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How To Turn One Pendant Into 5!!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2021
  • We teamed with @UnderArmour to create some crazy pieces!!
    Watch as we turn one pendant into five!
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  • Wundabar
    Wundabar 8 months ago +6911

    This should actually be called “How to ruin your printer and stain it blue”

  • Natalie_Wierd
    Natalie_Wierd 4 months ago +1408

    I’m praying for the people that thought this was real😂

    • GachaJune ツ
      GachaJune ツ 2 months ago


    • dead
      dead 3 months ago

      @Natalie_Wierd i know it's a joke

    • Natalie_Wierd
      Natalie_Wierd 3 months ago

      @dead yeah we know it isn’t real that’s why I’m praying for the people who do think this is real because it’s obviously fake

    • Natalie_Wierd
      Natalie_Wierd 3 months ago

      Oh my god you you just lived my dream

  • 🖤B l a c k_D e m o n🖤
    🖤B l a c k_D e m o n🖤 3 months ago +95

    Oh man I just can't think of little Jimmy breaking his mom's printer 🥺

  • jelly-maddie -
    jelly-maddie - 4 months ago +89

    I feel bad for the poor printer. It will be dearly missed😔🤚

  • Animotionaters #RoadTo1kSubs⭐

    Let's have a moment of silence for the people who thought this was real.

  • Quacksbeanie
    Quacksbeanie 8 months ago +1888

    Them: “ how many printers do u want broken?”
    This guy: “ yes.”

  • Nora's Stories
    Nora's Stories 3 months ago +1

    It totally worked! Thank you so much for the amazing life hack!

  • Jelly Afton
    Jelly Afton 3 months ago +3

    "How fake do you want it to Be?"

  • Rittika mondal
    Rittika mondal 3 months ago

    I can't stop my laughing. The end was hilarious 😂😂

  • Buddodu MBBS
    Buddodu MBBS 3 months ago +9

    After Seeing this...
    Respect for THANOS is increasing

  • ISuckAtVideoGamesDxD
    ISuckAtVideoGamesDxD 8 months ago +3500

    Ah yes, because everyone just has 5 diamonds lying around in their home

  • Iznygan
    Iznygan 4 months ago

    Thank you for the tutorial! I can just copy all the pendants I want! ☺️

  • Debbie
    Debbie 3 months ago +8

    Waiting for the guy who says: "Does this actually work? Let's find out."

  • Lola Fierro
    Lola Fierro 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Vidushi Saxena
    Vidushi Saxena 3 months ago +1

    My respect for thanos is increasing day by day after watching this......

  • GamWithLogan
    GamWithLogan 4 months ago +997

    I feel so bad for the people who thought this was real 🤣

  • Yukta Upadhyay
    Yukta Upadhyay 3 months ago +1

    A moment of silence for whom that thought its real and actually tried it 😳😅👍🏻😆

  • MoonlightxSunlight🦋✨

    it’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

    NEONWELI. 3 months ago +4

    nah cause there’s definitely some kid out there who’s gonna try this 💀

  • Tajgi Johnson
    Tajgi Johnson 4 months ago +4

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Storm
    Storm 3 months ago +2

    My 6yo sister actually attempted this, when i tell you THE COLOURING WAS ALL OVER I MEAN IT

  • ~Zoé~
    ~Zoé~ 2 months ago +1

    Moment of silence for the printer ❤️ It shall be missed

  • -𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚗𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚛-

    wow I love how we all have DIAMONDS JUST LAYING AROUND

    • Natalie_Wierd
      Natalie_Wierd 3 months ago +1

      I don’t know about you but I have seven of them😂

  • 𝑠𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑤-𝑒𝑑𝑖𝑡𝑧☻︎

    How the heck do things that are on paper magically turn 3D? 😰

  • Kaylee Grace
    Kaylee Grace 8 months ago +1453

    The way she casually just like “take a handful of diamonds” like we all have diamonds

    DJ OLIVER 11 days ago +1


  • Rockin3469
    Rockin3469 3 months ago

    Imagine if it were that easy🤣

    BIG BULL 3 months ago +1

    Omg it actually works 😳
    In My dreams😂😂😂🤣

  • Kayla's Kingdom
    Kayla's Kingdom 3 months ago +28

    R.I.P. to everyone who believed this was real

  • Phoenix Bowlet
    Phoenix Bowlet 7 months ago +939

    Let’s just give silence for little Timmy who actually thought it was fake
    Edit: thank you for the likes

    • wertyplaysvr
      wertyplaysvr 4 months ago

      @Messiah Lawary but your name is messiah

    • dario test test
      dario test test 4 months ago

      how does little timmy have a pendant

    • Captionz
      Captionz 4 months ago

      Edit: no

    • San
      San 5 months ago


    • Jayvien
      Jayvien 5 months ago

      Look at how much likes this has 😨

  • Lei J
    Lei J 3 months ago

    5 ice pendants? That jewelry is amazing 👏💯💙

  • Miss No_One
    Miss No_One 3 months ago +39

    This shouldn't be "how to turn one pendant into five" this should be "how to break your printer and stain it"

  • ♡fuzzyfrogacha♡
    ♡fuzzyfrogacha♡ 4 months ago

    its not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE

  • Funko pop Anne
    Funko pop Anne 3 months ago +6

    "Today we will learn how to ruin your printer!"

  • Gods child
    Gods child 8 months ago +241

    That was a smooth transition
    If only life was this easy tho

  • Kati Aaarrgh
    Kati Aaarrgh 3 months ago +1

    The biggest bs is that the pendant should've been flipped the other way; they were just copying the backside, smdh.
    Everything else would've worked though.

  • 💜Ksusha💜
    💜Ksusha💜 4 months ago

    Guys this definitely works ✌🏻

  • Xx_FH4dude_xX
    Xx_FH4dude_xX 4 months ago

    Editor: how fake do you want it?
    Him: Yes

  • It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece

    It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece

  • XBlack_ RosesX
    XBlack_ RosesX 8 months ago +354

    Lets have a moment of silence for the parents broken printers😔

    • FilixFiddle
      FilixFiddle 7 months ago +1


    • Itz DxrkSxuls ッ
      Itz DxrkSxuls ッ 8 months ago

      It's kinda funny bc I just got done watching a video that said the SpongeBob pfp is everywhere and I told my mum, I never seen it, and now i did 0-0

    • Animalfamily
      Animalfamily 8 months ago

      Let’s have a moment of Silence for people who thought this was real

    • Unnati
      Unnati 8 months ago

      @cocoabean Yes please

    • cocoabean
      cocoabean 8 months ago

      @Purrr what'd they say?

  • your eyes tell
    your eyes tell 3 months ago

    1 year silence for those who thought it's real 🤣

  • A Super Sharp One Pronged Fork

    Let's put it so it scans the back of the pendant, and bam! Five perfectly good pendants on one paper sheet

  • nancey
    nancey 3 months ago

    Them:How fake do you want this to be
    The printer:YESSS

  • Jaylene Low
    Jaylene Low 3 months ago +2

    Let's salute for the people who thought it was real

  • HirobrinePlayz
    HirobrinePlayz 8 months ago +990

    "How to turn your pendant into 5"
    Me: *Be Richer Than Most Multi-Millionaires To Buy 5 Diamonds*

    • wiktor kubicki
      wiktor kubicki 8 months ago

      @Sifty no way we’ve got the same surname

    • Sifty
      Sifty 8 months ago

      @wiktor kubicki hi im from poland too and we have the same surnames!

    • •Hazel & Savannah•
      •Hazel & Savannah• 8 months ago +2

      Its more than five

  • Jessica Wilkinson
    Jessica Wilkinson 4 months ago

    Ah. Rest in diamonds and food coloring with 1 pendant. Good work printers. We respect you.

  • Hii Yoo
    Hii Yoo 4 months ago

    Depend it looks Really nice it has blue and I love it

  • Hailey Scoughton
    Hailey Scoughton 3 months ago

    I tried and it worked!!!!

  • Rexthekiller
    Rexthekiller 4 months ago

    That’s just 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lolo Warraky
    Lolo Warraky 3 months ago +2

    A moment of silence for the people who tried this

  • Praveer Paul
    Praveer Paul 3 months ago +1

    2 minutes silence for those who thought this was real 🙏

  • Paarth Bhagat
    Paarth Bhagat 3 months ago

    It works 👍👍

  • constant reader
    constant reader 3 months ago

    Dude I hope that dye didn't ruin your copier! I just imagined running a paper towel or wash cloth over it to clean it and see it smearing like crazy! 😳🙃

  • Andrew-8277
    Andrew-8277 8 months ago +63

    imagine someone that believed this did it with actual diamonds

  • Squidney Ella
    Squidney Ella 3 months ago +11

    I hope nobody actually tried this. If so, the work/ school/ whatever printer is going to be a permanent smirf.

  • Maricel Comia
    Maricel Comia 3 months ago

    "Put the pendant in the printer" that is a photocopy machine

  • ItsMinkook
    ItsMinkook 3 months ago +1

    What did the printer do to deserve that 😢

  • Luisa Madrigal ♥️
    Luisa Madrigal ♥️ 4 months ago +2

    "how to mess up your printer, and turn it blue. The easy way. 🤷"

  • Prod Hybrid
    Prod Hybrid 8 months ago +1032

    Humans are so advanced that we don't even need aliens to visit our planet anymore

    • Kush smoker
      Kush smoker 8 months ago

      Nah we do bro

    • Wilfred Diwa
      Wilfred Diwa 8 months ago

      @Android 16 we're alone there is no aliens

    • Prod Hybrid
      Prod Hybrid 8 months ago

      @Sal Ayers broooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Hencenofire
      Hencenofire 8 months ago

      Did they really visited our planet before?

    • Sal Ayers
      Sal Ayers 8 months ago

      Bro were so advanced that people are able to figure out that the first comment is a joke, oh wait. They cant

  • commenter
    commenter 3 months ago +1

    The moment of silence for the people who thought this was real

  • o_o_o
    o_o_o 3 months ago +1

    Printer 🖨️ : Am I a joke to you.

  • HxneyBearAlexis
    HxneyBearAlexis 3 months ago

    Imagine if those were real diamonds

  • The Kid
    The Kid 4 months ago

    Where’d you get that five pack ? Amazon…?

  • Asha Gupta
    Asha Gupta 3 months ago +1

    RIP to that printer 🙌

  • 🌸𝑓𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑟🌸

    I feel bad for the people who tried this 😂

  • roselynne colson
    roselynne colson 4 months ago

    How fake do you want this to be?
    Them: *Yes*

  • CxshDxllVxni 19
    CxshDxllVxni 19 4 months ago +1

    How to ruin printers, how to randomly spawn 5 diamonds, and how to turn paper into pendants.

  • 𝙳𝚛3𝚊𝚖𝙲𝟶𝚛𝟹

    Praying for the parents who find their 7 year old doing this when they are left alone to play

  • divyanshsingh
    divyanshsingh 3 months ago +1

    ~1000 years of silence for the people who thought it was real~

  • ital-panjabi.
    ital-panjabi. 4 months ago

    Thanks i will try it fosure!

  • 𝙡𝙪𝙫𝙡𝙖𝙫 و

    Everyone: r.i.p. everyone who thought this was real!
    Me: *tries to find who thought this was real*

  • siimplyParis#roadto150
    siimplyParis#roadto150 3 months ago

    "Handful of diamonds" my poverty: 1 pendant is enough for your thin neck

  • Rylent
    Rylent 4 months ago +225

    "how to turn one pendant into five"
    Me: how to ruin a Printer asf

    • toca homestead
      toca homestead 3 months ago

      I thought the same😂😂

    • marquzio
      marquzio 3 months ago +1

      @JellySandwiches yes? aave stands for African American vernacular language

    • JellySandwiches
      JellySandwiches 3 months ago +1

      @marquzio Are you speaking English?

    • marquzio
      marquzio 3 months ago +1

      misusing aave I see

  • Anita Shahi
    Anita Shahi 3 months ago

    How to turn one pendant into five
    I actually tried it 😅😂🤣
    But then I realized the truth 🙃

  • Savannah Stewart
    Savannah Stewart 3 months ago

    That was a smooth edit bro

  • Osa-Marie Hunter
    Osa-Marie Hunter 4 months ago

    POV after making this video: okay time to get a new printer😎

  • Moreswar Gajbhiye
    Moreswar Gajbhiye 3 months ago +1

    RIP people who think it's real 😂🤣

  • NISI
    NISI 9 months ago +6719

    I feel sorry for the people who think this is fake, when it’s obv real.
    Future me here
    Greatly disappointed to see the number of ppl who couldn’t possibly comprehend sarcasm, like bro obv this video isn’t fooling no one lmao

  • 10 D 32 Saurabh Gangurde

    Me :Who in the world made that emoji pendant. I mean who would by it 🥶
    Also me : OMG it so cute necklace. Not bad unless the diamonds are real but anyways, I want one.

  • PANDA girls
    PANDA girls 3 months ago

    OMG thats so amazing please sell these

  • Divya Prakash Gautam
    Divya Prakash Gautam 3 months ago +1

    Legends traded that it was written schill on pendant

  • Coral and Autumn
    Coral and Autumn 4 months ago

    Title: “How to make/print 5 pendants!”
    Me: NO NO the title should be how to BREAK your printer

  • Spyxal
    Spyxal 8 months ago +397

    Can we just take a moment for all if those who actually tried this…

    • Mr. Taco ManBG
      Mr. Taco ManBG 8 months ago


    • Ilja Suoniemi
      Ilja Suoniemi 8 months ago

      @Gamergod Your spelling makes me believe you would actually try This

    • ♡spongebob♡
      ♡spongebob♡ 8 months ago

      @trau i JUST DiD

    • ♡spongebob♡
      ♡spongebob♡ 8 months ago

      I tried dat..uh oh

    • Andrew-8277
      Andrew-8277 8 months ago

      @Kakashi Hatake i’m sorry it’s just bothers me not trying to be like that but it’s their not there i’m so sorry i had to

  • Aubrey Richerson
    Aubrey Richerson 4 months ago

    More like trying to break your printer 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samyuktha S
    Samyuktha S 3 months ago

    Omg it worked 🤣🤣🤣

  • XxGavinGachaxX
    XxGavinGachaxX 4 months ago

    Imagine someone actually tried this

  • totallyNOTemma😏
    totallyNOTemma😏 3 months ago +1

    “How no turn one pendent into five !” Me: no just no

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 4 months ago +410

    “how to turn one pendant into five” more like how to ruin your printer.

  • vixx .
    vixx . 4 months ago

    Alternate title: how to make a blue printer items:diamonds and 2.9 million dollar pendant 👍👍 DIY

  • softiiebear
    softiiebear 3 months ago


  • Br0lf
    Br0lf 4 months ago

    Welcome to a lesson of "how to destroy your printer"

  • Chasey Patin
    Chasey Patin 3 months ago

    Lets pray for poor Jimmy who thought this was real 🙏 😢

  • Caden henderson
    Caden henderson 8 months ago +2467

    let’s take a moment of silence for the 8 year olds who did this and destroyed their parents printer 🙏
    edit: this is a joke to all the 8 year olds getting offended in the comments 😂

    • Haylie Ann
      Haylie Ann 7 months ago +1

      The amount of pissed off 8 year olds in this comment section 😂

    • Aesthetic morning’s
      Aesthetic morning’s 8 months ago

      @•daiisyrana• no one asked 😱

      OP MAFIA YT 8 months ago

      @Daved Heng that's said you should sue

  • HurstOD
    HurstOD 17 days ago

    Y’all going to have Kinko’s employees throwing hands

  • Drayah’s fun Time
    Drayah’s fun Time 4 months ago +1

    Let’s just give a round of a applause to the ppl who thought this was fr

  • Mara_Cuteq
    Mara_Cuteq 3 months ago +1

    Haha good joke. This is actually called: "How to ruin your printner 100% works."

  • ⚡TotallyDenki⚡
    ⚡TotallyDenki⚡ 3 months ago +1

    Everyone: talking about the printer stain
    Me: ok so- how r we even gonna afford these-

  • xoxokenzie
    xoxokenzie 4 months ago

    Them: how fake do you want this to be?💀

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh 3 months ago

    The best to destroy your printer😂😂😂

  • Lovely_Aliana
    Lovely_Aliana 3 months ago

    Rip Timmy who thought this was real 🤡🤣