Tyler Henry Reads 3 Fans for Mother's Day | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  • Published on May 10, 2016
  • The "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" star gives 3 lucky ladies the chance to connect with passed loved ones for Mother's Day!
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    About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
    Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he provides an exclusive perspective into celebrities’ private lives, captivating fans as their stories unfold on camera. One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection, and closure with loved ones who have passed on.
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    Tyler Henry Reads 3 Fans for Mother's Day | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!
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Comments • 202

  • miscreant794
    miscreant794 2 months ago

    There is nothing like talking to the dead. In cases where there are real conversations with unseen personalities, the conversation is with demons or what the scripture calls familiar spirits. Familiar spirits which are demons are personalities that hang around unbelievers for their life-time until that individual or person dies and the demon or demons move on to another descendant or close relatives with good info of the deceased to commune with the living as though they were still hanging around and in some cases takes on the physical looks of the deceased to appear momentarily to deceive the living (Job 7:7-10, Isaiah 26:14, Ecclesiastes 9:5, Acts 16:16-18, Isaiah 8:19, Deuteronomy 18:10,11&14, 1 Chronicles 10:13-14, 2 Chronicles 33:6, Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:27, Daniel 2:27, Nahum 3:4, 2 Kings 9:22, Revelation 18:23, Revelation 21:8, Revelation 22:15, Acts 19:19). Mediums or Psychics are people that commune with demons but pretend to commune with deceased loved ones of their audience. Another biblical name for them is witches or wizards etc. Stay clear of sure people and be safe from the great deception engineered by Satan and his demons who use seasoned unbelievers to deceive shallow unbelievers and possibly lure through false presentations or affirmations shallow believers who know not their God due to lack of knowledge (see Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 1:7-33, Daniel 11:32, John 17:3, 1John 5:20). Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch (see Matthew 15:14, 2 Timothy 3:13, Revelation 12:9, Matthew 24:24). In modern society, these familiar spirits are also identified as territorial spirits, entities or personalities. Familiar spirits are very familiar with the deceased because they been around them possibly throughout the life on earth. Fallen angels who now are take on divers roles as familiar spirits, demons, territorial spirits, strange unseen personalities or the ghost of the deceased unbeliever (s) have been around mankind since they were cast out of heaven into the earth for their rebellion (Revelation 12:7-12). Here are the words of Jesus after he had risen from the dead “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have” (Luke 24:36-44, Mark 6:47-52). Familiar spirits do not hang around true transformed believers in Jesus Christ because of the presence of holy angels (see Psalms 34:7). Demons are very intelligent being and more intelligent than human beings because they were around when God created man in his image and likeness. A person can only outwit the high intelligence of a demon or familiar spirit only when they understand who Jesus Christ is in a personal way and this is done by knowing the scriptures through diligent study (John 5:39).

  • chiMarkgames
    chiMarkgames 3 months ago

    so much bullshit hahahahaha

  • Marie-Josée Bouliane
    Marie-Josée Bouliane 4 months ago

    I love watching him although the videos are shortened... Would prefer the entire readings. However, does any dead person say sorry for being bad during their time on earth ? It seems that it's only the loving ones that appear...

  • Brandi Ford
    Brandi Ford 4 months ago

    I would love to have a reading from Tyler!!!! I lost my mom really fast from cancer at the age of 50 and everything feels so unfinished.

  • Lisa Michele
    Lisa Michele 6 months ago +1


  • FW
    FW 7 months ago

    It's interesting to watch these readings compared to what the highly edited television show portrays. You can see the difference based on the scribbles on his pad. By the end of the reading on the television show, his notepad is completely covered with scribble. There isn't much scribble in this video so these readings must be somewhat shorter for each person. No need to see long pauses on television, thus the editing.

  • matt bardot
    matt bardot 7 months ago +1

    I thought she was gonna tell him the tattoo thing was wrong, and then she's like "All 3 of us got one for her" WOW!

  • WinterFox 28
    WinterFox 28 7 months ago

    Very general . Anyone could say whet he’s saying ..

  • Jennifer Baiz
    Jennifer Baiz 7 months ago


  • Jamie Elizabeth
    Jamie Elizabeth 7 months ago +2

    I wish he was more available for people that aren’t rich and famous

  • Cyndi Harris
    Cyndi Harris 7 months ago +1

    If people would at least listen and respond a bit, it wouldn’t seem so weird

  • Sally Gentry
    Sally Gentry 7 months ago +7

    The first girl favor's Drew Barrymore. :)

  • Eric Franke
    Eric Franke 7 months ago

    I just saw another video where he claims to be " medically intuitive" also.

    • Christine V
      Christine V 5 months ago

      Eric Franke yeah didn’t he mention something about Alan Thicke’s health before he passed?

  • Rye Urie
    Rye Urie 7 months ago +49

    Guys I am a clairvoyant psychic and I actually speak and scribble just like Tyler does. I’ve been psychic my whole life & I get so much hate for being gifted but I also receive a lot of love from healing people. Seeing all of these comments hating on Tyler, hurts me because we didn’t choose this gift we we’re born this way. Spread more love this world has enough hate

  • Stacey Me
    Stacey Me 8 months ago

    Not sure if he’s a shyster or not. When I first saw him I LOVED him and thought he was fantastic - then I read about “cold” and “hot” readings - technique frauds use (its an art) to appear like the real deal....very interesting to read about.

  • itsidz Vang
    itsidz Vang 9 months ago +37

    Where the haters at now? 😑
    He couldn't have googled all that

    • trinity barnette
      trinity barnette 2 months ago +1

      itsidz Vang exactly they need to stop hating🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Inoe Yu
    Inoe Yu 9 months ago +3

    Insane guessing!😂

  • Tommy Lellan
    Tommy Lellan 10 months ago +2

    Omg that first girl was super annoying. I couldn’t have a conversation with someone like that

  • Rayne Kimi
    Rayne Kimi 11 months ago

    He uses many very general weak assumptions. Pathetic lying charlatan. He uses many techniques of shot gunning, cold reading and hot reading.

  • Rayne Kimi
    Rayne Kimi 11 months ago

    Fraud! Say her name!

  • christopher starr

    every reading is the same message its always oh there message is that they are proud of you and they love you like LMAO

    • ifeanyi ibeanusi
      ifeanyi ibeanusi 2 months ago

      He gives information about their passing and the person in the other side wants this person that they love to have some closure.

    • ifeanyi ibeanusi
      ifeanyi ibeanusi 2 months ago

      What do you want them to say. Oh I hate you.

  • christopher starr

    E is a evil network i hope there ratings start flopping they expliot people's sorrows for entertainment tyler henry is a souless dickbag liar

  • christopher starr

    E is a evil network exploiting people's sorrows for entertainment i hooe they ratings start flopping

  • Kjirsten Hess
    Kjirsten Hess Year ago +3

    I don’t know why but Tyler just seems so fake. Anybody else?

  • Rayne Kimi
    Rayne Kimi Year ago

    All these hand gestures are annoying.

  • Vegas_Born
    Vegas_Born Year ago

    I've been on a Tyler Henry binge and noticed the last 3 episodes I watched, he mentions balloons in their reading but not the significance of it.

  • Felicia Camacho
    Felicia Camacho Year ago

    It took me 2 full minutes to not believe this was Drew Barrymore.

  • Music Healer
    Music Healer Year ago +1

    Clairvoyant and medium are not the same...

  • Nicole
    Nicole Year ago +1

    Obviously he’s real like if he’s reading random people that aren’t famous or on the internet. Duh

  • AverieMc
    AverieMc Year ago +5

    He was really scrambling with that second lady...kept changing his answers waiting for her to pick up and connect to the very vague things he was saying. I don’t want to be a hater, I’d like to believe but things like that are so obvious. Plus the third woman had a full sleeve of tattoos...not so hard to discern she’d get a tattoo for her mother.

  • Mind Flowers
    Mind Flowers Year ago +7

    He was fishing so hard with the "6 siblings" thing, hoping she would say something, anything to confirm what he was saying, but she wasn't giving him anything and he was squirming and struggling so hard. it's hilarious.

  • valerie stevens
    valerie stevens Year ago

    I wish I could have a Mothers Day reading this year..just putting that out for the Universe

  • So Native
    So Native Year ago +1

    People Tyler read these ladies without knowing who won. So, please stop with the hate.

  • Sarah Fitzpatrick
    Sarah Fitzpatrick Year ago +5

    So many comments on here are saying that it’s fake and that’s ok that you think that but is there really a point of commenting that and making people feel dumb because they do believe in it If you feel so strongly about it why watch it

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia Year ago +33

    I don't care if it's fake or not. It's not the point. He's super sweet and helps people feel peace. He's doing it right!

    • Eric Franke
      Eric Franke 7 months ago

      "fake or not, that's not the point".
      I think it is a huge point.
      Watching the difference when he meets with celebrities compared to regular fans is huge. I feel he does a ton of research beforehand. He is way too vague with the non celebrities. If I was one of these regular folks, I would be deeply disappointed.

    • Patricia Garcia
      Patricia Garcia 7 months ago +1

      He gets paid to LIE that isn't okay. But obviously with you it's ok.

    • Kiwi Kudos
      Kiwi Kudos 10 months ago +1

      @Rayne Kimi So you believe in the devil, but not someone who can get messages across from the other side? If you believe in the devil, you must believe in Heaven and Hell, right? Does that makes sense?

    • Rayne Kimi
      Rayne Kimi 11 months ago +1

      Maria Pia Telling lies and charging hundreds of dollars is not being super sweet. The devil appears in many forms. He doesn't come in a red suit and horns.

  • Angelsey Sigrid
    Angelsey Sigrid Year ago +1

    I see he is guessing alot of information. He is super confident now

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson Year ago +1

    Let me think, an old bra from the 50s mmmm your grandmother !!!

  • Lisa Brand
    Lisa Brand Year ago +2

    He’s struggling man!

  • The Mommy Ritual
    The Mommy Ritual Year ago +4

    Wow! I’m so glad for people like Tyler.

  • bunnygirl718
    bunnygirl718 Year ago +1

    You know if he’s hearing these people, why aren’t they just saying the name of who they are?? I mean according to him they are saying specific things so why not a name? Why, because he’s not a real psychic! There are real psychics but he’s not one.

  • Victoria Wilke
    Victoria Wilke Year ago

    june is the 6th month so

    • mala.vidaa
      mala.vidaa Year ago

      Victoria Wilke exactly! People think he was reaching on the six siblings but like he says he sees images of some sort so he was probably just seeing the number 6 and he has to interpret it and sometimes you don’t know. Idk I believe in mediums.

  • Jami Mcclanahan
    Jami Mcclanahan Year ago +4

    I love tyler and he’s true to what he does I mean yes when he read celebrities he could get some info but some info he gets is no where to be said online and when he reads fans he doesn’t know anything cause he can’t just “look online”

  • Carol Benson
    Carol Benson Year ago +2

    He's quite an actor!

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 2 years ago +2

    That first girl looks like Drew Barrymore crazy resemblance there.

  • Lee Milby
    Lee Milby 2 years ago +59

    I wasn't sure if I believed in mediums or clairvoyants, but many years ago when I was in college, we had a student pass away. A mind reader just happened to be scheduled to come visit the school for an event a day or two after as part of the weekly events calendar put on by the RA's. There was a segment during his show where he had everyone write down on flash cards three questions they wanted to know about their lives, past or future. He held the cards to his head in no particular order, and with his eyes closed, picked out people in the audience. It was like, "guy in the front row, red baseball cap, watch your grades man or you're gonna flunk senior year" or "girl in the third row, two seats from the left with glasses-- you're gonna have three kids!" then he called out this one person who was seated off to the side. He paused for a second before announcing "Forgiveness is there." The person immediately broke down crying. It later turned out that this person had been blaming themselves for the other student's death and had been feeling extremely guilty about certain things leading up to that person's passing.
    The college was extremely small, and no one outside the school knew about the passing. Even if the mind reader had caught wind of the situation moments after he arrived and before getting on stage, there wouldn't have been any way he could have known about that particular student's situation.
    I think that not all mediums are super accurate, but that their work helps many people find closure and peace...

    • wishBuddy
      wishBuddy 3 months ago +5

      Patricia Garcia girl, get a life. Dunno what negativity is going on in your life but if you don’t like what you see then move on.

    • Patricia Garcia
      Patricia Garcia 7 months ago

      Obviously you need to go back to school. Sounds like you didn't learn that people LIE for money. Hello get a freaking clue. Your paragraph of nonsense is embarrassing.

    • Anne Elizabeth
      Anne Elizabeth 9 months ago +1

      That’s nice story thanks for sharing :)

    • Mind Flowers
      Mind Flowers Year ago

      Lee Milby no one knew that this kid was blaming himself? No one could have gone to the medium and been like "This person is blaming themselves for the death of a friend. Could you make them feel better?"

  • Cla_Disney
    Cla_Disney 2 years ago

    I envy these people who believe in these things at least they feel comforted and move on after the loss of their beloved

    • birdman uk2020
      birdman uk2020 Year ago

      They are not deep thinkers and are easily deceived

  • Teresa Dutson
    Teresa Dutson 2 years ago +6

    I would love to gave him read me. If for nothing else, but to see how spot on he his with zero information about me. I have been drug to 2 or 3 other "mediums" or empaths and none came up with anything even remotely related to me. I have for years wanted to find someone who could read me and come up with something, anything, about 3 people I've lost that mean the world to me and 1 imparticular has just devastated me and has kept me isolated since his passing in 1999. I need to know 2 things about his death and him being at peace and with family. There are 2 that died way way too soon, I want to know if the reports of their deaths are true or covered up. For no other reason but to know the truth. The other one lived a adventurous life and had 76 great years, but I have questions about how and why she went when and how she did. I think about these 3 everyday. Trying to figure out how/why they passed in the way they say they did, knowing these people I know it's all pinnocio worthy lying. I just want the truth. I want to see they are ok. I never really believed in this kind of thing until I saw a person who passed and they said find a good light medium you will find the truth. Yet not 1 could even come up with 1 right name. It is so painful everyday I just want a bit of peace, of knowing truth and they are all together looking over my son and I. At least maybe getting a little bit if understanding. It is unfortunate you can't get an apt with him he only does celebs and that is just crazy. If he truly is as gifted as he seems, he could help so many suffering people, yet he doesn't do any reading unless you are rich and/or famous. That's the sad part. We all have ppl in our lives that we love and when they pass it is excrusuating, especially when it was a child, like in my case. I wish he would accept apts from noncelebs and give them the chance at getting some peace and relief.

    • Teresa Dutson
      Teresa Dutson 2 years ago +2

      Sorry for the type-I'd and the lost post. I didn't intend it to go on so long. Guess I have more feelings about this, than I thought

  • Jason Borden
    Jason Borden 2 years ago

    Can't stand people who scam others, especially to greiving people. Tyler could give 2 shits about these people. He wants that money honey.

  • Ohlee Creates
    Ohlee Creates 2 years ago

    I need to have a reading with Tyler. I feel like I have no closure with my grandma's death.... how do we get a chance for a reading??

    • Rayne Kimi
      Rayne Kimi Year ago

      Olivia Arenas Why ask Tyler any questions? You know he is going to tell you the same things he tells everyone else. They are all at peace. Ever notice that? Unless someone is saved and has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior will be cast into the lake of burning fire and brimstone for all eternity. Mediums are an abomination unto the Lord. They will be cast into the lake of burning fire and brimstone for all eternity. Tyler is practicing cold reading and shot gunning. Asking too many questions. Once he gets a hit, he uses hot reading. Gives very vague information. Anyone can do it.

  • Nicole True Angel Lawson
    Nicole True Angel Lawson 2 years ago +2

    I would love to get a reading because of what I have been through in my life...

  • tyler jonhson
    tyler jonhson 2 years ago +1

    at 1:30 they agree to continue with the reading, and for some reason they both think that Is hilarious. ok...

  • Joe
    Joe 2 years ago

    He's a fraud! C'mon "You're a Nurse?!" He researches the people he reads. Yeah how about solving murders?! Oh wait you can't!

  • kaiheka thompson
    kaiheka thompson 2 years ago +2

    them haters are only hating cause they don't have his success and they only hate when they don't get it

    MICHAEL KOLDE 2 years ago +14

    Could be worse he could insult them like Trump! He does nothing to harm individuals.

  • Dan Lew
    Dan Lew 2 years ago +2

    Omg the last girl is covered in tattoos ofcourse she's going to get one for such an important event. Barr the choppy editing I can't believe people are allowed to get away with this.

  • adriana kisses
    adriana kisses 2 years ago +4

    When I compare him reading to fans and reading to celebrities I definitely see him having a connection with the celebrities and just being more on point. so makes me wonder if this is real or fake

    • patgreenok
      patgreenok 2 years ago +3

      Yeah I agree. Sad I wanted to believe him lol but here he seems more hesitant like when he tried to talk about 6 kids and he said nevermind.

    • Miracle122485
      Miracle122485 2 years ago +1

      That's cause you can google a celebrity and he and find out info about them. That's why he seems to be "more on point" with celebrities....idiot

    RONALD WHITE 2 years ago +1

    Tyler. Please get a real job and leave the "suckers" be!!!!!!

  • Pat P
    Pat P 2 years ago +6

    did u know he worked hospice!he helped people pss on..shame on you nasty people it takes a kind sould to do that work i did it

  • Sanober Malhotra
    Sanober Malhotra 2 years ago +81

    A simple advice to all those who do not believe in mediums and psychics, please stop watching such programmes. As simple as that. For those of us who believe in after life and reincarnation, carry on enlightening yourselves and disregard the naysayers 'cause they are young souls who have a lot to learn about spiritualism.

    • nikkie novellino
      nikkie novellino Month ago


    • Eric Franke
      Eric Franke 7 months ago

      Not trying to be rude. I don't believe in this....but I do see how his words can bring peace to those who do.
      I feel that everything being said is very vague and that the words he uses, could go with anyone's scenario.

    • Patricia Garcia
      Patricia Garcia 7 months ago

      Ok so you are full of nonsense like this money making liar. Yes LIAR.

    • Anne Elizabeth
      Anne Elizabeth 9 months ago

      Yes! Well said. What experiences have you had that makes you believe?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 years ago +5

    I wonder if he can still look in the mirror...maybe he really believes that he is doing a favour for all these poor people. It is nothing but playing with words and Feelings.