Is AMD a Good Option in 2018??

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
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    In April of 2017, AMD blindsided Intel by launching brand-new Ryzen series of processors. How does second-gen Ryzen stack against the competition in 2018?
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Comments • 9 477

  • Darmin Axel
    Darmin Axel 3 hours ago

    AMD is for poor people who dropped out of school and ended up working at Burger King for a living. They live off food stamps and Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.
    Stay in school kids, or you're gonna end up owning an AMD processor and your games will bottleneck.
    By the way, PC gaming is not cheap. If your PC is under 2600$, just throw it in the trash or go back to consoles. Budget PCs are not worth it. If you own a budget PC, you will have to upgrade the hardware everytime. It makes sense to buy a beefy PC, so you won't have to upgrade in a long time.
    All these AMD people are poor and they're on a budget. Their PC cant keep up lol

  • Mucsic Channel for Young Generation

    I really really wonder, is it better for AMD while matching with RADEON than NVIDIA

  • George Davis-Marks
    George Davis-Marks 3 days ago +1

    Not mattering about money, what should I get ryzen 5 2600 or 2600x ???!!!

    • Alex
      Alex 9 hours ago

      The x

  • tarikbih gamer
    tarikbih gamer 3 days ago

    threadripper AMD 2970wx KILLED intel

  • Stranger
    Stranger 3 days ago

    He would probably slag Intel off but he can't because they are supporting him.I prefer AMD.

  • Gaizer TV
    Gaizer TV 4 days ago

    i have an important question please don't bash me. I just try to build
    myself something decent.. and it is the first time i do this...
    Until now i bought this :
    CPU : Ryzen 7 2700 X
    Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix x 470-F Gaming
    Does someone know WHICH DDR4 RAM should i get? I was about to buy 64GB
    DDR4 with 3600MHz
    Is this setup a waste of money? I mean does this mainboard and the CPU
    even support this much memory? i have no clue and you are my last hope
    because no ome seems to know this..
    Thank you in advance :D

  • Shahriar Gallery
    Shahriar Gallery 5 days ago +1

    I love intel. I don't know, Rayzen processor is long lasting or not? Can anybody tell me, It's long lasting processor? I'm using intel cor i5 till 2013 and still now using this cpu without problems.

  • Generator
    Generator 6 days ago +1

    Intel support you Linus , that's why you talking about 5 fps difference....

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin 8 days ago

    Ryzen 5 2500u or i5 8250u?

  • Terence Nabbs
    Terence Nabbs 9 days ago

    I'm using Ryzen 2700x..... it's ridiculously good..... just buy it

    ZTEAMZR YOUTUBE 9 days ago

    I wanted amd man i wish but i have gtx 640

  • aslr_o On a instagram
    aslr_o On a instagram 10 days ago +1

    Oh so this is like PS4 vs XBOX
    K im always with the blue:)

    • shuerzz
      shuerzz 4 days ago +1

      +aslr_o On a instagram I know, i was being sarcastic. You said "i'm always with the blue", because it's better, yet the Xbox is better than the PS4, and it isn't blue, "smh".

    • aslr_o On a instagram
      aslr_o On a instagram 4 days ago

      shuerzz PS4 not xbox smh

    • shuerzz
      shuerzz 8 days ago +1

      Xbox isn't blue.

  • Pythonbites
    Pythonbites 10 days ago

    i never have understood why people think AMD are the 'Poor man's option'. Yeah it's cheaper but it offers much better performance than intel if we're talking on a Pound to Performance (Pounds are my currency) and people can use that money to afford a better GPU and at this level the GPU matters more than the CPU in gaming or more RAM which would go further in media creation.

  • LindgreN-
    LindgreN- 11 days ago

    I wish these prices was true in Sweden, in sweden the 8700k is about 120-130$ more expensive then the 2700x (about 520$ for 8700k and about 400$ for the 2700x) To me it's an obviouis choice to choose amd. Always been a Intel fanboy, always hated on AMD untill i learned how good it actually is.

  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow 11 days ago

    GTAV, people still test with that? ... didn't it come out in sept 2013?'s a grand-pappy with a walker software, no wonder it don't support any modern features.
    Burry it 20 ft under and never look upon it again.

  • Secretcodrin
    Secretcodrin 12 days ago

    Why everyone is about who makes the best cips and nobody speaks about price for performance? If you want to go for strong cips buy a server dual socket setup with 2 thread rippers and there you go.

  • Marwat GamingMG
    Marwat GamingMG 13 days ago

    intel is for gaming

  • Ani-mate
    Ani-mate 13 days ago

    2:02 Isn't going commando free though?

  • CloudZ
    CloudZ 13 days ago +1

    i dont understand anything

  • syed saadqain zaidi
    syed saadqain zaidi 14 days ago

    who understood anything

  • xt x
    xt x 15 days ago

    amd yes

  • graceoverall
    graceoverall 15 days ago

    It's NOT all about speed. I'd GLAAAADLY take a speed hit to keep my data out of the grubby hands of big brother and other bad actors. Intel has many more hardware vulnerabilities in the silicon than AMD. At this point, after many MANY years with Intel, I'll be making the switch. AMD has won back my heart.

  • Kalix 14
    Kalix 14 16 days ago

    Which is better in gaming. Can someone tell me please

  • Russle
    Russle 16 days ago

    My fx 6300 is still a blast to use, does everything i need at a more than acceptable speed. Will be moving to Ryzen very soon.

  • Mehdi Tabatabaee
    Mehdi Tabatabaee 16 days ago


  • Jonathan Baughman
    Jonathan Baughman 17 days ago

    It is REALLY HARD to find motherboards for am4 aka

    • Secretcodrin
      Secretcodrin 12 days ago

      B450 tomahawk and the X370 or X470?

  • pulkit pandey
    pulkit pandey 19 days ago

    Intel inside kidney outside

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 21 day ago +1

    What a plot twist

  • Vertiz
    Vertiz 21 day ago

    so i don’t know buy RYZEN 7 or Intel core i7 8700k

  • Delain124
    Delain124 22 days ago +1

    AMD for CPU Nvidia for GPU.

  • Goratchthemule
    Goratchthemule 22 days ago +2

    My real name is Linus, can I get a 50% off?

  • roscoe baram
    roscoe baram 23 days ago

    test ryzen 5s and 3s

  • Gašparić Marin
    Gašparić Marin 24 days ago

    need help im about to buy RYZEN 5 2600X is it worth?

  • Aaron Stel
    Aaron Stel 24 days ago +1

    Wy whut i pay €400+ for i7 when i can get ryzen7 2700x for €100less this is bs that you shut buy a ryzen if your more with productivetie

    Ps. Sorry if my engles is a bit bad😅

  • BenAqua
    BenAqua 25 days ago

    so pretty much ryzen is about 15% better? im so confused :O

  • Youcef Aloui
    Youcef Aloui 26 days ago

    for me 8700k is around 175 euros more expensive than a 2700x which still runs games just great at max settings, granted it's not as good as intel but the performance difference isn't enough in my opinion to justify the cost, especially when you factor in that ryzen's cooler is actually usable if you don't plan on overclocking and that ryzen cpu seem to handle work station tasks better than intel, easy choice for me really...
    that spare 175 can be spent on a better cooler / more budget for other parts.
    this video feels slightly biased towards intel (not an intel or amd fanboy just a regular dude trying to put together a decent system without breaking my wallet)

  • Santu Das
    Santu Das 26 days ago

    Tnx brother

  • Matt Reman R Fernandez

    #Intel Blue Team!!

  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi 27 days ago

    I5 8400 or Ryzen 7 2700 for gaming?

    DESTROYER64 28 days ago

    Who else is waiting for athlon 128

  • Fullmetal Alkami
    Fullmetal Alkami 29 days ago

    8700K is better for gaming? Yes. Is it also £100 more expensive? Yes

  • Nils-Åke Nordström
    Nils-Åke Nordström 29 days ago

    No we know how a hard-core nerd looks like...

  • 1000 subs without any videos

    I basicly take because it's cheaper

  • Saylavii 1K
    Saylavii 1K Month ago

    If you don’t care about price intel is better and it’s not even an argument. That’s literally the only point people have when they say to get AMD.

  • Todor Tr.
    Todor Tr. Month ago

    Thank you

  • QheetyX
    QheetyX Month ago

    I have amd

  • Gandalfwiz2007
    Gandalfwiz2007 Month ago

    What i like about AMD:
    - lower price
    - excellent performance
    - lower temp

    • Nikolai22
      Nikolai22 26 days ago

      AMD PepeLaugh 👉💥🔥

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs Month ago

    I think i got my first pc in 2013 or so, and that CPU was AMD Radeon A10-6700. Games like Rayman Legends it handled well, but other high end-games it struggled with. And most importantly it devoured the power of my battery.

    Wish i was tech-savvy back then. As an adult now i will listen!

    After video: I like my games to have good graphics and be smooth af. But 10 frames difference? I wear glasses. My eyes are too weak to spot such bagatel. And that i have to restart between modes is literally a 1st world problem to me...
    I think i'll survive.
    Extra cores to save me from switching out my cpu before it is time seems like a good time saver. And the whole thing is cheaper.
    Like I said... 1080p with 60fps and max setting, that's all i need.

    I bookmarked Ryzen 7 2700X. Seems like my go-to CPU for the time being.

  • beebnegron
    beebnegron Month ago

    Intel may get better performance but amd is much more affordable which justifies buying amd over intel.

  • LastOne Me
    LastOne Me Month ago

    You know im late you know what AMD IS GOOD for FPS BUT NVIDIA IS GOOD FOR RESOLUTION , FPS , GRAPHICS , and LOADING

  • Dalton Brooks
    Dalton Brooks Month ago +4

    I should support AMD on the sole purpose of keeping prices more competitive towards Intel.

  • Ganjo Exposto
    Ganjo Exposto Month ago

    why many people still use intel ? that the reason

    • Nikolai22
      Nikolai22 26 days ago

      this reason AMD PepeLaugh 👉💥🔥

  • Ceegay
    Ceegay Month ago

    Intel may give more FPS say 5-10+ FPS, but its SOO much more pricey than AMD. Overall, it is MUCH smarter to get AMD!

  • stop play pause
    stop play pause Month ago +1

    Hey guys help me out is it better to go for rog gl702zc or anyother laptop with gtx 1060 series

  • Buzz James
    Buzz James Month ago

    How about a list on film of what to buy instead of some shaving kit? Hell you look like you can't grow a shit on your chin and this company wants you to plug them? Fucking joke.

  • Buzz James
    Buzz James Month ago

    I remember the last of the single cpu from AMD wipe intel in performance. I guess you wasn't born yet Linus. Just a comment on your opening statement.

  • zivex
    zivex Month ago

    What is ryzen 5 2600x good for and what can it do?

  • JViello
    JViello Month ago

    *3-15-2019* ; I just purchased an I5 9400F for $169.00 on Amazon (I think it's since jumped to $175.00) I could have purchased an R5 2600 for $159.00 or an R7 2700 for $230.00. The I5 wipes the floor with the R5 2600 even when OC for basically the same cost. So in my case at least, it wasn't about money but performance. I simply couldn't justify buying a slower CPU for basically the same price. Which brand is in my machine sincerely doesn't matter to me. My current rig is powered by AMD, so...

    • Dirac Drynx
      Dirac Drynx 4 days ago

      An overclocked 2600 @4.2 GHz and 3200mhz RAM runs neck-and-neck with the i5-9400f in games, and pulls well ahead of it in multithreaded workloads. However that requires spending money on faster RAM and a good cooler, along with a lot of fiddling. Assuming you don't care about performance in things like rendering and streaming, I agree the 9400f is the better choice. It performs very well in games out of the box, matching the overclocked 2600 with no fiddling required.

  • Rajit Sarma
    Rajit Sarma Month ago

    Amd is shit

  • Jerryc 17
    Jerryc 17 Month ago

    Man! Excited for the 3rd gen Ryzen CPU'S

  • Music Maker
    Music Maker Month ago

    Letz face it.... you're on the "blue team" and your friend is on the "red team"... you are struggling here with your vid.... you KNOW that AMD is kicking butt and taking names. ;->

  • ꧁Ira Lol꧂
    ꧁Ira Lol꧂ Month ago

    Im getting a gaming computer soon. So, convince me- AMD or Intel? :D (Im poor people but I game most of the time)

    • Saylavii 1K
      Saylavii 1K 29 days ago

      PotatoesAreLyfe the 2700x isn’t even as good as a i7-8700k. AMD is good to have around though they seem to make intel work a bit, but even at that the best motherboards and some other PC parts are only intel compatible which is another reason to get intel if price don’t matter.

    • PotatoesAreLyfe
      PotatoesAreLyfe Month ago

      Saylavii 1K Yep totally agree, 9700k is amazing for gaming and amd can’t really hold a candle to it, but unfortunately it’s expensive

    • Saylavii 1K
      Saylavii 1K Month ago

      PotatoesAreLyfe if price wasn’t a worry intel is going to be better and it always has been. Not saying AMD is terrible but intel is better.

    • ꧁Ira Lol꧂
      ꧁Ira Lol꧂ Month ago

      Not in my shitty country... Everything is 30-50% or even more higher. thats why im on a tight budget:( And if I order online from newegg or amazon theres taxes so yeah..

    • PotatoesAreLyfe
      PotatoesAreLyfe Month ago

      ꧁Ira Lol꧂ Ryzen 3700x is supposed to be same price as 2700x :D


    AMD = smart money saving !!
    Intel= only if ur bank is full!!

  • WBsteve
    WBsteve Month ago

    i am poor people so i will be getting amd

  • Jp Maldonado
    Jp Maldonado Month ago +1

    So I wanna switch to ryzen does that mean that I have to change my ram and cpu? Beacause I've been looking an I can't find a mother board compatable with them

    • Jp Maldonado
      Jp Maldonado Month ago

      +PotatoesAreLyfe ok thanks for the help

    • PotatoesAreLyfe
      PotatoesAreLyfe Month ago

      Jp Maldonado it’s rumoured to come out during computex, so you will definitely have access to it be the end of 2019

    • Jp Maldonado
      Jp Maldonado Month ago

      +PotatoesAreLyfe I don't want it right now I could wait till the next one comes out how much do you think it will be when it comes out?

    • PotatoesAreLyfe
      PotatoesAreLyfe Month ago

      Jp Maldonado also motherboards are one of the two things, the other being the power supply that you don’t want to skimp out on. Make sure you get one that is reliable as to avoid unwanted combustion :)

    • PotatoesAreLyfe
      PotatoesAreLyfe Month ago

      Jp Maldonado Also make sure the motherboard supports OC because all Ryzen cpus are unlocked

  • Thomas The Dank Engine

    I recently built a pc with a AMD 2400g, 16 gb 3000mHz ram and allocating 2 gb of vram. It runs everything that I want at 60 fps and above on medium setting. It's great and worth the value

  • Matty McPatty
    Matty McPatty Month ago

    im an intel boi, but i need to upgrade from my 2016 laptop with a 960m. So now i like amd

  • RamiDopeVlogs
    RamiDopeVlogs Month ago +1

    Is it good for like gaming a Ryzen 7 2700u?

  • MuchRadioactive
    MuchRadioactive Month ago

    Ima buy
    Core i3 Coffe Lake
    And Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050-Ti

    • MuchRadioactive
      MuchRadioactive Month ago

      +Marius Volovnik Just like wow, its cheaper than 1080-ti, why would I waste more than 800$ On that, I'd rather buy 1050-Ti

    • MuchRadioactive
      MuchRadioactive Month ago

      +sarahisstrangeI can play unturned on high settings

    • sarahisstrange
      sarahisstrange Month ago

      u can't play a lot of recent games on that 1050ti

  • huang Edwin
    huang Edwin Month ago +1

    Did any body see that he throw the amd chip but put the intel chip on the table

  • Shawn Sun
    Shawn Sun Month ago

    AMD YES!

  • Unnecessarily Loud
    Unnecessarily Loud Month ago

    Intel will destroy AMD in gaming, but otherwise, AMD is great for the price, including the motherboard prices too.

  • FightingDrake 81
    FightingDrake 81 Month ago

    You get what you pay for. If you pay more for an intel, it’s probably going to be better than a cheaper AMD but AMD is still a good cpu.

  • Tk Racing
    Tk Racing Month ago +2

    Lets be real for low budjet u get better performance with AMD.

  • FBI Nibba
    FBI Nibba Month ago

    Amd has always been second and will still be.

  • Alejandroide
    Alejandroide Month ago

    Just get Intel

  • neoforce205
    neoforce205 Month ago +3

    INTEL : ...... & Meltdown & Spectre & Spoiler & more?!......

  • carthaginian
    carthaginian Month ago

    AMD 2020

  • Renée Allen
    Renée Allen Month ago

    I fucking hate you, I can’t even listen to you speak.

  • lance smith
    lance smith Month ago

    crying amd fanboys \/\/\/\/

  • Bobby Senacud
    Bobby Senacud Month ago

    I love AMD since K62.

  • j jacelon
    j jacelon Month ago

    After upgrading my older BOXX AutoCAD Workstation/Server system, I basically have an extra EATX Case, Xeon CPU, EVGA GPU and 16GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC RAM sitting there (just really need to change/upgrade the Mobo as it died and cooling for the CPU chosen to have a working system).
    he question is, does it even make sense turning it into a gaming rig for my son, or would spending the extra for a newer Mobo/RAM/CPU setup make more sense for the types of games he plays (Ark Survival, Overwatch, Black ops 4, Apex, Rainbow 6).
    Ok so thes are what I'd like the options/comparison for:
    1) a new ASUS P9X79 WS (LGA2011) Mobo with my Xeon E5 1620 (4 core supposedly overclockable on this board form 3.7 to 4.2GHz) , 16Gb DDR3...
    or 2) a new ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO (AM4) Mobo with new Ryzen 2600 (6 core) & new 16Gb DDR4..
    or 3) the 6 core Intel you rig you have in the video above..
    Other items I already have that would be common across the builds:
    Case: BOXX 8920 EATX Workstation/Server case with 2x 120mm front grill case fans,
    PSU: EVGA 850GB 80+
    GPU: 1x EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW,
    SSD: Intel 180Gb running Win 10 OS

  • Scorpcruze
    Scorpcruze Month ago


  • DiamondGamer466
    DiamondGamer466 Month ago +1

    I want to get an hp laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U and Vega 8 Graphics Card, with 8gb of ram and 128gb of SSD (Solid State Drive). Is this good enough for games like Minecraft or ROBLOX? Would it overheat after a couple hours? Could someone please help me out I’m trying to get a good budget gaming laptop

  • David O
    David O Month ago

    According to UserBenchmark, the threadripper is the most powerful cpu in all of existence. COME AT ME INTEL FANBOIS!!

  • SSmorez _
    SSmorez _ Month ago

    I’m building a Gaming PC which one should I use ???

  • sasa ha
    sasa ha Month ago

    8700 from intel slowly kidnapping ryzen 2700x....srsly i overthoght this and the 8700 kicks his older brother in the butt and competes in price and performance with the ryzen 2700x

  • Speedyonfire
    Speedyonfire Month ago +4

    WWIII happens in comments

    • GlunkArtz
      GlunkArtz 27 days ago

      yup, intel is like apple, and amd is like motorola, do the maths xd overpriced asf for nun

  • Appoddigare
    Appoddigare Month ago

    To me isnt really fair to compair a 404 euro (im from italy) to a 329 euro cpu. What matters isnt "how is it supposed to challenge" like if the top gamma amd has to challenge the top gamma intel, to me what actually should matters is the price. What could you offer for a determined price? I7 8600k is still 75€ over the amd, to make an equal comparison a 330€ intel should be against the 2700x. What could be expect from amd if they were to make a 400€ cpu? Probably something good

  • mall cop
    mall cop Month ago

    amd going to show you the cpu. amd show you they got straight sides. amd show you how they got the right shape. amd show them to you in a very special way, so that they appear to have everything a cpu should have. But there's one thing he's not gonna show you.When you look at the cpu from the right angle, they're as thin as this playing card. amd whole case is an illusion, a magic trick

  • Stigma
    Stigma Month ago

    What if the money you saved from AMD and spend it on GPU?

  • sameen
    sameen Month ago +4

    but now intel is 30% more expensive lol

  • Asura
    Asura Month ago

    Intel is better

  • KeanPlaysGames
    KeanPlaysGames Month ago +1

    I have *AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics*

  • pinepoop p
    pinepoop p Month ago

    stop advertising

  • Clayton Blum
    Clayton Blum Month ago

    I love my gaming, but only play one person games, nothing competitive. I'm also a father, so it look like amd is the better choice for me.

  • chas4702
    chas4702 Month ago

    I will never purchase an AMD MB or CPU. I dont trust their products and their shoddy drivers. The Hex Core i5 8400 works great. A little competition is good for business. Intel has too many CPU's available to buy. I do wonder why i3 6100's and 7100's are priced higher than an i3 8100 quad core.

  • Al bida
    Al bida Month ago

    Zen1 = iBridge
    Zen+ = Broadwell
    ipc +29% 3700x Fast Latency
    = 9900k
    Intel's defeat if the new architecture is not released

  • Francesco Salvadori