Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A comparison of specs, cameras, battery, price, and more. Which Smartphone do YOU think wins in 2019?
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Comments • 4 977

  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  5 months ago +1142

    Got a 🔥 Camera comparison cooking up - This P30 Pro at night is going to BLOW. YOU. AWAY...Stay tuned
    Edit, made a typo in the video - Samsung screen resolution is 1440x3040, not 1140x3040 !

      KURTH VLOG Month ago

      huawei y6 pro vs vivo y91 plss

    • harish dr.
      harish dr. Month ago

      Mrwhosetheboss pls do comparison after Samsung night mode update . Huawei updates ?

    • karthikeyan M.V
      karthikeyan M.V 2 months ago

      Are you using exynos version ??

  • Mind It
    Mind It 47 minutes ago

    You better buy DSLR for 4k recording. Mobile can never beat camera. It's allrounder vs specialist.

  • iRay IRidium
    iRay IRidium 22 hours ago

    i thought my samsung s10+ is so bad phone and i decided to change and buy a p30 pro... i did video research and this video convinced me to stay on s10+. i love the animated hole punch since the first day i bought the phone. for me its the best looking hole punch ever. also the shape of s10+ phone is perfect for me, its the best looking shape. p30 pro is also not that bad shape. but all other phones to me are like meh, especially flat phones are disgusting to see in this era. im using edge future since it came out. anyway the p30 pro has some advances but its also has some dumb downfalls. if p30 pro had the whole package it could be the best phone on the market right now. i think im fine for now with my s10+ till the next phone comes up. thank you for this video!

  • Matt Eastman
    Matt Eastman 2 days ago

    i dont have either yet , but out of all the reviews i have seen i will say this seems Samsung bias , im not hating just what it seems

  • Furqan
    Furqan 2 days ago +1

    Been a samsung fan for a while now.. since s2 to be precise... but samsung exynos processor is the worst processor ever... it becomes slow after a couple of months specially after receiving updates... bought the p30 pro this time.. lets see how huawei works out for me...

    • PositiviTea Spill
      PositiviTea Spill 2 days ago

      Furqan Same tbh, been between these two phones for ages and the P30 Pro feels like it's my safest bet because of the exynos chip in the S10.

  • powgee22
    powgee22 2 days ago

    S10+ over all.

  • Hisham Hazim
    Hisham Hazim 3 days ago

    2:10 what is the name of this game .. ??

  • Juice FPV
    Juice FPV 4 days ago +1

    I ordered the P30 pro over the Samsung, due to the IR Blaster. I was the only smartphone that had this feature, that would also be a solid performer for the next 2 years I plan to keep it. The P30P will be replacing my S8+, which replaced my S6. I missed the IR blaster so much when I got the S8+, I was a major factor in choosing my next phone. It was either the P30P or. Xiaomi Mi9, which just seemed to be cheap feeling and down on everything

    • PositiviTea Spill
      PositiviTea Spill 2 days ago

      Juice FPV whenever I tell people that the IR blaster on the huawei kinda makes me go more towards choosing it instead of the s10 they think
      I'm crazy. Glad I'm not alone.

  • jb brilata
    jb brilata 4 days ago

    someday ill get the huawei

  • Ronnel Dival
    Ronnel Dival 5 days ago

    your comments video is totaly a samsung bias

  • Meagan F
    Meagan F 6 days ago


  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records 6 days ago

    You made A awesome video for 2019 keep up the good hard work

    ABO TURKI 7 days ago

    I would buy them Both.
    Huawei => great Photos Camera.
    Samsung => great Videos Camera.
    I already have the p30Pro now it's time for the Samsung

  • Mubashir Parvez
    Mubashir Parvez 7 days ago

    Brother i wanted toh buy a p30 pro second hand r uh intrested ??

  • Saquib Mobin
    Saquib Mobin 8 days ago

    I have both s10 and Huawei p30, go with p30, it's good phone

  • Saoirse Stark
    Saoirse Stark 8 days ago

    I hope you can upload a review without music version. I'll definitely listen to it before going to bed. It's so calming

  • Karishma Maloo
    Karishma Maloo 8 days ago

    What is best in these phones

  • zakki
    zakki 9 days ago

    If you want good camera on night mode and zoom zoom you can grab p30 pro
    But for me, i looking for quality screen , service center, good camera for photos and videos , design , update software , Ui , audio so surely i will choose s10+

  • Demonetization
    Demonetization 11 days ago +1

    The fingerprint for the s10plus is good as it doesnt require more force and is faster as you said. But it needs time to get used to as sometimes i miss the fingerprint sensor and end up tapping it multiple times

  • George Lochoris
    George Lochoris 11 days ago

    +1 for a telescope/powerbank/sexy/ P30 pro because we do not give a fuck about the better display quality, is already perfect...Oh and BTW what do u mean about the wifi? Is not necessary at all xD

  • BENEDICT Jacinto
    BENEDICT Jacinto 12 days ago

    тσ вє нσиєѕт ι ρяєfєя тσ вυу нυαωєι ρ30 ρяσ тнαи ѕαмѕυиg ѕ10+

  • c bass
    c bass 12 days ago

    which is cheaper s10 fails

    BRO IN ZONE 13 days ago

    Arun please can u find me a phone which has expandable storage and should have good specs but it should not be a nano SD card it's for my brother

    MEE SKYLINE GTR 35 14 days ago +2

    I like same Huawei and Samsung but i think love Huawei P30 Pro more..! because Hauwei' s BESTER SUPER ZOOM CAMERA 5x 2019

  • XsavageX /damn_itz_sav

    I'm getting the p30 pro

    • XsavageX /damn_itz_sav
      XsavageX /damn_itz_sav 13 days ago

      @Dead -_- there is a head jack

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 13 days ago +1

      @XsavageX /damn_itz_sav cant record 4k 60fps doesn't have hdr 10 plus no headphone jack no wifi 6 and no 4k selfie cam worse performance less ppi less nits also terrible ui

    • XsavageX /damn_itz_sav
      XsavageX /damn_itz_sav 13 days ago

      @Dead -_- how Its the best

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 13 days ago +1

      Bad idea

  • Aiman Azizan
    Aiman Azizan 16 days ago +3

    I'm watching this video use Huawei P30 Pro phone. I think this phone is more better. Well, that my opinion.

    • Aiman Azizan
      Aiman Azizan 13 days ago +1

      @Dead -_- yeahh i know.. But samsung phone not longlast like huawei.. And the camera look very beauty look..

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 13 days ago +1

      S10+ is miles ahead

  • 80casino
    80casino 16 days ago

    I own the samsung S7 edge and didnt like it that mutch so I will try Huwaii this time😉

  • Sonia B
    Sonia B 16 days ago

    Thank you for that useful review.

  • Stefan Angelkoski
    Stefan Angelkoski 17 days ago +1

    Huawei: I have better sowtver
    Samsung: You kiding yourself or you comfort yourself?

  • Peter dukess
    Peter dukess 17 days ago

    tbh going from a Samsung s10 plus to mate 20 pro do prefer mate 20 pro definitely thinking about p30 Pro now as here in the UK we get screwed with the exyenos version huawei no lag and battery life better

    • Peter dukess
      Peter dukess 13 days ago

      @Dead -_- not bothered about no headphone jack I think screen is excellent obviously not as good as Samsung but no lag a battery life so good in the uk Samsung always exyenos version that's why changed

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 13 days ago +1

      But the Huaweis screen is worse no head phone Jack worse screen less powerful cant do 4k 60 fps no 4k selfie cam

  • Shockin Ampeel
    Shockin Ampeel 17 days ago

    0:15 what gradient colour is that on the p30 pro?

  • Aaliyah Miah
    Aaliyah Miah 18 days ago

    Was thinking of switching from Samsung s7 to the IPhone XS Max but then the Huawei P30 pro came out.... Will be switching to Huawei instead

  • Hugo Strange
    Hugo Strange 19 days ago +1

    Just give me the S10+ with popup camera, and 90hz screen.

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 13 days ago +1

      @Jonatan Edrik Tanoto terrible battery tho

    • Jonatan Edrik Tanoto
      Jonatan Edrik Tanoto 17 days ago +1

      Nah. Pop up camera will blasts out the Ip68 rating. I do agree with 90hz screen

  • Ki9gts
    Ki9gts 20 days ago +1

    P30 for life!

  • nel c
    nel c 20 days ago +1

    Despite having higher resolution screen and not forgetting bloated wares inside all Samsung phones too. These alone make the battery life sucks for Samsung.
    So ......P30 Pro is the winner yet with better amazing camera.

    • nel c
      nel c 12 days ago

      Dead -_- hey stupid fuck what I said is based on my own opinion on the comparison of the phones here in this vid. I must have hurt your SillySung fan ass too much. Yeah.

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 12 days ago +1

      So if the camera doesn't have better video is it a better camera

    • nel c
      nel c 12 days ago

      Dead -_- did I ever said I need a zoom? Lolx

    • Dead -_-
      Dead -_- 12 days ago +1

      @nel c if you want zoom get a telescope

    • nel c
      nel c 13 days ago

      Dead -_- go get a video cam or camera if you need that on a phone.

    JF TORMENTA 20 days ago

    i got the s10 plus ,and the phone is amazing ....

  • 1blahhhhhhhhhhh
    1blahhhhhhhhhhh 21 day ago

    That vocal fry tho...

  • Ahmad Akram
    Ahmad Akram 22 days ago +7

    Huawei p30 pro is best and faster

  • use ful
    use ful 23 days ago

    samsung win🏆

  • AHS Society
    AHS Society 24 days ago

    How many tech channels are on RU-clip. Everytime I search I find one I did not know.

    ABI DZAR 24 days ago

    Depends on your preference....both phone PROVIDES THE MOST BEST PERFORMANCE FOR ITS USERS....but for me personally the S10 Plus takes it....its just the best all rounder *In My Opinion*

  • Mansoor Crash
    Mansoor Crash 24 days ago

    Just got the S10 plus ❤

  • 吴天意
    吴天意 25 days ago

    Atually the mate-series are son of HUAWEI not the p-series

  • aziz aladwani
    aziz aladwani 27 days ago +2

    huawei is amazing 👍👍👍

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez 28 days ago

    Small sensors with high a megapixel count hold barely no advantage

  • asaad alareed
    asaad alareed 28 days ago +1

    Both are not perfect. Both have some cool things but still missing some others.

  • omar al sager
    omar al sager 28 days ago

    actually the samsung can charge at 45

    • Limitless
      Limitless 28 days ago

      The Note 10+ can, not the S10+

  • BlondieBunny
    BlondieBunny 29 days ago +1

    Dads phone: Samsung S10 +
    My phone: Huawei P30 pro


  • Chyngyz Sadykov
    Chyngyz Sadykov Month ago

    The wide angle cameras be looking like the quake pro setting in minecraft

  • sergi du
    sergi du Month ago +2

    I think p30 in my opinion.

  • Harry Desai
    Harry Desai Month ago

    For those wondering about camera comparison. Watch this .

  • Richard Devo
    Richard Devo Month ago

    Prefer the Samsung (brand, software dual speakers, headphone jack etc) but don't know if I can live without the 5x telephoto. Without that it doesn't feel like much of an upgrade from my S8.

  • Nenye Nwa
    Nenye Nwa Month ago

    Honestly, am enjoying my p30 pro
    The phone is magical

  • cas818028
    cas818028 Month ago

    I am not sure where this love for the p30 pro camera is coming from. I literally just sold mine because it wouldn't hold a candle to my op 6t running gcam.

  • Mario Villa
    Mario Villa Month ago +1

    New subscribers here from Philipines

  • red shield
    red shield Month ago

    super s10!!

  • Ahmet Gundogan
    Ahmet Gundogan Month ago +2

    Batery life important but P30 pro 1080p s10plus 2k

  • Joseph Ngari
    Joseph Ngari Month ago

    Hey please do a review of the mid range Huawei p30 lite... Thanks in advance

  • Jack Teo
    Jack Teo Month ago

    Samsung bloatware and constant App update is a pain and put me off..... Worst lots of their bloatware can’t even be deleted ! Please do an episodes on bloatware comparison boss.

  • Sena Gakpanuvor
    Sena Gakpanuvor Month ago +2

    I just love your accent😍 and your channel. And you’re just great😂