Ranking The 10 Best NBA Rookie Seasons Since LeBron James

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • The 34 year old LeBron James came into the league in 2003-04. A unique transcendent talent nobody has ever seen and one of the best to ever play the game of basketball, a lot has happen since then, including some amazing memorable rookie seasons from other stars. Here are the 10 best NBA Rookie Seasons since LeBron's arrival to the NBA.
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  • TJSHoops
    TJSHoops 11 hours ago

    In 2012 kyrie missed 13 games dummy

  • Yajuvendra Chauhan
    Yajuvendra Chauhan 23 days ago

    Where is jayson tautum

  • Joshua Chigumira
    Joshua Chigumira 25 days ago

    Trae Young

  • Miracle Whip Dominoes

    hehe here comes trae young

    • Vid Nikon
      Vid Nikon Month ago

      trae would be still second

  • waymond hughes III
    waymond hughes III Month ago

    Later Zion will be on here

  • Drizzle
    Drizzle 3 months ago

    Luka #1? You gotta be joking..

  • JKHChicken21
    JKHChicken21 3 months ago

    Wheres kd

  • Florence Mayweather
    Florence Mayweather 3 months ago

    Trae young?

  • Will Salice
    Will Salice 3 months ago

    When it’s all said and done Ben Simmons will be on this list 10 times

  • We Real Boys
    We Real Boys 3 months ago +1

    Luka is overated

  • KlewRP
    KlewRP 3 months ago

    Yes!!! I’m so glad Luca was first!!

  • Sime Petrusevski
    Sime Petrusevski 3 months ago

    Towns, Blake and Simmons had a better rookie season than Doncic. Stop overrating him

  • pzg fly
    pzg fly 4 months ago

    Ben Simmons by far......15/8/8 as a 6'10 PG on an 50+ team is remarkable 😎

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil 4 months ago

    Lebron is trash

    Top BG MOMOLAND 4 months ago +5

    #1 luca
    #2 blake
    #3 tyreke
    #4 mitchell
    #5 simmons

    • itachi uchiha
      itachi uchiha Month ago

      U forgot 2023-2024 when lebron jr is going if he really wants to go to the nba he will go straight to outa college. Hope he goes cavs but im a cavs fan he would be good on golden state maybe Toronto would win a champ if hes on there. IM NOT A BIG FOLLOWER OF JAMES JR I DON KNOW MUCH ABOUT HIM I ONLY KNOW HIM FROM YOU TUBE. Im on mobile btw sorry for spelling errors.

  • big_ body_bizinga
    big_ body_bizinga 4 months ago

    luka is no longer the run away

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 4 months ago

      Harry's_ Insane_edits he is but trae young is playing well

  • miguel araneta
    miguel araneta 4 months ago

    Trae young?

  • Patrick Harrison
    Patrick Harrison 4 months ago +1

    tyreke evans better be number one

  • Rezdust
    Rezdust 4 months ago

    Michael carter Williams?

  • joey hiii
    joey hiii 4 months ago

    People get caught up in stats too much.
    1. Averaging 26 in 2019 is like 20 in 2005 since you cant make any contact what so ever since the nba knows high scoring is more fan friendly (not fans of the craft obv)
    2. I dont agree with luka being 1 BUT what makes him so great is his game, not his stats. He controls the tempo, he can dribble, he can shoot, he can pass, step back, euro, got a good feel for drawing the foul etc. compared to blake where he was more dominant and athletic

  • Brett Frost
    Brett Frost 4 months ago

    With out question rookie of the year was wrong

  • Rhyan Bathan
    Rhyan Bathan 4 months ago

    Now weve got a true roty race with luka and with trae surprising everyone with his past few games

  • Tom Schneitter
    Tom Schneitter 4 months ago


  • Tanner Clarke
    Tanner Clarke 4 months ago

    why is mitchell on there he didnt fuckin win

  • Tanner Clarke
    Tanner Clarke 4 months ago

    two tousand tree hahaha sorry thats funny as fuck

  • Tanner Clarke
    Tanner Clarke 4 months ago

    no offense

  • Tanner Clarke
    Tanner Clarke 4 months ago

    wtf is that accent

  • Touch Me
    Touch Me 4 months ago +1

    Ben Simmons should be on top 1. He will be the ROTY this year

  • Kent Fortz
    Kent Fortz 4 months ago +1

    1. Rose

  • Tyreek Edwards
    Tyreek Edwards 4 months ago


  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller 4 months ago

    "No Kentucky player has had a better rookie year" ummmm wilt??

  • D7 nogginpopper
    D7 nogginpopper 4 months ago +4

    Idk about Luka getting ROTY Ben Simmons might just get it every year

  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 months ago

    Lebron needs PEDS to perform Luka don’t need them

  • Negusis 85
    Negusis 85 4 months ago +1

    I havemt watched basketball in a while and ecided to check out the Mavs recently with this Luka kid. Yrs, hes good, but i see alot of extras being out on it for no reason. It feels very great white hype-ish.
    First let me say, dude is good. Yes, he is. But im seeing people compare his rookie year to Jordan and James and I'm like calm down.
    He aint touching Bird's rookie. Amd from how i saw Cuban and others talk about him you would thibk the team is playoff contention. I just looked at the western cinference standings and theyre 3rd from the bottom.
    At least with that flash in the pan Jeremy Lin hype they were winning more games than they were losing.

  • Jomar Florenosos
    Jomar Florenosos 4 months ago

    Cp3 over d rose ??

  • Hans Noe Silva Mina
    Hans Noe Silva Mina 4 months ago

    Luka the overrated rookie again? Nah, i mean he's good but you can't just put him on no.1 with 33 games that he only played

  • Javi Garcia
    Javi Garcia 4 months ago

    Luka ain't even that good why is everybody on him

  • Fianarose Villanueva
    Fianarose Villanueva 5 months ago +1

    Devin booker is kentucky player

  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 months ago

    Hating on doncic you are. Lower stats than real ones i can see.

  • mrspetznaz
    mrspetznaz 5 months ago

    The best rookie of all time was scalabrine

  • Mike Porter
    Mike Porter 5 months ago +1

    Luca Doncic #1 Next year

  • Lawless Last Name
    Lawless Last Name 5 months ago

    Question: who won roy dime lillard or A.D

  • Dana kaleb
    Dana kaleb 5 months ago

    Good job!!!

  • Maria Luisa Poza
    Maria Luisa Poza 5 months ago

    Luka doncic played in Real Madrid last year he isn’t a rookie

  • Chidi Okonmah
    Chidi Okonmah 5 months ago

    Derrick Rose was the most dominant rookie in NBA history.

  • Shroud Sniper
    Shroud Sniper 5 months ago

    Luka Really Likes LeBron with those Step Backs

  • Franzell Dexter Marin
    Franzell Dexter Marin 5 months ago

    I will honestly put Harden,Rose and Tatum there.

  • AgentZero Zignarrr
    AgentZero Zignarrr 5 months ago

    Simmons wasn't a real rookie but Blake was. Doncic(and he's doing great, that's not my point) is a real rookie but that's his 3^ years in pro basketball. Not NBA, but for sure A LOT better than college or high school...how could Ayton be on pair with that?

  • Kai Be
    Kai Be 5 months ago

    Jesus christ man. You need to take a break at times from talking. Your presentation is horrible.

  • timothy bruns
    timothy bruns 5 months ago

    Why didn't you put Dwight Howard on this list? He was dominant in his rookie season, but wasn't a good offensive player.

  • Gs.tapez
    Gs.tapez 5 months ago


  • Dead Shøt
    Dead Shøt 5 months ago

    Blake has the best rookie season got to admit

  • Alisenan SH
    Alisenan SH 5 months ago

    MJ Rockies season was the best ever. No comparison

  • Habetamu Mersha
    Habetamu Mersha 5 months ago

    luka is great and all but he is not playing like blake .

  • A clements
    A clements 5 months ago +1

    Come on how can Luca have the best rookie season since Lebron and it’s not even the all star break yet terrible video wait until the playoffs and call it the best regular season by a rookie since Lebron and do some more research

  • kenny pandosen
    kenny pandosen 5 months ago

    Just make more highlights of Danny green instead. Make highlights of him every game no matter what his score is. You will have more followers that way.

  • Rafael Miranda
    Rafael Miranda 5 months ago +1

    i like your videos, but this one was awful, the idea was great but the picks were just awful, pretty inconsistent arguments...

  • J talent Cruz
    J talent Cruz 5 months ago

    Mj was the best rookie ever had 28pts lol that’s crazy

  • Brian Wong
    Brian Wong 5 months ago

    YOU FORGOT BRANDON ROY! He should be on the top 2 or 1

  • David Dao
    David Dao 5 months ago

    tyreke's rookie year is actually better than both dame's, mitchell, and rose. 20/5/5 > 20/3/3

  • Deus Ex is the best game ever

    What about Michael-carter Williams?😂😂

  • Mark Milanovich
    Mark Milanovich 6 months ago

    luka should not be eligible for this video if his rookie season isn't even over yet

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow 6 months ago

    and durant?

  • z0ro ML
    z0ro ML 6 months ago

    Ben simmons 2 time ROY
    Best shooter in the game,He doesnt miss much

  • Mountaga Diallo
    Mountaga Diallo 6 months ago

    Disliked. This is unconsistent

  • Carl Andre Velasquez
    Carl Andre Velasquez 6 months ago

    I Like your channel keep it up, I want to be a champion. 🏆

  • zolarxz
    zolarxz 6 months ago

    Ur anti philly didnt include jojo and he would have been on this list then putting donovan over simmons, mitchell is super inconsistent remember when he went 3-25 against you guessed it the sixers

  • Sunny Xu
    Sunny Xu 6 months ago

    ur list is bs

  • Johnathan Threet
    Johnathan Threet 6 months ago

    Everyone in here knows luka should definitely be # 1

  • Binniam Eskender
    Binniam Eskender 6 months ago

    I love Luka's game and what he has been doing this year... but you are delusional if you think he's already passed any of those 9 players you have on the list. I have him on the 10th spot and not anywhere higher. But when the seasons has ended... he might get spot no 2 but Blake's season will be hard to beat.