Motivate yourself with visions, goals and willpower | Hugo Kehr | TEDxTUM

  • Опубликовано: 9 фев 2017
  • Why do we sometimes have a hard time reaching our goals? What to do when we're about to give in to temptation? How can we achieve what we set out to do without feeling like we have to convince ourselves to get to work? The key is motivation: with his straightforward 3-component model, Hugo Kehr teaches us how to check what drives us to pursue a particular goal, and how to find appropriate support to reach it while feeling happy.
    Hugo Kehr is the acting chair holder of the Chair of Psychology at the Technical University of Munich. His current research, focuses on what motivates us as humans, and why we sometimes struggle with conflicting drives and a lack of willpower. Hugo Kehr received the prestigious Heisenberg Fellowship, and he is a Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. Since 2008, he has been organizer of the Munich Symposium of Motivation, a biannual international scholarly conference.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    Thanks a lot sir, this Venn diagram Is the best. It seriously contains so much within. Thank you so much

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    Flow = head+heart+hand

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    Wow, IDubzzz is a real intellectual

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    Great voice and style

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    Good talk. Educated guy. And of course the German dress-sense to go with it.

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    A few too many what ifs

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    Matt Smith is that you?

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    I said suffering out loud

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    Hay traducción de esta charla al castellano??

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    Nice talk Dr.kehr👍🏻 I just have a question that whether these three facets change with time and if they do what can be done?

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    "What do you associate with the term, head?" 😂😂😂

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    some points were very well made.

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    Totally got the wrong answer for 'what do you think when you hear "head" '

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    what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long period.
    And that ladies and gentlemen, is my skill to Procrastinate. 🖕🏻

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    This is the best speech ever I have seen. Need to listen this speech again and again. Even a single word should not be missed.

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    Clark Kent.

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    These video is very useful, the way as he explains the 3c model is quite clear and understandable!

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    Loosers those 98 people who disliked this

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    How can I find all these videos translated to spanish? I mean with subtitles!!

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      At the Ted app

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      No te rindas motivate a aprender ingles!😎

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      Tiger Jakt what is it mean

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    He reminds me of austin powers

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    When he said in a nutshell... I thought kurzgesagt...cause his voice ya know

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    Great talk! It made me realize that I have head and hand, but I'm lacking heart. It really explains why I've been procrastinating ... thanks Dr. Kehr!

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    Not only enlightening but contains very important clues (secrets) most need to make a breakthrough and progress. Awesome!

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    Am I the only one that's thinking that the cure for demotivation is caffeine, because it works well for me especially coffee in the morning

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    I quite agree with idea. I think it's important to watch it many times to fully understand it. Perhaps the video was supposed to much longer. Is it possible to create the heart that follows the head by using will-power as stimulator?

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