GTA Online Grinding To $557 Million Legitimately And Helping Subs

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • I am a hardcore GTA grinder but I am also very helpful towards other players. I am anti tryhard, anti griefer.I am very against cheating and always trying to make helpful videos. I make guides for people ranging from making money in my playlists to vehicle reviews to top lists, etc. I do livestreams usually on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays EST US time afternoon.READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE FOR ALL NEW VIEWERS
    FAQ-1.I do not ignore questions unless they are stupid. If I do not read your question right away do not think I am ignoring you there are many comments on the screen at once.
    2. I am not a modder I am an all legit player. If you want to know how I get so much money watch my money guides under playlists
    4. The PlayStation community is TheProfessional ( RU-clip ) Fan army
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  • zeepeep
    zeepeep 10 months ago

    Your outfit is slade wilson or deathstroak

  • Harith Yasin
    Harith Yasin 10 months ago

    Hi I watch you all the time

    GO CASE 10 months ago


  • Greens Fram
    Greens Fram 10 months ago

    Cant make 2 pizzas in 5 minutes hold my beer

  • Drew Gone crazy
    Drew Gone crazy 10 months ago

    Do you got a cat named Luna

  • quicksilver40
    quicksilver40 10 months ago

    Professional, do you play on PS4? I need a good crew to join to grind. I grind grind grind but have to deal with cargo destroying idiots on a daily basis. I don't care for pvp much, just want to grind cash, as is the name of my organization, GrindingCash. But people are often so unreliable, I'd be happy to grind with you and your crew. Let me know.

  • Dark Botti
    Dark Botti 10 months ago

    fuck you you think you can stop tryharders you are just fucking poor man you use all the time off the radar and planes if you dont use planes and off the radar you are DEAD

  • Jenny Robles
    Jenny Robles 10 months ago

    They took 10million away from me

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt 10 months ago

    Pro how can I join your crew (Xbox One)? I sent a request but nothing happens.

  • Eqvnt
    Eqvnt 10 months ago +2

    I saved up 4 Mil in GTA Online, wondering what's the most useful thing to buy with that money.

    (I already have a CEO Office, Cargo Warehouse, and a high - end apartment but that's pretty much it.)

    • Aoyo
      Aoyo 10 months ago

      bridgxr you can never go wrong with a vehicle warehouse.

  • Big Mighty
    Big Mighty 10 months ago +2

    Haha I would've been laughing if he got wiped

  • turbocharged9589
    turbocharged9589 10 months ago

    Hi there, I've watched several hours of your videos and they've really helped me out with this next gen gameplay. I played GTA online since it's inception, but only recently started playing on next gen (unfortunately can't play with you as I went the Xbox route). You've definitely helped with the transition! Initially, it was a tad overwhelming.
    I have one question though. When you suggest "restarting your application" ie to avoid further cargo loss from a griefer, what exactly does that mean? Turn off the console? Or select the game from the main console menu and quit out of it? Or simply stop being a CEO?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Asian Voldemort
      Asian Voldemort 10 months ago

      @turbocharged9589 no problem and good luck

    • turbocharged9589
      turbocharged9589 10 months ago

      @Asian Voldemort Now that I can follow, thanks! I've just always considered that quiting the game, though I'm new to these next gen consoles. I've found the need to do that when I'm done playing GTA Online in order to reconnect to the Rockstar servers upon turning the Xbox back on since I have my console set up for FastStart.

    • Asian Voldemort
      Asian Voldemort 10 months ago

      @turbocharged9589 No so if you press home and press the 3 bar button in the middle of your controller and go down to quit you will close the game

    • turbocharged9589
      turbocharged9589 10 months ago

      @Asian Voldemort Call me old fashioned but I haven't heard of anything called an app in regards to a console game before. Would you mind elaborating? As in, turning off the console?

    • Asian Voldemort
      Asian Voldemort 10 months ago

      He means the entire app

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony 10 months ago

    adding ewo is so retarded

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony 10 months ago

    dude ewo is gone i mean it gets removed forever

  • Ice Coffey
    Ice Coffey 10 months ago +4

    Rockstar= IRS/Government
    Tryhards= CIA
    Griefers= FBI
    Modders= NSA
    Grinders= "Entrepreneurs"
    Squearkers = Music Telemarketers
    In conclusion...this how rockstar keeps balance lol...

  • Designer Stop
    Designer Stop 10 months ago

    Nice vid good work

  • Janne
    Janne 10 months ago


  • Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans

    Could I add you on PlayStation cause I only have 100k and need work(and money)

    • Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans
      Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans 10 months ago

      @Leo F nope

    • Leo F
      Leo F 10 months ago +1

      @Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans does your glitch still work

    • Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans
      Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans 10 months ago

      @Leo F how am I suppose to do that? What your insta

    • Leo F
      Leo F 10 months ago

      text me on instagram

    • Leo F
      Leo F 10 months ago

      @Ayo Dis Nigka Eatin' Beans dude the glitch still works in my country

  • joseph291
    joseph291 10 months ago

    Wat your favorite supercar

    FESTA FESTA 10 months ago +4

    Legit is the best way to get money 👍

  • I-YouMadYet-I
    I-YouMadYet-I 10 months ago +1

    I glitched lmao got money wiped but got all of it back xD

    • SkillFulGamingYT
      SkillFulGamingYT 10 months ago +1

      Mcrx090__ same i got wiped 40 mil but i duplicated 76 issi

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony 10 months ago

    if you guys have xbox one i will get you guys up to one milion

  • Biggie Boy
    Biggie Boy 10 months ago +4

    lets make a petition to remove the oppressor mk 2 so we can have peaceful jet dog fights again

    • Bradlayy
      Bradlayy 10 months ago

      Txyo lol

    • Txyo
      Txyo 10 months ago

      incredibly annoying.

    • Biggie Boy
      Biggie Boy 10 months ago

      Curtism1804 have you ever had a proper dog fight

    • Biggie Boy
      Biggie Boy 10 months ago

      Curtism1804 thats the problem, or they could just nerf its missiles

    • Bradlayy
      Bradlayy 10 months ago

      It may be annoying but god damn it’s incredible 😎

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony 10 months ago +2

    listen up i gonna make a protest to rockstar to erase the ewo and i hope everyone will listen

    • ChaosUndead
      ChaosUndead 10 months ago

      the cops is why most people EWO. rockstar should allow us to customize our public/private/crew sessions with abilities like weather and cops on/off options. only then, you will see the ewo bullshit barely used.

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 10 months ago

      Don't erase EWO. In many ways, it can be used in *non cancerous* ways. For example, if you're stuck inside a store and can't get out, or you're in the middle of about 20 cops and you don't want the fight.

  • liked21
    liked21 10 months ago

    I just got wiped for no reason for 9.5M i was going to buy MC Buisnesses and invest that but noo. Im taking a break

  • TazZyWazZy111
    TazZyWazZy111 10 months ago +1

    I have the nightclub production glitch for pharmaceutical and South American Inports😢

    • TazZyWazZy111
      TazZyWazZy111 10 months ago

      Ley White I’ve tried that already. I’ve also shut down my businesses to fix the glitch but it’s hopeless. My nightclub makes me almost no money. I’ve even tried contacting Rockstar but my complaint wasn’t reviewed. I have no hope anymore😢

    • Ley White
      Ley White 10 months ago

      TazZyWazZy111 unassign and reassign you technicians

  • david grace
    david grace 10 months ago +10

    This guy is such a nice guy he deserves triple the amount of subscribers thanks for all the great content.

  • Cloetje26_8
    Cloetje26_8 10 months ago +1

    My legit 10 mil got removed from me as well and its the 3th time rockstar takes my legit money

    • Cloetje26_8
      Cloetje26_8 8 months ago

      Gummigabb 2003 no every penny op my account is legit

    • Gummigabb 2003
      Gummigabb 2003 9 months ago

      They took it for what? Did they accuse you of modding?

  • Joe Sharples
    Joe Sharples 10 months ago

    Anyone on xbox wanna money grind??

    • Wing fries
      Wing fries 10 months ago

      Friend me if you want : Skizzits

    • Wing fries
      Wing fries 10 months ago

      Me but im a low level

  • TheMindGold
    TheMindGold 10 months ago +2

    I lost 100 million which I got legitimately, now I have 50 million left

  • Oh no no
    Oh no no 10 months ago

    Do more streaming

  • Moose Gaming
    Moose Gaming 10 months ago +4

    Seems like someone plays a little too much gta. Maybe get a job, get a life, and move out of your mother’s basement. Thank u, next.

    • Mingi
      Mingi 10 months ago

      I bet that you sit on your lazy ass all day playing games too and not earning money

    • Moose Gaming
      Moose Gaming 10 months ago

      Mista Drifta 1 I got my help, now go get yours.

    • Mista Drifta 1
      Mista Drifta 1 10 months ago

      Get help bro, you definitely need it

    • Moose Gaming
      Moose Gaming 10 months ago

      Hannibal The Cannibal it’s to prove a point. You’re obviously not getting the message here.

    • Moose Gaming
      Moose Gaming 10 months ago

      Ley White I will when I’m legally old enough to do so. Piss off.

  • Aaron AltKid
    Aaron AltKid 10 months ago +2

    I got money wiped, and I’m a legitimate player so I don’t know what happened there

    • Aaron AltKid
      Aaron AltKid 10 months ago

      Curtism1804 I can barely play an hour because of school and work so I doubt it

    • Moose Gaming
      Moose Gaming 10 months ago

      Aaron AltKid that’s their way of saying that you play too much. :)

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 10 months ago +4

      Probably an accident by Rockstar. Send them a ticket.

  • Txyo
    Txyo 10 months ago +3

    1:50:22 thanks again pro

  • BruhMoment
    BruhMoment 10 months ago +1

    Good job

  • Toby Gifford
    Toby Gifford 10 months ago +21

    Grind to a mil in first person only

  • Awesome dude 13
    Awesome dude 13 10 months ago

    Pro I was doing that very waterplane mission and somebody blew up my cargo with yacht defence

    • Awesome dude 13
      Awesome dude 13 10 months ago

      Glenn lol

    • African 1st Congolese 2nd
      African 1st Congolese 2nd 10 months ago

      That almost happened to me on the last drop but they barely missed it was just out of range of my wing. This is when i was helping someone though

    • Glenn
      Glenn 10 months ago

      Knifepyro 13 Rip 😩

    WASTED_VAYNE 10 months ago +4

    ʙᴇᴛ ᴀ ᴍᴏᴅᴅᴇᴅ

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 10 months ago +3

      Okay... Here we go... First off, his account is all legit. No modded money, no Sharkcards, no none of that bullshit. Second off, Zahid Riaz, just because someone makes an assumption doesn't mean they should kill themselves.

    • I couldnt think Of a name
      I couldnt think Of a name 10 months ago +1

      Just die ok hes not a modder watch his vids 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • FlatEarthLife
      FlatEarthLife 10 months ago

      Haters gonna hate.

    • LexCore Corp
      LexCore Corp 10 months ago +1

      Mamdouh Elmaneh on God, modders are too lazy and trash for them to actually really play the game it was intended

    • Mamdouh Elmaneh
      Mamdouh Elmaneh 10 months ago +3

      If he was a modder he wouldn’t be spending his time grinding for hours after hours.
      Dumb donkey.

  • Kemookh
    Kemookh 10 months ago +5

    Man you really helped me in my business and shite,i made like 10 million just from listening to you,really you are one of the most useful and professional gta players and youtubers out there

    • KGLA 021
      KGLA 021 10 months ago

      @Sam Knighton Yeah, right. Unlike you, me, Professional, and a few others like to grind our money legit.

    • Sam Knighton
      Sam Knighton 10 months ago +1

      Check lazer gaming