Living Cheap - Tiny NYC Hotel Tour ($30/night)!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • This is a tour of a $30 NYC minimalist hotel (capsule like) in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible! The tiny hotel / capsule / pods are 25 square feet (2.3sqm), which is very similar to Tokyo capsule hotels, but for me it turned out to be quite spacious. I never got claustrophobic, but in enclosed spaces everyones opinion varies. I also found this hotel / apartment tour so cool because I have only seen Tiny Hotel / capsule hotel tours in Japan! insta: iamlivingbobby

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  • Eric Drews
    Eric Drews Day ago

    It’s NYC so a bargain.

  • Alicia Edmonds
    Alicia Edmonds 5 days ago

    How cute🤗🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

  • tintuu
    tintuu 7 days ago +1

    is this newyork or afghanistan lol hahaha I am shocked about reality of newyork lol

  • Jack Hartzell
    Jack Hartzell 14 days ago

    900/month will get you a house in update NY lol

  • Maurice Biggs
    Maurice Biggs 19 days ago

    its kind of dope if you want to save money all you going to do is sleep not bad at all

  • Tiki Tavi
    Tiki Tavi 21 day ago

    Spend the money on good food and Broadway tickets, save a fortune here.

  • 나나야
    나나야 28 days ago

    Damm shitt,nothing would be worse than this lmao

  • Atheist
    Atheist Month ago

    great video, but seriously... f000000k this apartment!

  • Peckish Wolf
    Peckish Wolf Month ago

    This is shit

  • 23 Years Old of Gold

    I pay $25 for a monthly subscription of internet for 2.5 MBPS a month

  • 23 Years Old of Gold

    This room reminded me if a hotel room i went to in india. So small🤣🤣 the smallest hotel room i have ever been in my life. The bed seemed like a coffin. You cant toss. You have to lay straight

  • Camyored camyored
    Camyored camyored Month ago

    There is nothing like 30$ hotel in new York city

  • kendia1972
    kendia1972 Month ago

    Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  • Yash
    Yash Month ago

    I used to get excited at 100kb/s

  • Tyneshia Hardison
    Tyneshia Hardison Month ago

    No different from a capsule hotel in Japan

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 2 months ago

    Is it me? Or that guy looks like dr jason. The chiropractor dude

  • Tom Reed
    Tom Reed 2 months ago +1

    I’m in it right now... 94 DOLLARS!!!

  • Imagine Knowledge
    Imagine Knowledge 2 months ago

    What's name of that hotel

  • Emma Burdett
    Emma Burdett 2 months ago

    I thought about booking there, but the last youtube video i watched about this hotel, he went home w bed bug bites :(

  • Miguel R.
    Miguel R. 2 months ago

    I was also in Grand Hotel in Bowery last year 😅🙈

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover 2 months ago

    The high ceiling makes it look much less claustrophobic than Tokyo capsule hotels

  • Joseph Carmine
    Joseph Carmine 2 months ago

    I would get so claustrophobic in there , I wouldn't even close the door

  • Amnika Fonseka
    Amnika Fonseka 2 months ago


  • Nitasha shank
    Nitasha shank 2 months ago

    So cool i love these videos went to nyc and had to stay pretty far in order to afford it !!!

  • ViniByte
    ViniByte 2 months ago

    so new york is overrated.

  • Thomas Fruge
    Thomas Fruge 2 months ago

    I gotta laugh at those that think this is affordable. I use to rent hotels that were bigger. Now your paying to live in the closet. Paying more and getting less is only good for the slumlord!

  • Rose Catherine
    Rose Catherine 2 months ago

    I could live with it but NO window. Heck no.

  • Rocco McAllister
    Rocco McAllister 3 months ago

    30$ for that? Wow.

  • Gettin Shwifty
    Gettin Shwifty 3 months ago

    What the song at 4:29

  • Karolina Szymańska
    Karolina Szymańska 3 months ago +1

    Hi! How did you book a room at this hotel? I try to figure out, but wherever I check it's more expensive than $30.

  • Oliver Viedge
    Oliver Viedge 3 months ago

    Film A part two of the Japan love hotel

  • VOID Blade
    VOID Blade 3 months ago +1

    2:31 that’s what she said

  • Tanisha Rodriguez
    Tanisha Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Can you do a similar tour in Miami!

  • Rebecca Reinhardt
    Rebecca Reinhardt 3 months ago

    No thanks I'm too claustrophobic

  • qihao liang
    qihao liang 3 months ago

    I tested by home internet,75mbs

  • James Forma
    James Forma 3 months ago

    I posted a video of my apartament which is 130 square foot if anyone wants to watch. It is a small hotel but I would stay there if the room does not get to hot in the summer because the only reason for a hotel is a place to sleep when visiting big cities

  • Tejas Sam official
    Tejas Sam official 3 months ago +2

    What a lucky guy... moving around the world ✌✌👏👏😍

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Im sure you were close to some affordable eats too

  • DeadKrypt GT
    DeadKrypt GT 3 months ago

    My WiFi is 120 MPS but if I stayed there I don’t care either because I have unlimited data

  • Fian Pedre
    Fian Pedre 3 months ago

    i love new york, i hope one day i can be there.. it doesnt matter if i have to stay in that hotel for couple days to enjoy new york city

  • Official Abdul
    Official Abdul 4 months ago

    Is the price per month or daily?

  • randomvideowatcher
    randomvideowatcher 4 months ago +1

    One fart in the room and all the walls would be brown. Even a dog would be hunchback. It's easy to clean...just set the vacuum down and turn it on and you're done.

  • Francis Magno
    Francis Magno 4 months ago

    3 mbps is the highest in my country.

  • Neclaz
    Neclaz 4 months ago

    do a hotel trip in toronto canada

  • Cindy Yan
    Cindy Yan 4 months ago

    Is that even legal?

  • Khyle Young
    Khyle Young 4 months ago

    Like, like, like like like like like like I, like

  • Yesenia Cabrera
    Yesenia Cabrera 4 months ago

    That’s a closet. I can’t sleep in a small space like that with no window.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 4 months ago

    Fire sprinklers????

  • Cintia
    Cintia 4 months ago

    Download stuff you want to watch or listen to while you are in high speed access and enjoy in bed.

  • Barby Lee
    Barby Lee 4 months ago

    he's so cute....lord bless and protect him.

  • 6mehul9
    6mehul9 4 months ago

    I got claustrophobic just watching

    BOLD BABEZ 4 months ago

    wondering if there were bed bugs...I saw another video and the got bit by bed bugs

  • Krakatoa
    Krakatoa 4 months ago

    god damn it. what do you expect from a 30 bucks room ? you get what you pay for. its NY dude.

  • Mind Universe
    Mind Universe 4 months ago

    This looks like the motel from Big. The price was $24.50 a night, $10 deposit for the sheets.

  • Sur Vun
    Sur Vun 4 months ago

    10 stars?

  • Julianrichwild
    Julianrichwild 4 months ago

    What the name this hostel bro??

    • And I oop
      And I oop 4 months ago

      You know he ain't rich when his name rich gov.

  • Ana SP
    Ana SP 4 months ago +16

    I got claustrophobia by watching this video.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 months ago

    That’s the Sid n Nancy hotel or close too but yup crack hotel they have Netflix vid I think but careful for bedbugs lol

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 4 months ago

    my god looks scary af

  • Crayton Caswell
    Crayton Caswell 4 months ago

    This is cool, I might stay here. My last trip I was at a hostel (HI Washington, good place), and it was cool but the only thing I wanted was a little privacy in the room. Capsule hotels are awesome, and this is almost the same. Low standards are a blessing, amigo.