Living Cheap - Tiny NYC Hotel Tour ($30/night)!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • This is a tour of a $30 NYC minimalist hotel (capsule like) in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible! The tiny hotel / capsule / pods are 25 square feet (2.3sqm), which is very similar to Tokyo capsule hotels, but for me it turned out to be quite spacious. I never got claustrophobic, but in enclosed spaces everyones opinion varies. I also found this hotel / apartment tour so cool because I have only seen Tiny Hotel / capsule hotel tours in Japan! insta: iamlivingbobby

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  • A love
    A love Day ago +1

    That's like a walk in closet. But you got to do what you got to do!!!

  • aljero alfonso
    aljero alfonso Day ago

    What did you expect you wanna pay cheap

  • PlacecheckersHD Official

    Never live in this hotel that has worse reviews. Finding a hostel in New York City is the best to stay.

  • Melanie Rivers
    Melanie Rivers 4 days ago

    Honestly $30 per night seems like a lot 😳

    • Lavizap
      Lavizap 2 days ago

      Melanie Rivers LoL that’s cheap

  • kendra yalena
    kendra yalena 4 days ago

    Living in San Francisco

  • Brianna Hills
    Brianna Hills 5 days ago

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  • Period
    Period 5 days ago +2

    4:22 I would rather sleep on the staircase...

  • Escape The Night
    Escape The Night 5 days ago

    Capsule hotels are better

  • Em San
    Em San 5 days ago +3

    No windows? Nope
    Not staying there

  • eddrumer
    eddrumer 7 days ago

    Is there any electricity to charge my phone?

  • Ben Terry
    Ben Terry 7 days ago

    Seems a good way to visit a city like NYC for a few days just need a place to lay your head at night and grab a shower.

  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma 9 days ago

    Great video. Hard to find people, that understand detailing and it's importance. This was very helpful.

  • TheSokwokwai
    TheSokwokwai 9 days ago

    30 US dollars? no way.

  • G3N KripTic
    G3N KripTic 10 days ago

    I’d rather sleep in a tent

  • Ana Martins
    Ana Martins 12 days ago

    Bed bugs?

  • joseph fernandez
    joseph fernandez 13 days ago

    No fucking way I pay for that bullshit!! And you know what's even worse? It's the owners, they chinese those fuckers are the dirtiest on earth. Just try and go to eat to some low chinese restaurant and you'll see what I'm talking about

  • Allen Hook
    Allen Hook 16 days ago

    What a dump! I'll stay away from NY!

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz 20 days ago

    Id rather live in thailand for 30 a night you can live like a king

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad 23 days ago

    Wear flip flops to the shared bathroom...nice prison cell...for $30

  • Placebo Gaming
    Placebo Gaming 25 days ago

    Do Roseville in California or San Francisco or the Philippines next.

  • Michael Chisholm
    Michael Chisholm 26 days ago

    Welcome to your cell...roll call 5am sharp...geez...

  • Patrick Enewally
    Patrick Enewally 27 days ago

    Oh my gawshhhh. That disgusting

  • Faisal Bin Fahad
    Faisal Bin Fahad 27 days ago

    Why would you pay 30 dollars to be in jail 😂 that’s scam

  • simon marshall
    simon marshall 28 days ago

    What are the cheap Hotels in Los Angeles ?

  • pavy415
    pavy415 29 days ago

    I actually banged a hot blonde chick who had a room just the size of this room non stop for many times it wasn't that bad

  • Lily Milovnik
    Lily Milovnik Month ago

    Tfw that $30 hotel room has the same internet speed as me.

  • LLBCharge
    LLBCharge Month ago

    :) For $1,000 a month here we have a 2,000 square foot house with a large 2 car garage in a gated community. We have to pay all the other bills of course but still. I don't know how ya'll city dwellers do it.

  • JasonVoorhees10100
    JasonVoorhees10100 Month ago

    Thats basically the average nyc apartment

  • Ge mar
    Ge mar Month ago

    I bet this guy has been in gay bathhouses with bigger rooms.

  • Devin Walsh
    Devin Walsh Month ago

    That place has a bad bed bug infestation. I know ppl wanna stay in the city but if you cant afford a nice ass hotel stay in jersey and ride an uber back

  • Mikko H.
    Mikko H. Month ago

    In normal countries rooms like these are not even legal

  • Jack Hole
    Jack Hole Month ago

    Is anyone else laughing their ass Off when they see a stooge walking around with his camera on himself talking to himself?


    Jails cells are larger than that room in NYC.

  • Pierre Donias
    Pierre Donias Month ago

    3 Wi-Fi M B P S speed!

  • David Lemaire
    David Lemaire Month ago +1

    I guess a suite might include a window? Or maybe a watchman tv from yesteryear? LOL

  • Alondra Flores
    Alondra Flores Month ago

    What app do you use to test the wifi speed?

  • Cheeze
    Cheeze Month ago

    don’t bedrooms have to have windows by law?

  • Gamerboy07
    Gamerboy07 Month ago

    Bro someone else made a video on the place and got bitten my TONS of bed bugs.....

  • Lord Snow
    Lord Snow Month ago

    Cost less to live here (900$ a month) than that 600$ a month (actually 1200$ a month) you showed us before.

  • DeepFreeze
    DeepFreeze Month ago

    How can you say this is a hotel room ? It’s more claustrophobic than prison cell!

  • MJake77
    MJake77 Month ago

    Bed Bugs!!!!!

  • Gogglie Sunshine
    Gogglie Sunshine Month ago

    Um no, no thank you. Looks like prison

  • Aleksandar
    Aleksandar Month ago

    The only problem I have with this room is that it's made for short people. I bet you can't stretch your legs all the way while lying on the bed, which is not cool, especially if you're tired...

  • xXsnipingdoggo Xx
    xXsnipingdoggo Xx Month ago

    900$ a month 10800$ a year

    ENRIQUE Month ago

    30$ Place for sleep in NYC with Toilet 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 better then 2500$ Lol 😥

  • Jennifer Rice
    Jennifer Rice Month ago

    I’d be petrified staying there! Like of bed bugs fire etc

  • Salman Sanusi
    Salman Sanusi Month ago

    Hi, can i just walk in and pay cash? I think theres always lots of room in this hotel, i guess..... Booking online really cost more, especially exchange rate.

  • Melissa0774
    Melissa0774 Month ago +2

    A guy in another video stayed at this place and ended up with bed bug bites. He thought it was clean and gave it a good review at first. How do you avoid stuff like that, or head lice, or something worse? Doesn't that concern you?

  • Matt Bentzley
    Matt Bentzley Month ago

    Do Palm Coast, Florida.

  • Shamicsha Lamb
    Shamicsha Lamb Month ago

    It's really small

  • Keith Sy
    Keith Sy Month ago

    We stayed at near manhattan. 8avenue 56 St. Its an hostel its very nice meet new people and and clean.

  • Heaven Pacheco
    Heaven Pacheco Month ago +1

    Wasn't there another RU-clipr who stayed there and ended up getting bit by bed bugs?

  • Braden Mayhew
    Braden Mayhew Month ago

    He keeps saying reum not room

  • James Teng
    James Teng Month ago

    Any bed bugs?

  • Bruce Humphrey
    Bruce Humphrey Month ago

    I'd rather sleep in the subway. You have more space.

  • Kenna Lime
    Kenna Lime Month ago


  • Capricorn Girl
    Capricorn Girl Month ago

    Hello fellow clustrophobes who had difficulty breathing watching his room tour 👋👋

  • Buster Biloxi
    Buster Biloxi Month ago

    French-Canadian narrator? Name of hotel? Bedbugs?

  • Spider Rico
    Spider Rico Month ago

    No pests?

  • Marty Masters
    Marty Masters Month ago +1

    That hallway is narrow AF!!!!!

  • Karreil2525
    Karreil2525 Month ago

    I could see myself using this for a casual hookup if I can't host at my place....

  • Lord mij
    Lord mij Month ago

    Wtfn f lol


    I am a dwarf so for me is big

  • Lisa Young
    Lisa Young Month ago

    Didn't the other guy say that they place had bed bugs?

  • nightdragon669
    nightdragon669 2 months ago

    I found a $30 hostile near down town st paul that was almost 2 miles from target Field

  • Paula boss
    Paula boss 2 months ago

    I wanna come here where is this located? Im 4'8 so this is perfect for my hobbit ass

  • stephen deng
    stephen deng 2 months ago

    I’m have this feeling that the bathroom is cleaner than the actual room

  • CPWolf 24
    CPWolf 24 2 months ago

    i'm going to fix this place with new floor, tv's Antenna DTV with a NES Mini, and better internet connection Like about 30 mbps.

  • The Rekoj
    The Rekoj 2 months ago

    I dont mean to be rude in anyway but what happened to your head?

  • Rhaie
    Rhaie 2 months ago

    song at 4:30?

  • HappyHalloween
    HappyHalloween 2 months ago

    That's a broom closet

  • jakep1979
    jakep1979 2 months ago

    A room?! Its a closet.

  • Crazy Compilations Plus

    What’s the actual name

  • Comment Raja 👑
    Comment Raja 👑 2 months ago

    Solitary confinement

  • Quintslayer
    Quintslayer 2 months ago

    Like... Like... Like

  • 하진수
    하진수 2 months ago

    Go to seoul gangnam please welcome from s.korea

  • Viktor Hill
    Viktor Hill 2 months ago

    Born and raised in nyc, nyc is overrated.

  • aKa Donut
    aKa Donut 2 months ago +1

    I live with 30$ a month, without counting the food.

  • Larissa Hostetter
    Larissa Hostetter 2 months ago

    LMFAO that is so teeny tiny! hahahahahaha my claustrophobia is kicking in!

  • Wolfytototito
    Wolfytototito 2 months ago

    That's a closet

  • Paine Gnash
    Paine Gnash 2 months ago

    There isn't even a general for "most houses" in terms of internet speed. As soon as you get more than a mile from any major interstate or more than 15 miles from a city, you're in very spotty territory. I'm talking not even breaching double digits on your download speed. Further out than that and you are lucky if there are internet providers other than satellite. Other than the densely populated areas most places, if they have connectivity, it's garbage quality.

  • Barbara Von Traumer
    Barbara Von Traumer 2 months ago

    Curious. Would this place have bed bugs for sure?

  • Mason
    Mason 2 months ago

    a whole 3 wifi mbps speed

  • Samantha Tucker
    Samantha Tucker 2 months ago +1

    $30 a night we got hotels for $26 for two days and they full size rooms. But really shitty rooms tho. Don't go there

  • Warner Fleming
    Warner Fleming 2 months ago

    What a horrible existence

  • Doug Marberry
    Doug Marberry 2 months ago

    My WiFi is trash, my download speed is like 1.7 MBPS then my upload is in KBPS 😭

  • Knife Dreamer
    Knife Dreamer 2 months ago

    That place is riddled with bed bugs, for real

  • Super Doreamon
    Super Doreamon 2 months ago

    This is a Trash Room 😂

  • Jhinu Jung
    Jhinu Jung 2 months ago

    Thanks for the golden info. I checked their price just now because I am going to NY next month, and it is about $45 per night now.

  • The Guy
    The Guy 2 months ago

    It goes to show you America is becoming more and more worse then china when it comes to prices.

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 2 months ago

    the other guy had bed bug bites from there

  • Potatofy Gaming
    Potatofy Gaming 2 months ago

    If I were you I will just shut camera and sleep

  • j dogg
    j dogg 2 months ago

    You got ripped off

  • doug avila
    doug avila 2 months ago

    Nope. You’re paying good money to stay in a prison. In fact I believe cells have to meet a certain criteria. That would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Elle Aromin
    Elle Aromin 2 months ago

    3 mbps is almost heaven in Philippines :(

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner 2 months ago

    I just did an airbnb search for $10-$19 in NYC and it came back with 15 rooms result

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 2 months ago

    haha this is worse than a capsule

  • Beck Sun
    Beck Sun 2 months ago

    Why you dont come cambodia you come to the tour at angkor wat and why some 1$ steel food cambodia have so many cheep food

  • Michelle Roman
    Michelle Roman 2 months ago

    I'd smoke it out lol

  • Bkz81
    Bkz81 2 months ago

    Check that bed very thoroughly. I saw another video where at the same hotel i think, where he was bitten by bed bugs. No thanks