NOBLE HOUSES - Terrible Writing Advice


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  • Balázs Radics
    Balázs Radics 3 дня назад

    Why do I get the feeling, you are describing Dune to the teeth?

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun 4 дня назад

    just copy game of thrones

  • sortedm
    sortedm 6 дней назад

    Haha, Frank Herbert's Dune is guilty of many of these tropes, yet it's still one of the best sci-fi novels ever written. I guess good writing can rescue even the hackiest world building.

  • Nich Adams
    Nich Adams 7 дней назад

    This was just a summary of the roman empire.

  • Monty the red
    Monty the red 9 дней назад

    Haha, "They did this once". Oh my sweet summer child...

  • BasketPaul
    BasketPaul 10 дней назад

    This is most Fire Emblem plots in a nutshell.

  • Sjwaria Law
    Sjwaria Law 11 дней назад

    Love Triangle doesn't translate into Amor Triangulo, not even into Triangulo de Amor. In portuguese and castellan it would be Triangulo Amoroso.

  • Swirlspot Kitty
    Swirlspot Kitty 12 дней назад +1

    Minion: Emperor, for some reason our tax funds are dropping!
    Emperor: Find the root of the problem and destroy it!
    Minion: Erm, actually, that is the problem. When we destroyed those planets it killed billions of tax payers and destroyed valuable resources.
    Emperor: ...

  • mrzack888
    mrzack888 13 дней назад

    This accurately describes the Trump administration. This is also why the royal guards (Mueller) are going to bring the Trump House down.

  • Jelly the jellyfish
    Jelly the jellyfish 16 дней назад

    Did everything you said. Actually did the complete opposite. Who cares my essay is done!

  • Jeronimous
    Jeronimous 17 дней назад

    Was that a retelling of the Dune?

  • Disco Dog
    Disco Dog 17 дней назад +1

    Wait is this Fire Emblem Fates in a nutshell

  • FighterCK
    FighterCK 17 дней назад

    I kinda feel like alot of this could be related to the first Dune novel. Then again, the Harkonnen cruelty actually did lead to rebellion on Arrakis. In fact, that was the point. Baron Harkonnen encouraged Rabban to be cruel so that the people would rebel, and then he could send Feyd to go and overthrow Rabban and be, comparably, a far more heroic leader. The problem was that not all of the Atreides were dead. Also, the naive policies of the goody-two-shoes Atreides actually did lead to numerous security threats because Duke Leto relied far too much on his personal opinion of each of his advisors and never seemed to do much to find out who was leaking information to the Harkonnens.

  • brandon ferguson
    brandon ferguson 18 дней назад

    If you're looking to create different houses I'd also recommend looking at the 10 guilds of Ravnica from Magic The Gathering.

  • Dave102693
    Dave102693 19 дней назад

    One Piece and Games of Thrones?

  • DIAZ52
    DIAZ52 21 день назад

    So how does Barnes and Nobles fit into this??

  • Tom Jordan
    Tom Jordan 21 день назад

    the very unsubtle criticism of game of thrones..... i love it it.

  • Mr. Enderman
    Mr. Enderman 21 день назад

    "Amor triangulo" seriusly? Hahaha

  • Hagan Bosch
    Hagan Bosch 23 дня назад

    The Roman guard actually did that way more than once

  • Podemos URSS
    Podemos URSS 24 дня назад

    5:23 He looks like Yuri from RA2...

  • Tsukiru
    Tsukiru 25 дней назад

    I love Fire Emblem Fates!

  • KDSM
    KDSM 25 дней назад

    "the baron sends his regards"

    *ProZD moustache intensifies*

  • chrisspray666
    chrisspray666 25 дней назад

    you actually made an advertisement fun to watch...

  • MP
    MP 26 дней назад

    The Praetorian guard auctioned off the emperorship once? It was their whole MO during the Crisis of the Third Century! The emperorship depended entirely on how much money a candidate promised the troops.

  • Der Fuchs
    Der Fuchs 26 дней назад

    Now I want to see a movie/show when one of the houses' herbs is "image not found"

  • Jesus Roselly
    Jesus Roselly 26 дней назад

    Sounds alot like Dune.

  • Tristan Busch
    Tristan Busch 28 дней назад

    "The Praetorian Guard did this once"
    try several times. not just once

  • I Art Laughing
    I Art Laughing 29 дней назад

    I don't think you could write your way out of an extra snarky and waterlogged copy of Dune.

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb 29 дней назад

    Amor Triangulo!

  • Corrupted Archangel
    Corrupted Archangel Месяц назад +2

    What about House Secretive!
    You know the house no one knows about, but yet they have a strong economy a massive underground army and only show up once House Goodguys is betrayed or the King dies or something. Also for reasons never specified they also serve as a refuge for the protagonist after House Badguys attacks, even when it was clearly stated they have no ties to the other Houses.

  • Dreigonix
    Dreigonix Месяц назад


  • Matzel R.
    Matzel R. Месяц назад +1

    >not mentioning the Varangian Guard when talking about Royal Guards...
    >shit taste...

  • KiithNaabal
    KiithNaabal Месяц назад

    The ads are hilarious!

  • Chara
    Chara Месяц назад +1

    amor triangulo? não seria triangulo amoroso ou algo assim?

  • Johnathan Vodraska
    Johnathan Vodraska Месяц назад

    Hey, I'm reading Romeo & Juliet in English right now.

  • Felix Rivera
    Felix Rivera Месяц назад +1

    See the funny things about these noble systems is that line of ascension that any lineage can potentially (though its unlikely at most) use.
    A slave might end up being freed, or their children aren't automatically slaves. Those freed peoples can become farmers. A farmer's children can be sent to work for fisher folk, or someone who owns a small business. Those people might come to mary into the families in charge of those businesses or vessels. With a bit of saved up cash they can then get their child an apprenticeship with a respectable blacksmith. That person can then send their children off to mary into equivalent businesses like bakeries and the like. Anyone on that level might make a suitable match for the one of the younger children from a small merchant family. From there those resulting children might mary into the lower end of another merchant family, except a bit bigger this time. A few generations later and this lineage can include the oldest child of wealthy merchants, who can many into the lower end of a weak noble family. After a few generations of that same game as before, this lineage can include the heir to one of the most powerful noble families in the kingdom, and that child could mary onto the throne.
    People want to make nobility and value a virtue that only the chosen can exemplify, but in reality the so many greats grand father of the king could have been a slave.
    This aspect of the court and society as a whole is something I've only really seen in the Song of Ice and Fire.

  • Gerardo Leopoldo De silva Ortiz
    Gerardo Leopoldo De silva Ortiz Месяц назад +1

    it is "triángulo amoroso", not "amor triangulo"

  • billyjoe parker
    billyjoe parker Месяц назад

    You can just say Dune it's ok

  • T.F
    T.F Месяц назад

    0:41 the love triangle is bad translated, it shoot be "Triángulo amoroso" but it's cool anyway

  • Striker
    Striker Месяц назад

    0:38 Ireland (more specifically Kilkenny )

  • Space & Time
    Space & Time Месяц назад

    "Glory to the empire, and to this video sponsor skillshare!" Literaly died here xDD

  • Chris Olejko
    Chris Olejko Месяц назад

    I wish JK Rowling had watched this video...

  • SD78
    SD78 Месяц назад

    So basically Dune?

  • Lavi Stelle
    Lavi Stelle Месяц назад +1

    The baron sends his regards!

  • Ich Dich
    Ich Dich Месяц назад

    I was wondering if you were talking about Dune or GoT. Well, now it's clear.

  • Hugh Laws
    Hugh Laws Месяц назад

    This is almost exactly the plot of the first dune book

  • joowon mo
    joowon mo Месяц назад

    Good Noble house= Atreides, Starks, Bad Noble houses= Harkonnen, Boltons

  • Katherine Of Arrogant
    Katherine Of Arrogant Месяц назад

    I think it would be hilarious that if in the first chapter of a book it was this cookie cutter noble house story, only to be abruptly, in the middle of the first chapter, interrupted by a peasant revolution because of how incompetent they are.

  • EspurrTheMagnificent
    EspurrTheMagnificent Месяц назад

    This video could be called "Fire Emblem in a Nutshell" and I wouldn't have noticed the difference.

  • Podemos URSS
    Podemos URSS Месяц назад

    The expression "love triangle" in Spanish would be translated as "triángulo amoroso". "Amor triángulo" is a literal translation that doesn't make any sense.

  • Nicholas Eickman
    Nicholas Eickman Месяц назад

    Season 6 of Game Of Thrones is this video’s climax. Seriously? Why do the noble houses, whom all look down on bastards, suddenly pass up Sansa, Eddard’s truenorn daughter, while letting Jon, a bastard and technically a deserter of the Nights Watch, sit the throne? And there wasn’t any other house to make a bid for King in the North by ancient marriages?

  • Bi$harp
    Bi$harp Месяц назад

    You forgot to add the one nice person in House Badguys to give a false sense of moral complexity.

  • Drunkrobot
    Drunkrobot Месяц назад

    How DARE you, sir, to sully the good name of House McSchemingson?!

  • Lorenzo Giani
    Lorenzo Giani Месяц назад

    I was waiting for the Dune reference. Thanks :D

  • Brian Achim
    Brian Achim Месяц назад

    This describes Game of Thrones really well.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Месяц назад

    The roman praetorian guard actually killed the emperor loads of times. And their motives were usually based around keeping their jobs as plenty of people would have liked to have dismantled the disconcerting niche they had provided themselves.

  • Femto
    Femto Месяц назад

    The example used here is pretty much DUNE novel, House Atreidis are the Good House, House Harkonnen the Bad House, and House Corrino the Empire.

    • Femto
      Femto Месяц назад

      +Infuriated Dragon Close!? Its pretty much blow for blow. The Empire, the Good Guy House, the Bad Guy House, the Fall and Resurgence of Good Guy House, its exactly as Dune.

    • Infuriated Dragon
      Infuriated Dragon Месяц назад

      eeehh, close i guess, Dune was kinda the progenitor for this storytelling dynamic

  • 031Productions
    031Productions Месяц назад

    Where can I get a house Love Triangle crest? I need to emblazon everything I own with it as protection, because nothing is more powerful than a love triangle!

  • Loli Pop
    Loli Pop Месяц назад

    Also “Amor Triangulo” has the words backwards. If it’s in Spanish

  • B0p G0d
    B0p G0d Месяц назад

    That Romeo and Juliet speech at the beggining brought back some represed memories

  • Valrock Mograth
    Valrock Mograth Месяц назад

    Are you making a rife on Dune at the beginning? Because it seems like that's what you are doing and it really works as a subtle joke.

  • The Armchair Spaceman Tom
    The Armchair Spaceman Tom Месяц назад

    But ''Royal houses'' _Are_ cliche. .. i mean they are historically pretentious, insane, pompous, insipid, aloof, shallow and perverse. so.. A Cliche-d ''house'' would be very realistic.

  • Groucho Marxist
    Groucho Marxist Месяц назад

    Amateur, torture devices is it’s own industry.

  • LightningLord47
    LightningLord47 Месяц назад

    amor is 1st person passive so it actually means "i am loved". what you should use is amo

  • J S
    J S Месяц назад

    Your videos are hilarious

  • Ryan Borganson
    Ryan Borganson Месяц назад

    Leeeeroooooyyyyy jenkins

  • Garaway
    Garaway Месяц назад

    ...So, Fire Emblem Fates.

  • Ragnar Volarus
    Ragnar Volarus Месяц назад

    I just realized how good red dawn is

  • Parthian Capitalist
    Parthian Capitalist Месяц назад +1

    Why does fantasy hate constitutional monarchies tho?

  • Matt B
    Matt B Месяц назад

    Dune. Lol

  • IkedaHakubi
    IkedaHakubi Месяц назад +1

    Love the ad at the end. Well done!

  • andrew
    andrew Месяц назад

    I love how your coat of arms is "Amor Triangulo."

  • Blake R
    Blake R Месяц назад

    Just 1 giant shit on divergent

  • Sarah Hamilfan
    Sarah Hamilfan Месяц назад


  • .kndrdfndindngoudng
    .kndrdfndindngoudng Месяц назад +1

    So Game of Thrones

  • Aeth Alpenglow
    Aeth Alpenglow Месяц назад

    Mobility, Meleepower, and Musclepower.

  • Geedwozer
    Geedwozer Месяц назад

    Nice! I know this is more comedy, but I am myself writing a book and creating a world, very inspired by medieval times. And yes I have started working on some noble houses and indeed there are the honourble house and the
    more dishonourble and almost evil you can say, but then there you can have really different opinions but in my book there is a more dishonourble house, though in the
    more honourble house, there may be one that has grown up to be not so honourble. But anyway I won't say r promise anything cause the book is far from finished, but even if this was comedy you can kind of say there is the evil and the good house(does of course not necessarily have to go so far as being evil though :)

  • Apollon
    Apollon Месяц назад

    The Praetorians killed 3 emperors if I remember well

  • AnimefanTwinX man
    AnimefanTwinX man Месяц назад

    Make a video Gate-like trope.

  • ACIDesignsUY
    ACIDesignsUY Месяц назад

    Loved your house motto XD

  • AwilAn
    AwilAn Месяц назад

    Write a fucking novel combining every bad tip in all your videos. Yes. *All* your videos.

  • Broken Eyes
    Broken Eyes Месяц назад

    Is it bad writing if Frank Herbert did it?

  • Nicholas Eisenstein
    Nicholas Eisenstein Месяц назад

    Background House.
    The Hufflepuffs of feudal life.

  • Hihihihihihi147
    Hihihihihihi147 Месяц назад

    Ah yes, the ancient technique of the amor triangolo 🔼

  • Balto Farlander
    Balto Farlander Месяц назад

    Fat as Harkonnen

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal Месяц назад

    I have no intention to ever write fiction, but I can't stop watching these videos because it's so damn funny!

  • Yannick Khalil
    Yannick Khalil Месяц назад

    You can't use actual Game of Thrones footage in your video. Reported

  • Warmth
    Warmth Месяц назад

    Amor Triangulo... too Sternberg Yo!

  • EveryTimeV2
    EveryTimeV2 Месяц назад

    Noble houses; made to secure my lineage in history, for the future, at the expense of my genetic inferiors. The manifestation of nobility is to use one's capacity to seize the day. And to succeed IS noble. For only the nobles can achieve this victory. Their might is evidence, and until another's nobility takes their throne from them, it is only right. As there is no other alternative to disprove me.
    To be noble is to spill others blood and make peasants drunkenly dance to the tune of your litanies of evil. They celebrate for centuries in lyrics like "we love it, when the devil has us dancing, in his grip". That is the evil spectre of nobility rearing its decapitated head. For the slaves knew better how to rule their lives.

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson Месяц назад

    4:34 Uh, no-one but us can see that presentation; the board's facing away from the nobles, and the Emperor (and his guards) can only see the side. Oops.

  • Cy Johnson
    Cy Johnson Месяц назад

    "a roman praetorian guard once did this", that actually inspired me for the conflict for a short story i was writing, sonofabitch i actually got good writing ideas from this channel!

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker Месяц назад

    My only complaint on this video is that when mentioning foreign born royal guards he didn't choose the Varangians as an example.

  • Vicmo
    Vicmo Месяц назад

    Btw AMOR TRIANGULO = TRIANGLE LOVE, love triangle = triangulo amoroso

  • Shark Waffle
    Shark Waffle Месяц назад

    How did he miss an oppurtunity to reference FE?

  • Ink
    Ink Месяц назад

    Amor Triangulo lol

  • nerfvideos96
    nerfvideos96 Месяц назад

    I mean SOME were good actual advice to a degree. I mean how do you even include history, trade, logistics, etc etc into a story? If it can be alluded to in the story then yeah it’s important but if it has nothing to do with the story itself then it’s not important. Better to keep t simple if the characters can still be complex

  • thenewlifeofme
    thenewlifeofme Месяц назад

    I'm writing a story with similar settings at the moment and this video physically hurt me and my novice skills😂

  • Torin Jones
    Torin Jones Месяц назад

    That moment you use a 'noble character trait that prevents characters doing a bad thing' as an example of good writing.

  • Palsei456
    Palsei456 Месяц назад

    damn it JB stop being so funny

  • Pen Of Wildfire
    Pen Of Wildfire Месяц назад

    His goatee told him too, eh? Actually, that would be a fun idea!