Batman The Ride Backwards Rider Cam - Six Flags

  • Published on Dec 31, 2014
  • Almost all Six Flags parks have this Batman The Ride clone and the backwards chassis is doing it's rounds! This is the rider-cam video.
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  • Ava White
    Ava White Hour ago

    I was like this ride doesn’t go backwards so I’m very confused on how they did this.
    Also i love this ride

  • Marisol Rodriguez
    Marisol Rodriguez 2 hours ago +1

    Maserio 😍 😍🤗 the thanks for the update I will be in the morning for a few hours on

  • Runet Wilson
    Runet Wilson 3 hours ago

    This is the best ride in the park no cap😂

  • SillyLittle CT
    SillyLittle CT 3 hours ago

    I have been on this

  • Yamilet Tino
    Yamilet Tino 18 hours ago

    The one in the right end is too worried about her hair

  • Bopatsy Harris
    Bopatsy Harris 22 hours ago

    I love how there wearing batman tops

  • Montse Aguero
    Montse Aguero Day ago

    Todas las morras prosti en putishort

  • Be_ Prada
    Be_ Prada Day ago

    I would have died if I went on

  • NaturEKoala
    NaturEKoala Day ago

    Lol everyone was wearing Batman t shirts

  • SJDC Verizon76
    SJDC Verizon76 Day ago

    Does anyone know what six flags this is at

  • Alejandra Lara. AllSy

    Wait why do they call the 6 flags

  • Someone Youdon’tknow

    This ride is so FUN

  • McKayla Binns
    McKayla Binns 2 days ago +3

    I felt it when their legs said “wiggle wiggle wiggle”

  • ducky duckje
    ducky duckje 2 days ago +1

    I love

    The girls in the ride

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez 2 days ago

    I would not get on the d coster

  • Hajera & Lina
    Hajera & Lina 2 days ago +1

    Are the girls naked bc I see no panties

  • Girl meme wallese
    Girl meme wallese 2 days ago +1


  • Ash D
    Ash D 2 days ago +3

    The boy’s face when they were going up was like, “why am I here again?”

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 2 days ago +3

    That was so cool, and I'm not even there😁

  • Hannah Doherty
    Hannah Doherty 3 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice that the girl on the right was wareing SANDELS ON A ROLLERCOSTER AND THEY DIDN'T COME OFF or is that just me?

  • زهراء السعدي


  • Crazy Food Me
    Crazy Food Me 3 days ago

    The lady👩🏻 on the right is getting annoyed by her hair on half of the ride😄😂😅

  • Itz Kiwi
    Itz Kiwi 3 days ago

    I went on it, tbh it’s not even bad it’s actually fun 😁

  • Cynthia Cruz
    Cynthia Cruz 3 days ago

    When 6 flags got shit down for cutting off a girl legs on ride I’m good. We have Kentucky Kingdom now

  • Sabrina Rayan
    Sabrina Rayan 4 days ago +3

    It’s kind of like the vampire ride in Chessington in London but it doesn’t go back wards I have been to the vampire ride

  • Onthatile Moloi
    Onthatile Moloi 4 days ago

    The rides so shot dough

  • PewDiePie vs. T-Series


  • Vivdaniii !
    Vivdaniii ! 4 days ago

    The six flags in texas dont have u going backwards but its a fun run its just hard to put your head back down

  • Madison TV
    Madison TV 4 days ago +1

    I live in Texas and that’s in Arlington I go all the time

  • Katelynn Aguirre
    Katelynn Aguirre 4 days ago

    I went to this place for a school trip my friend went on every ride she has never went to six flags

  • Gold Gymnasts
    Gold Gymnasts 4 days ago

    The ride looks like silver bullet at knotts berry farm but just backwards

  • t e r m i n a t e d
    t e r m i n a t e d 4 days ago +41

    *plot twist*
    They reversed the footage

  • Pickles Productions
    Pickles Productions 4 days ago

    I don’t remember it going backwards...

  • Seidy Martin
    Seidy Martin 4 days ago

    I went to this ride I was not looking at all lol 😂

  • Kayla Kemp
    Kayla Kemp 5 days ago

    Nice video! Can people plz sub to me and I’ll sub to you? My goal is 200 on my channel called Kayla’s adventures by the end of summer so if you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe back to you

  • Jewel L
    Jewel L 5 days ago

    omg wow

  • IllegallyAsian
    IllegallyAsian 5 days ago

    I feel bad for the guy.

  • jaden Chris
    jaden Chris 5 days ago

    guys on sunday of next week Im getting on my first roller coaster :)

  • SumFun
    SumFun 5 days ago

    I love six flags and I only live like 10 mins away

  • Jake 1234
    Jake 1234 5 days ago

    That’s my favorite ride there

  • Julian Michaelson
    Julian Michaelson 5 days ago

    That looks scary

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 5 days ago

    why are my palms sweating

  • sam cloonan
    sam cloonan 6 days ago

    was this six flags nj?

  • AaronTehStar
    AaronTehStar 6 days ago

    New England dosent have this batman Ride

  • Bri Time
    Bri Time 6 days ago

    I rode it is fricking scary

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra 6 days ago

    Is this in STL

  • [FLQWER]
    [FLQWER] 6 days ago

    I got on supreme scream at knotts and I fainted my mom said then when I opened my eyes we were going down and I was screaming my lungs off

    GUCCI GABBIE 6 days ago

    We’re is this

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 7 days ago +3

    Plot Twist: the video is in reverse

    AUBREY HERNANDEZ 7 days ago

    Did this six flags copy the Batman the ride at six flags magic mountain or did six flags magic mountain copy this ride? I have been at six flags magic mountain more than 3 times and I rode this ride every time. So I am pretty confused

  • Dark Kermit
    Dark Kermit 7 days ago +5

    Wait is that Emma from h2O 🤔

    • Dark Kermit
      Dark Kermit 5 days ago +1

      I’m generally confused

    • Oof
      Oof 6 days ago

      Dark Kermit holy shit😂😂

  • Michelle Aedo Balvanera(Student)

    This is the US six flags isn’t it? I’ve been on the Batman the Ride in Mexico City Six Flags.
    Anyone been on the Mexico City Superman??

  • Lina Gabrielle
    Lina Gabrielle 7 days ago

    RIP now it’s the Superman and the joker is the Batman in San Antonio

  • Alan Atchison
    Alan Atchison 7 days ago +3

    although it's fun it can be hard on a coaster train..I know all you have to do is unbolt the tubs from the wheel dog chassis and flip and rebolt..but the weight weighs different on the anti rollback locks on the chain lift much harder..we actually just hired a six flags maintenance man for our park...we are like besties now..but he says reverse running a train can be hard on the lift hill..even for new b&m coasters...he pretty much says for those days alot more greasing and oiling is required...and is not uncommon for him to have to replace an anti rollback catch spring or assembly during reverse train operations..

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez 7 days ago

    i went on it going forward

  • Tokofa
    Tokofa 7 days ago

    Backwards is better than forwards

  • Life With ME!
    Life With ME! 8 days ago

    All of them look like they are trying to keep their head in place .😂

  • Cadence Doge
    Cadence Doge 8 days ago +85

    2019: YESSS

    • Cadence Doge
      Cadence Doge 3 days ago +1

      @Mildred Celestin i did it for that reason 😂😂

    • Bojg7 Vhhgu
      Bojg7 Vhhgu 3 days ago +1


    • Neverland
      Neverland 5 days ago +2

      Cringe ass commemt stop doing this. Where you put when youtube doesn't recommend the vid alr. Pretty much is automatic recommendation. That why it tales long to see a old vid. Alr? Cringe

  • Ultimate Jeffy
    Ultimate Jeffy 8 days ago

    It’s fun but when you think it killed a child it is not fun

  • Gianna Spalazzi
    Gianna Spalazzi 9 days ago

    Which six flags is this?

  • Deepti N
    Deepti N 9 days ago +2

    i can feel it

  • Lexii baee A
    Lexii baee A 9 days ago +18

    That looks like fun/scary but I still want to get on it if that makes sence

  • gacha cookie! :0
    gacha cookie! :0 10 days ago +5

    Boi! I did that i i was going to faint or something

  • حمودي وعلاوي


  • Camilla Ngamelue
    Camilla Ngamelue 11 days ago +8

    This a basically the patriot at worlds of fun😂

  • Nathaly Martinez
    Nathaly Martinez 11 days ago

    Why do boys never scream on rollercoasters ?

  • Jessica Crunkleton
    Jessica Crunkleton 12 days ago +1

    Is this six flags over Georgia

    • Quan Jayna
      Quan Jayna 11 days ago

      No I believe its in Cali or Texas. The Batman ride in GA isn't that long or that color.

    TBH IDK 12 days ago +6

    In Six flags discovery kingdom (in Vallejo California) once you start walking you can see the Batman ride but its not done yet but it looks so cool

  • Savannah Driehurst
    Savannah Driehurst 12 days ago

    Yes love batman

  • Savannah Driehurst
    Savannah Driehurst 12 days ago

    is it scary

  • Lennin Iraheta
    Lennin Iraheta 12 days ago

    They copied Batman I’m Six Flags New England just that backwards

  • Aminata _93
    Aminata _93 13 days ago

    Ces presque la même chose que oziziris

  • Young slay Queen
    Young slay Queen 13 days ago

    Sense when did it go backwards

  • محمد حسن
    محمد حسن 13 days ago

    يا امييي

  • remy butler
    remy butler 13 days ago +327

    *clapping when the rides done*
    Sounds about white

  • Obed Paramo
    Obed Paramo 13 days ago +1

    I'm 8 years old i hat to go in all the rides even this one.
    Im a girl im also going to the Superman ride 😦

  • 松井優斗
    松井優斗 14 days ago +2


  • SushiGacha
    SushiGacha 14 days ago

    this is how montu is at busch gardens but backwards

  • Mat Lionis
    Mat Lionis 14 days ago

    thats it? pffffft

  • Monica's vlogs
    Monica's vlogs 14 days ago +1

    Its funny cause the girls are screaming but the boy isnt 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lke Mce
    lke Mce 14 days ago +6

    Your brother has to speak...not just sit there and be none socialable with 3 beautiful ladies...

  • lke Mce
    lke Mce 14 days ago +1

    Hahaha.she brought her younger

  • Busher50
    Busher50 14 days ago +19

    I was trying to watch the ride but I got distracted by legs.

    • Rahsmoove
      Rahsmoove 3 days ago +1

      @aIissa_x Shut the fuck up.

    • aIissa_x
      aIissa_x 3 days ago

      @Rahsmoove if u have nothing nice to says then dont say it -.- easy

    • Isabella Torrejon
      Isabella Torrejon 4 days ago

      I got distracted by the grandma and the fact that they were all wearing batman shirts

    • Rahsmoove
      Rahsmoove 13 days ago +6

      Horny bastard.

  • Ashley Chavez
    Ashley Chavez 14 days ago

    I went on it its fun but like fast

  • Jolie Cox
    Jolie Cox 15 days ago

    I love the batman and I'm 10

  • Ayesha Monawar
    Ayesha Monawar 15 days ago

    I saw mr.freeze

  • Liberty Kaplan
    Liberty Kaplan 15 days ago

    Nanananana BATMAN! And Nightwing. And Red Hood. And Red Robin. And Robin. And Oracle. And Spoiler. And Orphan...

  • Mervine Sarah
    Mervine Sarah 15 days ago +1

    Cedar point needs this coadyet6

  • Ian Crawford
    Ian Crawford 16 days ago

    This looks fun

  • Greta Nagy
    Greta Nagy 17 days ago

    Is this Six Flags Magic Mountain?

  • Joel Alquicira
    Joel Alquicira 17 days ago +7

    Batman at six flags discovery kingdom is so much better

  • Ilhem Aggad
    Ilhem Aggad 17 days ago

    Chui la seule francaise ici ?

  • THE CUTE bolita lele
    THE CUTE bolita lele 17 days ago

    Y backwards? You cant see anything

  • victor is cool
    victor is cool 17 days ago

    That’s the same thing as silver bullet

  • Lol
    Lol 17 days ago +551

    When u see other ppl do it it looks all fun but when u actually get on yourself it all changes

    • Starlight Gacha
      Starlight Gacha 22 hours ago

      @Kitty25 same 💀

    • Girl meme wallese
      Girl meme wallese 2 days ago +1

      No cap 🦋

    • Happy_ _wolf
      Happy_ _wolf 3 days ago

      @Jxssy Omq omg which one?? I went on x-celerator from KNOTTS, my friend forced me.

    • Lo L
      Lo L 4 days ago +2

      Hey you stole my name! 😂

    • I’m Shrek
      I’m Shrek 5 days ago +2

      I was fun but i got some real whiplash

  • denise avelino
    denise avelino 18 days ago

    I'm going to six flags

  • えりかスプラトゥーン


  • Emmanuel Cuevas
    Emmanuel Cuevas 18 days ago

    It’s the same as silver bullet in Knott’s

  • Cris Sandoval
    Cris Sandoval 19 days ago +13

    Cuando me subí al de Six flags México sentí TAN culero porque no soy fan de las alturas y aparte te lastima el cueño cañón jajaja

    • Cris Sandoval
      Cris Sandoval 17 days ago

      @THE CUTE bolita lele
      Jajaja, no pues no sabía
      Aún así no podemos estar quietos en el juego 🤪

    • THE CUTE bolita lele
      THE CUTE bolita lele 17 days ago

      Wey tenias que pegar la cabeza para atrás para que no te doliera, y aunque yo lo hice me lastimo el hombro

  • Sayani Chakraborty
    Sayani Chakraborty 19 days ago +1