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10 Times Spoiled Kids Got OWNED by Dr Phil

  • Опубликовано: 5 янв 2019
  • Dr. Phil doesn't take no lip.
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    Some kids (just being over 18 doesn't make some of these people any more "mature") just don't understand what responsibility, ethics, or integrity is. Dr. Phil loves to put these spoiled brats in their place.
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  • Halo 3 TryHard
    Halo 3 TryHard 39 минут назад

    Mom, thanks for not spoiling me like a little bitch.

  • Snowy The Arctic Fox
    Snowy The Arctic Fox Час назад

    i was having a bad day cause i felt horrible but then i saw this video and realized

    well damn i think this is the first time i’ve loved myself for me

  • Keaton Mulling
    Keaton Mulling 2 часа назад

    8:59 her face is so ugly 🤮

  • Satyadeep Borah
    Satyadeep Borah 2 часа назад

    Most of em are the influence of pedophile big black cocks and drugs

  • Moana Aliivaa
    Moana Aliivaa 4 часа назад +1

    Man you are a dumbass 😂😂

  • A N J
    A N J 4 часа назад

    OMG if I was him I would have shot a person's knee caps

  • Hasan Moradi
    Hasan Moradi 4 часа назад

    These kids are bastard that’s why they act the way they do.

  • Zkhia Lipsey
    Zkhia Lipsey 5 часов назад

    I would have beat the second one's ass 😠😠😠

  • F H
    F H 6 часов назад

    I feel dumber after each person.

  • Garasky
    Garasky 6 часов назад

    Some of these are mental illnesses .... logic is not at play here

  • Lizzer121
    Lizzer121 6 часов назад +1

    Pause your vid and go to 3:02 it won't be a waste 😁😂😂

  • Chris Grothe
    Chris Grothe 6 часов назад


  • Mackenna Hill
    Mackenna Hill 7 часов назад +1

    I feel so privileged to not be this stupid

  • Andrew Fontanez
    Andrew Fontanez 8 часов назад

    Dr. Phil I wish there were more people like you in the world.

  • Deeri's Life
    Deeri's Life 8 часов назад

    I wish Dr. Phil was my dad

  • jake potter
    jake potter 10 часов назад

    Filipina moms be like:
    Wheres my slipper ,belt, hanger?! Gonna slap it to you,you bish

  • Lynx The One
    Lynx The One 10 часов назад

    I mean some kids seem to have actual problems so why would they embarrass them on a show lmao

  • noura alhammadi
    noura alhammadi 12 часов назад

    How am I still alive after watching this ?????

  • Sena Uzun
    Sena Uzun 12 часов назад

    americans shouldn't be allowed to have kids lol

  • gacha._. Taco
    gacha._. Taco 12 часов назад

    Well I guess I have two years to go till graduation 🎓

  • noura alhammadi
    noura alhammadi 12 часов назад

    “I have my bags”??????????!?!?! Did she really just said that…

  • Safiya Safiya
    Safiya Safiya 12 часов назад

    I want to go back my prantents house and say whop my ass cz i watched this

  • Tom A.
    Tom A. 12 часов назад

    4:05, she is looking for my dick (;

  • Shawn Carter
    Shawn Carter 13 часов назад

    We need Eminem to reply to those kids

  • MONI
    MONI 13 часов назад

    I thank God every day that I didn't have kids! Dealing with that bullshit! Not on my watch!

  • Michele Castellotti
    Michele Castellotti 15 часов назад

    He be carpet bombing this spoiled id**ts

  • dijyne
    dijyne 15 часов назад

    I’m out

  • Pepper Mint
    Pepper Mint 16 часов назад

    What’s worse than a bitch? A fat bitch.

  • Kriti Sharma
    Kriti Sharma 16 часов назад

    He is so savage omg I'm dead. He tore the cheque. Holy lorrddd!!!

  • Vynn
    Vynn 18 часов назад

    I love how they just break down and freeze when they get confronted in front of thousands

  • Vynn
    Vynn 18 часов назад

    I used to think parents were crazy if they were to wip me. Now I understand

  • Adam ghost 22
    Adam ghost 22 19 часов назад

    The more I watch the more I feel like leaving this world....

  • dermetaller15
    dermetaller15 19 часов назад


  • SWydor
    SWydor 19 часов назад

    To the ranch

  • King Ragnar
    King Ragnar 20 часов назад

    Dr Phil the thotslayer.

  • Rosemary V
    Rosemary V 21 час назад

    Nicolette acts so different now

  • MultiGaming
    MultiGaming День назад

    That first one though 😂

  • Dizziepunch Gaming
    Dizziepunch Gaming День назад

    Dr. Phil is so brutal. Yet another spirit animal in my totem pole.

  • Terrible - Editor
    Terrible - Editor День назад

    Damn these bitches are just... WOW. Unbelievable

  • Flordelyn Castañares
    Flordelyn Castañares День назад

    Dr Phil? hahahaha imagine Gordon Ramsay in this show

  • Shaun Gebbie
    Shaun Gebbie День назад

    8:04 Did she just ask "What's social media?" Or did I hear that wrong?

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers День назад

    I’m so glad my parents weren’t afraid to beat my ass when I was young. I’m in college now, full time student, with a full time job and have my own place with roommates and love every minute because it rooted back to their discipline when I was young that gives me the drive today. Your kids should have a loving fear of you. They should love to see you every day, but when they disobey you, their thought should be “crap I’m screwed, mom and dad are gonna kill me.” They should not think “well that sucks for them.” Kids respect your parents and parents, don’t be afraid to give your kids tough love.

  • Sneaker Playz
    Sneaker Playz День назад

    Yooouuu knoooowww iiimmmm aaammmaaaazzzziiinnngg

  • kate1603
    kate1603 День назад

    That Beverly Hills brat girl did not move her face one time throughout her clip sis is freaking me out

  • kim evans
    kim evans День назад

    *i've seen most of these kids from pewdiepie's videos*

  • Eva Kumar
    Eva Kumar День назад

    GO DR PHIL!!

  • rockinrowdy13
    rockinrowdy13 День назад

    Seriously now...are these people for real?? I mean the blond "mother" who allows her 14y.o. daughter to drink and smoke weed and get laid thinks there is nothing wrong with it?? Doctor Phil must be flabbergasted with these idiots.

  • Shadic Pardagin
    Shadic Pardagin День назад

    Another reason Im glad i got an asswhoopin as a kid

  • SKYLARKo80
    SKYLARKo80 День назад

    How has Number 8 been brainwashed?

  • Royalty Shepard
    Royalty Shepard День назад

    All these kids need is a WEEK. ONE WEEK. with my mom

  • Solomon Deleon
    Solomon Deleon День назад

    number 8 that bitch retarded

  • MittyHam0
    MittyHam0 День назад

    How does this job not make him go insane

  • Mike Luciano
    Mike Luciano День назад

    They all should of got their ass whooped when they were little and put in check. Instead sooner or later they'll meet there match

  • Notorious3:16
    Notorious3:16 День назад

    Honestly all these bitches need more than a talking too

  • Therion Murphy
    Therion Murphy День назад

    Cause these kids don't have those grandparents that we had growing up

  • Андреа Ш.
    Андреа Ш. День назад

    Omg... these americans... this kind of idiots you can only see and hear in america, I swear a god

  • CNRgg Tekken
    CNRgg Tekken День назад

    Im glad my parents whoop my ass when i wrong..

  • Mario Bahamondes
    Mario Bahamondes День назад

    4:04... That face tho 😅

  • tenayah Freeman
    tenayah Freeman День назад

    Mom thanks for spanking me I not a spoild little kid

    STEFIX День назад

    The first kid isnt so bad all he needs to do is get a job

  • TheAdvocate85
    TheAdvocate85 День назад

    People just learn to raise your kids right, seriously.

  • Travis the Cancer Pill
    Travis the Cancer Pill День назад

    Is doctor Phil the next Ben Shapiro

  • Moin Chowdhury
    Moin Chowdhury День назад

    Dr Phil da boss

  • Jonathan Quinonez
    Jonathan Quinonez День назад

    If he kills you he loves you

  • Deya Sabir
    Deya Sabir День назад

    4:05 same

  • Connor Moon
    Connor Moon День назад

    i hate the ones on here where the kids get whatever they want. like there was one where a girl took her moms card multiple times and she said she spent $100,000 on herself. idk about you guys but personally my house was only $100,000 and my mom makes half that. i wish some of these kids would get kicked out on the street. I mean, I'd probably get grounded for a month if i took $100 and not even see the light of day if i took $100,000

  • Connor Moon
    Connor Moon День назад

    i feel like being 20 and still at home isnt that bad. My brother moved out at like 24. he had a job and went to college tho 😂

  • Hayden Rodriguez
    Hayden Rodriguez День назад

    10:05 hey, it's her!

  • Montae Smith
    Montae Smith День назад

    "I just duck tape his mouth......" 🤦🏾‍♂️ she have been swallowed 👅

  • Ifrah Chishti
    Ifrah Chishti День назад

    4:04 says everything

  • Hunter Zolomon
    Hunter Zolomon День назад

    I'm so grateful to my parents right now. They didn't raise me perfect but they raised me right. Thanks mom and dad.

  • Emily Har
    Emily Har День назад

    Cash me outside girl

  • Kangkana Kumar
    Kangkana Kumar День назад

    How does one gets selected to be on Dr. Phil's show? Y doesn't he call people from our country too.
    Dr. Phil's humour is enough to put stubborn kids in appropriate order 👍 This man is awesome in his skills... gr8 talent

  • Mindaugas Velička
    Mindaugas Velička День назад

    6th number is like what

  • Kian Meyzinev
    Kian Meyzinev 2 дня назад

    And they don’t even feel sorry about it. They were all proud off themselves

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username 2 дня назад

    They all have the same dull, lifeless look in their eyes and the same irritating speech pattern jfc 🙄

  • Gloria Alorwoyie
    Gloria Alorwoyie 2 дня назад

    Phil is rasicts

  • Wolfie Marie
    Wolfie Marie 2 дня назад

    This bitch pulled out them crocodile tears.
    Phil my man! Don't giver her that tissue.

  • zippay25
    zippay25 2 дня назад

    Those are kids?they look so old😣

  • Debsel
    Debsel 2 дня назад

    This is why you need to beat your kids.

    FORTNITE IS TRASH 2 дня назад

    dr phill being a dad to these kids

  • Fallout 76
    Fallout 76 2 дня назад

    If a Guy hits a girl means he loves you makes sense LMAO

  • Steve Saxby
    Steve Saxby 2 дня назад

    American women should swallow more would cut down on spoilt brats

  • Kate Kane
    Kate Kane 2 дня назад +14

    Thank you mom and dad for grounding me and whooping up on me.

  • Clayton King
    Clayton King 2 дня назад +1

    Future congress.

  • Vivi Zhang
    Vivi Zhang 2 дня назад

    When your mom realizes you're pregnant. 4:04

  • deep blue charly
    deep blue charly 2 дня назад +1

    I really wish it would also show how he turns them around

  • Bryan Carlo Dumat
    Bryan Carlo Dumat 2 дня назад

    Mental disorders. They need help

  • xd Creature-_-
    xd Creature-_- 2 дня назад

    4:24 shes retarted

  • Alina Akhtar
    Alina Akhtar 2 дня назад

    the patience that Dr. Phil has is incredible

  • Ngataiawa Finau
    Ngataiawa Finau 2 дня назад

    you do so have a weak spot all i have to do is punch your nose and see how weak you get

  • tristan smith
    tristan smith 2 дня назад

    Good job dr phil

  • Brendan McCarthy
    Brendan McCarthy 2 дня назад

    That second chick... omg.. I’ve seen waaaay better than her.

  • Desiree K
    Desiree K 2 дня назад

    And now Danielle is a rapper. What's wrong with this world

  • The Skeptic Raptor
    The Skeptic Raptor 2 дня назад


  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 2 дня назад

    6:00 makes me so angry

  • Jake
    Jake 2 дня назад +1

    Send em to the ranch

  • Emily Roux
    Emily Roux 2 дня назад

    Pretty sure she was fake crying 6:11 she cried for half a second then immediately after she stopped...

  • Brianna Sunshine   Gray
    Brianna Sunshine Gray 2 дня назад

    I am a fellow adult in her 20s working two jobs that still live in her parents house. I could say paying bills on top of that while paying school is not possible

  • vlad majorally
    vlad majorally 2 дня назад

    It's all fake lol