House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Evidence Hearing

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing to hear evidence in the on-going impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Watch LIVE at 9am ET on C-SPAN, C-SPAN Radio and online here:

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  • Anne Driver
    Anne Driver 3 days ago

    I was watching C-SPAN and somehow youtube switched me to a Fox news report shame on RU-clip !

  • GodBless America
    GodBless America 5 days ago


  • BS1
    BS1 20 days ago

    Quick.. 🐇............
    as Republicans were in trouble this impeachment thing kinda ...too close for comfort now what should we do?
    Let's see about Donald Trump when this is over start killing brown people that work for George Bush Junior right....?
    What should we call it...
    I know.. Iraq 2 Electric Boogaloo. Donald Trump War Version !!! 🔫 💀 💰

  • Arlene Alvarez
    Arlene Alvarez 27 days ago +1

    My 10 year old granddaughter can figure out that this hearing is a waste of time and bias against the President. It’s obvious from day one that the democrats are in a panic and desperately need the removal of President Trump. I would use caution if I were them. This country elected President Trump and will fight for him because he made promises and kept them. WWG1WGA Trust the Plan

  • Dmitrii Novikov
    Dmitrii Novikov 29 days ago +1

    Goldman is a weirdo MSNBC talking head, no more.

  • Henry Oosterwyk
    Henry Oosterwyk Month ago

    these democRats are disgusting

  • The rayth Ofkon
    The rayth Ofkon Month ago


  • The rayth Ofkon
    The rayth Ofkon Month ago


  • The rayth Ofkon
    The rayth Ofkon Month ago


  • The rayth Ofkon
    The rayth Ofkon Month ago


  • The rayth Ofkon
    The rayth Ofkon Month ago


  • Im_PhoE _
    Im_PhoE _ Month ago

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    Im_PhoE _ Month ago

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    Im_PhoE _ Month ago

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    Im_PhoE _ Month ago

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    Im_PhoE _ Month ago


  • wayne aamot
    wayne aamot Month ago

    When Obama in office put Inherit tax on small farmers and their families he forced them out of business to the Big agriculturalCompanies take over the Agricultural business from small farmer when they did that is when we got mad Cow disease they were Feeding Dad cows to live cows. That's why the democrats are trying to destroy our Ag your nice States it within

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S Month ago

    That is how these government scumbags spend our Money. All of them should be thrown the hell out. What does it take for We The People to March on Congress and go in and throw them out. Disgusting crooks.

  • Paul Burke
    Paul Burke Month ago

    Look at them act offended by the acts they call intrusion that are fairly standard or expected if you're trying to be the president of the USA... seems like it all could be going on behind the scenes out of sight... with no need to let anyone involved know they are being investigated until or if something is found out to be a violation...

  • shard vark
    shard vark Month ago

    Why do they continue to let Joe Biden run for president after he admitted to bribery of the u.k. president inorder to stop the an investigation. All Trump did was ask the UK prez to do was reopen the investigation. The demacrats are meddling with the the election results by using their power of impeachment to affect the outcome. They should all be impeached them selves for abusing their powers. They clearly are not for Americans

  • Randy Curtiss
    Randy Curtiss Month ago

    if you are still a democrat after watching this, please get sterilized and help save our country. and if you cannot afford it i will try to start a go fund me account. i would get as much information as i could so you can do it yourself but your comprehension is so low we would lose half the population and then how can we amuse ourselves ?

  • Vanessa Sepulveda
    Vanessa Sepulveda Month ago +1

    Donald Trump's is doing what Nixon did he will quit the presidency only if you get tax returns

  • Sharon Baab
    Sharon Baab Month ago +2

    Let´s make sure we keep an accurate list of politicians that voted _for_ impeachment! So we can hold them accountable afterwards!

  • Bloodbucket
    Bloodbucket Month ago

  • areUaware
    areUaware Month ago

    Everybody needs to remember that President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are the victims of this crime.

  • Stephanie Hayek
    Stephanie Hayek Month ago

    Bwahaha so now the Republicans don't like a fast talking democrat asking the questions, cutting off the witness, and redirecting the witness back to the original question. Hmm. Who does that sound like? Jim Jordan maybe? Slow down they say. We cannot follow along they say. Tough luck when the same play comes back on them.

  • Devine Hammer
    Devine Hammer Month ago

    ɟlǝsɯᴉɥ llᴉʞ ʇ’upᴉp uᴉǝʇsdƎ

  • Ricky Ostrom
    Ricky Ostrom Month ago

    Yuriy Lutsenko says Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress.

  • Science Hill, KY Life

    Pete and Repeat we’re sitting on a fence. Pete fell off. Who was LEFT?

  • comedychannels
    comedychannels Month ago

    What a bunch of do nothing, corrupt, low life's . Trump 2020 ... winning !!!! tic toc

  • aniyan kunju
    aniyan kunju Month ago

    I see the democrats including dirty ladies chewing cok. Shame on you and your children.wicked

  • Carlos F Suarez
    Carlos F Suarez Month ago

    It looks the Senate will vote politically. It is not really a
    trial; their verdict has been reached before starting. The Republicans need
    desperately to hold the power of the Executive, and the Senate. They forgot
    about the oaths they took when they arrive to the Senate. They just don t care!
    They are just a bunch of losers against Trump in the Primaries 2016. However,
    they support him. Why? Because they feel defeated and need the dictator s
    support to continue holding their office to profit from it.

  • Winstonclawfinger
    Winstonclawfinger Month ago

    America is a terrorist state. Your political bullshit kills people, just with your bullshit arguments. Fuck you Americans you are shit people.

  • Cocktail MusicDance

    Collins go to hell!!

  • Anna Koetters
    Anna Koetters Month ago

    Debbie Lesko’s questioning round in the first judiciary committee hearing was “the phone call favor is NOT about Biden!!”, then in this hearing she outright says Trump asks Zelensky to look into the Biden’s and that’s fine.

  • Anna Koetters
    Anna Koetters Month ago

    Matt Gaetz squanders my hope ..

  • Derrick Cox
    Derrick Cox Month ago

    The DNC and the fools running it just don't get it. The American people run America, not the DNC. They are going to find out the hard way that their abuse of the Presidency and the People is going to drag them down to destruction. America is stronger then the corrupt DNC. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler with all pay a heavy price in the annuls of history as traitorous souls. Their vengeance will dig their own political graves.

  • Andrew Kimball
    Andrew Kimball Month ago

    Fuck off Donald. You are a terrible. And also weird person

  • Todd Hackbarth
    Todd Hackbarth Month ago

    As an independent voter, this is absolutely crazy! Democrats got me upset when they tried to destroy a man like Kavanaugh. Then they said Trump was a Russian spy. Then they said Gabbard was a Russian asset, a democrat that served in our military. Now they go after Trump with Ukraine when it is obvious that Biden is the one that needs to be investigated. He bragged about it in front of cameras. While I disagree with some of Trump's thoughts, there is no way he deserves impeachment. Democrats are wasting money and time of our representatives. Get to work!!! Most independents in Wisconsin agree this is a sham. This is so frustrating!! Get those democrats out of office!! My suggestion: vote independent rather than democrat! That democrats wouldn't allow republicans to bring forward witnesses like democrats shows who is right. Bring all the facts and the truth will come out.

  • John Keller, Jr.
    John Keller, Jr. Month ago

    From a completely objective point of view, what happens if dirt is found on the Bidens in Ukraine? The reason for the impeachment would still be there but on the other hand would be guilty Dems... Hmm... Who would win?

    • John Keller, Jr.
      John Keller, Jr. Month ago

      @Anna Koetters I haven't read anything about any investigations into it. Strange.

    • Anna Koetters
      Anna Koetters Month ago

      All theories have been proven false already. There is no dirt to be found.

  • Virgil Schmidt
    Virgil Schmidt Month ago

    I remember watching the British Parliament, (I don't know if I am identifying it correctly), but it amazed me how direct the chair was. Telling people to be "good boys" and children behaved better than they were.
    I can image if that guy was sitting on the chair how many comebacks that guy would have for their point-of-orders.

  • Roadray
    Roadray Month ago +1

    Let me ask you this then Steve; if what you say is true about the Biden's. Why then did it take Trump so long to act on these terrible, terrible things that Biden's son did.

  • Ryan Butcher
    Ryan Butcher Month ago

    Witch Hunt will be the phrase that defines this impeachment haha mark my words.

  • Roadray
    Roadray Month ago +1

    At this point in the argument where we have 11,156 for likes, and 4430 for dislikes, it would seem that more people are against Trump in-fact 60.3%. Trump lost a few points but remember this is nothing but a snap shot in time. I will check it again later.

  • Roadray
    Roadray Month ago

    Mr Collins, just because you start over you still have nothing to say. Flapping your gums along with Biggs and others is to slow down the proceedings because they do have a ton to say that actually means something. The republicans give a new meaning to talking out of your "ass."

  • popitastic
    popitastic Month ago

    If Nadler had a brain he'd be dangerous!

  • Priscilla Carbone
    Priscilla Carbone Month ago

    When can we read the Barr/Durham report? And, will both of these gentlemen appear in this Senate hearing? All I've seen or heard has come from the news stations.

    • Priscilla Carbone
      Priscilla Carbone Month ago

      @feelings Are Not Arguments Thanks for that. Would you be able to refer me to a source or two? Merry Christmas!

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      It will likely be like the Mueller report in that their will be indictments before the report. Last week we saw 8 individuals indicted for illegal foreign campaign finance violations toward the Clinton campaign in 2016. There are also criminal referrals into the Pentagon office that hired Halper and the FBI office who held the lawyer who falsified evidence in the Carter FISA application. Reports yesterday show that Durham has requested call and email records from former CIA director Brennan.

  • Cardo Lianez
    Cardo Lianez Month ago

    GOP, keep pleading that this is a sham, pointing at process, pointing at whether a president is liked or not. Facts are he and guiliani attempted character assasination and investigation of a political rival. No buts about it. He 'asked for a favor', Guliani edited President Zelensky's press statement to include Burisma. Attempts at bribery, extortion and investigating are just as illegal. Fact is people in the administration, rightly so, raised questions about what was going on. They got caught and only THEN did Trump say "no quid pro quo" . So you're attempts to distract vs defend look really really sad and childish. If I wasn't already subsidizing the lives of billionaires I'd call my tax dollars going to the GOP the biggest waste.
    NO one in the administration can find evidence that ANY corruption investigations were being done in UKRAINE... except the ONE on BURISMA... it's clear, that's all Trump cared about. That's a straight personal benefit to HIM. Trump before Country, Trump before Constitution.... sad and illegal.

  • John Jauregui
    John Jauregui Month ago

    Concerning the current impeachment proceedings and LEADERSHIP within the House of Representatives, BOTH Schiff AND Nadler have DUAL citizenship from the same foreign country. Are you aware of that???? Do you think that matters? Do you think THAT is a COINCIDENCE? Call your Congressman and ask why do we have dual citizens in Congress and why is the impeachment leadership EXCLUSIVELY dual citizens from the same foreign country. DO IT, call (202.224.3121) and ask. Get answers. The media won't. Why not?

  • Joshua Woodward
    Joshua Woodward Month ago

    I call for a non-partisan Government reset. They can't even vote across party lines for a break without getting the stink eye. As for Joe Biden 2020? No thank you! No more freaking crooked politicians please!

  • Capy bara
    Capy bara Month ago

    Rememebr context isn't important to the GOP per Collins

  • Deborah Scott
    Deborah Scott Month ago

    Epic fail

  • Zv Ka
    Zv Ka Month ago

    Oh man i just want to punch Doug Collins' face when he keeps grilling Goldman about who ordered matching of Nunes' number and others. WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT matter at this point for anyone other than trying to distract this whole process? Isn't it wonderful that they actually found a match which happens to be a member of the intelligence committee??? This is one of the worst one-sided hearing of any case I've ever seen in my life. If you think it's the Republicans, you have issues.

  • Matthew Stowe
    Matthew Stowe Month ago +1

    7:45 with out seeing it I thought it was a girl talking haha demorats are sissy

  • heidi angvik
    heidi angvik Month ago

    Politics is a dirty game

  • Matthew Stowe
    Matthew Stowe Month ago

    To the Republic for witch it stands.
    Democracy is for sheep

  • Matthew Stowe
    Matthew Stowe Month ago

    For the first day I could only get to 7 hours of this crap but now I'm back for day to to finish listening to crap

  • Donald stupid
    Donald stupid Month ago

    why are americans idiots?!!!!!!!

  • Glenn Leahey
    Glenn Leahey Month ago

    ....for anyone with half a working brain, it seems that the Republicans' "bitching and moaning" about, aside from Sonderland, no direct witnesses is not part of a "winning" strategy: it EXPOSES the fact that Trump is preventing about a dozen former and current WHITE HOUSE staff...and thousands of pages of documents. I don't believe that either Chariman Schiff nor Nadler denied witnesses who offered information on the Trump/Ukraine "shenanigans"...aside from those seeking to go on about BURESMA and the BIDENS...which, even IF true....will be opened in the Senate. The 2019 impeachment is about Trump....HIS unconstitutional behavior....including contempt of Congress. (sigh)

  • dogbone 1
    dogbone 1 Month ago +1

    Democrats can’t even pronounce evidence or president correctly