Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial | GMA

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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Comments • 96 744

  • 20k Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    "If you wanna be the best, you have to learn from one".

  • vinícius Pompeu de Moraes

    that flex on the end though

  • bluF0X
    bluF0X Hour ago

    The F-Word Burger.
    “Can I have the Fuck Burger?”
    “Ok, one F-Word Burger.”

  • Venom Private
    Venom Private Hour ago

    Watching this makes me cry

  • Tycho De Graaf
    Tycho De Graaf 2 hours ago +2

    Does he season his seasoning to?

  • 1uar
    1uar 3 hours ago

    why does it seems gordon is always in a hurry.

  • Plague_YT
    Plague_YT 5 hours ago

    9:23 We Go Boom, Bam , Bup
    Brupm Pm, Paw 😂

  • Plague_YT
    Plague_YT 5 hours ago +1

    He Forgot To Season The Table, Disgraceful!

  • Tyrone Bigum
    Tyrone Bigum 6 hours ago

    Flexes so hard at the end ⚜️🤙🏽

  • Tyler Villa
    Tyler Villa 6 hours ago +1

    Damn Gordon you want some burger on that seasoning?

  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza 6 hours ago

    9 minutes for 3 burgers

    GOD GOKU 6 hours ago

    Did he really seasoned his burger without seasoning his hands UGHH *DISGUSTING*

  • Captain Cosmos
    Captain Cosmos 7 hours ago

    wow, what a flex that was

  • Dylan Mcgaw
    Dylan Mcgaw 7 hours ago

    Want to criticize the cheap-looking grill but I have one too lol. love the way he connects to his audience

  • Chuggly Doo
    Chuggly Doo 8 hours ago

    It would’ve been bad if he said something like “ I’ve got Kim, Kanye and Stevie Wonder who I’m sure is just glaring through his windows looking at my fabulous Burgers”

  • Axegirl 2018
    Axegirl 2018 9 hours ago

    $80 dollar burger y'all

  • Amario Chill
    Amario Chill 9 hours ago


  • Mlex Ferraro
    Mlex Ferraro 9 hours ago

    Lol did anyone in the comments actually make the burger 😂

  • Heindz Rosell
    Heindz Rosell 10 hours ago

    “And now, From there”

  • MasterMelone
    MasterMelone 10 hours ago

    This has to be like the 6th time I’ve watched this exact video at midnight

  • Rega
    Rega 11 hours ago +1

    *Mr. Krabs wants to know your location

  • 20000 subscribers With no videos

    I’m surprised how he didn’t season his grill before cooking.

  • Robert Ewen
    Robert Ewen 11 hours ago

    If you want a cris cross pattern you can turn in between flips

  • The Milk Man
    The Milk Man 11 hours ago

    Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski would blow Gordon's brains out for putting all that mayo on his burger.

  • ItsRDR
    ItsRDR 11 hours ago

    2:46 Gordon: season it
    Also Gordon: puts oil on it

  • rx6en
    rx6en 12 hours ago

    3:25 rip oil

  • Derek Furst
    Derek Furst 12 hours ago

    I bet stevie wonder's sense of smell is very heightened

  • VK Sharma
    VK Sharma 12 hours ago

    Looks like inedible shit

  • Stark Junior
    Stark Junior 12 hours ago +1

    When he said 1:44 I felt that

  • Constellations
    Constellations 13 hours ago +1

    3:48 grills are delicious?

  • Art Asylum
    Art Asylum 13 hours ago


  • Pesh Madscientist
    Pesh Madscientist 14 hours ago

    That burger's fucking raw!

  • jeffrey rogers
    jeffrey rogers 14 hours ago

    Congratulations Gordon, you're the 8 zillionth person to move to L.A.

  • ITZ ME
    ITZ ME 14 hours ago +1

    Is this the secret formula of a Krabby patty?

  • JustRandomStuff12435
    JustRandomStuff12435 14 hours ago

    “Toast those buns”

  • Michael Korn
    Michael Korn 15 hours ago

    Gordon: You cant season a burger after it's already on the grill

    Also Gordon: Now season those burgers while they're on the grill

  • Tcho Laury
    Tcho Laury 17 hours ago

    But he touched the raw meat then touch the bread ! Massive mistake tho

  • Aadi J
    Aadi J 17 hours ago

    shit way of making it with burned onions. definitely it would taste as bad as he made it.

  • josetejado
    josetejado 17 hours ago

    Y si le pones todo el bote de mantequilla pues más flavor...jajajaj

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 17 hours ago

    legend has it the dead sea died when gordon ramsay thought the bathing water needed a bit of seasoning

  • danivannimwegen
    danivannimwegen 18 hours ago

    I wanna merry whit mathilda now beqause the food in ther family😂😂😂

  • mrlucrezia
    mrlucrezia 19 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: "You know, you can't season the burger after it's cooked."
    Also Gordon Ramsay: "Now, before they come off the grill, lightly season them on the grill."
    Gordon Ramsay: "Put that lid down. Really important!"
    Also Gordon Ramsay: Proceeds to open the lid 7 times during cooking
    Gordon Ramsay: "30 seconds before these burgers come off."
    Also Gordon Ramsay: Prepares buns for almost 2 minutes

  • Twisty Terra
    Twisty Terra 21 hour ago

    He needs to season the seasoned seasoning.

  • R9-Peak
    R9-Peak 21 hour ago

    I cant believe he didnt season the grill before he began cooking on it.

  • Angel Nico Sarino
    Angel Nico Sarino 21 hour ago

    I want to taste Gordon's Burger before I die

  • Offlxne Official
    Offlxne Official 22 hours ago

    Those buns look like the one in the commercials

  • Dark Fleegle TRA LA LA
    Dark Fleegle TRA LA LA 23 hours ago

    Would he get mad at me if I don’t like medium rare?

  • Julius Ruiz
    Julius Ruiz 23 hours ago

    All salt and pepper and forgot the sazon

  • OnlyGamingHere
    OnlyGamingHere 23 hours ago

    He seasons his body in the shower

  • Brush on Xbox
    Brush on Xbox 23 hours ago

    Make sure you season the Cow’s sperm before it’s born. With a dash of olive oil .

  • BT 7274
    BT 7274 23 hours ago +1

    He put pepper on everthing

  • SyncnzSzn
    SyncnzSzn Day ago +1

    Gordon:I'mma swim in the pool..
    Also Gordon:Oh wait,I forgot something.

    Gordon again:*seasons the pool

  • Legion
    Legion Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay's favorite classic song: The four seasons

  • bilobilo me
    bilobilo me Day ago

    waiter serves the food
    Me: pretty good
    Gordon: disgusting
    Me: disgusting

  • Khayden plays XD xD

    whos hungry

  • Mr monkey 78
    Mr monkey 78 Day ago

    next how to make the perfect peanut butter sandwich.

  • arb
    arb Day ago

    First time i see gordon calm

  • Daniel.C. YT
    Daniel.C. YT Day ago

    Gordon is the guy who has the nerves to put his hands on the fire

  • Gamer Steel
    Gamer Steel Day ago

    5:45 - I thought Gordon said you should season the patty before you cook it while is he seasoning it while it's cooking ??

  • ABE
    ABE Day ago

    *Me after watching video to make cereal cuz I’m hungry*
    Bowl. Olive oil. Season JUST A TOUCH. Of. Cereal. SEASON MORE. Crack open. Milk. And simply POUR. season, season, season. NOW. SEASON. Your spoon. Make sure you season your mouth before. Consumption.