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  • Johann Bach
    Johann Bach 3 days ago

    Good thing I was always too poor to get ripped off from these games.

  • Andrea Ochavo
    Andrea Ochavo 3 days ago

    2:56 Did you noticed that those plushes are from Pokémon? (my favorite!!!!)

  • Uneak 187
    Uneak 187 3 days ago

    When I was younger, probably 10, I won that ring toss game 6 times in a row, the guy that runs it told me I wasn’t allowed to play anymore, I was also stopped later by a different guy who thought I had stole all the stuffed animals since they were the big ones. I got to listen to the guy say on the walkie talkie ‘yeah some young kid won those. I kicked him out’ lol I haven’t won a game of that since tho

  • TheToyTable
    TheToyTable 4 days ago

    Great tips

  • Graydon Blackwood
    Graydon Blackwood 5 days ago +1

    On the laser game you can lay down stomach first and hands on both sides and pull yourself up

  • Troy F.
    Troy F. 6 days ago

    I'll "usually"...."usually" win at the free-throws game, the strong man challenge, the 'fire the water' into the clown's mouth in order to pop the balloon first, the wack-a-mole game and the loose step-climb game...

  • Shane Murray
    Shane Murray 6 days ago

    I have worked at Clementon Park in New Jersey doing game attendant. The balloon dart game isnt so much hard. I was one of people who worked at that game A LOT LOL and i would always and i do honestly mean it did make the balloon quite poppable i guess you can put it. Id also give people darts with no broken wing thingys or dull tips because i wanted people to win like seriously i hated seeing people upset. Oh and also worked ring toss. That game is a bitch too, I've gotten myself on a bottle a few times, including behind the back not looking and while cleaning up some rings and happened to just throw one.

  • insert_life
    insert_life 6 days ago

    As somebody whom has run carnival games for years, I will tell you that most of these are not quite correct. The tricks depend entirely on the person who owns the game, and who sets it up. You could think you figured out the trick, only for it to change the next day, or even the next hour if the operator so chooses.

  • JC Legaspi
    JC Legaspi 8 days ago

    At 2:20 i was confused

  • adrianw1977
    adrianw1977 10 days ago


  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez 10 days ago

    T-pose teddy bear

  • Gatcha Lover
    Gatcha Lover 11 days ago +1

    At the Airway Fun Center, we played a spin game, and we hit the jackpot!! 👶👍

  • Jessalynn Reich
    Jessalynn Reich 11 days ago

    i subed and turned onnotifications

  • Hello
    Hello 12 days ago

    The one where you throw a ball into a plastic container I won that multiple times I got a giant Rhino and elephant (it’s not rigged)

  • Khai Do
    Khai Do 13 days ago

    IN LOL

  • Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster 13 days ago

    Click bait

  • Chi Nguyen
    Chi Nguyen 13 days ago

    One time my aunt won me a giant pikachu in tricky tubs and I’m not lying just because in the picture has pikachu

  • Edward Rowe
    Edward Rowe 13 days ago

    I got the middle without it bouncing

  • BlondieBabey86
    BlondieBabey86 14 days ago

    Uhh question? My school had a cardboard arcade and I made a bowling game. I used a ball from a college basketball game. And the pins were cans filled with nothing. There may have been a little itty bitty soda in them, but that’s because I didn’t drink it all. Too hard XD. Is that... cheating? I mean by, is it supposed to be on this list?

  • JamesTheKingGamerXD
    JamesTheKingGamerXD 14 days ago


  • Dung Ngo
    Dung Ngo 14 days ago

    You spelt normal wrong

  • Usiel Nava
    Usiel Nava 14 days ago

    I won baloon one

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 14 days ago

    I got a double hit with the dart ballon game

  • Allen Raids
    Allen Raids 15 days ago

    That’s why I always use a lot of my time analyzing and thinking if it’s worth it. If not, ain’t gonna spend my precious money.

  • CrazyGaming Dodgers
    CrazyGaming Dodgers 15 days ago +1

    I won the ring toss in 3 buckets (not at once.)

  • Henrik Trimble
    Henrik Trimble 15 days ago

    i Won the ring toss game before

  • Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 15 days ago

    I want a game where you had to pull and if you press too hard you would the bowling ball wood get out of it it's like a curvy line with your supposed to get inside the Kirby line but if you go up and go back and that was from my first one a Coca-Cola eagle

  • Gil Lakrist Tiglao
    Gil Lakrist Tiglao 16 days ago

    Wait is that roiwassabi

  • Xavier Cassis
    Xavier Cassis 16 days ago

    I have gotten the duck pond jackpot 3 times!

  • Alistair Anderson
    Alistair Anderson 16 days ago

    I won the ring toss twice on first try no lie

  • Ivan Sun
    Ivan Sun 16 days ago

    I won all those games before

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 16 days ago

    R u in USA or something cuz in AUS we don’t have rigged carnival games

  • Jared Nowasielski
    Jared Nowasielski 17 days ago

    My friend spent 50$ of a shoot the star game... he was kicked out cause he would not stop winning... years of practice does that... and now I have a big ass bull named muffin, it’s bigger than my big dog

  • tam ngo
    tam ngo 17 days ago

    My grandson won Laughing Jack game at Luna park at Melbourne and Won in first go and he got a plushy!

  • George Zacharias
    George Zacharias 18 days ago

    iv won ring toss before!😄

  • Hs Kn
    Hs Kn 18 days ago

    My dad won the basketball hoop game jackpot

  • Megan Cantrell
    Megan Cantrell 18 days ago

    I won the ladder game one my first try and my brother got mad because I beat and he never losses to me

    DRAGON PEPE Z 18 days ago +1

    Man the duck pond is easy for me because I get all of the ducks on the first try just get your hands and punch the person that's there and look for the jackpot.

  • puppet central
    puppet central 20 days ago

    i got the rope ladder second time

  • Toeflurry 777
    Toeflurry 777 20 days ago


  • JC
    JC 21 day ago

    I Have An XBox Kinnect!!!

    • JC
      JC 21 day ago

      did u win the carnival game?

  • binle on the cob
    binle on the cob 21 day ago

    I got the jackpot in the duck game

  • hammad Mustafa
    hammad Mustafa 21 day ago

    I have won in the ring toss game

  • I’m Surprised
    I’m Surprised 21 day ago

    The reason why you get big stuffy if you beat em

  • Emily Pham
    Emily Pham 21 day ago +5

    Do you want to know how to get stuffed animals without getting scammed.

    You buy it off Amazon 😂

  • Hannah Nemo
    Hannah Nemo 21 day ago

    At my church carnival someone did actually win the basketball game

  • Kaison Fowler
    Kaison Fowler 22 days ago

    *video* don't need to know about these carnival games *society* sneaks up and tells you anyway why RU-clip why society why booger that I am picking secretly wait society caught me oh no but still tells you not to, again *society* back at it again like bwuh

  • Alexandria Myers
    Alexandria Myers 22 days ago +3

    Hey guess up wen I was 7 my dad won great America's bottle ring toss game like omg we only used 3 rings we got a huge dragon taller than my dad

  • Golden _Gummy
    Golden _Gummy 23 days ago

    So basically you stole this from Mark Rober and added more clickbait and mid roll ads?

  • callmecool cool
    callmecool cool 24 days ago

    you wrote nomal in the basketball comparison

  • Maxrnp
    Maxrnp 24 days ago

    Who saw he typed nomal not normal at 2:19

    GOD'S CHILDREN 25 days ago

    To be fair they say claw machines are impossible because of how the claw is set up but i win them every time I have also won all of those games except for shoot the star atleast once Im to young to play shoot the star

  • Rodolfo Gutierrez
    Rodolfo Gutierrez 26 days ago

    Yes I know it I tried doing battle with my dad and I didn’t win anything

  • Prince_Noobzpiepz 12346

    3:06 i just keep laughing cuz that part was guava juice XD

  • Exotic Butters
    Exotic Butters 26 days ago

    I can win the dart balloon game I’ve won 17 times in a row they call me the dart lord

  • Mexican Trump
    Mexican Trump 26 days ago +1

    I won a fish and was dead next morning lol

      GOD'S CHILDREN 25 days ago

      Thats why you dont play games with fish as prizes

  • Ellie ASMR -
    Ellie ASMR - 26 days ago

    Watch mark robers carnival scam video @markrober

    GD_MESEX 27 days ago

    giant stuffed bear had a 180 dollar price tag on it
    he said 10 dollars 👌

  • Con Batten
    Con Batten 27 days ago

    I did the rope ladder and about to win the Xbox one X but the guy flipped out on me then my mom trying to talk to him and he said well that’s allowed

  • Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen 28 days ago

    I managed to toss 4 balls in tricky tubs

  • Kaden Chen
    Kaden Chen 28 days ago

    0:03 it’s not a dollar or two it’s more like 6-12 dollars to win

  • Gaster The gasterblaster

    The ring toss to bottles game I got it my first try with the first ring but failed the other 2 try’s and got a 2 leter mt dew

  • equipow
    equipow 28 days ago +1

    you copied mark robers vid. its a common idea but these are in the exact same order and for te same exact reasons. cmon man

  • RealGamer YT
    RealGamer YT 29 days ago

    I won the pyramid toss before and it wasn't that hard. P.S. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying you guys have a chance

  • RealGamer YT
    RealGamer YT 29 days ago

    When i play dart toss, I get prizes... and even those toss cans

  • Davie Lara
    Davie Lara 29 days ago

    2:00 then how the hell me and my squad of 8 people had 17balls in that game.

  • Sarahdemic
    Sarahdemic Month ago

    As someone who worked games at a theme park, there's an easy trick to getting the balls in the "plastic"baskets. (They're typically wooden).
    The bottom of the baskets are curved which is moreso why the balls bounce out. Aim for the rim of the basket, any part of it. The ball will think onto the rim and gently drop in the basket without dropped out. (This works with softballs.. not so sure about tennis balls.)

  • Elias Bautista
    Elias Bautista Month ago

    All of this is to make them harder

  • Maddox Tabios
    Maddox Tabios Month ago +6

    The banana that is from guava juice and wassapi produtions

  • Looth Vlogs
    Looth Vlogs Month ago

    I respect you

  • Looth Vlogs
    Looth Vlogs Month ago

    I tested everything in my home ur video is true

  • JamesBlue TvGaming
    JamesBlue TvGaming Month ago

    Well I got the jackpot first try on the duck game

  • 0p3n1T0Rd13 Rblx
    0p3n1T0Rd13 Rblx Month ago +5

    0:06 gimme one of the t posing bear plushies

  • Melissa swiger
    Melissa swiger Month ago

    Boy I won the on first try

  • Altijd Olaf Games
    Altijd Olaf Games Month ago

    3:04 is a picture from the netherlands. IT Saids: kinderen altijd prijs. What mens: Childeren always win

  • Pat Dow
    Pat Dow Month ago

    number 1 sucks

  • Martin Powers
    Martin Powers Month ago

    Once my friend won a ring toss game on his 5th ring

  • kronvlat
    kronvlat Month ago

    I worked the balloon dart once as a teenager. This video is way off. it's easy to pop the balloons. They only get you because you have to keep playing and buying more darts to keep going up prize levels for a decent prize. Each time you finish throwing your told 3 more and you get this, I watched amazed as they talked people into spending well over 100-200 dollars for the oversized stuffed animals.

  • Joaquin Portacio
    Joaquin Portacio Month ago

    There was a picture of roi

  • Dope_danny 10011
    Dope_danny 10011 Month ago

    Duck pond i won it

  • Saiyan John
    Saiyan John Month ago


  • alex alex pinto
    alex alex pinto Month ago

    soooooooooooooooooooooo the duck pond is easy in brazil...BuT nOt AmErIcA

  • Zvezdan Kricak
    Zvezdan Kricak Month ago


  • Jacob Nguyen
    Jacob Nguyen Month ago

    i have acomplished the rope latter 1 try

  • XxX xXx
    XxX xXx Month ago

    so basicly the "rope ladder" is the same as "counting cards in blackjack in a casino", the casino notices your good and says "screw the rules" and they kick u out rofl.

  • Aneyli Velasques
    Aneyli Velasques Month ago

    How is the rope latter hard if I won when I was like 5

  • Gacha Lizzy
    Gacha Lizzy Month ago

    With the basketball hoop game the lady helped my sister but not me so she got a big prize but I didn’t when I got only 1 hoop less

  • javelin1010
    javelin1010 Month ago

    rip offs

  • Gary Zimmerman
    Gary Zimmerman Month ago

    A tip for those who still want to try the "bouncy ball" game... put spin on the ball before you VERY LIGHTLY toss it. It takes practice but the inertia of the spinning ball reduces or even negates the bounce due to the friction of the ball against the basket..... this reduces (or eliminates) the kinetic (? It's been awhile since my science classes in school, so I don't remember exactly what type of energy) leaving the ball to spin up the side of the basket instead of bouncing! Even if you win this game it is HARD to keep doing this enough to win a prize worth more (or even equal to) what you pay to play..... about all you will win is bragging rights for a few wins and a "prize" that 8s worth about 5 dollars.... if that

  • Gacha_Fox 123
    Gacha_Fox 123 Month ago

    You:it is impossible to beat the ring toss game!
    Me:bro,i won this game five times on my first $2

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog Month ago

    7:25 the way to beat this (in my way) is to lay down on the ladders and pull yourself up.

  • Hriday Matharu
    Hriday Matharu Month ago

    Thank you soooooooooo much
    I watched this video and won loads of prizes

  • Jayden G
    Jayden G Month ago

    ripped off from here

  • Alejandro Escamilla Bramona

    So thats why i never se them win

  • Alejandro Escamilla Bramona

    So thats why i never se them win

  • sebs gaming life 24

    Copied Mark Rober

  • FedoraDog13
    FedoraDog13 Month ago

    I only won 2 carnival prizes in my life, but both worked out well. One was a novelty straw hat that lasted much longer than I expected, in the hands of a careless high school kid. Not bad for $20. The best was a goldfish, back when they used to put the fish in the bowls you were tossing at. Carnival goldfish are notorious for not living long, and I hit mine square on the head with the ball (first try, too)! Even at such a young age, I figured the fish would be dead in about A week. That fish outlived every other fish I bought to give it company and got really big. I had that fish for years and years.
    Of course, this gave me a false sense of skill, and when I got older, earning my own money, I wasted way too much trying to replicate my early successes. Would that count as a "long con?"

  • LillyCookies DDAENG

    the end though, what is the fun of buying a stuffie online? it’s better to have a story behind everything you got. i still have the tiniest doggy that doesn’t look very attracting but it was my very first won prize at a ball game so i treasure it very much.

  • LillyCookies DDAENG

    my friend is a legend at claw games, she got both of us two pikachu’s and two fluffy unicorns (from Despicable Me) in one day.

  • Emily Parker
    Emily Parker Month ago

    When I was younger I traveled with the carnival so I got to do anything I wanted for free