Joe Rogan Explains Hunting to Russell Brand

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:

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  • G. R
    G. R Hour ago

    I wonder if Joe would ever be brave enough to have Gary Yourofsky on.

  • Chris Gardella
    Chris Gardella 8 hours ago

    I used to hate Russell Brand,; I don't anymore. Kudos!

  • SirRiffsAlot
    SirRiffsAlot 10 hours ago

    Fanatics, take note -- you won't convert or get anywhere by thinking you're better than anyone else for killing plants instead of animals.

  • wryandwatchful
    wryandwatchful 18 hours ago

    Brand’s manic rant at the end is so funny. He’s so smart and quick, and the accent doesn’t hurt either. 😂

  • SalvadorLosAngeles

    To me the worst part of hunting is the posing for the picture with the dead animal. I find that to be in poor taste.

  • adam t
    adam t Day ago

    10%...... so i go an buy 50000 dollars worth of hunting gear from guns to tents to clothing and....... the org get 500 to help these animals. im sorry but that is fuck all. i dont think joe knows how to defend this cause he knows he cant really.i think there needs to be more ways or efficient ways for hunting.

  • Bob Payne
    Bob Payne Day ago

    Everyone that eats meat should kill there own meal at least once in their life. That would give everyone an appreciation of where food comes from and how hard it can be to get it! Its not all pleasant & thats ghe point.

  • Devin Mcquinn
    Devin Mcquinn Day ago

    Thats why I like Russell Brand. Very well thought out dialogue and very understanding in regards to other people's views and at the same time fucks people up for saying truly stupid shit

  • Devin Mcquinn
    Devin Mcquinn Day ago

    Not everyone can hunt. I imagine it would b called hunting season, which is usually somewhat limited in time every year.

  • Giddy89
    Giddy89 Day ago

    Just a couple bro’s bein dudes

  • Carl Edgar
    Carl Edgar Day ago

    I enjoy hunting. I usually take 1 or 2 deer a year and it feeds my family for the winter

  • Kevin Wilkins
    Kevin Wilkins Day ago

    Great conversation... need more like this in our society.👏

  • Eric Fox
    Eric Fox Day ago

    Hey Russell, if you want to go one step time someone says hey, I'm going to go hunting just say ok instead of giving your opinion on hunting and trying to sway them. I say that only because you said you don't want to impose your own thoughts on someone else.

  • Stuart Payne
    Stuart Payne Day ago

    And at least someone who believes his reasons but doesn’t allow himself to judge others. Why because it’s who we are in our basic nature!
    I loved the fact that he mentioned we have lost our human nature. We are becoming more and more like the internet personas, sexless, ageless and people wonder why mental health is such a large problem today.
    Put down the phones and get some walking shoes on and get out.. even if it’s just to some local woods for a brisk walk it won’t take long to feel the connection with nature.
    We as a species like the animals I hunt have evolved from Mother Nature. It’s apart of us and surrending to social media and the thoughts of today only denies you of that connection.
    You want to be vegan then cool, but don’t condemn those who don’t believe in the same path. This again denies the basic human nature to have a difference of opinion. I myself feel like nothing in the world matters when I’m out in the fields hills and woods. It’s peacefulness tranquility calms the sole and mind. My deer are processed field dressed butchered and eaten usually at family gatherings that brings us as a family closer.
    I know where it’s been what it’s eaten and the process chain from field to fork. I’m also getting ready to take my son out for a weekend in the wild where he won’t kill but learn how to make a shelter, start a fire and cook he is 9 and if he doesn’t enjoy it then he won’t be asked to go again unless he asks too..
    Respect for each other is all I ask of my children family and friends.
    Believes should never be the reason to judge others.

  • ThomNH6229
    ThomNH6229 Day ago

    nice try Joe but RB is basically a tool

  • Parker Larson
    Parker Larson 2 days ago

    Some people don’t even understand that you have to get a tag to hunt some animals like a moose or elk I had to explain it’s like winning a lottery to go possibly kill an animal

  • captain redBeard710
    captain redBeard710 2 days ago

    Russell really impressed me with that last spiel at the very end. Dude is seriously insightful, intelligent, and humble.

  • BBsurfsIB 22
    BBsurfsIB 22 2 days ago

    Excellent example of civil discourse & with a celebrity no less, try this with someone like John Cusack or Madonna, forget about it!!! Great work gents!!!

  • Steve Enright
    Steve Enright 2 days ago

    I cannot get over Russell's tainted history of being a belligerent socialist or communist. This conversation is a measure of nothing. Russell with talk crap behind anyone's back let alone this conversation. Don't trust him and never will. Russell is a liar and a con artist.

  • 327CBG
    327CBG 2 days ago

    This was respectful and I appreciate that

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 2 days ago

    Wow. Much respect for. Joe
    Didn't know he was a bad ass elk hunter
    The real truth is everyone cant elk hunt. It's a tough hunt half who attempt fail
    The other half quit. I hunt elk through years of experience and have greater respect for wildlife than all vegans. Besides there are limited tags so that the elk can never he over hunted. Hunters do more to conserve wildlife than animal rights people.

  • John Truitt
    John Truitt 2 days ago

    This is a great opposing views session. Here is another great one with Steven Rinella.

  • Joel Ducsai
    Joel Ducsai 2 days ago

    Why in the fuck do your videos always end when they're getting good like what the fuck

  • Johan Knife
    Johan Knife 2 days ago

    Joe Rogan: "not everyone can do it. it'd be unsustainable"
    this. personally eat what you like. if you like elk, eat a elk, if you like lettuce eat some lettuce. but be sustainable in whatever diet you choose to consume. if it's unsustainable- tak a moment to think about it, and then think about what negatives could come from your actions. then if the pro's (not due to ignoring the cons) outweigh the cons, then proceed with whatever diet you want.

  • riddell74
    riddell74 2 days ago

    7:00 - Brand makes excellence sense of Hunting and today’s society

  • Seth Vaughn
    Seth Vaughn 2 days ago

    Holy shit I have gained respect for someone after I learned they’re vegan???

  • st85100
    st85100 2 days ago

    Russell Brand the pure definition of a beta male. Not everyone gets a tag and not everyone bags a buck. So not everyone can hunt anyway.

  • Daniel Summers
    Daniel Summers 2 days ago

    If you wouldn't kill it then you shouldn't eat it. It's too easy to buy from a shop.

  • Pabs sor
    Pabs sor 2 days ago

    His accent plz some one shoot me now 🔫

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 3 days ago +1

    Two of my favorite people. Smart. Thoughtful,. Well-spoken.

  • Christopher Charles
    Christopher Charles 3 days ago +1

    Holy fuck!!! Russell brand is enlightned! And by enlightened I mean, he knows and is so well trained as to not offend anyone. He is sooo engrained to not offend anyone. It's refreshing and so much bullshit all at the same time. Idk how to call it, but sounds like Russell gets eaten when doomsday comes. Sorry Russ, kill or be killed. 😘😘😘

  • P Pha
    P Pha 3 days ago

    I can't stand Russell Brand!

  • John Malone
    John Malone 3 days ago

    I love how Russell Brand doesn't consume animal products and himself does not want to go out and hunt but he's not being a dick about it and the same can be said about Joe they're having a civil conversation and nobody's being an asshole

  • Fail Zero
    Fail Zero 3 days ago

    Humans and 1st upright man (6 million years ago), have been hunting. Animals hunt, we are animals, just a different species.

  • Aaron Garrett
    Aaron Garrett 3 days ago

    If you’re a man and you say you don’t like hunting you’re not a real man and you probably had your sister raised you

  • fishncapt26
    fishncapt26 3 days ago

    Nature does NOT balance itself it is hunting that manages it keeps ecosystem balanced and healthy, w hichs why every county is divided into small manageable zones and so many permits aka tags are issued for each species or sex of each species in each zone each year. And without hunting nature does NOT balance itself it's a constant disastrous cycle of few species overpopulation causing decimation of dozens of others before eventually crashing out own species but only after they've destroyed everything else. And in every instance of overprotection and lack of hunting this has occurred. And only takes one species of overprotection and overpopulation to destroy entire ecosystem, for example, every Time bears are overprotected and overpopulation ensues they kill off all the baby deer whitetail blacktail muleys elk etc, kill off all the baby's and the deer or elk population crashes so fast its shocking then grasses the grazing animals keep culled over grow then record fires ensue destroy entire ecosystem lol or even small anjmal like rabbits if overpopulate wipenout food supply for dozens of other animals and lots of species die off of starvation and disease for rabbit overpopulation. Etc etc etc. It's hunting that manages nature in USA and Canada and maintains health and balance

  • Kyle Joynes
    Kyle Joynes 3 days ago +9

    Joe “You should eat eggs” Rogan

  • Dream
    Dream 3 days ago

    I rather you hunt your own food than supporting these fucking farms.

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 3 days ago

    Very intelligent conversation.

  • Rob Butler
    Rob Butler 3 days ago +1

    This just proves you can't judge a book by its cover.

  • Marcus Carothers
    Marcus Carothers 3 days ago +1

    Wow, Russell Brand. Wow. I suddenly have respect for the guy

  • Teesh Taddy Bee
    Teesh Taddy Bee 3 days ago

    Rumor has it Russell Brand smokes crack at night.

  • gary7dayz
    gary7dayz 3 days ago +1

    It was refreshing to watch two people with different beliefs over the issue have a proper intelligent discussion. I have never understood why people take different opinions on this matter so personally and then it becomes a non-constructive discussion that becomes about personal insults and who's right or wrong, why can't people be different and accept that we can't all be the same or have the same views.

    • Johan Knife
      Johan Knife 2 days ago +1

      people don't know how to listen. they refused to learn. they are the problem, and as such a human problem. if they choose to listen, then they might learn something. how to be human.

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan 4 days ago

    This is how you have an educated debate

  • Adam MacLean
    Adam MacLean 4 days ago

    Just two level headed guys being dudes

  • anarchism
    anarchism 4 days ago

    whatever.... spiritual to kill an animal? that's what bullfighters say. no, Americans. fuck your hunting and fuck the meat industry. get a fucking brain

  • Simon Mcdonald
    Simon Mcdonald 4 days ago

    "I'm guilty" of over eating my fair share of animal.

    • Zed Bell
      Zed Bell 2 days ago +1

      ...and your last name is Mcdonald......AND I love the Taco......this is why I'm agnostic rather than fully atheist....It sometimes seems like there is a creator..and it's a hilarious creator at that!

  • WHUFC71
    WHUFC71 4 days ago

    Russell and I feel the same and I'm British too!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤

  • C. Mo
    C. Mo 4 days ago +1

    Good conversation right here. Respect Russell for keeping an open mind

  • memo aung
    memo aung 4 days ago

    This dude used to be Katy Perry’s husband

  • chase danforth
    chase danforth 4 days ago +2

    joe forgot hunting licence revenue for state game projects

  • Matthias Dahms
    Matthias Dahms 4 days ago

    these positions are not polar opposites .. hunting for food (not for sport) is more ethical than buying meat at some supermarket.

  • Trav GSX
    Trav GSX 4 days ago

    To hunt for food is the only reason any other reason to hunt should be banned.

  • jack squat
    jack squat 4 days ago

    He bagged and tagged Katy Perry.

  • Steve Isley
    Steve Isley 5 days ago

  • Throw-A-Line
    Throw-A-Line 5 days ago
    This is a good argument too...and Joe and Steve are friends so hopefully joe doesnt mind me putting this link on here.

  • Rip It Racing
    Rip It Racing 5 days ago +7

    Yooooo I always thought Russell Brand was a lil crazy but he actually seems like a super genuine dude.

    • OG Video Games
      OG Video Games Day ago

      Russel Brand is the poster child for how to conduct yourself in an interview. There are even how to videos of how to conduct yourself as he does. I thought the same as you until I started watching more of him. Totally on a different view of mine, but the way he talks makes me want to listen to his views instead of shaking my head.

    • Harrisa22
      Harrisa22 2 days ago

      Watch more of his interviews. He is always like this, he has his opinions but he doesn't think you aren't allowed to have your own as well or disagree with him. If only everyone could debate and disagree in this way

  • Phillin Myself
    Phillin Myself 5 days ago

    Confabulation. Everyones a joke.

  • Bryan Castaneda
    Bryan Castaneda 5 days ago

    Hunting is pretty gay tho

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 5 days ago

    Atheists Are so dumb , adapting to sounds you've heard isn't evolution , the elk turning into a bird would be.

    • Ethen Porcho
      Ethen Porcho 4 days ago

      adaptation to your environment is also evolution, evolution also has a submeaning of gradually developing so when an animal gradually develops better hearing or develops the ability to differentiate sounds that is also evolution