returned them, and yes, I have wayyyyy to much time on my hands.

    • Shaii ❱•❰
      Shaii ❱•❰ 2 days ago

      @李飛飛大燒B Well, yes, that's how warranties work. Your product is designed to last a certain number of years, and the warranty covers failures that happen before the end of that lifespan. Why would you expect companies to just replace your stuff for free?

    • Luft Baum
      Luft Baum 4 days ago

      @whichwasher2007 You are right. In my experience I have never seen the LED itself in a bulb fail, just the driver circuit (idk if you would call it a tranformer in the classical sense, since its just a small round pcb with some SMDs on it like a rectifier). And these failures do seem to be due to heat (maybe the transistors?). When you crack one open and look at the designs it is easy to tell that venting and layout could be improved easily, but then no one would need a new bulb... they always find their ways to keep selling us junk haha. It often is also about where you install the bulb: A fancy fixture that is very tight and enclosing of the bulb just supports heating up of the circuit. An open mounted bulb might not be as esthatically pleasing, but might just double the lifespan of your LEDs.
      Feels even worse throwing these perfectly fine LED bulbs away, than the classic ones, since they were basically just a piece of wire.

    • whichwasher2007
      whichwasher2007 8 days ago

      It's the LED itself though that can last 10 or 20 years but the transformer inside the bulb is what causes it to 'blow' or start flashing like a disco. Thing is that though leds don't produce the same amount of heat the constant low level heat is what causes the transformers to fail.

    • Viking Ghost 117
      Viking Ghost 117 9 days ago

      A true scientist :). I thought of another variable. I used to live in a real shiz apartment and the wiring was very outdated... I went through like 6 light bulbs in the same room in less than 1 year.... The first two were cheap, the next two a little pricier, the last two were just cream of the crop high quality overpriced lightbulbs . The greater price difference did equal a longer lasting bulb in that screwed up poorly wired apartment.. buuut still sucked... Long story short I thought I'd share for the sake of introducing another variable to consider in your experiment: Poor wiring. Only you'd know. All I'm saying is it definitely makes a difference, but I'm not suggesting that is why your experiment resulted in nearly 1 year shorter than advertised difference. Just something to consider... and I'm sure there's always another variable I didn't consider, and the next guy who responds to this comment.

  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller 23 days ago +188

    “…I couldn’t imagine we had better lightbulbs (phones, TVs, cars, clothes, appliances, etc) and then made them worse. “
    Every industry now has their own Phoebus Cartel, it’s the new standard business model.
    Thanks for a great video!

    • Marcelo Rodrigues
      Marcelo Rodrigues 21 day ago +9

      The worst part is the cost to enter the market. While we were buying (say) a saddle, it was easy: "everyone" could make one - so one maker kept the other in check.
      Now we talk about a 3 billion dollar (USS dollars) plant, and people say it is cheap. CHEAP!
      It really limits who can enter the market.

  • Sir Tiddlesworth
    Sir Tiddlesworth 21 day ago +179

    When I was an engineering student in university, our professors - especially the ones who taught DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly), would sneak in planned obsolescence everywhere like in our lectures, homework and examination questions. Still remember them clearly because I got slightly lower marks for disagreeing with the practice during one research project and the finals for DFMA.
    Academia and education systems everywhere really need to be reformed to or replaced by something else that is not heavily influenced by corporate workforce demands and trends.

      OH BABY A TRIPLE Day ago

      Do you have any example? What was the project about?

    • Sol Ise
      Sol Ise 3 days ago +2

      All education related to finances in the west tends to be aggressively neoliberal as well, I really wish people were more transparent and critical and taught as much

    • shaftdrive
      shaftdrive 3 days ago +2

      Academia is sponsored by lobbies who need more worker drones 🤷🏿‍♂️ the illusion is deep

    • Ryan L
      Ryan L 10 days ago +3

      Decentralizing education would not only make education accessible to more people, but also help prevent institutionalized (corrupt) indoctrination like that.

    • Jennifer Marlow
      Jennifer Marlow 13 days ago +5

      I saw this when I was very young. We are institutionalizing our children. It started with mass education in the late 19th century, and the 6-day work week in factories and lumber mills (for example). Now, we have pre-K learning to be good little work slaves, put their bodies on a clock, and sit inside for most of the day. It's INHUMAN.
      Your example of engineering can be extended to journalism. After 9/11, the local journalism college (oldest in North America, King's College) began training young journalists the protocols for "embedded journalists". They are teaching them how it's so important to follow government guidelines about war zones, and censorship for NATIONAL SECURITY. Oh yes, the indoctrination is real. Yikes.

  • Dolores J. Nurss
    Dolores J. Nurss 26 days ago +158

    Planned obsolescence in phones and computers is a really big problem, considering that they require non-recyclable alloys of rare metals, which are running out. This could make the digital revolution collapse in a generation.

    • HardyQuinn
      HardyQuinn 7 hours ago

      Scary, I still have an old flip phone with a sim card and i turn it on occasionally to see if it still works and it does. It's been like, 10 years I've had it. I keep it just incase.

    • Dolores J. Nurss
      Dolores J. Nurss 3 days ago

      @Twuben Building my own table is within my skillset and available raw materials. Building my own pc is not. However, I'm pleased and impressed that you can do this--more power to you!

    • Twuben
      Twuben 3 days ago

      @Dolores J. Nurss You don't need to buy new pc's every few years if you build your own like JuCo said. Now with consoles that's a different story

    • Dolores J. Nurss
      Dolores J. Nurss 14 days ago +2

      @JuCo Well done!

    • JuCo
      JuCo 14 days ago +7

      Not as big of an issue with computers if you build your own. I built my last one in 2011 and just built a new one in 2021. I honestly didn't even need to, it just felt like it was time. During those 10 years I upgraded the RAM, the video card, and the SS drive all to be more powerful. The only component that ever failed and needed to be replaced was the first motherboard after 3 years. The second MB is still going strong going on year 8.

  • Be Smart
    Be Smart Year ago +30558

    On the other hand, RU-clip is filled with lots of unplanned obsolescence

    • Kaththee
      Kaththee 17 hours ago

      @Leo Leon That is an easy one. It is the plea of every government agency along with a petition for more money- incompetence of course.

    • Fahim Jaowad Sam
      Fahim Jaowad Sam 4 days ago

      Joeee, my man!!

    • Mark Pillion
      Mark Pillion 11 days ago

      @bananaboy🍌🍌 what has lead you to your conclusion?

    • sonofsun
      sonofsun 15 days ago


    • S H
      S H 16 days ago

      @Leo Leon lol

  • Nick Bloom
    Nick Bloom 19 days ago +64

    Back in high-school (2006) I had a teacher who once mentioned this to our class. About how companies design their products to fail, in this case we were discussing car parts, but it has stuck with me ever since. Over the years I wanted to do more research and write a book about it but never got around to it. This video alone did far better than I could have ever pulled off. I was very happy to accidentally stumble across this.

    • Zuxiasunicorn
      Zuxiasunicorn 16 days ago +1

      Car manufacturers also don't put paint on cars that lasts very long either, and the stuff DOES exist.

  • Tinker Man Mick
    Tinker Man Mick 4 days ago +60

    Apple was the best example you could have used for planned obsolescence. Great video thank you!

  • Digital Cajun
    Digital Cajun 19 days ago +76

    Imagine how much better we would be at conservation, resource abundance, and planetary cleanliness if this had never happened. Imagine how much farther along our people and tech would be. The results that have come from this practice are a crime against humanity.

    • Imperial Watch
      Imperial Watch 12 hours ago

      @Wout Massive fax

    • Wout
      Wout Day ago +1

      @No No Stop blaming the greed of individuals on 'capitalism', that's not gonna help anyone, ever. It is only the lack of people's will to be self-critical that they blame the wrongdoing of individuals on abstract ideological concepts. Lay the responsibility at the feet of those that have done wrong, and do the same as you need to become a self-responsible adult.

    • No No
      No No 8 days ago +6

      All in the name of capitalism.

  • Sirius Joker
    Sirius Joker 9 days ago +9

    My Bachelor Degree in Design and Technology taught me that, unfortunately, we lived in an age where we would have to learn to design products to last 2-5 years. And! that buying fixing parts would cost more than a new product.
    Ouch! For us designers who want to excel in our craft, and make quality, long lasting products. Sighs.
    Great informative vid! 💯👍

  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann Year ago +103212

    8.5 million people watch you, and you planted a seed today in their mind about right to repair. Thank you.

    • Andrew Bergamann
      Andrew Bergamann 28 days ago

      This comment should be pinned by the young lad in the video.

    • Amiir.
      Amiir. 2 months ago

      Well, 15M bro Lol.

    • Juju Bean
      Juju Bean 4 months ago

      @BlinkBlink 🤨😁🙃😉😂😂😂💯💀🔥🤓

    • Youtube Account
      Youtube Account 5 months ago

      Most ominous way to put it, wtf

    • Alfred Baginski
      Alfred Baginski 5 months ago

      @Toby AM p0

  • Linh Hoàng
    Linh Hoàng 25 days ago +40

    This reminds me of the calculators from Casio. When I was young I used to wonder why these calculators were so durable they were so extraordinary, while almost everything else around broke down so regularly it's the norm

    • Joey Veldink
      Joey Veldink 14 days ago +4

      I bought a Casio calculator back in 2012 and it's still going strong. In the same time period i have gone through 4 smart phones.

  • Rockdem0n
    Rockdem0n 26 days ago +52

    Everything he said made sense until the LED line, they may be marketed as lasting longer but in practice they still fail after a few years and most people live in their houses for 50 years or more, that's still a lot of LED bulbs that need to be replaced in that time.

  • ralleyquattro
    ralleyquattro 27 days ago +53

    My 110 year old wind up pendulum wall clock is still running perfectly fine and keeps accurate time. Yet a stupid FitBit failed few weeks outside of warranty period. So criminal to spend the time/energy/resources to build something with a designed finite life only lasting the warranty period.

    • TheTrooperMB
      TheTrooperMB 16 days ago

      @Mohammad Reza yes , i'm actually planning to do it , i'm cleaning grass at the moment :D

    • Mohammad Reza
      Mohammad Reza 16 days ago

      @TheTrooperMB Feel free to farm

    • TheTrooperMB
      TheTrooperMB 17 days ago +2

      economy over quality , job to get food (pay taxes) or die of starvation .. such is industrial life

  • Shogo 昇剛
    Shogo 昇剛 18 days ago +40

    I hope we can fight back against planned obsolescence.

    • TheEshaw1
      TheEshaw1 4 days ago +1

      @DunkyKing Corporatism is a result of a thing called the tendential fall in the rate of profit. If competition continues endlessly, products have a natural tendency to become too cheap to make a profit off of. The thing that happens instead of continued competition is cartels and monopolies form and also corporate capture of the state to make markets less competitive. If we abolished the state under capitalism, capitalists would likely create it again since it is an institution that primarily ends up serving their interests. All this is just what capitalism naturally tends towards in the long run. Not sure if there's a solution, but I think it's possible that humans can come up with better ways of organizing society. We smashed the atom, learned to fly, went to outer space, etc. The problem with social organization is it can't really depend on one isolated genius, though they may play some role. It has to come from the people as a whole or it won't come at all. No society has really implemented something that's preferable. In every society there have been successes and failures, but overall nothing has really stuck. The social democracies of Europe seem to be the best option at the moment, but they have their problems too.

    • DunkyKing
      DunkyKing 4 days ago

      @TheEshaw1 lemme guess. Socialism or communism, being better?
      Also, there's a difference between
      capitalism and corporatism, and this is all an example of the latter

    • TheEshaw1
      TheEshaw1 14 days ago +4

      It's probably not going away until capitalism does. We might make some progress through political activism, but this is kind of one of the things that keeps the entire economic system from collapsing.

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor Year ago +2037

    When I was a young boy and my Grandfather complained "They keep making this junk cheaper so you have to keep buying it"... he must have said that a hundred times to me over the years... turns out Grandpa knew what the hell he was talking about.

    • sonofsun
      sonofsun 15 days ago

      Bruh everyone says old things work better and longer. Around me this was a fact

    • Allan Bonadio
      Allan Bonadio 19 days ago

      I've also had a lot of LED lightbulbs go dark - way more than they're supposed to.Sometimes I think it's a loose connection, mostl y on the cheap ones.

    • loa one8
      loa one8 19 days ago

      when i was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band…

    • Jane L.
      Jane L. 23 days ago +1

      You could repair things to keep things longer. Now it’s expensive to keep old items running.

    • Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
      Casey Ray Harris. Esquire Year ago

      @Cats & Roses true. 120 years since climate change was theorized. But idk I think Tesla had something in his notes that was seezed and returned with large gaps missing. Also said he was communicating with et. Who knows. I feel like that was our next Isaac Newton but he wasn't funded because of capitalism. Free power? Solves our dependence on petroleum companies

  • GK2003
    GK2003 18 days ago +43

    Planned obsolescence: I have a nail file (a sorta “steel emery board”) in my drawer from 25 years ago that still works as if new. Buy the same thing from the same company today, and in about six months it’s worn out.

  • ukemike1
    ukemike1 26 days ago +60

    He ends by saying that we've finally gotten our "everlasting" lightbulbs in LED bulbs.
    In the about 2000 I bought a compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) for about $20 and I took it with me through multiple moves. It finally died last year. Some other CFLs that I purchased in 2018 were dead before 2021.
    And anyone who has ever bought a Feit LED bulb knows that planned obsolescence in light bulbs is still with us. I've had several of these fail on me already.

    • yellow flower
      yellow flower 5 days ago

      @Ryan Tidwell sorry I insulted your corporate overlord

    • Victor K
      Victor K 17 days ago

      I’ve noticed too that FEIT bulbs fail quickly. Not a good experience with them, I avoid them now.

    • Possum Jesus
      Possum Jesus 18 days ago

      I have a CFL from 2006 that still works.

    • Ryan Tidwell
      Ryan Tidwell 19 days ago +3

      @yellow flower Amazon has treated me like a valued customer. They sell the same crap as Home depot or Ace for less money. Why wouldn't I buy from them? Do you have any useful information to contribute or you just like making less than helpful comments?

    • yellow flower
      yellow flower 19 days ago

      @Ryan Tidwell just don't buy stuff from Amazon

  • Roger B
    Roger B 27 days ago +13

    The agricultural version of "the right to repair" is the demand for Monsanto et al to stop selling farmers engineered seeds which grow into plants that yield sterile seeds. In certain cases it is illegal for a farmer to retain this year's viable seeds to plant next year's crop. In a world facing food shortages, this is nothing short of criminal.

    • Siluda
      Siluda 3 days ago

      is this a usa thing ? i never heard it in my country, but again i don't know much about agro space in my country since i live in big city

    • rogermwilcox
      rogermwilcox 14 days ago

      You do know that hybrid crop seeds -- which have been around a LOT longer than Monsanto has been in the agriculture business -- also produce sterile seeds, right?
      Plus, the countries where the farmers are forbidden to save seeds are NOT the countries where there are food shortages.
      It would cost more, both in terms of labor and in terms of non-renewable natural resources, to ship crops from (say) the U.S. to Africa than it would cost to grow more crops locally in Africa.

  • fgcbrooklyn
    fgcbrooklyn 20 days ago +12

    It happened to windshield wipers: when I bought my first cars in the '70s, wipers lasted the lifetime of a car. I don't remember changing them ever, not once.
    Now? Almost every season I have to replace them. On top of that, I could by just the blade, remove the old ones (sometimes it was a pain), and insert the new. Not anymore, you just can't find blades. You have to buy the whole set, frame + blade.

  • SoulfoodFight
    SoulfoodFight Year ago +3641

    Imagine the trillions of tons of unnecessary garbage planned obsolescence has caused our planet, the poisoning of our rivers and air and soil... It's so backward and disgusting.

    • Siluda
      Siluda 3 days ago

      @kristoffer3000 better than a planned economy on socialism :)

    • No No
      No No 8 days ago

      There is no political solution. Turn your disgust into hate.

    • Star Wise
      Star Wise 24 days ago

      Greedy men don't think of the future and sustainability as a whole. Only themselves. If people in America realized you don't get a break when you die, you are reborn into the mess you left behind, they'd be more responsible now.

    • Samantha Kim Manoban
      Samantha Kim Manoban Month ago


  • Bhakti Bhandari
    Bhakti Bhandari 25 days ago +26

    Right since I was a kid (around 10 yrs) I would get mad at why products we buy aren't perfect - the way that they're supposed to be.
    I always noticed some or the other subtle problem in literally every product that we bought. And that led to us either eventually breaking that product in anger (feeling that "it's not working right anyways") or just buying a whole new one, only to end-up with another piece of garbage.
    I see all this to this day. And now I know why.

    • Bhakti Bhandari
      Bhakti Bhandari 14 days ago +5

      @Agni Das hahaha
      It's so easy for you to simply claim I'm having "serious anger issues" while you don't even know 0.001% of me 😂😂
      I guess someone else needs to seek a guruji, not me ;)
      And yes, I do give away such things to the poor and needy out there ( I try to make use of it as long as I can first...)

    • Agni Das
      Agni Das 14 days ago

      next time give the item away to a poor person ... you have serious anger issues - seek a guruji ..

  • Bon of a Sitch
    Bon of a Sitch 2 days ago

    Man, the fact a lot of these obsolescent trends began cropping up around the 1920's/30's really adds a whole new level of context to the Great Depression, which I think is really fascinating as a rare but extremely enlightening crossroads between science, history, and economic principles.

  • chillinator
    chillinator 22 days ago +3

    I used to buy Phillips bulbs and in some places (porch lights on a timer) they failed like clockwork roughly every 2 months. GE bulbs lasted a bit longer, but failed all the same - maybe 3-4 months. Thinking that this seemed to be "the way of the world" when it came to incandescent bulbs, I thought, "Why buy expensive bulbs and still have to replace them all the time? Just buy "cheap" bulbs instead..." so I bought a case of Halco (made in China) bulbs just to have them on hand .... and to this day (4 years later) none of them have burned out - lol.
    LED bulbs claim to last much longer, but they burn out and will degrade the same as incandescent. They *do* seem to last longer, but nothing close to the claims on the packaging.

  • Allen H
    Allen H 19 days ago +7

    Another good example is no grease fittings on riding lawnmower belt pulleys and car/truck suspensions etc. On some components , some install their own.

  • Sarah Schulz
    Sarah Schulz 8 months ago +2945

    My parents recently got a new microwave and gave me their old one they got for their wedding - I'm 25 and warming up my leftovers in the same microwave my baby food was warmed in... pretty amazing. I would love if everything lasted forever. Planned obsolescence feels like such a waste of resources.

    • Siluda
      Siluda 3 days ago

      what would you do if you micro broke and all the companys were no more because there is no one producing the products ?

    • Agni Das
      Agni Das 14 days ago +1

      save that thing. those microwaves are rare now. serious. it's a collectors item. you named the right time period. Certain hobbyists will even pay you just for the insides of it - there is something you cannot buy anymore inside really well made which fits so many DIY projects.

    • sonofsun
      sonofsun 15 days ago

      We are already reaching the all robot and no human work force we need plans for everlasting products

    • sonofsun
      sonofsun 15 days ago

      I dont agree with the forever part

    • withdirtybags
      withdirtybags 27 days ago +1

      It is possible that the screen or rubber seals around the door may have perished, allowing some radiation to leak out. For peace of mind, buy a microwave leakage tester. Many homeware and electrical stores sell them and, at about a fiver, they're cheaper than buying a new oven.

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 19 days ago +5

    A well done and presented video and I particularly like being asked to like and subscribe at the END of the video.
    This is very clever for several reasons. Keep up the great research, you and your team are a necessary force that is feeding the hungry minds of the many followers and newbies combined.

  • Peter Merz
    Peter Merz 19 days ago +9

    i see planned obselescence in the fly fishing industry all the time. Look at most older rods and they last forever and in some castes preform better than modern rods. there have been improvements and some groups actually make their stuff last, but i can pick up a 100 year old bamboo rod (given its been treated well) and use it for years while a modern mass produced given the same treatment wont last half as long. now a-lot of companies use insurance policies for breaks these days, but that still implies that they are less durable. I love the sport but some of the stuff like Orvises Helios rods are hot trash in comparison to older models which are no longer produced. its a facinating industry when you get into it, but often underhanded.

  • Mark Sawyer
    Mark Sawyer 3 days ago

    In my experience, LED light bulbs seem to be designed to fail at around the 1 year mark. Even the well known brand names, like Philips, only seem to last around 1 year, despite the wild claims on the box that it can last 15 years. The sad thing is, I'm sure the LED technology is capable of being durable, but it doesn't make business sense to allow that to happen, so it is still being held back by planned obsolescence. I dont understand how they can legally get away with claiming 15 years on the box, when it's actually 1 year in reality. The energy savings from these LED bulbs are totally wiped out by the cost of having to replace them every year.

  • Linda C
    Linda C 16 days ago +5

    I wonder if it's possible that when we build something, we plan it into it's next metemorphosis. For instance, when they build a factory, the eventual demolishion should be figured out and funds acruing in escrow, and the necessary steps can move smoothly and easily.
    When we create a soda can, we could also have the next step for it figured out: can it become raw materials, or be upcycled?
    It seems to me that this could create more and varied small industries and niches. Less pollution. Less mass production of specialized parts. Less need to concentrate substances, and create toxic spoils.

    BADWOLF42 Year ago +1141

    Slightly different than obsolescence, but when I was 13 or so, my neighbor (who lived about a mile away since I grew up on a farm) hired me to help him cut and load some old, dead oak trees to sell the wood. For those who don't know, wood is usually sold by the cord when dealing with large sales, which is a measure of volume (around 1,000 gallons, I think). So I started loading this wood into a trailer, and on the second day I was helping him, he stopped me and told me that I was loading it too well. I was being too efficient, packing the wood into the trailer too tightly and thus reducing his profit from the sale of the wood, since there was more wood per cord. He made me stop and instead load it loosely and less efficiently. A few days after that, I came up with a way to use his tractor to load the wood faster than either of us could by hand, and he fired me once he realized how well it worked. Really taught me a lot about the world.

    • Lavonne Russell
      Lavonne Russell 3 days ago

      Wow. That was harsh.

    • Yolanda D2.0
      Yolanda D2.0 Month ago +1

      @Swamp Donkey Is satan Ayn Rand?

    • Yolanda D2.0
      Yolanda D2.0 Month ago +2

      Before reading the end of this I was thinking I'm surprised he didn't get fired. Seriously. I was fired a few times before I realized hard work and efficiency does not pay off. It's a myth. It only pays off if one is the owner.

    • Anarchy RC
      Anarchy RC 5 months ago +1

      @Ivan Erwin Right?! So weird to measure wood in gallons! Totally doable though

  • Rob The Picture Guy
    Rob The Picture Guy 18 days ago +11

    LEDs were originally designed to last several years. Planned obsolescence affected them as well. Having worked in electronics for decades, I have seen so many of them failing well before what was a reasonable lifespan. And not just randomly. In batches.

    • YourFriendStChris
      YourFriendStChris 8 days ago +1

      20 years ago Traffic signal bulbs went LED, the State I work for bought in 17 years ago, and replaced all their incandescence with LED, the first batch of LEDs lasted pretty good for 15 years, but their age was beginning to concern management with occasional call ins for one being out here and there, so we blanket swept them all and changed them out to new one's, GE made the left hand turn arrows we got, and they began burning out within months, some I've replaced twice now since 2 years ago when we did the swap, they are junk in comparison to the first gen LED signal lights.

    • Фёдор Дуболомов
      Фёдор Дуболомов 14 days ago

      also capacitors in the driver

  • Richard Connelly
    Richard Connelly 27 days ago +14

    40 years ago i moved into a house that my friend bought from a blind man,i noticed light bulbs that were definitely antique and they all worked,probobly lights were only turned on when he had guests,we lived there for a year and never had to replace a bulb

    • Richard Connelly
      Richard Connelly 16 days ago

      @천사 in the early development of incandescent bulbs they experimented with the right amount of tungsten to use in the filament,you know that little wire,the less tungsten the quicker the filament would burn out,pure tungsten would probobly last forever but too costly and nobody would need to buy light bulbs so in the beginning to promote these bulbs they probobly used alot of tungsten to make them last long and promote the product

  • Mikey G
    Mikey G 9 days ago

    Before watching this I had a conversation with a fellow electrician about how I believed LED lighting would not be good long term, business wise. We use 50,000 hour rated light fixtures. I can see this being an issue for every business in the lighting industry.

  • Armnel Angeles
    Armnel Angeles 5 days ago +1

    Henrik Ibsen tackled this societal issues in the same vein in "An Enemy of the People". When the doctor of a small spa-town, Dr. Stockmann discovered that the towns baths are polluted, he wants it to be known, but doing so will kill the town's livelihood. So they branded him an enemy of the people by trying to do so, even if he was right.
    Planned obsolescence is a very unpalatable fact of our modern society. And whoever rallies against it will be silenced or paid off. All for the sake of the "economy". All about the money 🤷‍♂️

  • Abner Mascarenhas
    Abner Mascarenhas Year ago +1571

    The worst part of planned obsolescence is that it affects the environment negatively ....waste produced by us would be far less if it wasn't for this stupid money making strategy

    • Bellator Dei
      Bellator Dei 4 months ago +1

      That's the least concern, this impoverishes everyone and is halting innovations

    • Beeman
      Beeman 5 months ago

      ....you mean greed?

  • shaftdrive
    shaftdrive 3 days ago

    We had an old local formal clubhouse. Before renovation, the ceiling fans (6 of them, I think) were connected to old resistance-type regulators. Massive units with huge knobs, 6-8 speeds. Those things would have been installed 50+ years ago. No problems at all.
    I've installed new (solid state) little regulators at home, they last maybe a couple of years max. Terrible.

  • Axel Sypkens Smit
    Axel Sypkens Smit 24 days ago +18

    So many devices need software support now that even if all the hardware inside it is perfectly fine it can still become obsolete by not being supported anymore which sucks as well

  • Natecas08
    Natecas08 15 days ago +5

    this reminds me of my laptop that I got 11 years ago. it is a dell inspiron running windows 8, and was a bit under 300 dollars at the time. I've been regularly maintaining it, upgraded the ram and changed the hard drive to an ssd, and today it is still the laptop that I use in college. I was shocked when I found out that the average laptop nowadays has a lifespan of about 2-3 years, since after that, there is a good chance of something breaking that "costs more than the laptop is worth".
    I gotta say, mine is not the most visually pleasing, it is bulky since it has a DVD reader and burner, but performance wise it is still on par with most $500-$600 laptops today. until something catastrophic happens, if my laptop can still keep up with the others on the market, I will keep using it.

    • Glyn archie
      Glyn archie 6 days ago

      same here about 12 years ago I bought a Sony vio, still OK, admittedly I just use it for music, nowadays, I've learned as I got older buy really good makes.

  • fightbackfakenews
    fightbackfakenews 19 days ago +4

    A great example is the capacitors for TV. Its a 4 dollar piece that allows ur TV to turn on instantly. For 2 bucks more they can more than double ur tv life span.

  • Burns Blown Glass
    Burns Blown Glass 8 months ago +5282

    A GM engineer once told me, "it's easy to make a car last forever, getting one to break down in 7 years is the trick"

    • Agni Das
      Agni Das 14 days ago

      @Tetra Digm so did BMW and Lamborghini

    • clayboy699
      clayboy699 17 days ago

      @Effin Casual's so how do you explain fords best selling truck it doesn’t last,

    • Moo Choo PR
      Moo Choo PR 17 days ago

      @dakota tompkins I do wanna know lol

    • dakota tompkins
      dakota tompkins 17 days ago

      @Moo Choo PR man I worked for Toyotetsu you don't even wanna know how people treat the parts.

    • niklas davind
      niklas davind 17 days ago

      @Burns Blown Glass a man of taste i see

  • Mike M.S.
    Mike M.S. 12 days ago

    Finally, a great video by Ve.
    Well written. Thought provoking. Brilliant even.
    Kudos for this.

  • keensoundguy
    keensoundguy 27 days ago +15

    As a kid, I once repaired an incandescent bulb. By carefully manipulating the bulb to get the broken filament to touch the terminal it was no longer connected to, and then carefully screwing into a lamp. When I turned on the lamp, it worked again. But it only lasted another hour or so, perhaps because the filament was now shorter than originally (as L decreases, R decreases, and hence I and P increase).

    • REMCodes
      REMCodes 16 days ago +1

      @shumail khan L is length (I presume)
      The others are common electronic shorthand for resistance (R), voltage (V), and current (I)
      Sometimes voltage is represented with 'P' instead of 'V'
      Hope this helps!

    • laestrella
      laestrella 19 days ago

      Yeah answer the question, please.

    • shumail khan
      shumail khan 20 days ago +2

      What are L, R, I and P?

  • Katnip Bardot
    Katnip Bardot 19 days ago +2

    I knew it! I knew it all along! I used to work in the lighting & electrical section of Lowe's & my specialty was light bulbs & knowing what I do about light bulbs & filaments I always assumed that at least with the incandescent light bulbs they were purposely meant to burn out just so you have to go back to the store to buy more & then LED light bulbs came to exist & according to the labeling on the box a GE LED bulb can last 9 to 13 years depending on if you get the basic or the most expensive ones & you would probably think "Wow, why would they do that, wouldn't that make them lose money? " & No not really the name brand top shelf LED bulbs are really expensive & even though incandescents are considerably dirt cheap now you can either spend a bunch of smaller amounts of money over time replacing incandescent bulbs constantly or you can spend over $20 or more to buy an 8 pack of LED bulbs that will last 10 years so they're still meeting their profit margins no doubt.

  • Palitato
    Palitato 25 days ago +16

    Man, this really brings to light why Boomers are so out of touch... imagine growing up with parents who were buying a new car every two years... and everyone else was too...
    I drive a 2007. My car is almost old enough to vote.

    • Lavonne Russell
      Lavonne Russell 3 days ago

      My ex and I were into classic air-cooled Volkswagens. He learned to fix them from a book. When they broke down, he bought the part, installed it, and we drove on. These cars were from the 60s.

    • Croatoan
      Croatoan 5 days ago

      mine is from 1991

    • Robert Hollander
      Robert Hollander 13 days ago

      Holy shiat. My Jeep is also. It's a 2013 with only 30k miles on it. Pffft. I don't get out much. It better not be a Trump supporter.

  • A G
    A G Year ago +3697

    As an electrical engineer, I can assure you... We are literally educated in school about how to design for the desired failure timeframe. It seems criminal

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana 3 months ago

      @mr.niceguy the fact that you said 'at university' and not 'at a university' means that you are not from the US. this is specifically related to the US, not other countries.
      granted other countries are now trying to copy it, but this started with the US.

    • Billy Jones
      Billy Jones 5 months ago

      seems like most companies now adays. it's profit over everything else.

    • L.W. Paradis
      L.W. Paradis 5 months ago

      @Arestheos What Adam Smith described was a free market, not capitalism. Like the difference between a star cluster and a black hole.
      Some of the things he says about a rentier class controlling enough wealth to control massive numbers of people suggest he would see modern-day billionaires as a return to feudal overlords. He didn't come close to Marx in describing what would actually happen, but some of his insights do show that the capitalists who invoke him today are lying.

    • Arestheos
      Arestheos 5 months ago +1

      I don't know when people will realise capitalism actually is holding and even regressing humans technologically and industrially. Which is funny because these two areas are the capitalism's pride for advancements, in the other social areas of course it is terrible. We're unaware of how many other things that could be accomplished, like free electricity. Humans are really good at enslaving themselves.
      Edit: Reply in advance; stop talking about Adam Smith's Capitalism. People talk about that are delusional as much as communists that want a quick revolution. Be realistic and see the today's world.

  • Milly Reynolds
    Milly Reynolds 23 days ago +5

    I remember when I was finally old enough in mom's mind to wear nylon stockings, I was graduating from eight grade. On television they announced a new stocking coming out that didn't run, a run tiny is a tiny or larger hole that run up or down The sticking and ruins the stockings so you can't wear them. Whom ever the person was came with no run stocking, well long story short, that stocking brand was sold for about six months then disappeared? there is no money in items that last so long that consumer doesn't need a new one for year's.

  • Ilias Antonopoulos
    Ilias Antonopoulos 14 days ago

    Very interesting! You've answered a lot of questions about what more and more people notice. Technical products tend to break in a short time. It is not a conspiracy. It is a fact. It is the Phoebus Cartel legacy.

  • Lightning _11
    Lightning _11 22 days ago +4

    Everyone says those LEDs last forever, so we put in all LEDs in my house when we moved in ten years ago. We've had to replace most of them at least once since, then maybe more. Seems like someone's been shortening the lifespan of LED lightbulbs!

  • Spencer S. Young
    Spencer S. Young 7 days ago

    Planned obsolescence, right to repair, history repeating itself.
    All a lot to think about and hopefully learn from

  • Cryptocurrency Logic
    Cryptocurrency Logic 5 months ago +4194

    My mum had an oven that lasted 30 years, fully functioning right till the end. Then when she got a replacement, the technician told her that the company who manufactured them went broke because their ovens very rarely broke down.
    It's sad that we've gone from one extreme of excellent durability and reliability to planned obsolescence.

    • Possum Jesus
      Possum Jesus 18 days ago +1

      @gizzy guzzi I have an unrestored 60 -year-old car with untold miles that still runs. Original generator, even.

      JEFF GREEN 3 months ago

      Forgot to add...the furnace is our present home was a 1954 model, that furnace finally died in 2020. 66 years of service, had it repaired once. Sure don't make things as durable as they used to. I had 1962 Fender Showman Guitar Amplifier that I sold last year(2021) it still worked perfectly, and it still had some of its original tubes. New stuff...not so good.

      JEFF GREEN 3 months ago

      Mom and dad bought a used Hot Point Stove in 1949. The stove was still there and working when the last member of our family left that home in 1984. Dad had replaced the burners twice. I went to our old home during a 1991 open house when it was up for sale again, the old Hot Point was still there. Years later I saw our old house is for sale again, and in the photos I see the Hot Point! This was 2010! Maybe it's still there! I had 1 light bulb in a hallway at my house that was still burning after 15 years. I sold that house in 2000 when the bulb was still working. Must have been a reject! Ha!

    • The CNSR
      The CNSR 3 months ago +1

      True say.

    • hello burger
      hello burger 3 months ago +3

      Surely they would have just stopped making more money, not gone broke

  • whitewolf262
    whitewolf262 15 days ago

    When I was small, my father and I went to visit with a man who had apparently invented a a set of windshield wipers that lasted for a long time. According to him, he was "strongly encouraged" to sell to Ford. And of course, that was the end of that.

  • fullupper
    fullupper 19 days ago +2

    They have did the same thing in this present time period , when they switched to the LED bulbs which aren't crap , and the prices has doubled or tripled ,over the older type bulbs .

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 20 days ago +1

    thank you derek. seeing the number of watches and subscribers from your channel,after only watching your physical and technical inspired videos, gives me a little hope. for all of us.

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams 25 days ago +8

    I've been buying different brands of LED bulbs trying to find some that last as long as incandescents, and I haven't found any yet. My CFL bulbs, on the other hand, have lasted more than 10 years, with about a one in five attrition in that time. Modern LED bulbs are good for a few months, at most.

  • David Letasi
    David Letasi 10 months ago +2253

    My aunt moved into her family home in 1919 at age 14 and had a 1913 Edison light bulb on her second story stair well. She lived in the house untill her death in 2002. She replaced that bulb a year before her death and she gave it to me and I have kept it right up to writing this comment and the other day plugged it in to see if it's still works. Bright as ever! Going on 108 years old.

    • Gil Batzri
      Gil Batzri 2 months ago

      @David Letasi What a beautiful respectful response. You are a mensch sir.

    • Gil Batzri
      Gil Batzri 2 months ago

      @Jenna Eisel no, they are not efficient heaters, they merely burn most of the power they consume in heat creation, it doesn't mean that they are efficient, because you think you can heat your house with that heat, you can't because they don't produce enough heat for the power they use.

    • joseph carioggia
      joseph carioggia 2 months ago

      I wonder if you have some monetary value in that bulb?

    • Catherine S. Todd
      Catherine S. Todd 9 months ago +1

      @Mys. Wren : it was clear to me that you meant no offense and I thought your comment was helpful and informative. I was shocked at the defensive response by David Letasi and would have been interested in buying the bulb until I read his barbed response. I'm sorry you had to experience that, and I was glad to read David's response. Perhaps he did not realize how hurtful some responses can be, even if unintended. I hope you are feeling better as I too have chronic illnesses and know what the flare up can do, especially after an emotional attack. Hope you feel better soon and God bless!

    • Catherine S. Todd
      Catherine S. Todd 9 months ago

      @philoguy : or Rick will offer a whole lot more!

  • brad Payn
    brad Payn 10 days ago

    I loved the hornts nest raised in your ' instantanius light experiment', and I hope the same with this article.
    The planned obsolescence in the led lights, is now the power driver module, half of which are potted so as you can't repair, or even investigate the quality of the construct of the driver.
    Secondly, the supplier refuses to replace faulty units, blaming the supplied power fluctuations as the cause. AND,
    VPN's do not allow the functionality that you are touting, as I have you recomended one, in operation, and most sites pick up immediately that you are routing via vpn , and block you.
    Case in point, The famous BBC.
    VPN's apparently are excellent for getting movies.

  • Dino Schachten
    Dino Schachten 21 day ago +7

    Wow. I'm shocked about the "good old past", and think we (or maybe just everyone I know) have improved greatly on that.
    1000 hours on a light build means (with a very, very conservative estimate of four hours of artificial light each day) those bulbs would be dead after about 8.5 months!
    Most bulbs I have known (both incandescent and LED filaments) have lasted at least a few years.
    Also a car ownership span of five years seems absurd for a time when cars were far less common than today. Not sure how the used market was considered in that, but most of my friends drive cars that are between 15 and 25 years old. Sure, safety features are awesome on new cars, but the value you can get for your money when buying cars used is just amazing. The guy that earns best among my friends recently got a 20-year-old roadster, just because it's a beautiful car. And it feels truly luxurious and brand new.

  • MrTea7
    MrTea7 21 day ago +3

    I was at a lecture on the UC Berkeley campus 40 years ago on this subject. The technocrat presenting his evidence was all-in on the premise that they could build very-long-lasting bulbs but they would be too expensive. "Efficient markets hypothesis" doctrine, all BS. I used to hear this all the time. We were told GMOs were going to mean LESS CHEMICALS! And there would be gignatic biofuels plantations covering Austrialia by now. OMG, just web search "predictions made on the first Earth Day". NONE on the environmentalists have ever predicted anything correctly, Hansen said 3 degrees C up by 2020 (in 1985) but it turned out to be...1/2 of 1 degree. You will ever see any of this on the "news".

  • coda creator
    coda creator 24 days ago +3

    The issue is that we anticipate continuing to make the same thing endlessly instead of making it once and moving onto something else. Progress effectively stunted.

  • Konrad Peters
    Konrad Peters Year ago +2070

    As an industrial designer I can honestly say that’s one of the most frustrating aspects of the industry. One always wants to design a product with the best characteristics.

    • Sparkey Jones
      Sparkey Jones Year ago

      @Dennis Raes Well, of course, but the end result is the same no matter how you look at it.

    • Dennis Raes
      Dennis Raes Year ago

      @Sparkey Jones every developing technology is more expensive, nothing to do with quality. After the production is running factories will look how to make there products cheaper in production cost wich creates a loss of quality and how to be able to sell more of them by any means necessary..

    • Konrad Peters
      Konrad Peters Year ago

      @Electron Resonator will you give me the startup capital? ;)

    • Electron Resonator
      Electron Resonator Year ago

      then why not make your own company and become the HERO of consumer?

    • Sparkey Jones
      Sparkey Jones Year ago

      @Mystery Man Thank you, I will. You too.

  • YTG Sloth
    YTG Sloth 23 days ago +1

    That was an awesome sponsor message. You just spent 15 minutes drilling anti company points in and you advertised with a focus on business models and companies stealing data. Well done

  • Marcelo Rodrigues
    Marcelo Rodrigues 21 day ago +1

    As always, a great video. Veritasium is, indeed, an element of truth - a real gem. It is quite amazing: always, ALWAYS, a great video, always something that is informative and relevant.
    And, now, just planted one more seed on the "right to repair" movement. We can't get enough of this.

  • Monty Burnham
    Monty Burnham 21 day ago +1

    The problem with LED light bulbs is that they can easily be installed with programmatic obsolescence. This goes all the way down to chipsets and OS.

  • Octavius Pelagius
    Octavius Pelagius 21 day ago +2

    Oh, well... Philips was already found to limit their LEDs' lifespan to a tenth of the previous supposedly everlasting generation. We definitely cannot have nice things.

  • The-Art-of-Guitar
    The-Art-of-Guitar 6 months ago +1529

    Why do I believe much of what's wrong with this world can be explained by starting out with, "There was a secret meeting..." :(

    • Thomas Lechner
      Thomas Lechner Month ago

      There was a secret meeting at Jekyll Island too...

    • Shaii ❱•❰
      Shaii ❱•❰ 4 months ago +2

      @Bontiac Cool story bro, but it's wrong.

    • asahina yanase
      asahina yanase 5 months ago

      Finally someone mentioned it in an unlikely video!

  • TheAccountCreated
    TheAccountCreated 19 days ago +4

    I haven’t had an LED light bulb that has lasted more than a year. I’d like to find these 10-year light bulbs.

  • CHU !
    CHU ! 13 days ago +2

    Wonder if the same thing goes for finding a cure to an illness, or just finding a way you can live with it.

    • P Rowe
      P Rowe 4 days ago

      Yes. Curing people is not good for business.

  • M. Riggs
    M. Riggs 15 days ago

    I fight for my right to repair reversing engineering everything I need.
    Some stuff never get like originally was, but often get modified to better suit my needs.

  • Sykres
    Sykres 2 days ago +1

    "More likely to sell your house than replace an LED lightbulb installed inside it" ... Have you ever actually used one of those things? I've put LED bulbs into every place I've lived for the last 15 years and they never last more than 1 year. Doesn't matter how old the wiring is in the house or how often the bulb is used. These things are junk.

  • 0ned
    0ned Year ago +3819

    Planned obsolescence joke
    A woman wrote to a refrigerator manufacturer, thanking them for a fridge that had lasted twenty years without fail.
    The company offered to send one of their design engineers to inspect it and the lady agreed. When he got there, she asked, "you want to make sure all your products are made to this higher standard?"
    He said, "No! They want me to make sure we never make one that lasts this long ever again, or else no one would ever need buy a new one!"
    That was an old joke when I heard it forty years ago!

    • Okaro
      Okaro 11 months ago +1

      The fact that it was an old joke 40 years ago should tell that the whole issue is a joke.

    • Dennis Raes
      Dennis Raes Year ago +1

      @0ned I'm up for new inventions and abilities but before we praise them above all due to the marketing strategies developed out of the money interest of the developer we still need to look at it, test it and check if it is really a nessesity and better than the previous thing. Electricity or any form of energie is never clean, it will always come at a cost. A wonder cure does not exist, don't get fooled by professional quacks. It's good that there already exists a motion towards something better but its a pity that the bord of chairs executives decided to counter it by implementing an other programmed obsolescence part in it. The old beautifull Cuban gasoline guzzling cars are still the cleanest cars in the world due to how long they are driving. New cars are way more pollutive in there manufacturing than they will be cleaner while driving than the old cars and also planned obsolescence will make them undrivable after 10 years that is if the heavy polluting battery doesn't fail beforehand.

    • Mr. Boomguy
      Mr. Boomguy Year ago +1

      @Patrick That joke aged like fine wine!

    • Gary Dixon
      Gary Dixon Year ago +1

      @Thauã Aguirre no way would it be still running after 30 years you better get on your bike and go after it 😇

    • Gary Dixon
      Gary Dixon Year ago +1

      Hey I go one better I've still got ice box fridge works beautiful it must be 80 years old
      Yep to all you youngans
      A man would pull up outside with his horse and cart with block of ice throw it on his shoulder bring it in and put it in our freezer part that was our fridge
      You all think I'm an old codger now ok I challenge you all to 100 yard or a thousand yard dash or weight competition or iq test anyone want take me on
      It will be in your country I don't care and no I'm not going to siberia
      Anyhow your putting me up any challenge
      Doesn't matter if I lose
      At least I get a free holiday 🤣☺️🤣☺️☺️☺️🤣 yep I'm 75 and a smart arse

  • Trithnania
    Trithnania 19 hours ago

    It's funny how back in those days they thought that the future would be that work would be done by robots and humans wouldn't have to work anymore, or not as much. And when this starts to happen people panic because there is not enough work. The trick is that when a company replaces employees with robots and fires the employees, it stops paying them. Not a single company would want to replace humans with robots and keep paying humans who are doing nothing.
    And every time our lives become more simple thanks to some product, we can know that there is never free time. The time you save for yourself will be spent by someone else. Someone else is going to try to take it away from you by making you busy on their thing.

  • BCrem
    BCrem 9 days ago

    Great video! Really like your presentation style! Found the content in this video disturbing and infuriating. Think of all the unnecessary waste and pollution these profit-centric practices are causing. We need to stop being so wasteful - the world’s resources are not unlimited.

  • Jeffrey Young
    Jeffrey Young 5 days ago

    One other fact about the lamps, if you have the power companies increase the voltage slowly over the years, light bulbs will not last as long.
    So, not only does the lamp companies work to cheat you, the power companies do as well.
    Even LED bulbs fail due to the companies making them to fail.

  • Ashley Buford
    Ashley Buford 23 days ago +1

    So glad I found this! I was just thinking about how I keep buying things that I know I don't need, but want because it looks so much better.

  • Candice Assell
    Candice Assell Year ago +1458

    The person who thought the never-ending lightbulb would put them out of business obviously didn’t have children who break things...

    • Hazel H
      Hazel H 5 months ago


    • A Bone to Pick
      A Bone to Pick 5 months ago

      @Candice Assell Free your mind... you don't need... lamps! >Dramatic music

    • Candice Assell
      Candice Assell 5 months ago

      @A Bone to Pick Floor lamps? Desk lamps? Night lights? Are those all close to the ceiling too?😄

    • Natchan MB
      Natchan MB 10 months ago

      @Super Chuck yeah, operated by people lol checking quality were people, moving materials too, a lot of people were used to make lamps back then!!!

    • Super Chuck
      Super Chuck 10 months ago +1

      The business did not seem to have any people doing production, looked like all machines!

  • Santosh Aiyar
    Santosh Aiyar 24 days ago +1

    Few videos on RU-clip gets me saying this - I really learnt something of value here. Thanks a ton man!

  • Grade A Clorox Bleach • 47 years ago

    A little comment novel here, but I was in science 9 and we were playing around with batteries, alligator clips, and singular small Christmas decoration lights(some were led and some were not)anyway, with most being incandescent we lined up about 30 batteries(12V) and with a lot of jimmy rigging we could flip the switch, and on went the light for a split second and then proceeded to burn the actual glass cause it got so hot. After that we sharpened a pencil on both ends and the pencil lit up in flames, our teacher was actually cool about it as long as we didn’t do it again cause she said it was a great learning experience. Good times

  • NebukadV
    NebukadV 4 days ago

    Would have been nice to at least mention, that also LED lights are victim to planned obsolecence, because either the power supply or the LEDs themselves are designed to run so hot, that they die after 2-3 years.

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 22 days ago +2

    Hard drive manufacturers do it all the time, by introducing firmware 'bugs' that brick the device if it's left running for several years.

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +376

    Planned obsolescence is one of the most infuriating things in modern day products.

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      @Raven Rav I, uh, would hesitate to include that in my list of "infuriating things about modern day products".

    • Dr Gamma D
      Dr Gamma D Year ago

      you know what's more infuriating? Eating your cat for dinner because there is no bread at the front of the breadline.

    • Dash Perú
      Dash Perú Year ago

      Make sure you recycle your plastic when you buy you new stuff that you have to replace because we made it crap on purpose.

    • calholli
      calholli Year ago

      The documentary that he is stealing this from is called "The light bulb conspiracy" -- and it literally starts the same way with the 100 year old light bulb at that fire station.

    • ༒Gorm Auslander༒
      ༒Gorm Auslander༒ Year ago +1

      @Sol M-J now you're confusing the software with the hardware. Android is not responsible for the package manufacturers put it in.
      If you're talking about planned obsolescence in software, android and Linux are the bastions of hope. The user has enough control that they can upgrade, downgrade, rewrite or hack whatever they need to for it to keep working. Apple uses hardware and software together to screw their customers. Android has no planned obsolescence in hardware because it's not hardware. Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google do however.
      Even with hardware obsolescence, I'd rather deal with android, because at least I know a patch to cause crashes and run slow can be removed if I want to. I'll just install lineage

  • Brian Connor
    Brian Connor Day ago

    From my experience the fluo lamps are lasting well BUT many LED lamps are lasting no longer than the filament lamps at a much greater cost for the equivalent "wattage". And I'm not just talking of the cheap Chinese knockoffs!

  • Brad Burczyk
    Brad Burczyk 19 days ago +2

    Here’s another example, your hot water tank in your home the component called the anodized rod is engineered so that it’s lifespan correlates to the warranty of the tank.

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis 4 days ago

    With incandescent bulbs, the harder you run them, the more efficient they are at converting electricity to light. Unfortunately the most efficient temperature may be 5 or 6000 degrees Celsius or more when tungsten only goes to 3400 before melting

  • Craig Permenter
    Craig Permenter 2 days ago

    The first curly cued led I bought lasted about 6 months and cost 19 times as much as a regular bulk that lasted about 6 months.

  • Why
    Why 11 months ago +1515

    it took me a while to realize that this video is LITERALLY EXPLAINING WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS

    • Alex aoeu256
      Alex aoeu256 9 months ago

      nope... the real problem is the rising cost of living see inflation of housing costs and inflation of needed education credentials

      ARCAD3BLOOD 10 months ago

      @DAKHD But aren't the things you desire... kind of prefect in some way?
      I mean you desire them, you choosed to desire those few items instead of thousand different ones. At least on paper they must be perfect.
      But now there's the catch... you might obtain some of them, but then something will broke or not work in a way you imagine.
      And that's exactly because we can't have nice things. To put it in other perspective: We can't HAVE them. We may borrow them for a while, but have? Nope.

    • Lucas Iluminismo
      Lucas Iluminismo 11 months ago

      @Blind Freddy people wants money more than nice things

    • casablanka
      casablanka 11 months ago

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  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza 16 days ago +1

    "The only type of obsolescence we should support is technological"

  • Ron Hyer
    Ron Hyer 18 days ago +2

    Hmmm, who hasn’t replaced at least 2 LED lightbulbs?
    Planned obsolescence is alive and well.

    CRUSAYDA UK 13 days ago

    Thanks for the video, it shows that as long as a bank is involved in whatever humanity does, this planet and its various lifeforms are doomed. We need some means of encouraging people and their endeavours without destroying our only planet at thin present moment in time. Love to you all, from Smethwick, England 🇬🇧 ❤

  • Franklin Ave
    Franklin Ave 26 days ago +8

    I know the idealists will be angry about me defending this, but here goes:
    If bulbs lasted a million hours and you had to replace it, you wouldn't be able to because there'd be no bulb companies in business
    there'd be two companies and lack of competition would lead to higher prices anyway.

    • Siluda
      Siluda 3 days ago

      @yellow flower you have any proof that nuclear war will happen ?

    • yellow flower
      yellow flower 19 days ago

      @Patrik Axberg and what a wonderful world it is ❤️ soooo excited for nuclear winter season 💮💮💮

    • Patrik Axberg
      Patrik Axberg 21 day ago

      "Devil's advocate" is useful in a lot of situations. Good argument, capitalism may be amoral, but it does have its uses, which helped us bring us to the modern world.

  • Awoken Entertainment
    Awoken Entertainment 4 months ago +3251

    Man it's crazy how as technology advances, the lifespans of products diminish...
    greed is really a powerful drug..

    • Vic Rose
      Vic Rose Month ago +2

      I think about how many people I know down here in older houses in Florida, with perfectly working appliances from when the house was built in the 50s...

    • aiRCoft
      aiRCoft Month ago +1

      Powerful and innovative.

    • Desperado
      Desperado Month ago +1

      On the other side your wasting finite resources purely on bottom line greed. What happens when they run out or demand changes? Dont think those jobs are there to keep you employed and having money. Its to make the ones already rich, richer.
      How do you feel about the constant increase in automation? You think theyre not gonna automate so you can keep your job?
      Yeah, those guys dont care about you and are selling you the lie that it needs to be like that.
      I dont have the answers currently, im not gonna pretend i do but there are better ways then keeping you toiling in meaningless labor just to be able to live.
      Some say late stage capitalism is the fault and theyre maybe right but its not just capitalism. Its also the greed that comes with it.
      Its not the system itself but rather the greedy companies snd fat cats that abuse it that are the problem.

  • Iosono I.
    Iosono I. 19 days ago +4

    I think PO makes sense (kinda) with items that are cheaply priced.
    The problem now is that companies want to sell you phones that cost over a thousand dollars and expect you to buy the next “new” one in 6 months.
    You want to sell cheap phones only last 6 months to a year?
    Fine sell me an iPhone 16 for $250 then.

  • Peter Kropotkin
    Peter Kropotkin 15 days ago

    I know I'm late to the party but thanks for making me feel good about light bulbs man. That LED monologue at the end really put a tear in my eye lol

  • Skyeebutt
    Skyeebutt 8 days ago

    I've been thinking about this a lot... its wildly annoying.
    I visited my grandparents a few years back. And one day it rained, so I borrowed their umbrella to walk dads dog.
    Their umbrella was from 1985, and in perfect condition. No rust or holes, nothing wrong.
    However at home, I have to buy a new umbrella every time it rains, or deal with an older umbrella which is either stuck, rusted of cracked/broken somewhere. It doesn't matter how nicely I treat my umbrellas, they just fall apart like a sandcastle being washed away by a wave.
    And it doesn't seem to matter what price they go for. I'm sure I could order an umbrella from wish for 1 dollar, and get something better than what I paid 20 dollars for here.
    I am so tired of this happening to almost all our things that we need. I am tired of having to replace everything almost the instant we get it. Idk, maybe we are buying the worst batch of everything, but... really though? what's the odds of buying a defunct product every single time?

  • EmberFlower
    EmberFlower 13 days ago

    I already knew about some of these things which is why I never bought Apple products and support right to repair. We need more videos like this and more awareness.

  • Belaar
    Belaar Year ago +475

    It is actually outrageous that planned obsolescence isn't discussed more. It is definitely one of the main issues we need to solve in order to save our planet.

    • Asa Foster
      Asa Foster Year ago

      @zee I called it that because I think it's a fitting criticism.

    • umbium
      umbium Year ago

      @zee who talked about communism here?
      It doesn't matter if the 1% is a bunch of old geezers or the government, the thing is that the ones who have the means of production are the responsible for many of our current problems we face as a global community. I want to think not because they are evil or stupid, just because they are the biggest thing

    • Asa Foster
      Asa Foster Year ago

      @zee what are you on about socialism??? I'm just saying capitalism is true evil bro lol

    • Asa Foster
      Asa Foster Year ago

      @zee no actually agriculture did that... All capitalism did was justify the crimes of colonialism, and it tends to lead to fascism.... As we Americans have witnessed recently

  • Aqueous_Fireball
    Aqueous_Fireball 12 days ago

    I hope we can one day move past the inconveniences of doing things for marketing and instead for the good of humanity and inovation

  • Carl Rogers
    Carl Rogers 19 days ago +1

    I believe the planned obsolescence concept that has been applied to expand the workforce is the reason we still have factory jobs available. My factory is manned by robots and those that repair the robots. You would think all companies would restructure their manufacturing processes in this way. Why haven't they? Does the government give them incentives to employ real people instead of using robots? Just wondering.

  • Martin P.
    Martin P. 17 days ago

    I worked for a company that among other things made parts for low and mid grade lawn equipement.
    I could see by the customers engineering on some of these parts that they were designed for a shortened life span.
    We made hundreds of thousands of parts every year.
    I have a high end mower with 14 years on it and I do preventive maintenance that isn't even in the manual and it's a shame because it should be.
    Based on my experience with this piece of equipment it should be around for many more decades.
    The new version of my mower has more fluff but a much lower life engine. I'm keeping mine.
    planned obsolescence

  • Robert Borchert
    Robert Borchert 18 days ago

    Simply amazing, isn't it?
    I understand the manufacturer's zeal to have an everlasting market, but in reality, they are missing the point.
    Simply stated, if you build a better mousetrap, people will buy it.
    Look at something we all know and like, our automobiles. They are a necessity. Being able to affordably maintain them is good business for everyone, and people buy a brand because it lasts. One can maintain it. Here is the heart of brand loyalty.
    The new vehicles have a higher value, because of trust in their durability. Tastes change, needs change, and people will buy your latest offerings. It's all about not being greedy in the process. Many folks who enjoy a product would like to keep and maintain them. Things eventually wear out, or age, and folks enjoy new things.
    There's enough business to keep everyone happy, including the repair trades.