Top 10 Worst Song Duets

  • Published on Jul 25, 2017
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    Eeek….might wanna hit skip on these tracks. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Worst Song Duets. For this list, we’re checking out songs by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, The Osbournes, The Spears sisters, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson, Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears, The Duff sisters, Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone and more. We’ll be breaking down why these duets didn’t quite work out the way these high-profile artists wanted. Did your favorite bad duet appear on the list? Let us know in the comments below!
    00:50 #10:“I've Got You Under My Skin”
    01:51 #9: “Cruisin'
    02:57 #8: “Chillin' With You”
    04:03 #7: “Ebony and Ivory”
    05:17 #6: “Changes”
    06:37 #5: “Whatzupwitu”
    07:38 #4: “Pretty Girls”
    08:38 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 4 265

  • Florian Hörle
    Florian Hörle 10 hours ago

    You have three minutes and a few seconds to get a message across. "they can't give a solution" that's rubbish

  • Carla venero
    Carla venero 16 hours ago

    Paltrow so ugly

  • T H
    T H 22 hours ago

    Where are Katy price and Peter Andre?!

  • Amy B
    Amy B Day ago

    U2 has been my favorite band since 1983, and yeah, that Sinatra/Bono duet is awful.

  • Chad Jackson
    Chad Jackson Day ago

    I love pretty girls the beat is so good and it’s fun don’t take it so seriously

  • I don't Know
    I don't Know Day ago

    please update this so old town road can be on this list

  • tanaiya anderson
    tanaiya anderson 5 days ago +1

    A Du Rag is NOT something to keep sweat out of your eyes!! It’s a hair styling tool. Most commonly used to create waves by compression. The reason you see black men wearing them during the day isn’t because they are making a fashion statement it’s because they are protecting their waves so they look fresh when they go out at night. Do some research before you start spouting nonsense!

  • Camille Mullins
    Camille Mullins 6 days ago

    “This is shocking” 😂😂😂

  • JoRolle Nola
    JoRolle Nola 7 days ago

    Ya Mo Be There is a good song.

  • Joey Couture
    Joey Couture 8 days ago

    I completely disagree with the Ozzy and Kelly mentioning here. It is a song he wrote about one thing, and through a mutual love of music was able to recreate this song with his daughter. It's tone is base lined for various situations besides its original and I happen to believe that the remake happens to have just as much impact as the original. BACK UP off of Ozzy and Kelly.

  • Jimir
    Jimir 9 days ago

    The duet I find terrible is "These Boots Are Made for Walking" with Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson.

  • Christa Baby101
    Christa Baby101 9 days ago

    Wazupwitu is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lazslo de Vaal
    Lazslo de Vaal 11 days ago

    It sucks, cause I actually think Iggy's solo in Pretty girls is pretty cool and could be a song on it's own. With different lyrics and no Britney that is

  • Paolina Teneva
    Paolina Teneva 11 days ago

    Ebony and Ivory is such a happy, cheerful song. I don't get the hate.

  • Kimberley Montreal
    Kimberley Montreal 14 days ago

    Sorry but I disagree with ebony and ivory which was fantastic...changes was great as well.

  • aaron corpse
    aaron corpse 15 days ago

    I love our lips are sealed. Thats my child hood 😂

  • Elías MG
    Elías MG 16 days ago

    And I thought Bono and Billie Joe Armstrong's duet was awful

  • christmas tree
    christmas tree 19 days ago

    I liked 10, 9 and 7 but like okay...

  • Tucker Williams
    Tucker Williams 21 day ago

    Every time Michael Jackson is in a video it's in my liked section

  • Lissa Love
    Lissa Love 24 days ago +1

    I NOT a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but I like her singing that song with Huey( who is always AWESOME!)

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 25 days ago


  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    Number 1 I'm going to have to buy. i didn't know it existed, thank you for advertising it!

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    A do rag is not merely something that keeps sweat out of "your" eyes. Its something symbolic of black people, that white people are insulted or attacked for wearing.

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    Also, the confederate flag is considered the symbol of the South, not the symbol of slavery.

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    As for accidental racist. Where the fuck have YOU been? White peolke today are ALL being blamed for slavery they werent even born yet to see. And are demanded to be apologetic for it and subservient because it happened at all. Also ignoring all times in history when white or any other race were enslaved.

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    The problem with the Duff sisters song isn't their singing or the music, but the video. Two sisters playing in soap suds ment purely to be erotic. It's fucking disturbing.

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    The problem with a duet with Michael Jackson, is Michael Jackson.

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode 27 days ago

    Up to song 7.
    None of the songs are bad cept the Spears one.
    As Africa is rife with racism towards white people, so maybe that's why ebony and ivory was banned.

  • Ashley B. is me
    Ashley B. is me 28 days ago

    This list is MORONIC. "Our lips are sealed" by the Duff sisters sounds like it's for 9 year olds? Maybe because of the fact they were working for Disney at the time?! *facepalm* 🙍‍♀️

  • Michael Jackson Forever

    Sure, it's not the best, but I personally LOVE Whatzupwitu.

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams 28 days ago

    I must strongly disagree about Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney's song Ebony and Ivory, being a fail! That particular song Hit number one and stayed there for 3weeks I wouldn't exactly call that a failed duet!! 🙄🤨

  • Tanya Rees
    Tanya Rees Month ago

    Nothing wrong with ebony and ivory

  • Ellane The Brave
    Ellane The Brave Month ago

    The Eddie Murphy and Micheal Jackson music video looks like a joke and I can’t stop laughing

  • Alicia N
    Alicia N Month ago

    Okay uhm, question, why would anyone expect a song like EBONY AND IVORY to answer life's hardest questions, they are just songs.

  • Outrageous Guy
    Outrageous Guy Month ago

    I feel bad for britney being twice. I gotta blame 100% for produce her album( which Chilling with You is in) . Really you can't expect sometime good coming from him

  • Pamela Ntshangase
    Pamela Ntshangase Month ago

    that LL cool j song was crap

  • Jane Ramon
    Jane Ramon Month ago

    Where and when does pretty girls say you have to be pretty to succeed?? It says it helps, and that is literally a fact, attractive people do better in life.

  • Aria Krys
    Aria Krys Month ago

    Our lips are sealed WAS aimed at 9 year olds. Does it deserve a Grammy? Heck no, but it introduced the song to a generation that wasn’t familiar to the original.

  • pizza time man
    pizza time man Month ago

    Ebony and Ivory is great you wrinkle twats

  • New Generation AnpanGirl

    Ebony and Ivory IS A CLASSIC.

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones Month ago

    Hey! "Ya Mo Be There" is a National Treasure ☺

  • Alleyah Dabney
    Alleyah Dabney Month ago

    Why Ebony and Ivory

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson Month ago

    Yah Mo be There...…..really?

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson Month ago

    The Duffs ruined the Gogos

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson Month ago

    Changes is good too

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson Month ago +1

    Ebony and Ivory is AWESOME

  • Akilah Jillian Oliver

    Ebony and Ivory is one of the best songs ever!!! Why include it here???

  • Deuce Brikkinsson
    Deuce Brikkinsson Month ago +1

    #1 should be Mariah Carey and the voice in her head.

  • C Truth
    C Truth Month ago

    The Duff sisters were just as good as the Go-Go's original. Cruisin should not be on this list. That's just hate for Jen Paltrow she improved it. Imagine if the guy just sang alone. The Ebony & Ivory was a hit so why is it here? This video has a serious problem with artists crossing over to try different things.

  • Bєтα • Tнє Bяυтαl 7 Fσσт Kιllιηg Mαcнιηє

    And no one expected Eminem to use changes on one of his tracks.

  • The Prince of His Own Kingdom

    Ebony and Ivory is disappointing considering it's Wonder and McCartney but no way I'd ever put them in a list like this!

  • eltphoenix
    eltphoenix Month ago

    wtf brad? what. the. fuck. dude. and LL? oh hell no. stupid stupid stupid lmao

  • kt1pl2
    kt1pl2 Month ago

    #7? Are you kidding??? You probably weren't even born when this came out you pleb. This was a huge hit.

  • iamprolife2010
    iamprolife2010 Month ago

    Yah Mo B There is a great song about God sung by two great singers in their prime. Should not be on the honorable mention list! Totally disagree with this pick!

  • C. J.
    C. J. Month ago

    Girls around the world... I hated the concept of the music video. No one caught that? Iggy is not from USA thats why are they making her an alien? Why is the concept of the music video/ title unintangble alien just arrived in a foreign country I mean planet. Let's give you a make over by the earthlings/natives so you can blend in, I mean asimulate. Like really? What category of racism is the wait accidental racist lol thanks.

  • Shawn Thorington
    Shawn Thorington Month ago

    That #1 bad song is truly horrible.

  • Francis
    Francis Month ago

    Haha Ebony and Ivory is a great fun 80s pop classic! Video is not very good though I will agree haha.

  • Richard Bullis
    Richard Bullis Month ago

    Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea in booty and why you acting like that.

  • Cheryl Gross
    Cheryl Gross Month ago

    You guys are wrong about Ebony and Ivory. That song is awesome.

  • sweetnsexcr2727
    sweetnsexcr2727 Month ago +1

    Gwyneth can actually sing. Color me shocked! I call BS on Ebony and Ivory! Love that song to this day.

  • Debby R
    Debby R Month ago

    Love Gwyneth and Huey ❤️

  • Animé Slime
    Animé Slime Month ago

    What? The second one was so good.

  • kassidy don
    kassidy don Month ago

    How dare he insult pretty girls!!! Maybe bc he's not one. I jammed to this yesterday

  • Barbie Bitch
    Barbie Bitch Month ago

    Me when i loved pretty girls

  • eyepain313
    eyepain313 Month ago

    I actually like "Cruisin'" with Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Anucirq
    Anucirq Month ago +10

    I really like that Changes from Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne. I think it is really good song.

  • xotbirdox
    xotbirdox Month ago

    Changes is amazing imo

  • Nekeisha KHY
    Nekeisha KHY 2 months ago +1


  • Mary Shoemaker
    Mary Shoemaker 2 months ago

    Where do you get your information at😯😢💔

  • Chris Townsend
    Chris Townsend 2 months ago

    Our lips are sealed slaps tho

  • Michael Mayer
    Michael Mayer 2 months ago

    top worst watchMojo Top 10...:)

  • Jehmol Barnes
    Jehmol Barnes 2 months ago

    Ya'll cancelled cause durags aren't for "keeping sweat out of 'our' eyes"....

  • Vanafindiel666
    Vanafindiel666 2 months ago

    Ebony and Ivory was great! Come on!

  • ItzJustBTS
    ItzJustBTS 2 months ago

    Some of these were less than amazing, but they weren’t that terrible tbh🤷‍♀️
    This is heavily opinionated-

  • Ilznidiotic
    Ilznidiotic 2 months ago

    Love the thumbnail. Britney- who is incapable of critical thought- is grinning away, while Iggy is in the middle of realizing that her career is faceplanting.

  • CC Copy Cat
    CC Copy Cat 2 months ago

    But I love Ebony and Ivory... Face the Music with Madonna and Britney (or whatever it's called) makes me cringe

  • Heather H
    Heather H 2 months ago

    How did you miss "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton? I heard it once and can never unhear it no matter how much I try.

  • F Diaz
    F Diaz 2 months ago

    There's nothing worse then a white person, a white Australian person at that, trying to imitate the black slang and culture.

  • Gina Ricardo
    Gina Ricardo 2 months ago

    just realized changes by ozzy is the info to big mouth

  • the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0

    Cruisin is awesome and ebony and ivory is awesome

  • NJGuy1973
    NJGuy1973 2 months ago

    In 1981 Andy Gibb and Victoria Prinicipal, his then-girlfriend, did a cover of the Everly Brothers' "All I Have To Do Is Dream."
    It makes every entry on this list sound like Marvin and Tammi doing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

  • Erin Thesystem
    Erin Thesystem 2 months ago

    There is NO such thing as an accidental racist. Many people are OBLIVIOUS about things which are UNINTENTIONALLY OFFENSIVE, and all people have their own opinions and PREJUDICES; however, RACISM is, by its very nature, pointed and intentional. There is a difference in intent between a white person who sees in the Confederate flag a symbol of rebellion, not recognizing that the flag has a totally different meaning to someone else, and someone who Does understand that it can be a racist symbol and chooses to display it for exactly that reason. IGNORANCE is something which simply exists; RACISM, however, is purposeful and intentional- a racist has chosen his beliefs, and is someone who cannot (and would not want to) claim ignorance for any offense. "Accidental Racist" is a misnomer.

  • Julie Welch
    Julie Welch 2 months ago

    I loved Ebony and Ivory!

  • brian mittoo
    brian mittoo 2 months ago

    Paul and Stevie, worst duets?????
    You twat .STFU

  • Jeremiah Howe
    Jeremiah Howe 2 months ago

    Our lips are sealed is ICONIC. I gotta DISAGREE.

    • CC Copy Cat
      CC Copy Cat 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, with the Go Go's, not the Duffs

  • JacKAtlaS
    JacKAtlaS 2 months ago

    Oh oh i know this Brandon Urie and Taylor Swift

  • Sharika Jeter
    Sharika Jeter 2 months ago

    Ebony & Ivory? Really? Don't think so. Like the song Crusin'. Never heard of the other songs on the list.

  • Tammy
    Tammy 2 months ago

    Thanks for reminding why unsubscribe to your channel. Ebony and ivory is a good song and the only reason you put on this list is because you needed to put racism in it.

  • Alli Guz
    Alli Guz 2 months ago

    HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT QUEEN BRITNEY ! Pretty girls always get the most hate 😪

  • Jasiah Long
    Jasiah Long 2 months ago

    Pretty girls is really a good song in my opinion but i agree

  • Neal Touchet
    Neal Touchet 2 months ago

    Let me tell u I think rhinestone is one of the best movies ever come who doesn't want to see Stallone walk like he got jock itch in that ridiculous get up funny as hell

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis 2 months ago

    Some really bad music duets are due to the fact of 2 terrible musicians who can't sing or rap
    and on top of that VERY UN-CREATIVE to the point where it's a pain in the ear
    For example Ke$hit and pitbull
    Another is Keshit and 3oh3,
    Another is Perry and 3oh3,
    And another is iggy and XCX,
    And a bad trio is manaj, Jessie J, and grundie.
    Honestly ANYONE can come up with those
    When u put such uncreative musicians together then u know the songs gunner be terrible

    And then there those who songs would of been perfect if they didn't have that one phoney artist in there with them
    For example
    One Chris Brown song,
    One Ne-Yo song,
    One Usher Song,
    One J-Lo Song,
    All would of been perfect for me if they all didn't have that one fake ass rapper who sounds like a elephant
    Named "Pitbull"

    Another is the latest Maroon 5 song
    That would have been fantastic if it didn't have that fake ass rapper
    "Cardi B"
    Killing it
    Same with some new Bruno Mars songs featuring that fake ass chick rapper

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago

      @Shannon Curtis - WOW!!! What sort of tone-deaf, musically challenged prick are you? That's a whole load of useless, pointless shite you're spouting.

    • Shannon Curtis
      Shannon Curtis 2 months ago

      I expect something like that more from the youth who only like anyone over whoever gets the biggest budget in showmanship that leads to the biggest gossip which is all a benefit to the celeb popularity
      But only to get sick to death of them once somebody new takes over that position

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 2 months ago

      Some day Kesha, Cardi B, and Pitbull will collaborate on something.
      And there will be public burnings of the CDs.
      And the ACLU won't do a thing.

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson 2 months ago

    Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

  • Michael Hasenberg
    Michael Hasenberg 2 months ago +1

    Some of these are classics! You are a new age millennial moron making a video off personal dislike for the music. Look at the era you're bagging on. Support this shit with statistics like RU-clip likes at least.

  • Lu Payne
    Lu Payne 2 months ago

    2 ads on a 13 minute video , trash channel. Greedy much?

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago

      For info: The ad-blocking feature in Kaspersky's Total Security must be bloody awesome, 'cause I keep seeing loads of people complaining about RU-clip ads, yet since I've been using it, I've never had a single ad on a RU-clip video.

  • Elaine Waller-Rose
    Elaine Waller-Rose 2 months ago +1

    I think I know the reason a lot of people (like me) disliked Ebony and Ivory. Two of the best singer-songwriters of the 20th century get together and THAT is what they came up with? I think we expected too much. For two mere mortal singer-songwriters, it would have been a pretty good song. I almost agree with WatchMojo. The song grates. Still I also can't help liking it, at least a little.

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago

      Agreed, it has a good message, but as a song, it's a dull boring lifeless piece of childish drivel.

  • nickronic
    nickronic 2 months ago +1

    What about mick jagger and davie bowei -dancing in the street?

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago

      @nickronic - You're the winner, 'cause y'just hit the jackpot!
      It's a horrible f'king song; and considering they both had reputations as having been womanisers, it has to be the gayest video for a song ever! I mean, in the video, those two guys are effectively screwing each other with their looks and actions. It's hilarious!

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 2 months ago

      That was too goofy to be bad.

  • Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson 2 months ago

    Maybe I'm in the minority here but I liked Britney & Iggy's duet....the song was catchy and compared to some songs today it's really not bad, lol same goes for "Our Lips are Sealed" by Hilary & Hayley Duff, again the song wasn't bad, they sounded good together. Just curious but who makes these lists??

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago +1

      @Kelly Thompson - Well, at least you're not alone, 'cause I'm also part of that minority.
      To answer you're last question, the 'Saddos' who make lists like these, are trying to get a 'rise' out of people. By winding folk up about things they like, they're hoping to get lots of replies, so they get lots of cash from the ads.

  • andrew robb
    andrew robb 2 months ago

    This moron doesn't know shit, never watch any of his videos .

    • Smudge
      Smudge Month ago

      I don't f'kin' believe you! If y'don't watch his videos, then why are you on this page? Also, and more importantly, why are you commenting?

  • Scribblebytes
    Scribblebytes 2 months ago

    We love ❤️❤️❤️ Ebony and Ivory in South Africa! 😂