Tyler Henry Gives Iggy Azalea The Family Advice She Needed | Hollywood Medium Bonus Scene | E!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • The "Savior" rapper is impressed by the young clairvoyant when he accurately reads info about her ailing grandfather he'd never be able to Google!
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    Tyler Henry Gives Iggy Azalea The Family Advice She Needed | Hollywood Medium Bonus Scene | E!
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Comments • 139

  • Andrew Caldwell
    Andrew Caldwell 25 days ago

    Papa Azalea thank you, we wouldn't have iggy possibly! :(

  • A J
    A J Month ago +1

    These Short under 5 min readings are driving me nuts!
    Please post longer videos of Tyler Henry’s readings.

  • Petra Kasenza
    Petra Kasenza Month ago +1

    My dad met iggy and was her bodyguard

  • Jaime Lomeli
    Jaime Lomeli 2 months ago


  • Tiffany Frey
    Tiffany Frey 2 months ago +1

    I’m not even a little bit bi or gay but she’s sexy af .😍

  • Antoinette Albarado
    Antoinette Albarado 3 months ago +1

    Wow!! I saw this episode & I was looking for this video. I hope Iggy sees this. If Grandpa is still alive, he NEEDS to go to Dr. Sponaugle in Oldsmar, Florida. Mushrooms in the house. He has MOLD ILLNESS!!! I and millions of others suffer from this. It affects the entire body & it's a devastating disease. No insurance will cover diagnosis or treatment. You have to pay out the wazoo for this doctor but it sounds like he needs this doctor. Another name used for the disease is CIRS (CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE SYNDROME) Anyway, I pray they see this. God Bless people. 🤗💞💘💝🧡💞

  • Dale Nelson
    Dale Nelson 3 months ago

    I think i heard she got married soon after this.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 3 months ago

    A for asap rocky 😅

  • Thy
    Thy 3 months ago

    am I missing something. Tyler never said the word "intervention" but she's talking about it as if he did say it

    • Thy
      Thy 3 months ago

      @Kylie williams I didnt realize this wasnt the full clip

    • Thy
      Thy 3 months ago

      @Kylie williams you mean the real aired episode

    • Kylie williams
      Kylie williams 3 months ago

      Thy watch the whole episode

  • Brendha Bezerra
    Brendha Bezerra 3 months ago


  • martini
    martini 3 months ago +4

    he is a con artist who uses manipulative tactics

  • Olivia Rivera
    Olivia Rivera 3 months ago

    but what about her future?

  • isabella tallant
    isabella tallant 4 months ago

    Yass love you Iggy 💯💚💕

  • Allaire Hanson
    Allaire Hanson 4 months ago +1

    This was posted two days after my grandma passed😭😭😭😭😭 still sad

  • Helen Menzies
    Helen Menzies 4 months ago

    She told this Tyler fraud everything, he came up with nothing. He always states that he does not know who he is going to see which is absolutely absurd!!!! All his researchers then find out facts about these famous people and he pretends that he can talk to the dead! Everybody has a grandfather who is ill, old or with prostate problems. Tyler Henry is a disgrace, taking advantage of vulnerable people and making millions in the process. How does he sleep at night? He should be charged with fraud, his wealth given to charity and be locked up in prison.
    A vile despicable man!!!!

  • dlnsskn
    dlnsskn 4 months ago

    Tyler is tiny 😂😅

  • You El
    You El 4 months ago +1

    The truth I do not understand how they can hate this beautiful angel😢💕

  • Vanessa Benlolo
    Vanessa Benlolo 4 months ago

    If mushrooms are growing, I’m sure there is mold growing too and that can make you really sick. I hope she helps him clean things up.

  • Bwest
    Bwest 5 months ago

    I wonder how long this was filmed because she said she was single but she’s was dating playboi carti since at least Christmas of last year

  • Evan Tensing
    Evan Tensing 6 months ago

    Jesus she's so disingenuine I can't even listen to her talk

  • Brian Scharf
    Brian Scharf 6 months ago

    She has the best hoop earrings 😍😍😍

  • Leanne Ott
    Leanne Ott 6 months ago +4

    Just curious if anyone knows but what is he doing on the notepad?

  • Makiyah Jackson
    Makiyah Jackson 6 months ago

    She goes with Playboy Carti now

  • Shay
    Shay 7 months ago +14

    Girl you got money take a flight to see and help him TODAY

    • Dandelion
      Dandelion 2 months ago

      Uchihasasuk5 lmao what? Your friends and family must LOVE you lol

    • Uchihasasuk5
      Uchihasasuk5 2 months ago

      @Dandelion You all just love to hate and nitpick for the worst in people. You must be a perfect angel flying out to see everyone of your sick relatives.

    • Dandelion
      Dandelion 3 months ago +2

      bad Angel if your grandad is that sick you would take time off work and go see him. She has the money. It’s just some drama for the show

    • bad Angel
      bad Angel 6 months ago +6

      It's not that easy lmfao, she's a celebrity, she has obligations and things to do, you can't just go anywhere you like at any time 😂😂

  • R Monty
    R Monty 7 months ago +57

    I didn't realize how beautiful Iggy is. Her features are very exotic. She seems so down to earth also.

    • Dale Nelson
      Dale Nelson 3 months ago

      She is stunning if she cant find someone no one can

    • wonder woman
      wonder woman 6 months ago

      R Monty look at her before the nose job

    • maija01
      maija01 7 months ago +6

      R Monty ummmmm plastic surgery lol

  • Nii Naa
    Nii Naa 7 months ago +10

    Her golden locks are 😍😍

  • Desiree Doubleyou
    Desiree Doubleyou 7 months ago +12

    @0:36.... Her FUTURE? Does she realize he's a MEDIUM, NOT A PSYCHIC?! WTF?! 😂😂😂

    • tmb0885
      tmb0885 3 months ago

      Thought the same thing

  • Elisa Shade
    Elisa Shade 7 months ago +12

    Why is it weird that they are taking about an older man and his health?? Everyone knows an older man in bad health 🙄

  • traveller
    traveller 7 months ago +1

    The guy is strange

  • J H-A
    J H-A 7 months ago

    Amethyst! I’m from Lismore and my grandfather is also having problems from his prostate cancer & yes he is very stubborn too wow! The timing aswell May our families gain strength from the anguish & despair and grow and live their lives to the fullest within our beautiful roots within the northern rivers!

  • norint say
    norint say 7 months ago +2

    Her music style and her personality is completely different ........she's so down to earth and humble .... what a great person !!!!

  • Jenna Adkins
    Jenna Adkins 7 months ago

    I bet if Tyler met me he would have no idea what to say. Sorry not sorry.

  • Azia El
    Azia El 7 months ago

    shes so so pretty x

  • Nephyr
    Nephyr 7 months ago

    Shes beautiful

  • Misal Rana
    Misal Rana 7 months ago +5

    Iggy is so beautiful. I knew i loved her since fancy era. She is real, calm, down to earth and mostly humble. She is thankful and greatful for what she has. She is enthusiastic about her upcoming future. ❤

  • Zweig Ackroyd
    Zweig Ackroyd 7 months ago

    What a surprise, she's an idiot.

  • Khaani Khan
    Khaani Khan 7 months ago +49

    Why does he remind me of Kevin from home alone movie 🤔

  • Violet Sunset
    Violet Sunset 7 months ago +1

    fake psychic. Never helps solve crimes, just talks to rich celebrities that give him all the information. That is why Iggy is doing all the talking.

  • Gabriel Ward
    Gabriel Ward 7 months ago

    Tyler and his magic pen in da house

  • Nabeel 7habibi
    Nabeel 7habibi 7 months ago

    HeAis NUTJOB............. TheFuck isHe GivenA PlatForm

  • Mayhem2Medicine
    Mayhem2Medicine 7 months ago +6

    I literally want a reading with him but his list is like ages long

  • Alex Rafael
    Alex Rafael 7 months ago +13

    She is so pretty, and cool!

  • 1998sims
    1998sims 7 months ago

    Tyler said like two small things and then Iggy spent the rest of the time explaining what they meant, this was the biggest waste of time

  • momiji lover
    momiji lover 7 months ago +2

    For some reason, I was expecting Iggy to sound a bit more Australian than Nicole Kidman.

  • Triangle Triangle
    Triangle Triangle 7 months ago +1

    Purple ear

  • Georgia Giannaros
    Georgia Giannaros 7 months ago +2

    Letter A could be her real name Amethyst?

  • Brie ThePrincess
    Brie ThePrincess 7 months ago

    Seeing her on here now I know the guests are just paid lol fakeee

  • Banana Joe
    Banana Joe 7 months ago


  • Tonia Lippert
    Tonia Lippert 7 months ago +8

    She learned nothing from this reading. Tyler Henry is such a joke.

  • Megan Garza
    Megan Garza 7 months ago +8

    She’s so pretty 🥺💙 I remember hearing fancy I think it’s called, on vine. Then it became popular tbt to 8th grade

  • lavalampazzz
    lavalampazzz 7 months ago +34

    If he's the one giving the reading why is she the one doing 90 % of the talking? he literally just said the letter A and that someone is stubborn. Wow. What a reading.

    • Diana Quewea
      Diana Quewea 5 months ago

      I’ve seen the show, that’s pretty much what happens. They literally tell him everything

    • wonder woman
      wonder woman 6 months ago

      lavalampazzz she should shut up! I wanna see what bullshit this guy has to say

    • Rissa Iraia
      Rissa Iraia 6 months ago

      Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one noticing that, i got bored and went to the next video lol

    • Mayra Duarte
      Mayra Duarte 7 months ago +3

      I think these youtube videos are just snippets of the whole session. The goal is to leave you wanting to see the rest and direct you to the whole episode either on tv or a paying on-demand service.

  • Ford Focus
    Ford Focus 7 months ago +1

    Queen iggy

  • Jessie cerda
    Jessie cerda 7 months ago +13

    You can see the precious energy iggy has. She’s so pure and really loving ✨

  • Maoriprincess _1
    Maoriprincess _1 7 months ago +1

    Wait...is this old? Like 2018?

  • st kilda
    st kilda 7 months ago +1


  • Jacqueline Gomez
    Jacqueline Gomez 7 months ago +1

    Is that Iggy??

  • cool guy
    cool guy 7 months ago +7

    Plastic surgery

    • cool guy
      cool guy 7 months ago

      @Reece J the nose boo

    • cool guy
      cool guy 7 months ago

      @Tai ikr

    • Tai
      Tai 7 months ago +1

      Harrison AU 🙄 love her but the first noticeable thing is her nose. I’m

    • Xiya L.
      Xiya L. 7 months ago

      Meyitir Imsong exactly

    • Reece J
      Reece J 7 months ago

      Where? She's always looked like that since she left Australia.

  • Mary Beth Vernau
    Mary Beth Vernau 7 months ago +9

    Tyler really doesn't do anything

  • Mary Beth Vernau
    Mary Beth Vernau 7 months ago +51

    Her 15 minutes of fame definitely came and went and she made the most of them with some pretty big hits but it's sad to see that her career plummeted because I actually really like her! Iggy is stunning first off as well as really down-to-earth at the same time. I was obsessed with her and knew the words all of her songs! It's good to see her popping up here and there lately. I think she saw a lot more to offer!

    • Dandelion
      Dandelion 2 months ago

      Uchihasasuk5 no it’s not lol?

    • Uchihasasuk5
      Uchihasasuk5 2 months ago

      @Dandelion that's pretty divisive and mean-spirited of you

    • Dandelion
      Dandelion 3 months ago

      Her career plummeted because she can’t sing or rap to save herself and it was revealed during live performances. Also a white Australian girl has no business rapping like an African American and making $ off their artistry

    • Dracula
      Dracula 6 months ago

      don't worry she is on tv shows so she makes money

    • Mary Beth Vernau
      Mary Beth Vernau 7 months ago +1

      Jay1830 this is awesome! She’s so beautiful!

  • Yasmina Rifai
    Yasmina Rifai 7 months ago +4

    shes so gourgous