Vocal Coach Reacts to Ariana Grande's Shadiest Diva Moments

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande's Shadiest Diva Moments while sipping on a Cloud Macchiato Free Audible Trial: www.audibletrial.com/tristanparedes
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  • Tristan Paredes
    Tristan Paredes  8 months ago +5230

    If you've ever worked in food service you'll know that donut was probably much cleaner after Ari graced it with her tongue.

    • A B
      A B 2 months ago

      ​ K.A. R Seeing your polite commentary, make me think that you are the best person to teach Ariana how to be polite.
      What is the height of arrogance? That's when people think only themselves can be rude. By the way, just pray for yourself!

    • Mohammed Abdi
      Mohammed Abdi 3 months ago

      @Sofi Amyraxx he doesn't need ur subs okay bitch thankunext may u rot in hell

    • Mohammed Abdi
      Mohammed Abdi 3 months ago

      @Brittney Spencer get out of here motherfucker may u rot in hell ari is Queen so thank u next bitch

    • gerard way trash
      gerard way trash 4 months ago

      I heard that Ariana had her wisdom teeth pulled that day - so she must've been really loopy

    • Yikes! Meatball
      Yikes! Meatball 4 months ago

      This comment isnt funny, its fucked up. As if you didnt already insult America enough in the video. Imma have to call this a day. It Sucks you were my inspiration. =/

  • Chandra Curry
    Chandra Curry 5 days ago

    Most of that is defending herself or saying to not be sexist. I'd do the same, and I wouldn't say it nice, she's human, like us my dudes.

  • Ana Isa
    Ana Isa 6 days ago

    ian wasn't trying to kiss her on the lips it was just an awkward moment in which he was going for the other cheek and it got confused

  • Zakaria _007
    Zakaria _007 6 days ago

    Did u just say it’s interistibg to know about her with that face 🤣🤣

  • Drew Lee
    Drew Lee 8 days ago

    Tristan: rants about the drink
    *continues to drink it*

    RTX RBX 9 days ago

    She’s flat and that’s rude

  • Vane Abarca A.
    Vane Abarca A. 10 days ago


  • Pugcraft
    Pugcraft 13 days ago +2

    lol the shadiest thing was her spitting in the doughnuts (actually was really disgusting and rude where it was a business and anyone, like kids for example, could end up eating it so yuck) but everything else was sort of like 'meh'.

  • Rosa
    Rosa 16 days ago

    Wow, i didn‘t know you live in Germany 🤯

  • Thatone LGBTQperson
    Thatone LGBTQperson 21 day ago

    Ooh, you're also from germanyyyy

  • Book Girl
    Book Girl 25 days ago

    you live in germany?

  • Fun Stuff For Kids
    Fun Stuff For Kids 25 days ago +2

    She was being carried because she had really hurt her foot. Not because she’s lazy and rude

  • Clara Santos
    Clara Santos 25 days ago

    The donut place thing where she says she hate America and americans is OBVIOUSLY a joke !

  • itsjustkashii
    itsjustkashii 25 days ago

    I disagree ... of she was rushing she could have just taken 1 picture WOULDNT HAVE TAKEN LONGER THAN 5 MINS😴

  • Josh Weaver
    Josh Weaver 28 days ago

    So she hates America because we are spoiled here? People have their own choices to eat what they want. If the govt came through and said fast food is illegal, donuts are illegal, people would flip. I like Ariana Grande also. However, that whole clip, in the donut shop was indefensible imo, she was the one who walked in there, and tongue fucked their donuts haha.

  • editing lives
    editing lives Month ago

    the way I would eat that donut

  • Nada Alzubi
    Nada Alzubi Month ago

    I live in Germany too😮

  • Allythe rally
    Allythe rally Month ago

    I am so glad to see someone who finally doesn't hate Ariana grande cause so many people hate her and honestly she's just being herself

  • Dadida
    Dadida Month ago

    Lol, you live in Berlin? Me too haha!

  • Majik_Rose
    Majik_Rose Month ago

    this annoys me so much. They're criticizing her for standing up for what she wants. everyone but her is shady

  • Majik_Rose
    Majik_Rose Month ago

    5:45 probably the most spoiled diva i've heard in my life. your face is symmetrical; no one gives a shit.

  • Urška Torkar
    Urška Torkar Month ago

    Dude we don't even HAVE any starbucks @Slovenia😑😑

  • Rubymoonsister
    Rubymoonsister Month ago

    She’s not even being shady in any of these clips wtf?! When she says we have work to do, she’s serious! Damn.

  • Hailie
    Hailie Month ago

    Grüße aus Thüringen 🥰

  • denise witter
    denise witter Month ago

    I don't get it she doesn't have a good side

  • Aliya Khan
    Aliya Khan Month ago

    i never understand all the vocals shit but it sounds so interesting when he says it...

  • Sudha Maripitchai
    Sudha Maripitchai Month ago

    Ariana likes to throw it back😃😃

  • bibi
    bibi Month ago +1

    you are my forever mood

  • Nils Braun
    Nils Braun Month ago

    Oh shiiiit you live in Germany? Guess what, I am German!!!

  • Boni Chodes
    Boni Chodes Month ago

    Andre Grande is such a diva queen in this vid.
    Edit: before you correct me, here you go: ru-clip.com/video/jjJFAxLwirY/video.html

  • ellie berkhouse
    ellie berkhouse Month ago

    Pls do an ASMR video

  • Jo J
    Jo J Month ago

    *im sure the stadiums arent vegan*
    i actually died lol

  • Mabel  Cortez
    Mabel Cortez Month ago +1

    Y’all he’s married and with a kid calm down she’s short he’s y’all chill

  • Adalayda Rios
    Adalayda Rios Month ago

    You can tell Tristan is such an Ari Stan lol

  • my husband is big marvel

    "you're gonna cut urself"
    *Me holding my penknife* : wait what?

  • Mary Maughan
    Mary Maughan 2 months ago

    I love how you pause after each scandal and elaborately defend our queen #me

  • Karlie Starr
    Karlie Starr 2 months ago +3

    I actually really enjoy her music and with most celebrities unless they go out of their way to be catty, like posting stuff on social media or slamming other celebs on video, I usually try to just enjoy their art and not judge them as a person.
    However, I do not agree with you at 11:02 where you stick up for what she had said. You basically said that when you go in restaurants in America they can serve fatty foods that help contribute to obesity, something that is not done in other countries, that part I do agree with. What I can not get behind though and is not okay is to be loudly saying that in front of the person working, it is rude, also how about if you do not like fatty foods YOU DO NOT GO IN TO A BAKERY!!! They are literally serving baked deserts! If you watch the video all the food on display looked like some form of baked treat but she waits until the worker comes out to say something which was probably embarrassing for her and all she is trying to do is her job. I thought it was rude. I still do like Ariana and am not saying she is a bad person by any stretch, in fact most of her "shady moments" were her just reacting like any other person would, we all say stuff in the moment that might not be the nicest. I also still really enjoy your videos. I am just pointing out that you might be a little biased because you are such a fan.

  • KookeRoo
    KookeRoo 2 months ago

    I’m not a big Ariana fan but this video is just her being her true self from people being absolute dicks. The only thing I would be pissed about it the donut licking video which I watched. But other than that Ariana had a right to be shady.
    I Stan a sassy girl who stands up for herself.

  • Shawn Watkins
    Shawn Watkins 2 months ago +1

    10:37 she was on anesthesia.

  • Cassie
    Cassie 2 months ago +2

    Am I the only one that thinks she shouldn’t have licked the donut ??? No? Just me ?

  • Mirte Willianne
    Mirte Willianne 2 months ago

    that donut licking stuff was because she was high on drugs bc she went to the dentist lol

  • Janmay
    Janmay 2 months ago

    Tristan was actually the shady one on that first clip. 😂

  • Lydia Springer
    Lydia Springer 2 months ago

    I'm super late to this but I'm glad everyone seems to have the same opinion - 99% of those moments are her standing up for herself against dumb misogynistic questions, not getting out her car and throwing back a "gift" for her own safety, "demanding to be carried" because she was rehearsing or performing for hours in heels and couldn't walk anymore. The Giuliana one really got me because she's complaining Ariana pushed her so her good side would show and how she "fought for 13 years to be on this side" ... that's ... the same thing ??? Like, she's complaining about Ariana doing the same thing as her ??? It makes her look even more like a diva lol mind boggling.

  • Rabea M.
    Rabea M. 2 months ago

    Ach du bist aus Berlin? Wirst du dann auch am 10.10. beim Ariana Grande Konzert dabei sein?

  • Bianca Oropeza
    Bianca Oropeza 2 months ago

    Arianas tweet to Perez Hilton and Jenette Meccurdy was ICONIC.we love a queens who slays a tweet about slaying in the charts👑

    WE ARE ONE- EXO 2 months ago

    9:22 tell that to one direction fans 😆

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 2 months ago

    ✊Stan Ariana
    ✊Call out double-standard bullshit
    ✊Stand up for women who are blasted for standing up for themselves

  • moonish
    moonish 2 months ago

    she needs a person like you in her life !

  • Ariana 66
    Ariana 66 2 months ago

    Tristan lives in Germany?!

  • DaisyDiamond
    DaisyDiamond 2 months ago

    This is fucking unbelievable. Women stand up to rude ass stupid questions and they get called divas and shady??What the fuck?!?! This world is full of the absolute rudest people to ever exist. Honestly the way people act is just bullshit. Thank you Tristan Paredes for saying that she’s not being a diva or being shady. Because she’s not. She standing up for herself which I would do too if I was asked rude ass sexist questions like these.

  • Elena p.
    Elena p. 2 months ago

    sprichst du auch Deutsch?
    Grüße aus Mannheim!

  • a d
    a d 2 months ago


  • roshni r
    roshni r 2 months ago

    😂the stadiums aren’t vegan
    i’m dead

  • Enjy Esam
    Enjy Esam 2 months ago

    Someone once threw TAMPONS on Harry Styles

  • Amanda Burger
    Amanda Burger 2 months ago

    Watching this actually made me respect her MORE! The only thing that I thought was rude was her reaction to the donuts.

  • Yanie Fernandez
    Yanie Fernandez 2 months ago

    tristan iloveyou so much. i hope you notice me

  • A B
    A B 2 months ago

    What about self-expression and freedom? Can't celebrities criticize? Everybody criticizes something and but she can't criticize America culture, especially in food matters because she is a celebrity.

  • five six
    five six 3 months ago

    There was an alarming amount of rumors/lies about Ariana in her first limelight years...

  • Shelby Butcher
    Shelby Butcher 3 months ago

    TRISTAN. This is not an ASMR channel. 😭😭😭

  • D Serrano
    D Serrano 3 months ago

    I hope to be as “shady” as Ari. Aka forthright, questioning, and firm on her boundaries...