Live from a Remote Island in Australia

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
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Comments • 52

  • Blaze Pilmoca
    Blaze Pilmoca 4 months ago

    Aloha guyz!, enjoy watch'n ur shows. Keep up da good work!!!

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      @Blaze Pilmoca tackle world in Townsville mate, ask for Milsey

    • Blaze Pilmoca
      Blaze Pilmoca 4 months ago

      @SkidPig I was wondering if you guyz can help me getting those round collapsible crab pots? Shit! Nobody has them on stock, i mean i've looked everywhere, only the box type from Promar. Much mahalo!

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Cheers mate 🍻 thanks for watching

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor 4 months ago

    Not use to watching your vids and seeing fish getting caught only beer being downed!!!

    • Aaron Taylor
      Aaron Taylor 4 months ago

      @SkidPig I dont know anyone here so I'm not to keen to take my tinny out on places i dont know

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      @Aaron Taylor yeah mate there are plenty of places to go, the bohle used to be really good years ago

    • Aaron Taylor
      Aaron Taylor 4 months ago

      @SkidPig I will give you one thing, seeing that majestic unicorn of an 80 has made me wanna finish mine off and join ya one weekend. Need to get away from fishin the bohle and start seeing other systems

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Hahaha me too, its very rare mate

  • Supreme Oreo
    Supreme Oreo 6 months ago

    The first time i went to rattle snake we caught dead shit for 4 Hours straight and just little rock cod. Then when we were about to leave a hooked a monster coral trought. Goes to show how a shit day fishing can turn into a good day fishing.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago +1

      Supreme Oreo hell yeah mate!!! That’s why it’s not called catching 🍻🍻🍻

  • iSpike
    iSpike 6 months ago

    So yoo poped yu LIVE Cheery hey. G'day mate, I saw you on a recent Google hangout with Dirty Deez 🤘🏼 and thought I would drop in to join yu family #6834-Sub n Like#143 n Bell n Watch n Stuff. Cheers from 🤜🏼💥iSpike 💥🤛🏼 (a fellow Rider) in Outback Country Wild Western Australia 🦘🇦🇺🦘

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago

      iSpike welcome aboard bro!!!! Thanks for the support🤙

  • Diesel Taylor
    Diesel Taylor 6 months ago

    That was a good live stream and you have to hit us up with some fishing or 4x4 driving

  • aussie guy 85
    aussie guy 85 6 months ago

    Hey mate thanks for posting that was a great first live feed keep em coming bro 🤙🤙🤙

  • Nefarious Catsblood
    Nefarious Catsblood 6 months ago

    Watching you two walk around barefoot, all I could think about was stonefish.

  • TheDirtyyoungman1
    TheDirtyyoungman1 6 months ago

    Good show, mates.. Can't wait to get there and visit.

  • villiers man
    villiers man 6 months ago

    another great vid as always check your po box just sent some stickers to you in the mail today

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago +1

      villiers man will do mate, Cheers 🍻

  • Deerslyr81
    Deerslyr81 6 months ago

    5:00 should have snagged the ray and did a catch clean and cook. I hear they are good to snack on.

  • Deerslyr81
    Deerslyr81 6 months ago

    Damn it!!! I didn’t know this was live. I wanted to see the first live stream!!

  • TwistedMetals OfTexas
    TwistedMetals OfTexas 6 months ago

    Hell yeah brother that looked like a great time with the new boat and grats! Great first Live stream as well. cant wait to see the new drone footage and some more of rattlesnake island! have a great day brother keep the rubber side down

  • outie555
    outie555 6 months ago

    Doesn't that place get bombed?

  • Jason Pashley
    Jason Pashley 6 months ago

    Lmao , lost my shit at “ words are hard “ lol . Missed livestream due to self inflicted hangover.
    Awesome livestream love to see more from ya , digging the new tinnie

  • Jonsey 300
    Jonsey 300 6 months ago

    Awesome bud👍 bummer I missed the live feed

  • Touring Midwest
    Touring Midwest 6 months ago

    Very fun live stream brother, it went really good. Thanks for the adventure!

  • knucklestv
    knucklestv 6 months ago

    That was a bad ass live brother! Sorry I missed it!

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago +1

      knucklestv no worries bro. It was a spur of the moment idea anyway.

  • Mental Mark
    Mental Mark 6 months ago

    Nice spot but wikipedia says the RAAF pratices live fire on that island.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago +1

      Mental Mark they sure do mate

  • RADrockitpsyence
    RADrockitpsyence 6 months ago

    I would bet that there are Hundreds of prehistoric shark teeth among the shells there. Dime nickel quarter sized. Hard to see. Takes forever. But once you see one, they get MUCH easier to see. So if you surf fish near a pile of shells... thumb through them carefully while you're waiting for a bite. The RUSH once you find the 1st is Awesome.

  • Moto Gypsy
    Moto Gypsy 6 months ago

    Congrats on the tinny. Looked like a lovely spot.
    Tfs 🍻

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  6 months ago

      Moto Gypsy absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • Rod Walpole
    Rod Walpole 6 months ago

    Just catch fish haha , cheers from down the road .

  • Rod Walpole
    Rod Walpole 6 months ago

    Watch the tide man .

  • RADrockitpsyence
    RADrockitpsyence 6 months ago

    Always fun to watch. I can't say I learn a lot of useful things, we don't share the same species. But there are some good tricks to be used here. I am on USA Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have much smaller yabbies', crawfish, and our largest Blue Crab pales next to a mudder. But again, love your vids. And we love our crustaceans just the same.
    I, on the other hand, have yet to edit and upload a video. Finally went "live" earlier, and now have content. It would really be cool to have Professional Australians and SkidPig actually like, comment or subscribe to my little channel. You'll see how we catch and cook crawfish, crab, and shrimp. I am a Native New Orleanian, so you will see some good food. Maybe even pick up a tip.
    Awesome you can spend time on an island. We have a few beauties not too far off the Coast. But if we step om a pneumatophore, an agent from the US Dept of the Interior pops out of the ground and shoots us in the head.
    Please have a looksee at my stuff, expect a whole lot more, and better material. Meanwhile, will be watching you from Up Yonder

  • Brendon Thompson
    Brendon Thompson 6 months ago

    awsome bro

  • Michael-andrew ,WATERS
    Michael-andrew ,WATERS 6 months ago

    Live stream I expected some kind of Todd Carney type deal 🤪🙈lol

  • TheDrummer846
    TheDrummer846 6 months ago

    Jealous af

    IVOR WM 6 months ago +1

    I'm watching late night TV in East Texas. What a beautiful place!

  • Dirty Deez
    Dirty Deez 6 months ago

    Ah the ol CodVlog 😁 nice way to start the week mate. Good to see you doing the live

  • BonesTwoTimes
    BonesTwoTimes 6 months ago

    good going on the livestream chief!

  • Wade Lazanski
    Wade Lazanski 6 months ago

    Seen u at the boat ramp nice tinny mate

  • Viperbronco Almasty
    Viperbronco Almasty 6 months ago

    Congrats bro.
    Beautiful, you are lucky. Catch a big 'un
    Is 130am Monday. In Oregon, USA. 26F.
    Thanks for showing us around. Cheers an beers

  • jill stone
    jill stone 6 months ago

    You tormentors good fishing fellas

  • Brendan Roberts
    Brendan Roberts 6 months ago +2

    Needs more beer and a open fire for that fresh salt pan fry👍👍👍

  • jococentralcoast Australia

    Congrats on live stream. Beers all round 👍🍺

  • Robert Aus
    Robert Aus 6 months ago +3

    Put a good hard hat on just in case a plane comes over

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 6 months ago +1

    Watch for any unexploded ordnance?

  • Jon Beecroft
    Jon Beecroft 6 months ago +1

    nice looking spot