1 Hit KO RESHIRAM & ZEKROM TAG GX Deck, Infinite 270 Damage Spam, Naganadel Combo

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • 1 Hit KO RESHIRAM & ZEKROM TAG GX Deck, "Charging Up" Naganadel provides 100% of the energy requirements of the mighty Dragons' attack.
    Deck List: pastebin.com/QQ1WN6kr
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Comments • 60

  • reiner yap
    reiner yap Day ago

    Do you have a link on your audio?? I really like the "without me" 1 and 2 i hope i could download it

  • Asthetix Creeper
    Asthetix Creeper 11 days ago +1

    Altarias ability helps with this deck (Fight song: your dragon Pokémon do 20 more damage)

  • Deuce fo Mafia
    Deuce fo Mafia 13 days ago

    Donald I went on a 10 win streak with this deck minus N resolve and I added a double dragon energy (:

  • Haruto Ryu
    Haruto Ryu 14 days ago

    what about using victini prism star in this deck?

  • Edric Ramawy
    Edric Ramawy 15 days ago

    May i ask, can this deck playable if i put 4 double dragon energy?

  • Godssent2
    Godssent2 26 days ago

    Song at 5:00 please ?

  • eisiah obviar
    eisiah obviar 27 days ago

    I made Green version of Reshirom and actually beat builds like this. I stopped using Dedenne coz she's a big target for Great Cather and Reshirom's GX attack

  • Pinoy Machamp
    Pinoy Machamp 27 days ago

    Prolly best deck list I’ve seen for reshirom so far can I post the exact list brotha!

  • Pinoy Machamp
    Pinoy Machamp 27 days ago

    do u have the excact deck list you can post for this reshirom deck bro?

  • PJ Lincoln
    PJ Lincoln Month ago

    How do you say Needle in German? Add a Naga to that word at the front and you have the ACTUAL name of that Pokemon.
    Peeuhpoll? Weird way to say Purple.

  • lintao wang
    lintao wang Month ago


  • lintao wang
    lintao wang Month ago

    My luck is so bad that I often lose energy and trainers

  • ElGiganto17
    ElGiganto17 Month ago +1

    Man why would you give him Giant Hearth when he just needs energy to kill at 33:50?

  • Candy and Violence
    Candy and Violence Month ago

    wth is a peeopole?

  • gamemaster gary
    gamemaster gary Month ago +1

    im diggin that without me remix

  • Anthony McCarron
    Anthony McCarron Month ago

    What set is that naganadel from?

  • Ember power
    Ember power Month ago

    could you maybe try golurk?

  • Ember power
    Ember power Month ago +1

    imagine this with just "ns resolve"

  • Alex Darnall
    Alex Darnall Month ago

    Music too loud bro

  • TheNightcoreGuy
    TheNightcoreGuy Month ago

    Will you make a Deck with the new excadrill?

  • Albert Wright
    Albert Wright Month ago

    first mew3 then this bullcrap of reshikrom.. age of busted silly cards

  • Deconverted Man
    Deconverted Man Month ago

    Hey DarkIntergral, what crazy decks of ours have you not played yet?

  • DoctorRice
    DoctorRice Month ago

    awesome deck profile. this is actually going to be my next deck project, but I'll adjust it to how I see fit. might use some ideas from this. thanks man

  • Guled Liban
    Guled Liban Month ago +1

    Another awesome card that will make expanded and standard events more fun than what they are, ty Pokémon for improving the game and preventing it from becoming a broken total mess.

    • dag dag
      dag dag Month ago

      this is NOT how mafia works

    • David Melo
      David Melo Month ago

      Yeah, it just made my deck obsolete. I'm crying rivers right now!

  • Elijah Bryan
    Elijah Bryan Month ago +2

    Donald has employed psychological warfare on that poor donkey

  • ike Dmikle
    ike Dmikle Month ago +4

    watching you almost misplay gives me much anxiety

  • Mr Grimm
    Mr Grimm Month ago

    Also has he ever explained how he gets all these full arts?

    • skylon bellows
      skylon bellows Month ago

      Mr Grimm he has a ptcgo marketing account, where he gets all the cards within packs of every new set when they come out. The only things he has to get are promos

  • Ezra Hyde
    Ezra Hyde Month ago

    still calling bullshit on this. cosmic eclipse came available TODAY and he already has 4 tradelocked of everything
    this is unfair

    • HaTr
      HaTr Month ago

      It's an account given to him from the pokemon company. Other RU-cliprs have it too. I wish I could get my hands on one

    • Ezra Hyde
      Ezra Hyde Month ago

      @16BitKamek yeah that's what i assumed

    • 16BitKamek
      16BitKamek Month ago +1

      @Ezra Hyde He just has an influencer account from the Pokemon company. Nothing more.

    • Ezra Hyde
      Ezra Hyde Month ago

      @16BitKamek I'd appreciate knowing, if you're so inclined to tell me

    • 16BitKamek
      16BitKamek Month ago

      If only you actually knew how he has everything 😂 It's a well known secret.

  • Mr Grimm
    Mr Grimm Month ago

    Why does he call it out as gambling, I'm a new subscriber, does he not like the booster pack element of Pokémon online?

    • Tom Hubbard
      Tom Hubbard Month ago +2

      His terrible luck with coin flips is why he says that

  • Retro-Matic Gamer
    Retro-Matic Gamer Month ago +3

    For Farfetch'd sake, Donald, it's not PEE-o-pull! It's POY-pull! Like Purple with a severe Boston accent!

  • p
    p Month ago

    Those pigeotto is too stonks

  • Qihang Lin
    Qihang Lin Month ago +1

    Could you please make a video on lillie' clefairy doll + florges? I wonder what is the best way to build that deck.

  • joa correa
    joa correa Month ago +19

    we're almost in 2020 donald still calling poipole piopole

    • Asthetix Creeper
      Asthetix Creeper Month ago

      Donald is a smartass what do you mean

    • John Nelson
      John Nelson Month ago

      either he is dumb, doesn't know its poipole or both

  • Alice is craxzy
    Alice is craxzy Month ago

    How do you get all those nice cards

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple Month ago

    I added Hapu. Mill Energy, draw Pokémon.

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom Month ago +2

    Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a broken total mess.
    Ps: In other news Guled Liban likes to play with my fat sweaty poke balls.

    • dag dag
      dag dag Month ago

      the truth is out there

    • NightOfNights
      NightOfNights Month ago +3

      Another toxic comment that will make this video's comment section more toxic than what they are, ty Gengar Phantom for ruining the comment section and making it a broken total mess.

  • Yamo Gaming
    Yamo Gaming Month ago +1

    Sick Dude!!!!! I want to play this so bad

  • Kaushik Hegde
    Kaushik Hegde Month ago

    Talk about a dragon atom bomb!!!!!

  • Gxlvy
    Gxlvy Month ago


  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis Month ago +12

    Donald, dude, I was up all night making deals, trading cards, and trading packs to get 4 Reshiram & Zekrom and I got it. I'm ready for the copying and paste (your build)

  • StewardS ShinE ArT
    StewardS ShinE ArT Month ago +1

    i am the 1st comment..

    • Artemis1
      Artemis1 Month ago +1

      I’m the first comment to a comment to a comment :-D

    • QuiddlerX
      QuiddlerX Month ago +1

      I am the first comment to a comment! :-D

  • DarkIntegralGaming
    DarkIntegralGaming  Month ago +9

    I will not be available during the Premiere, but Ill check back on the comments later.

    • Aequitas671
      Aequitas671 Month ago

      always doing amazing videos. you are awesome. thank you for your diligence and hard work

    • Brandon Davis
      Brandon Davis Month ago

      I knew you where going for that Tag Team next, I tried to be you to the punch.