10 Times Spoiled Kids Got OWNED by Dr Phil

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Dr. Phil doesn't take no lip.
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    Some kids (just being over 18 doesn't make some of these people any more "mature") just don't understand what responsibility, ethics, or integrity is. Dr. Phil loves to put these spoiled brats in their place.
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  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 8 minutes ago +1

    I want to slap some of these kids, Especially the Last One.

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 16 minutes ago

    Oh my gods, I don't think that I Could do What Dr. Phil does, because I don't have the patience & tolerance for people that Are on the show.

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 22 minutes ago +1

    I hate This Second Kid. I hate This F*****, D***, Seventeen Year Old, Stupid, B****!!!!!!!!! She pisses me off ☹😤😦😧😨😩🤯😬😰😱😵😡😠🤬😾💀☠👎🏻🖤💢💣💥🕳⚰⚱, Big Time.

  • Bubbles DeVille
    Bubbles DeVille Hour ago

    This millennial generation suck. Lazy, narcissistic, think the world owes them a living. Ship the fuckers to Afghanistan, Africa, Haiti so they can work for a living.

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones 3 hours ago +1

    Dr. Phil comes from an accusatory standpoint so everyone gets defensive. I think being more relatable would work better to change these teens lives

  • Deshein Peshlakao
    Deshein Peshlakao 3 hours ago

    Reason why most girls are retarted

  • lennon raymonda
    lennon raymonda 3 hours ago


  • em ma
    em ma 3 hours ago

    Number 3 I hope they put both the mother and the daughter in jail

  • Original Bandwagon
    Original Bandwagon 3 hours ago

    That last one was a GGGGGG

  • Captainspalding
    Captainspalding 4 hours ago

    Sex doll 4:04

  • Ashandkam
    Ashandkam 4 hours ago +1

    Nicolette is a bitch

  • mewmew
    mewmew 5 hours ago

    If I ever acted crazy towards my parents, they'll have problem to beat my butt X3

  • christy thehedgehog
    christy thehedgehog 6 hours ago

    No guys should hit ladies he doesn't love you dumbass if he hits you
    Danielle bogoly: 😶😶

  • Cozmic Kermit
    Cozmic Kermit 6 hours ago +1

    14:19 5:54 wait why she got 2 bad
    They are the same

  • RaiderDave2112
    RaiderDave2112 6 hours ago

    Number 2, it turns out that she was faking, her brother or sister contacted the papers etc to say it was a scam to get her online profile a boost.

  • Mohamad Elsaadi
    Mohamad Elsaadi 6 hours ago

    Bro this is why kids need ass woopins I don’t wanna hear it

  • Gates Raby
    Gates Raby 7 hours ago

    The black girl who thinks she's white lmfao. I'm crying. Idiot.

  • Grace Bertrand
    Grace Bertrand 7 hours ago

    I'm not a Phil fan ..

  • Gates Raby
    Gates Raby 7 hours ago

    This is how we make stupid people famous.

  • Kig 20
    Kig 20 8 hours ago

    "Well....that ain't happening"

  • Mia Kedlarchuk
    Mia Kedlarchuk 9 hours ago

    9:00 Jesus Christ she’s UGLY

  • sjsksgwkwk sksjw
    sjsksgwkwk sksjw 10 hours ago

    This romina girl is so dumb 😂😂

  • Sheldon Offenbach
    Sheldon Offenbach 12 hours ago

    DO DO?

  • positive aaley
    positive aaley 13 hours ago

    The way she told her mother she should have done better raising her I wanted to punch her in her face..

  • Landog 20000000
    Landog 20000000 14 hours ago

    My brain hurts now

  • smooth climax
    smooth climax 17 hours ago

    The last minute kinda hurt.

  • •b•r•o•o•k•e •t•a•t•o

    I am young.. but if I didn’t have a sister that was abused by her ex than I wouldn’t of known not to take the advise that girl was putting on social media..

  • Best Tv
    Best Tv 20 hours ago

    catch me outside how bout dat

  • Jake Rattle
    Jake Rattle 20 hours ago

    Danielle should've been number 1

  • Na1r_Na1r 25
    Na1r_Na1r 25 20 hours ago

    4:04 bro that women's face had me dead 💀💀💀

  • Lucas Walker
    Lucas Walker 20 hours ago

    the black girl talking about her hatred of black people is hilarious

  • ThatPhat Gal
    ThatPhat Gal 20 hours ago

    The girl laying on her mom 🤢🤮 wth is she doing looking like a baby

  • Rony Najjar
    Rony Najjar 22 hours ago

    Thank you Jesus , after watching this video, I finally realized I'm blessed.

  • Christine Lange
    Christine Lange 22 hours ago

    My sister Janet Uebelherr thought it was her right to live in my parents home well after she was fully employed and well into her thirties. She thought it appropriate to make grocery lists for my aging mother to purchase for her. My mother did all of the cooking and cleaning. Janet never paid rent to my parents, or helped with the chores. When confronted, Janet said “this is my house”. I told her it was not her house, but rather our parents home. It didn’t sink in.
    But when my loving mother lived with Janet, the tables turned. Janet demanded and received monies from my parents estate.
    Live and learn.
    Janet charged the family estate for the time my mother lived at her home.

  • Lemi DrumAndBass
    Lemi DrumAndBass 23 hours ago

    If these kids got their ass beating they would have been much better

  • Stephanie Dewingaerde
    Stephanie Dewingaerde 23 hours ago

    I love it when the audience laughs at these sick people

  • Kaeli Ann Marie
    Kaeli Ann Marie 23 hours ago

    12:15 lmaooooo

  • XxMiMi
    XxMiMi Day ago

    Mom thanks for disciplining me with the good ol leather belt
    Its bc of you
    I will not be spoiled

  • Jennifer Mallon
    Jennifer Mallon Day ago

    “...Every aspeck on everything”

  • Chrysi Chrysi
    Chrysi Chrysi Day ago

    Insufferable. They don't even CARE about what Dr. Phil is saying to them.

  • El Elle
    El Elle Day ago

    Who the hell do these brats think they are? I would be slapping their faces every day instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner! And I believe some of the parents would deserve that kind of treatment too...

  • Jewell Smith
    Jewell Smith Day ago

    spoiled brat#1: i mean she should've ate faster
    dr phil: its eaten not ate. did you throw away your 5th grade grammar book?
    i nearly died

  • itzjustFUBAR -_-

    The second girl needs a good slap from the parents

  • Furious Killer
    Furious Killer Day ago

    Dr Phil: You dare challenge me mortals


    "Umm...i just love myself"


  • Jason Cortez
    Jason Cortez Day ago

    Number 5 is built like an old lady

  • P C
    P C Day ago

    That second little bitch needs a slap

  • HyrulChic
    HyrulChic Day ago

    I feel kinda bad for the bag girl.

  • XxLunaxX Gacha
    XxLunaxX Gacha Day ago +1

    Dr phil: you ducktaped a kids mouth?
    Girl: yeah yeah I did that
    Dr phil: the hell are you thinking?!
    I died😂😂😂😂😂

  • mark davide
    mark davide Day ago


  • adarsh ss
    adarsh ss Day ago

    As Russell peters says. Indian parents are not afraid to kill their kids if they have to.

  • Celeste
    Celeste Day ago

    The girl around 4:15 needs a major reality check

  • Celeste
    Celeste Day ago

    The first girl (around 2:35) reaaaaaaally pissed me off. If I knew her in real life, I’d slap her. Hard.

  • leopold
    leopold Day ago

    In this video, I saw nine spoiled kids. I wouldn't say #8 is spoiled, but more likely scarred. No parents there, so I'm guessing the poor girl grew up watching her dad beat her mum senseless and then have her mum tell her, "He beats me because he loves me" or some other horseshit. I don't hate her, I feel utter, abject pity for her childhood.

  • Natsuki-chan 43
    Natsuki-chan 43 Day ago

    Dr.phil says you are committing a crime 3 million times. My soul is revived

  • NilamYT
    NilamYT Day ago

    So, I’m not from America, just a short question:
    For sure I know that smoking Marijuana and drinking alcohol at 14 is a crime, it is also a crime over here. But having sex with 14 is also one?
    I mean, it’s pretty normal, to be honest, that teens with 14 get interested in sex, and as long as they do some safe sex it wouldn’t be a big deal for me... I know, America is compared to other countries on the world pretty “ashamed” of sex, not doing quite good sexual education etc., but is it also a crime to have sex with 14?
    I live in Germany and it’s legal to have sex when you’re 14 (of course only if both sides agree, and if the other part is not 18 or older). So that’s why I’m asking.

  • Adam W
    Adam W Day ago

    4:03, I think her thoughts were similar to mine with that third idiot.

  • Lil’ Budd Light

    This list was stolen from watch mojo 😂

  • Keri Howell
    Keri Howell Day ago

    Good lord, I wish my boyfriend's brat could go on this show! Dr. Phil would put her spoiled, entitled, self-serving butt in line in short order. I'd love to hear what he'd say when she called his correcting her "abusive."

  • Debbie Sawyer
    Debbie Sawyer Day ago


  • francisco mercedes ramirez


  • ziggilypiggily
    ziggilypiggily Day ago

    Girl who gets hit by boyfriend? Does your boyfriend still love you so much when he hits you one time too hard and you get brain damaged? or dead?
    I used to think the way you do. My spouse didn't hit me, he threatened to kill people, then said, notice I never say that to you. Should I have waited till he hurt me? or till he killed me? He didn't love me so much so he didn't threaten me - he indirectly threatened me, let me know that could be me if I ticked him off enough. I left before he hit me. He told me to get back in my hell hole, that I needed one upside my head. That, girl, is not love or respect or safe. That's ugly, mean, ragefilled hate. I hope you got your thinking straightened out and have learned what real love is. If what you had from your "boyfriend" is what you call love, then you don't need a boyfriend. That kind of boyfriend is a trip to hell. He won't care when you're damaged, he'll move on to the next one.

  • Joseph Celestine

    I love the end "well that ain't happening" Uh, Dr Phil my brother... "Ain't" isn't a word... Not roasting the guy. I love him but come on...

  • MunchingHoundoom
    MunchingHoundoom Day ago +1

    Number 10 dumbass
    Number 9 spoiled
    Number 8 dumb fuckhead
    Number 7 can’t have your cake and eat it
    Number 6 pothead
    Number 5 pretentious overconfident know it all
    Number 4 thief and gangster
    Number 3 bandwagon person
    Number 2 black j-roc
    Number 1 I have no got damn idea

  • awesome things
    awesome things Day ago +1

    *'Most punchable face' award goes to **14:19*

  • IllumiDoge
    IllumiDoge Day ago

    #2 is retarded

  • beijing experience

    Dr Phil es el puto amo!

  • Jamie Michael
    Jamie Michael Day ago

    Dayummm, you blacker than black

  • Mai Crespo
    Mai Crespo Day ago

    number 3 looks old

  • Elisyel Cajigas
    Elisyel Cajigas Day ago

    Teen girls these days that go on the Dr. Phil show and how they act on his show are a bunch of idiots. A bunch of spoiled, entitled lil' brats that think because they're young, they have the right to be dumb and make stupid choices. You people know what this is about with these girls, right? NO DADDY FIGURE!!!! The girls in this video are being raised by a single parent(mother) and they're mad because daddy aren't in their lives and they lash out the out of control anger and become self destructive. I'm not a pediatrician and even I can see the distain hurt and pain in these girls when they act out of control and be as wayward and spoiled as they want.