►GTA 6 Graphics GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti 4k 60FPS Next-Gen Real Life Graphics! [GTA 5 PC Mod]

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • If you want the mod: ru-clip.com/video/FgLAXIHQwWw/video.html
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  • DubStepZz
    DubStepZz  19 days ago +36

    Hey guys I just uploaded a UPDATED version with BRAND NEW (September 2019) Ray-Tracing Technology, go check it out here! ru-clip.com/video/DBaNJNT5h28/video.html

    • tom33pr
      tom33pr 9 hours ago +1

      I hope you never get to play the real GTA6...

    • Cüneyt GÜLER
      Cüneyt GÜLER 14 days ago


    • bowtieguy
      bowtieguy 15 days ago

      hey dubstepzz, suck on my weiner.

  • emre
    emre 11 minutes ago +1

    my pc still got 45 fps at csgo (ultrrrra low settings and 4:3 800x600)

  • Sha b00n
    Sha b00n 3 hours ago

    Lamo this is GTA 5 noob

  • danasab11
    danasab11 4 hours ago


  • tom33pr
    tom33pr 9 hours ago


  • Brandon Bosworth
    Brandon Bosworth 12 hours ago

    You try to hard spend lots on a game to make it look good when reality it's just horrible 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Brandon Bosworth
    Brandon Bosworth 12 hours ago

    Still looks bland no god rays or ray tracing rather look at 360 version more original..

  • PaleHorseRider
    PaleHorseRider 15 hours ago

    I hear rain but I dont see rain. REALISM!!!

    INTRICK 1 17 hours ago

    Plot twist
    There is never a gta 6

  • Bari Bila
    Bari Bila 19 hours ago

    This is gta 5 bitch

  • david0302
    david0302 20 hours ago


  • Sparky UK
    Sparky UK 20 hours ago

    It's just re-rendered GTA V you dickhead. Why do shit like this?

  • Nacla mek
    Nacla mek 23 hours ago

    wet roads

  • 卢lu7320
    卢lu7320 Day ago +9

    Everybody knows about GTA6 except for the Rockstar

  • juan gonzalez
    juan gonzalez Day ago

    eso es mentira por que roxtar no mete ,marcas de coches

  • QuantiumTronax
    QuantiumTronax Day ago

    Gotta include all those keywords before putting gta 5 at the end

  • TheDirewolf 1234

    I hope they make the windows like Spider-Man PS4 and also be able to go into every single building in the game (unless, they’re locked or destroyed I guess).

    • Brian Martin
      Brian Martin Day ago

      TheDirewolf 1234 have every building accessible and have an achievement, entered every room in every building.

  • Harpy Eagle
    Harpy Eagle Day ago

    damn graphics is good

  • Jaidin Ramirez
    Jaidin Ramirez Day ago

    Its fake

  • Biscuit
    Biscuit Day ago +1

    Even though it's absolutely beautiful, it won't be like that.

  • DutchMan 020
    DutchMan 020 2 days ago

    Can't be real because look the car emblems... Gta don't use the real names and emblems. Never did

    • TheGamingVillager
      TheGamingVillager Day ago

      @DutchMan 020 read the text under the main text pls

    • DutchMan 020
      DutchMan 020 Day ago

      @TheGamingVillager yes but that means this gameplay is not real so keep thinking gta gonne look like this.

    • TheGamingVillager
      TheGamingVillager Day ago

      "wHo cArEs abOuT those things, gAmEpLaY doEsN't mAtTeR"

      -Some guy who only plays games just for the graphics.

  • Nino TV
    Nino TV 2 days ago

    Name of the Song ?

  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 days ago +9

    This is uncharted and GTA V with mods, fool.

  • Random
    Random 2 days ago

    Damn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 the reflections Holly shit this is so sick

  • Savior Graves
    Savior Graves 2 days ago

    Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause?

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 2 days ago +3

    If gta 6 doesn't look like this or better rock star will look like idiots.

  • Cryptic text 23
    Cryptic text 23 2 days ago

    It’s not gta6

  • Silent_Director
    Silent_Director 3 days ago

    Bordalands Grafik wtf !

  • gsweater
    gsweater 3 days ago +2

    Meh. Thumbs down like the other 48,000.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 3 days ago

    This makes me wanna get up and get out. lol

  • Асан Айтжан

    the wettest game in history

  • Eri Eram
    Eri Eram 3 days ago

    This is another game

  • Damyre Riley
    Damyre Riley 3 days ago

    Finally we get real cars

  • sam mason-green
    sam mason-green 3 days ago

    hey its nate

  • Fabolous NineNine
    Fabolous NineNine 3 days ago

    Streets are wax too glossy.

  • VeryMadCheats 2
    VeryMadCheats 2 4 days ago

    gta 5

  • Hayce Trois-huit
    Hayce Trois-huit 4 days ago


  • propertindo cipta
    propertindo cipta 4 days ago +1

    Gta v: like gta 6
    Gta 6 : Better then life

  • Bosx J
    Bosx J 4 days ago

    This graphics like forza horizon 4

  • louie mutia
    louie mutia 4 days ago

    please join our server :>>> gleaming rp :

  • KAZ10R KZR
    KAZ10R KZR 4 days ago

    GTA 6 XD

  • LuckyKiIIer
    LuckyKiIIer 4 days ago

    hassiktir lan top

  • Zakari Bakare
    Zakari Bakare 5 days ago

    its just mods its

  • Çağrı Turhan
    Çağrı Turhan 5 days ago

    videoyu izlerken bilgisayarım kasıyor

  • GameplaysYTutos2018
    GameplaysYTutos2018 5 days ago

    In The real life needs graphics jajajaja

  • jb0ne Shackleford
    jb0ne Shackleford 5 days ago +3

    having trouble with muzzle flash sprites i see...

  • Caden De wet
    Caden De wet 5 days ago

    This is gta 5

  • Caden De wet
    Caden De wet 5 days ago

    Why is nathen drake there

  • Zxnfn_ Livestream ́s
    Zxnfn_ Livestream ́s 6 days ago +5

    This is the most realisticst graphic mod ive seen in gta 5 online i hope the people will be better design :D

  • Reda Saydone
    Reda Saydone 6 days ago

    Es un mod

  • Bim Bims
    Bim Bims 6 days ago

    i use RTX 2180 Ti, i work great!

  • EnterpriseKnight
    EnterpriseKnight 6 days ago +46

    if there's anything that screams "NEXT GEN" is wet streets.

    • Brandon Bradley
      Brandon Bradley 17 hours ago

      Yes effing beautiful art work.

  • Locke Da'boss
    Locke Da'boss 7 days ago +7

    What the hell? The graphic is the exact same than in gta5. It's just more details in it. Why is Everybody freakin out on this at the moment?

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 3 days ago

      @Briar’s Gaming 👌🤣😂

    • Briar’s Gaming
      Briar’s Gaming 3 days ago

      Locke Da'boss ahahahaha not true 👌🤣😂

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 4 days ago

      Who's freaking out? Only if it's just you, what I see in the video is a rich dude who bought a RTX 2080 ti and is playing an old game in high resolution, that's all I see.

  • achmad nur Arfandy
    achmad nur Arfandy 7 days ago +3

    fake, it's a capture gameplay from "just cause"

  • Marvin Boeckler
    Marvin Boeckler 7 days ago

    Würde mich mega nerven ,zu viel Schatten und Pfützen.durch Reflektion man erkennt fast nicht mehr wo es lang geht xD

  • The Hater
    The Hater 7 days ago +8

    Ive grown to hate the gta online character walk.

  • kenneth leonard
    kenneth leonard 7 days ago

    He runs like a girl

  • CorruptedData - RBLX

    1% Graphic
    99% Water

  • Arctic Wizard
    Arctic Wizard 7 days ago

    Gta6 should be GTA V II

  • Arctic Wizard
    Arctic Wizard 7 days ago

    These graphics look almost better than the real life graphics!

    • Simon
      Simon 6 days ago

      Did you ever go outside ?