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Yo Gotti Reaction To Young Dolph Shooting (Interview)

  • Published on Nov 23, 2021
  • Yo Gotti Reaction To Young Dolph Shooting (Interview)

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  • Rap Central

    You think Yo Gotti is behind it?!

  • Latrail Pettigrew

    It's so sad when you have that much hate in your heart to want a person dead. What you put out is going to come back around. All because you want to be the best at the top, for what? So men will love you better than anyone else or so you can have the best things in life. We all are just passing thru in this life, it's a test and whatever you gain in this life you can't take it with you when you leave this life. Don't care how much money you gain in this life, how much you flash the money, all in all money don't mean a thing if you can't LOVE your neighbors. That's what really important in this life, LOVE is more important than Money. You may not think so, you may not feel that it's so, but it is so.

  • Paul Perez

    My condolences. May his family find comfort and peace this Thanksgiving in the fact that he was obviously loved by his fam, and friends, and have a happy thanksgiving celebrating and sharing amazing memories. I'm a music mutt and shuffle lots so I can't always think of a name of song of the top of my mind, but liked his music. I feel that. Happy Thanksgiving

  • BlkWallStreet FBA Lineage Generational wealth

    This man was very very successful, you can not equate his success only to rap, he was a boss, with a great family.

  • Charles Jenkins

    They straight hated on this young man,he was self made millionaire and did it his way...

  • Peyton 711

    RIP Dolph🐬 you had a long career and life ahead of you. Gone way too soon.

  • Bribe
    Bribe  +53

    Young Dolph R.I.P

  • _TruMochaa

    Hero’s are remembered legends never die R.I.P. young Dolph my favorite rapper, the realest man ever they don’t make them solid or real like Dolph fly high legend.

  • higher ground believing

    I'm 50 years old and this young man was a artist I listen too then I found out how he love our community Memphis Tennessee and gave back SMH that he gone too soon( preach was my song)

  • Numeral Uno

    Dolph was doing so good GREAT! 🙌🏾 He was in his foes way & became a pain so they had to remove him he was a extra shine that was dimming their light all by himself.💪🏾R.i.p Dolph!!! ❤

  • Ben Byrd

    My thoughts and prayer goes out to Young Dolph and his family

  • lawrence barrett

    Dolph was special wish we could go back in 🕙 RIP LEGEND YOU'LL BE MISSED

  • pretty girl123

    His grandma knew what was up and taught him well. RIP 👑Dolph.

  • MadamX2c Marie

    If you listen to every rapper they have an issue with another but, why? When I analyze this is sad because, you never know what or why you have it coming. Nobody knows where it really came from or who is so bold to admit to the world their responsible. It’s so sad. RIP Dolph

  • Trucking Lifestyle Channel

    Unbelievable the men was more than a rapper we all hurt specially he’s family. Very sad R.I.P legend Dolph

  • [REBBECA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    His grandma knew what was up and taught him well. RIP 👑Dolph.

  • Ct Bt
    Ct Bt  +28

    If the guy did a shooting and he’s cool with Yo Gotti I would say yeah yo gotti had something to do with it. If any rapper or entertainer has something to do with this then everyone need to boycott and abandon not only their music but the people musical associate with them. We have to get a hold of stuff like this and stop it now.

  • Diyah Ambi

    I get you want to give back to your community but sometimes you have to do it from a distance. When you rise to fame don't forget where you come from just move differently. He was a great man from what I've seen. Had Gotti and Dolph joined forces man can you imagine that album? 🥺😞🙏🏾❤️ RIP Dolph

  • Yisrael333


  • Original J

    It’s always their own city, jealousy and pride are the devil. RIP