Rick Fox Gets Tragic News From Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • The former NBA player receives dreadful news that someone close to him will die in 8 months. See how Rick handles this information on "Hollywood Medium".
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    Rick Fox Gets Tragic News From Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!
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Comments • 92

  • MeaganBetter
    MeaganBetter Month ago

    I don’t see anything on the internet about his father passing.

  • Keisha Henderson
    Keisha Henderson Month ago

    Rip daddy fox

  • Bry Use
    Bry Use Month ago

    I would've love a reading from tyler he is amazing what a gift he has

  • Tori Black
    Tori Black 3 months ago +2

    Why don't they just allow the medium to talk? Just say yes or no and speak on it during the end at the interview portion.

    • Jasper Newstead
      Jasper Newstead Month ago

      the medium is a kind of translator... so he's there to allow the living and spirit world to have a 2 sided conversation

  • Constitutional Conservative

    Hey Rick, please think about this little twerp conning you. Dont be a puppet man.

  • SpanglishChicken
    SpanglishChicken 5 months ago +70

    His dad passed June 10th.

    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin Month ago

      @Jacqueline Sims There are people who are ill and can still live for years, not up to 8 months specifically.

    • Jacqueline Sims
      Jacqueline Sims 4 months ago +3

      He knew his dad was ill so there we have it!

    • Nezzy T
      Nezzy T 4 months ago +3

      I was just wondering about this, thanks for looking it up.

  • preben svensson
    preben svensson 9 months ago

    3 Mos 19.31

  • Donna Woodford
    Donna Woodford 9 months ago

    I'm of the belief that only One knows the date, hour, minute, and second of departure from this Earth.

  • free 2 b me
    free 2 b me 11 months ago +5

    Rick should take advantage of the time he has to forgive his father for past mistakes .. he wants peace with his father...let him pass feeling love

    • Dee Scott
      Dee Scott Month ago

      free 2 b me Very well said.

  • ACMJ
    ACMJ Year ago +1

    I think its truly hilarious that people actually believe in this 😂

  • Ramiro Garza
    Ramiro Garza Year ago +2

    His face at 4-5 secs😂😂 he ready to have his mind blown lmao

  • SonicVision
    SonicVision Year ago +64

    Why people get so offended by mediums is beyond me. All they do is tell the living that the departed are still with us, existing on "the other side". A lot of people get relief from this. The devil does not exist, and if he did, he sure wouldn't be telling living people that their loved ones are ok on the other side. Use your brain people. Stop being bound down by the Bible and Christianity. You don't have to worry, none of you are going to hell, because there is no hell. Spirituality, not religion.

    • Basically Mya
      Basically Mya 9 days ago

      1Maine God spoke through these people. There are multiple translations of the Bible and that’s why some scriptures meanings are misconstrued. This is common knowledge. You’re not telling anyone anything they didn’t know already.

    • 1Maine
      1Maine 2 months ago

      mary taite you know the Bible was writing by people not God right and it has been charged so many times right?

    • Chana Bayla
      Chana Bayla 2 months ago

      Im Jewish and this has nothing to do with religion. This is the worst scam humanity has. To pray off people in their darkest hr and give fake hope so the "mediums" make money. No religion condones this and if this was possible we'd all do it

    • D RolyPolyMan
      D RolyPolyMan 2 months ago

      I not that worried about Hell. I’m more worried about their being no afterlife and being lost forever! And never seeing or being with the family members who have past before me again! That’s what worries me.

  • McKenna Crockett
    McKenna Crockett Year ago +1

    Rick, instead of asking Tyler how you should make amends with your dad, Ask God. This dude is phony af.

  • Amaar Staar
    Amaar Staar Year ago +2

    This is so stupid, these medium imposters have time and time again been proven to be fraud. Smh.

  • MegaRoo
    MegaRoo Year ago +1

    So someone he knows may die and he has unresolved feelings about his father, well wow, just wow, my mind is blown. He just described 90% of the population.

  • Shonta Taylor
    Shonta Taylor Year ago +1

    Garbage psychic

  • anacunard ilove marshmello

    I can't imagine being in his shoes, knowing the fact that someone in your life's gonna pass away, must be the hardest and scariest thing to go through and know, my prayers go out to rick and his family, this dude is so cool, don't know how people just can't believe

  • Karen A
    Karen A Year ago +1

    Ms. Cleo, are you hon the hair?!

  • Janet Woods
    Janet Woods Year ago

    Tyler Henry is a sweet guy and he may think he can talk to the dead but he can't not for one minute. People that believe him are just as sad and pathetic😪💔

  • Paul Monaco
    Paul Monaco Year ago +24

    Rick Fox's dad is 96-yrs old, in failing health, and I'm SHOCKED to learn he could DIE in the next (8) months. How does Tyler do it??? I'm starting to BELIEVE he can read the future... W O W !!! AMAZING!!! I wish Fox would backhand this little sissy.

  • Silver Girl
    Silver Girl Year ago

    I really wish he didn’t say that about his dad passing and making him so sad. To know ahead is so awful, I’m sure he knew already, but...I’m sorry buddy. It’s never easy.

  • Gwen R
    Gwen R Year ago +2

    Tyler Henry is so fake. He is a liar and a cheat.

  • Julie Keenan
    Julie Keenan Year ago

    I thought they wasn’t meant to tell you anything bad.

  • Jacqueline Ayyy
    Jacqueline Ayyy Year ago +2

    Tyler Henry does cold readings and he’s already been proved to be a fake. He even did a video where he shows people how he gets the info he has and stuff. I’d take what he says with a grain of salt.

  • Crystal Reid
    Crystal Reid Year ago +1

    When his show first came on I use to believe it but why only so celebrities where he can research them. He makes it seem like doesn't know who he's going to be Seeing until he gets to the door which is b.s.

  • Stars Stripes
    Stars Stripes Year ago +2

    Go watch, I can only imagine

  • z f enger
    z f enger Year ago +9

    I feel sorry for people who fall for this bs. Scam

    • Hawk Holloway
      Hawk Holloway 5 months ago

      You know I used to say the same thing until I met Teresa Caputo… I don’t believe for one minute that Tyler has any kind of special ability at all… But Teresa is a different story entirely. my great grandmother used to talk about a woman she met as a child who could “see through the veil“ and I am reminded of that woman when I see the work that Teresa is doing.

  • Cece Giles
    Cece Giles Year ago +5

    I can't believe these celebrities listen to this little queen😂😂😂😂😂

  • rolonda mills
    rolonda mills Year ago +37

    Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or a enchanter,or a witch....Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits,or a wizard, or a necromancer...for all that do these things are a abomination until the Lord; and because of these abominations the Lord they God doth drive them out from before there......just saying

    • Hawk Holloway
      Hawk Holloway 5 months ago

      rolonda mills THERE IS NO CREATOR. you are a victim of childhood indoctrination… Your parents told you a Fairytale and told you that it was true and you had to believe in it so you did… That’s child-abuse. There are no guards and no goddesses we are all on this earth alone and we have one life that we get to live and enjoy… Live that life and stop throwing your made up religion at other people and telling them how they should live their life because of it… It would be like me telling you that you need to live your life a certain way because Harry Potter books say so… They are no more real than the Bible is

    • Craig Smith
      Craig Smith Year ago

      @rolonda mills Read your Quran.

    • QueenB Thatsme
      QueenB Thatsme Year ago

      Ivy Burns you don't "want" it??? Smh opinions when spoken leave the option to be taken, or left. Regardless of which we choose, it's not hard to respect the opinions of others. I respectfully decline to agree with your onion, and i can totally understand you not "wanting" mine. It was never an "gift", just a different perspective. In closing, i will just agree to disagree...

    • QueenB Thatsme
      QueenB Thatsme Year ago

      rolonda mills perfect verse!

  • Stephen Hamilton
    Stephen Hamilton Year ago +6

    How dare this little charlatan do this to someone? Tyler Henry should be burnt at stake for this crap he is selling.

    • Nqobile Ntuli
      Nqobile Ntuli Year ago +7

      Stephen Hamilton you should be burnt at a stake for this comment

  • rolonda mills
    rolonda mills Year ago +7

    I do not believe in mediums....they tell people they are talking to their love ones who has passed away....they are really talking to demons that give the living false hope of when they pass away they will be able to make contact with their families.....who knows the Bible inside and out... Satan....the mediums think it's a gift from God...it's a trick from the devil himself....I knew it anyway....but I heard a few say that r now saved saying they didn't know it was Satan using their bodies..... of course he can tell u bout your love ones lives.....he was here with them B4 they passed that's y he knows so much...sum people b amazed....it's a set up

  • Aaron Antonio
    Aaron Antonio Year ago +26

    I’ve been doing this for years. Death could be interpreted as the “end” of a cycle, the end of a thought pattern, the close of an era which leads to the beginning of another era etc

    • Natasha Clark
      Natasha Clark 5 months ago

      So are you saying you can connect. With spirits.

    • Blissful 1
      Blissful 1 Year ago +2

      Isn't this just for tarot?

    • hunter G.
      hunter G. Year ago +2

      Death is an illusion when you "die" you leave your earth vessel (body) and is like waking up from a dream(earth like) then you start remembering who and what u really are.

    • Alpha Charm
      Alpha Charm Year ago

      Aaron Antonio you a medium?

  • Lwn MwrMAN
    Lwn MwrMAN Year ago +9

    Seeing charlatans like these, preying on people's emotions for monetary gain and fame, does tend to make blood boil.

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez Year ago +27

    I’ve watched this show wanting to believe in Tyler but all the information he recites could be found with a good private investigator, listening to that celebs prior interviews where they could have disclosed personal info. You could also google this info or pay certain sites for family records. Sorry...not buying it.

    • Sy Mone
      Sy Mone Year ago

      The bible say that physics are real but, the devil is coming through them as dead family members

    • SonicVision
      SonicVision Year ago

      The devil lol. The red guy with the tail and the pitch fork? Now that's funny.

    • Sonia Davis
      Sonia Davis Year ago

      Luis Gomez The way he acts like he doesn't even know who some of the celebrities are. I mean come on.

    • Samantha Weiss
      Samantha Weiss Year ago +3

      Watch the try guys from BuzzFeed. Tyler did a reading for them and you can't just research stuff about them like you would a celebrity. Their lives are not public knowledge.

    • Paul Monaco
      Paul Monaco Year ago +2

      Silver Girl : Tyler predicted that E V E R Y PERSON that born before 1884 died of complications from breast feeding. Also if those same people ate peanut butter sandwiches, there was a good chance that they would be taller than 4' 10" tall. How does he do it??? MAGIC!!!! You like him because he's like you, has a PERIOD every month...

  • Mhonia Pierre
    Mhonia Pierre Year ago +54

    I seriously feel soooo bad for Rick. This truly breaks my heart. I've got my prayers up for Rick and the Fox family.
    This makes me sad. My heart goes out to Rick and the Fox family. I have got my prayers up for them.

  • Xian Josh
    Xian Josh Year ago +3

    Message @jasperderson on instagram to hąćk any Inștāgram aƈƈount except verified accoǜnts.

  • Cozy Cool
    Cozy Cool Year ago

    Just another gay guy propped up by the weird pedophilia child molesting Hollywood people to repay him with a show for 2 things : 1) for sleeping with the male execs 2) to push the gay agenda ...which helps ruin the morals of the Dominated Christian population here in America & you weak people are either to dumb and stupid to see this or just gay pedophile sympathizers yourselves !!!

  • Innocent Madosela
    Innocent Madosela Year ago +39

    I really love this dude..

    • sapphire gonzalez
      sapphire gonzalez Year ago +1

      Innocent Madosela I wanna tyler Henry to give a reading I wanna meet him

  • EvenStevenSays
    EvenStevenSays Year ago +18

    This is heartbreaking

  • David Schultz
    David Schultz Year ago +16

    Could have been said much differently. What if his father wasn't ill? Rick walks around thinking someone is going to die. It's not always what you say, it's how you say it.