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How To Turn One Pendant Into 5!!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2021
  • We teamed with @UnderArmour to create some crazy pieces!!
    Watch as we turn one pendant into five!

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  • Wundabar
    Wundabar Year ago +9

    This should actually be called “How to ruin your printer and stain it blue”

  • I need likes

    "How fake do u want this to be"

  • baffled
    baffled  +18

    "Is it cap? Or will I get a slap? Let's find out"

  • NISI
    NISI Year ago +6

    I feel sorry for the people who think this is fake, when it’s obv real.

  • ~Zoé~
    ~Zoé~  +65

    Moment of silence for the printer ❤️ It shall be missed

  • GG Gamer Mania

    "Genjutsu of that level doesn't work on me'

  • JayDollaz
    JayDollaz Year ago +3

    Ah yes, because everyone just has 5 diamonds lying around in their home

  • unknow
    unknow  +44

    "Is that actually work? Let's find out!"

  • Carl
    Carl  +2

    "How could fake is thi-"

  • Caden henderson
    Caden henderson Year ago +2

    let’s take a moment of silence for the 8 year olds who did this and destroyed their parents printer 🙏

  • Brøken.
    Brøken.  +35

    Have fun cleaning.

  • Quacksbeanie
    Quacksbeanie Year ago +1

    Them: “ how many printers do u want broken?”

  • socky
    socky  +5

    "How fake do you want the video to be?"

    THEKINGOFKINGS735 16 hours ago +1

    They expect us to do this and have a IceBox tray 😆

  • Natalie_Wierd

    I’m praying for the people that thought this was real😂

  • Shkembi Rilinda

    ,"Welcome to thé cap store🧢"

  • Evan Wallace

    Ahh I see you guys finally got the Diamond Lazer 8300 Icy Jet that's a good model

  • Kaylee Grace
    Kaylee Grace Year ago +1

    The way she casually just like “take a handful of diamonds” like we all have diamonds

  • Baxter Dominguez

    Lmaooo imagine having an Under Armor chain💀💀💀💀