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Testing Roger Spurr | Mudfossil University | Hypothesis : Mud Fossilization of Soft Tissue

  • Published on Oct 1, 2020
  • Today I attempt to make a "mud fossil" in the lab using high voltage electricity and earth materials.
    The footage spans over 170 hours, condensed into a little over 1 and a half hours watch time. This experiment maintained a constant discharge within the clay mud solution, which began the evening of September 14, 2020 through to the morning of September 22, 2020. Two days later, we test for residual moisture conductivity with the experiment officially concluded on September 24, 2020.
    Paper written by Roger Spurr ​ @mudfossiluniversity 2015. Narrated by Electric Universe Eyes.
    Source: www.academia.edu/15981145/Mud...
    "Wet fine mud that remains wet can preserve complete bodies and parts in exquisite detail. Dna is also often preserved as it is in living vascular tubes."
    Fair use. For educational purposes. EUE2020VISION

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  • @SeethePattern
    @SeethePattern 2 years ago +5

    Wow awesome stuff. I've just finished working on the next episode of Earth in Upheaval and also a separate video on stratification and I wonder whether there is an option whereby you can cause rapid stratification, I will drop you a note... something worth exploring

  • @doubler7hawkgt388

    I believe there was also an event that caused intense heat along with the mud floods. Anyone who looks at the dragon at the top of Africa and describes how that’s not a dragon I would like to hear it. It also suggests the earth is many times larger than we have been told

  • @clinteastwood4964
    @clinteastwood4964 Year ago +7

    Thanks mate I like your stuff but you need to recreate the conditions correctly and a big one is salt Walter in the mud with low current.

  • @futube2970
    @futube2970 Year ago +1

    Yeah, the moisture content in the air is replenishing the water in the sample, you can keep doing this forever as long as water is introduced . Cycling the charges recreated geological and atmospheric and evolving conditions. Placing a dehumidifier in the room will simulate differing conditions and reduce the time it takes to bring the charge into equilibrium.

  • @bexwest4037
    @bexwest4037 2 years ago +6

    I'm thinking some dill seeds and peppercorns might have been good additions to the recipe. I'm predicting slow cooked fishies. I'm good with the principle, I just imagine it needs a much, much bigger 'zap' to fossilise. There is evidence of tree stumps being turned to stone when power-lines fell onto the ground and were not disconnected for some hours. Can we try that next? Can we, can we?

  • @grahamhurlstone-jones5664

    Good stuff, you do this well, thx, pretty obvious what it looks like. I am wondering when these events occurred if the ambient temperature would be different maybe hotter more humid, or a lot colder ? that may have an influence as well on the outcome in fact I would say it was crucial to how EU geology formed. Hot winds ? ( hairdryer !! ).....just a thought but great to see the processes, you can imagine if you upped the current, the pressure ( voltage I suppose ) and the humidity you could change your neighbourhood !!...thx again. I am still busy on the African continent with the whole geology, more observation but compelling. I will stick some pics on the fb geology site, makes you think, especially when you see your work. B Hyde is doing some good stuff as well, you are doing sterling work.....

  • @rogerfurer2273
    @rogerfurer2273 Year ago +2

    Verrry interesting. Thanks for this. Some info to think on:

  • @rogerspurr4404
    @rogerspurr4404 Year ago +3

    I made mudfossils using chicken tissue and simply muddy salty sandy water. It took about 6 months to stabilize.... it was exactly like the ones I found.

  • @brandonboulton2776
    @brandonboulton2776 Year ago +1

    The electric arc should have been followed up by thousands of heating and cooling cycles to mimic the sun's contribution over time. Great job though. 👍

  • @thebeastlybassist

    Good Day.

  • @paularmes5909
    @paularmes5909 Year ago +1


  • @helpdeskjnp
    @helpdeskjnp 2 years ago +2

    I haven’t watched yet, I paused to opine, but I’m predicting that if you had tons more power, it would probably be instantaneous. Am I right?

  • @isigaelmarquez5557
    @isigaelmarquez5557 2 years ago +3

    About 2 years ago on he's channel JaydreamerZ talked about a scientist who created fossilized soft tissues in the 1800's.

  • @rogerspurr4404
    @rogerspurr4404 Year ago +6

    Hi... Glad you are thinking. However electric forces do play a role ..TELLURIC currents help the natural stabilization called nucleophilic substitution in aqueous salty long duration soft tissue preservation. Large influx of electric particles literally burns and explodes anything with water so it will not preserve sorry.

  • @sullyzworld4970
    @sullyzworld4970 2 years ago +2

    Maybe the electric field attracked humidity out of air in center

  • @pastmasterdan4080

    Have you tried setting it on a magnet?

  • @shanealexander9952
    @shanealexander9952 2 years ago +1

    I'll pass on my serving thanks....you go ahead!

  • @vijaysura2874
    @vijaysura2874 Year ago +1

    Far larger animals would take far longer to deteriorate thus giving the cadaver far more time to petrify.

  • @christopherrothe7651
    @christopherrothe7651 2 years ago +3

    The only issue I have with Roger is he is stuck on Dark matter, I do not believe dark matter is real, I like where he goes with the electron, I especially love his work with proving great cataclysmic events of our past, it would seem giants are very real after not only reading our ancient texts but seeing what Roger has done by providing overwhelming proof of giants. The work he does on photons is interesting but I feel flawed, explain how a light emits photons please, it doesn't. Light and sound propagate in a similar manner, just different frequencies. Our ears and eyes are merely sensors that perceive these frequencies. I am always trying to expand my knowledge, it is difficult with so many misconceptions and false theories that are mainstreamed as fact. Great video as always I will now global warm the like button🤣

  • @djackson006
    @djackson006 2 years ago +3

    It's like the underground fires in Cali at times.