Steve Says: While Trump haters pray for a recession, the real economy is booming

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Why are fake economists rooting for the Trump economy to fail?
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Comments • 3 033

  • Mr Cool
    Mr Cool 12 days ago

    I’ll tell you what Mr. Trump when you build that wall I’ll give you my vote until then I’ll vote for anybody but you

  • Mr Cool
    Mr Cool 12 days ago +1

    What do you expect when the Republicans are in charge it’s always the same Republicans make work and people suffer and just for the record Fox News is anti-American they’ve always been anti-American flag doing networking a fledgling news dinner if I wanna watch real news I watch CNN

  • eric hoppe
    eric hoppe 21 day ago

    Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, and Nebraska were the largest soybean producers in 2016. Soybeans are America's leading agricultural export. Nearly 60% of U.S. soybeans went to China last year. Donald Trump has changed that. Now China gets all soybeans from Brazil. Recessions, just like trade wars, are easy to win. Does anyone believe that China will come crawling back, and ask America to start sending soybeans again? The last big recession in the U.S. happened in 2008. The year my 401k's disappeared. The recession in 2008 caused Barack Obama to be "44".

  • Candy JohnsonCanoli
    Candy JohnsonCanoli 22 days ago

    Lol, what a bunch of BS.

  • Alex King
    Alex King 25 days ago

    Gold is at 1550 from 1200 less than a year ago. S&P and DOW are both inverted.

  • Real Economy
    Real Economy 27 days ago +1

    The real economy is terrible. Middle class crushed, diligent investors always unjustly forced to lose. Stock market is 4 to 8 times overpriced, with small caps at the high end. I tell the truth. I am analyst and I will not lie. Housing going higher, taxes going higher, quality of jobs going lower, unemployment going higher. Actual 24% unemployment. I scoured the BLS data and was 26% unemployment 6 years ago, crept to 24% over all those years now slowly worsening. You must realize it requires about 170k new jobs per month just to keep up with population growth. The media moguls will not clue you in on this so any positive number they spin and the ignorant public buys into it.
    Look at today, DOW futures down 350 then manipulated up to +250 before anyone is able to make a trade to help their account while being on the correct side of fair value for this masked economic depression. The wealthy are loving it.

  • RassBrass
    RassBrass 28 days ago

    The DOW is not the economy

  • separation0620
    separation0620 28 days ago

    The FOX pundits were saying how great everything was in 2007 and 2008. Do you really believe them this time? Lol

  • Daniel J Moreno
    Daniel J Moreno 28 days ago

    So what happens if there is a recession? Blame Obama?

  • Feanor
    Feanor 29 days ago

    Simple way to cast your vote: if you believe the economy is doing well, invest in the Stock Market; if you think we're headed into recession, invest in Treasury Notes.

  • Stephen Kohler
    Stephen Kohler 29 days ago

    Fox and Republicans spent all 8 years of Obama trying to tell us the market was about to crash.

  • Mark J
    Mark J 29 days ago

    Malignant narcissists

  • Ride the Wave
    Ride the Wave 29 days ago

    We went to the mall in a bout of nostalgia and it looked like Christmas. I have NEVER seen that many people at this mall since we've live here.

  • Lene Ring
    Lene Ring Month ago

    Steve is an idiot.

  • Gregory Altarac
    Gregory Altarac Month ago

    Oh yeah bunch of Rich Democrats are just hoping to lose a ton of money in the stock market and around the world due to a recession...haha this guy is a political pundit and a moron

  • jake spivey
    jake spivey Month ago

    Go back home you British ingrate. It's always about making the rich more rich and somehow the rest of us will benefit. That's joke and it's always been a joke.

  • kpm
    kpm Month ago

    Sure, but why did the U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
    drop below 50% now? It was never that low since 2009 (remember, those were the Obama year, everybody was complaining about anemic recovery).

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker Month ago

    1+1=7 I can math toooo

  • Alal Esc
    Alal Esc Month ago

    The economy is doing well thanks to Obama and the orange man is going to

  • D F
    D F Month ago +1

    Lets see who he blames this recession on in 6 months.

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris Month ago

    If it dropped.. trump still gets my vote.. all the trumps for president.. at least they love America. Unlike a Democrat

  • Wallace Hardin
    Wallace Hardin Month ago

    how's that deficit that you guys were going to fix?

  • Facts Matter
    Facts Matter Month ago

    Trump began taking credit for the Obama Economy the moment he was sworn in but now that large employers are beginning to lay people off and it looks like a recession is setting in Trump alternates between total denial by saying the American economy is the strongest it's ever been yet at the same time says the Fed needs to lower interest rates and congress needs to lower payroll taxes to prevent a recession. Didn't Trump and Republicans promise voters that giving yet another huge tax cut to the richest 1% that increased the National Debt $ trillions of dollars would "trickle down" and create millions of good paying jobs and increase wages? What happened and how stupid do white middle class voters need to be to keep falling for that lie? Kind of like when Trump started the trade war with China by imposing tariffs saying "a trade war with China will be easy to win" but now our paranoid schizophrenic mentally deranged president denies he started a trade war with China.

  • Johnny Zeee
    Johnny Zeee Month ago +1

    Liberal-socialist- progressives , and their fake news media buddies, are fuelling recession fears with blatant lies about the economy doing badly.

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler Month ago

    Russia Collusion (Cheater) Obstruction (Manipulator) Stormy Daniels (womanizer) Racism (Hater) Recession (Biz Failure)= Haters Dog Whistles to tbeir base. Trump's exposing mass corruption & hypocrisy

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever Month ago

    3 minutes in and I haven't heard anything relevant, unbiased, or factual

  • luv2h8onu
    luv2h8onu Month ago

    All lies!! Im a trucker and see the difference. Winter is coming tariffs are killing us and trump is not a negotiator china will eat him alive

  • Dothemathemathics
    Dothemathemathics Month ago

    I wish Trump luck. Trump doubling down on trickle down. Sure the doubling of the national debt rate is not scary at all.
    FY 2018 - $1.217 trillion. Trump
    FY 2017 - $672 billion. Obama

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago

    Bank of America SUCKS

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts Month ago

    I was wandering when the left would pull this card out their sleeve.

  • mark b
    mark b Month ago

    BILL MAHR has to be the dumbest guy to ever make it to T.V.

  • kitsey2
    kitsey2 Month ago

    They can pray all the want for recession but God will never hear them. They pray to a different god.

    • Dothemathemathics
      Dothemathemathics Month ago

      Fake news - People are not praying for a recession. By the way, Trump is a God now. Is Trump your God?

  • vxy357
    vxy357 Month ago

    Who the Hell roots for the failure of this country just because they don't like someone? Do they really think they will be able to replicate what Trump has done? these people are delusional.

    • Dothemathemathics
      Dothemathemathics Month ago

      It is pretty hard to double the national debt by giving the rich a big tax cut.
      FY 2018 - $1.217 trillion.
      FY 2017 - $672 billion.

  • FrankDuks
    FrankDuks Month ago

    Orange man will save us from a recession!

  • TheTlewis3074
    TheTlewis3074 Month ago +3

    Trump can't live off of the fumes from the Obama economy forever. At some point the consequences of his policies will start to take effect. Then we'll see.

    • jake spivey
      jake spivey Month ago

      The tax cut and easing of regulations (whether they are justified or not ) did gave the economy a boost. But, Trump couldn't leave well enough alone. He's started a tariff war and it's going to be disastrous for many people.

  • popweaselcrunch
    popweaselcrunch Month ago

    No ones praying for a recession, its called being cautious. Do we need another bubble burst? The Trump admin got rid of laws protecting the everyday citizens. Allowing banks and investors to once again make risky moves with our money.

  • Mr G
    Mr G Month ago

    Problem with democracy and free speech in America. Whoever have more money can use the media to spread their messages regardless of whether they are true or false.

  • Russ Gallagher
    Russ Gallagher Month ago

    M-S-L-S-D guy says "...threat [sic] of recession is real..." Yeah, and there's always the possibility that you'll be struck dead by lightning, too! How big is this "threat" and what are its ostensible causes? There are always "dark clouds" somewhere but show me evidence that they're heading in our direction. Until then STFU!

  • pinch mesh
    pinch mesh Month ago

    Recession is not the same as correction. We are overdue for a correction.

  • Arlen Anthony
    Arlen Anthony Month ago

    These wealthy people are hopeing for their own down fall JUST BECAUSE MR
    TRUMP 2020 MEGA

  • Chantel Smith
    Chantel Smith Month ago +4

    My 401K and stocks are soaring. American Prosperity if finally here! Trump 2020!

  • Bob Mitchell
    Bob Mitchell Month ago

    Chinese communism is a real and present, in this moment, threat to the free world. don't give them a moment to breathe. If not for Trump, they might very well had succeeded. America created the Chinese economy, and it was the most idiotic and treasonous thing we ever did.

  • Gist Erme
    Gist Erme Month ago

    Excellent observations and report, Steve! False hysteria is still falsehood.

  • N S
    N S Month ago

    Fox propaganda is fake news.

  • N S
    N S Month ago

    Trump sponged off his father, and filed bankruptcy six times. Trump bankrupts America by increasing the deficit to give tax breaks to the rich.

  • amrit hehar
    amrit hehar Month ago

    Ask a trucker how good the economy is .Freight rates have gone down the tube coz of his trade war .i have been in the business for a while but have never seen anything like this .He’s ruining the farming business.There is nothing great about the economy right now

  • Shawn Roberts
    Shawn Roberts Month ago +1

    The left has their tin foil hats on too tight....

  • samdee pride
    samdee pride Month ago

    Democrats dlogans

  • Timothy Weller
    Timothy Weller Month ago

    Just another fairy tale for people to not vote for him. Shame.

  • Clif Keens
    Clif Keens Month ago +1

    Never heard a Republican root for a recession during Obama.

    • Ziggy Dawg
      Ziggy Dawg Month ago

      That's because Obama's entire Presidency was a recession

  • ufoboatman
    ufoboatman Month ago

    This must be the demons new talking point

  • James A. Richards Sr

    The Stock Market reports a positive rise when there Sri k

  • Dan A
    Dan A Month ago

    No one is praying for a recession.
    And expecting a recession soon does not make economists into "fake" economists. They have valid data and arguments for it as much as economists who expect a stable economy.
    At the end of the day no one knows what will happen to the economy. But what we do know is that the economy never goes up in a straight line, there are always it's contractions. It's been 11 years since the great recession, it's not hard to see that a recession is coming soon. Especially when the yield rate seems to be inverting.
    But when will we have a recession? No one knows

  • Cindy Barker
    Cindy Barker Month ago

    You'd be crazy to pray for recession. But it shows that someone else is pulling the financial strings.

  • Patrick ESQ
    Patrick ESQ Month ago

    NOW it’s the Trump Economy - disingenuousness Fake News globalist traitors!

  • Louis Abney
    Louis Abney Month ago

    What a dolt

  • Hoods Goldworks
    Hoods Goldworks Month ago

    Indexing capital gains. The inflation figures from the government are a joke. How’s that work?

  • busymountain
    busymountain Month ago

    Trump supporter and investor. I promise you this economy is having trouble but it's not Trumps fault either.

  • Mark Priestley
    Mark Priestley Month ago

    America is stronger and has a great future ahead God help you to succeed .🇺🇸🇬🇧✊

  • paul castle
    paul castle Month ago

    I always thought it sounded like pre -planned manipulation of the markets and all those with TDS willing to cut off their noses and causing their fellow citizens harm just to show Pres.Trump their middle finger . If people are frightened into losing their confidence and not spending then it goes to show how easy it is to make a fake downturn .