Alabama wins national championship | ESPN


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  • FBB fan 94
    FBB fan 94 Месяц назад

    The next Tim Tebow eww religion

  • Ugly—NOse__2k
    Ugly—NOse__2k Месяц назад

    the TBE

  • Kyle Hudson
    Kyle Hudson 5 месяцев назад

    That comment he gave giving Jesus Christ all the glory was just flat out Amazing!!!! Having GOD on your side, you can never fail but glorify in His love and greatness!

  • Avengened sevenfold
    Avengened sevenfold 5 месяцев назад

    WOO ha ha fuck u georgia

  • Dess Marvel
    Dess Marvel 6 месяцев назад +1

    With Jesus Christ all things are possible! Not some, not a lil bit, not most, but ALL THINGS! Congrats Tua and Alabama!

  • M0UZE
    M0UZE 7 месяцев назад

    God made the Georgia defender forget how to cover?

  • SweetVibez
    SweetVibez 9 месяцев назад


  • Cinema Synopsis
    Cinema Synopsis 10 месяцев назад +1

    Reporter: “Now describe what you saw on that game winning play.” Me: “Well what I saw was a missed offsides, but you all were too busy running on the field and celebrating to notice that once the game was over.”

  • ArrowJ Smith
    ArrowJ Smith 10 месяцев назад

    Would like to Thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. AMEN ESPN.

  • T X
    T X 10 месяцев назад +1

    Haters: "Alabama cheated, God helped them win.. This is fixed, they can't win without God"

    NIFO-OTI FALELIMA 10 месяцев назад

    The New York nfl team needs him

    UCF 2017 UNDISPUTED NATTY CHAMPS 13-0-0 11 месяцев назад


    UCF 2017 UNDISPUTED NATTY CHAMPS 13-0-0 11 месяцев назад

    '''we'all ain't even the best team in our state'''
    ...-Nick Saban

  • danny jones
    danny jones Год назад +1

    i love being an alabama fan!!! glad my pops graduated from there 😂😂😂

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee Год назад

    Why ESPN let maria interview tua? She is a UGA graduate and it's cruel for her to interview the winner and she has to show a smile on her face.


    kicked Georgia ass y'all own the sec.

  • kevvcoot
    kevvcoot Год назад

    He will get boycotted just like Tebow did, for giving Praise to Jesus.

  • Dan Willis
    Dan Willis Год назад

    Congrats guys! #crimsontide NOBODY STOPS THE TIDE! Only until Sunday you can grab these (Limited Edition) Tshirts and Hoodies. Get yours while they last!

  • Nikolas Carley
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  • ben
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    HOODTURNGOOD Год назад

    All Glory To God Thru His Son Jesus!!! The Holy Spirit Took Over!! Allelujiah Praise The Lord!!!

  • Obscure Reference
    Obscure Reference Год назад

    Fuck Alabama fuck Roll Tide War Damn Eagle fuck Bama

  • Michael Singleton
    Michael Singleton Год назад

    Hawaiian Assassin will be a first round pick in nfl , guarantee to the Bears

  • Michael Singleton
    Michael Singleton Год назад

    Hawaiian Assassin

  • 10,000 subs with one popular video

    Guys, you all know gods are myths right?

  • Justin Hardy
    Justin Hardy Год назад

    Praise God !!! Wonderful Things Coming your Way!

  • Ryan Salazar
    Ryan Salazar Год назад


  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson Год назад

    Regardlesss what a great football season like if you agree

  • What Fred Said
    What Fred Said Год назад

    The REF'S should get the game ball!

  • What Fred Said
    What Fred Said Год назад

    I'm not a Georgia fan by any means but the ref's blew several calls in this game and they all seemed to benefit Alabama! They screwed Georgia out of a blocked punt, a personal foul that should have been called against Alabama when their player pushed the quarterback of Georgia's head when he was on the ground, the missed face mask to a Georgia player and a block in the back on a punt return! Not to mention all the times I saw an Alabama player with a handful of Georgia jersey in his hand but was never called for holding. This was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen and only a few sport writers have mentioned this. I realize you can't get every call right but my god get a different job if you can't do better than this! Sad part is they were Big 10 Refs. my team is in the Big Ten.

    • Bama4life
      Bama4life Год назад

      What Fred Said Stfu

  • Bertley
    Bertley Год назад

    You have a shite for god if he cares more about who wins a worthless football game than all the other problems we are facing. And there is no evidence that he can multitask, at all.

  • Dane B. McFadhen
    Dane B. McFadhen Год назад

    God? Who said dat?

  • E Cannon
    E Cannon Год назад

    It's always impressive when Jesus takes time out of his busy schedule of giving cancer to babies to intervene in college football. Glory!

  • I don’t Play fortnite
    I don’t Play fortnite Год назад +1

    Georgia deserves to lose lol. They ran Cover 2 on 2nd & 26.

  • -_OreO_-
    -_OreO_- Год назад

    Georgia looses everything


    better luck next year!!!!!!!!!

    • Bama4life
      Bama4life Год назад


  • usctrojans001
    usctrojans001 Год назад

    We in the Islands are Proud of You Tua! First Tagovailoa Thanks Jesus, Then the Team Effort, Next the Defense and the Offense Line, The Team Again "They were the Guy who made me look Good Tonight" As Humbled as he is Gifted!

  • Pernell Hill
    Pernell Hill Год назад +1

    Did he mean his parents would be mad if he mentions his thanks to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? If they raised him that way, to be unashamed, then he is only living that out, this is a defining moment for him, mom and dad be proud, your son is a champion and I'm not just talking football. It's refreshing to see young men like this on the big stage acknowledging his faith. I wish him the very best.

    • Pernell Hill
      Pernell Hill Год назад +1

      NeNe G ohhh! Thank you, makes sense, my bad! Again, I say, I’m sure his parents are so proud.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Год назад +3

      Pernell Hill He was saying that they would be mad if he didn't acknowledge the lord, that's why he stopped and made sure he said that before continuing answering her question. His parents taught him very well that in all things, gives thanks to God first!..I love it!!!

  • Khajiit Thundercat
    Khajiit Thundercat Год назад


  • FAWK Q
    FAWK Q Год назад +3


  • Nathan Burnham
    Nathan Burnham Год назад

    Very humble, well respected, great job recognizing the team, endless potential, congrats AL.... from a GA fan....

  • Karen Cumbie
    Karen Cumbie Год назад

    Thanks be to God who gives us the victory.

  • bs bs
    bs bs Год назад

    I'm so proud of him. True freshman coming in the second half of the national championship, taking the entire team on his back and leading them to victory. I knew he was special ever since the Vanderbilt game. But don't forget about the man who got us there. Jalen Hurts. It was a brilliant move by Saban to switch up quarterbacks. He obviously knew that Tua could get the job done and it was the last thing Georgia expected.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Год назад

      Dustin Williams Stop saying Jalen got them there, Jalen wasn't going to finish just like last year and the team would of lost again. What is the purpose of getting a team to the national championship since so many people keep bringing that up about Jalen, only to play like crap in the most important game, and no one is perfect but Jalen was terrible against GA and didn't seem to care even after the defensive leaders had talks with him on the sideline to get the offense going, he failed the offense and defense the first half, but the defense though playing through frustration kept GA to only 13 points and gave the team a chance to come back. Enough Jalen praise, it's Tua time so let him shine, dude gone be a monster next season! I'm sorry and I like Jalen but he is not thhe QB that Bama needs going forward, he almost blew this game

  • NNMCH Highlights
    NNMCH Highlights Год назад

    one of the best plays ever

  • Blood Money
    Blood Money Год назад

    ROLL TIDE BITCH 🏆#1 that G is for Garbage fam No KAP 😂😂😂 💯

  • Matt Molenda
    Matt Molenda Год назад

    Thanks to the refs

  • Talaole Charles
    Talaole Charles Год назад

    163 poo butt haters 💩
    Great job champ 💪
    Congrats to BAMA 💯

  • Charles Anthony
    Charles Anthony Год назад

    What a great kid! Parents raised him right

  • Big Chap
    Big Chap Год назад

    I'm so damn glad this kid is Hawiian and not white because if he (Tua) were white, the racists would be calling the switch up racism. Sad but true. Congratulations to the entire team and coaching staff. It was a team effort.

  • Greg Fakerson
    Greg Fakerson Год назад

    nah, jesus has nothing to do with it

  • Stephen Campbell
    Stephen Campbell Год назад

    why would his parents disagree with him giving God the glory in the biggest moment of his life? Ah well. To God be the glory!

  • Steval204
    Steval204 Год назад

    Holy fuck. Leave the religion out of it. You’re a special athlete who made an incredible play. God didn’t take the ball out of your hand and throw it, you did it. Makes me sick how the first thing they say after a huge win or play is “all glory to god...” get over yourselves.

  • Jwad
    Jwad Год назад

    espn sucks period.

    DIVADIVA8 Год назад

    Never underestimate Nick Saban!!!

  • Love You Nala
    Love You Nala Год назад

    I was shocked. I loved how he thanked Jesus. That was so beautiful. When he said his parents would be mad, did he mean they would be mad if he didn’t say that or be mad that he said it?

  • Seira Moors
    Seira Moors Год назад

    cheeeehooooo!!!! Way to go island boy! You got it done! #SamoanboyfromHawaii#

  • Ansley Cary
    Ansley Cary Год назад +1

    I’m not a #rolltidefan in any way but Tua is an amazing man if only he could be recruited to uga his relationship with god is amazing and I respect him for that💗💖

  • Jo Griffin
    Jo Griffin Год назад +1

    The Jesus was on our side saying !!! Good job young man I’m glad u were being watched and taken care of unlike the kids dying in Africa and 16000 kids dying of cancer yearly!!! Cheers for that speech !! Glad u are chosen

  • Google User
    Google User Год назад

    :01-:05 #94 Michael Barnett, Jr. GO DAWGS.

  • David Digital
    David Digital Год назад +3

    Surprised ESPN didn't bleep him out when he thanked God

  • Calvestet Marks
    Calvestet Marks Год назад +1

    Roll Tide And Proud RTR

  • mighty gamer
    mighty gamer Год назад +18

    Tua the man for shouting out our Jesus😁😁

  • Orgeeba Harvin
    Orgeeba Harvin Год назад +5

    A very humble young man!

  • Gary White
    Gary White Год назад

    Future Hiesman winner. Just wait. This guy is gonna be something else! RTR!!

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music Год назад

    Did the Russell Wilson comparisons start yet?

  • Jake4rmStateFarm
    Jake4rmStateFarm Год назад +4

    This kid Samoan?

    • Da Masta
      Da Masta Год назад +5

      Jake4rmStateFarm yeah cant u tell? Those numerous vowels in last name like P-o-l-a-m-a-l-u?

  • Heyaj Tom
    Heyaj Tom Год назад +1

    Amen 🙏🏽

  • Albino Tangerine
    Albino Tangerine Год назад +1

    Harambe is my savior

  • R ozco
    R ozco Год назад +1

    Fuck Trump!

  • Bryce. Lakers
    Bryce. Lakers Год назад

    Uggggggggg wtf why did they pass that so far and got lucky fricken alabama

  • VjOnItGood81
    VjOnItGood81 Год назад

    My life is in Savannah ga and I don't give a fuck about football.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un Год назад


  • Steak
    Steak Год назад +5

    0:33 this man has been pushed to point that he must excuse himself to thank OUR Lord and savior before giving thanks??? Wake up America. The Christian God is our only answer.

  • Marduk of Nexus
    Marduk of Nexus Год назад +2

    Nah..UCF won the champioship.
    The only UNDEFEATED team.

    • Bama4life
      Bama4life Год назад

      Marduk of Nexus Ucf didn't win squat. They are Trash.

    • James Summers
      James Summers Год назад

      Ur outta ur mind ucf would get squashed in the playoffs

  • Zaine Ridling
    Zaine Ridling Год назад

    Love the Tide, but his god-references were highly offensive. Keep that superstitious crap to yourself kid.

    • sakiusad
      sakiusad Год назад

      We Polynesians love God and owe our very beings to the creator. It's innate and not taught, it's something I have a hard time explaining, it's only felt and words cannot express this awareness. I lived on the islands and I learned to observe nature, calm my mind, and feelings while listening to the rhythm of the waves and they break on the shoreline, the bristle in the wind. The language of nature and its creator is very where on the islands. I used to wake up early in the morning to observe the sun rise and meditate and be one with the creator. It's very therapeutic and a feeling and knowing I cannot put into words. English is my second language and even in my mother tongue it's hard to express the oneness of everything.

    • Da Masta
      Da Masta Год назад

      Zaine Ridling free country right?

  • Dobrulez70
    Dobrulez70 Год назад +15

    All Praise and Glory to God, Jesus our Savior

  • Ava Ford
    Ava Ford Год назад

    I’m still kinda sad that Clemson lost well to be fair it was Alabama Clemson and then Alabama again but #13 is a nice man

  • Ryan Hornick
    Ryan Hornick Год назад +5

    All glory to the Lord!!! Roll tide !!!

  • Mezzy Man from YoMezzyTv
    Mezzy Man from YoMezzyTv Год назад

    #RollTide Let's get it baby !!!
    #Subscribe to #GramekaDeMerries #MezzyVloggyVlogs #YoMezzyTv

  • Melissa Parsons
    Melissa Parsons Год назад

    Thanks ESPN for not editing the quote

  • John Prescott
    John Prescott Год назад


  • Phillip Sandoval Jr.
    Phillip Sandoval Jr. Год назад +14

    Praise to Jesus awesome!

  • Don Milo
    Don Milo Год назад +2

    This kid is awesome giving the glory to Jesus God bless this young man

  • Jhawk Beer
    Jhawk Beer Год назад

    Let's go Bama and I ain't no bandwagon btw before I have to beat somebody ass my family was born in Birmingham but anyway that nigga the MVP but let's not knock against my nigga Jalen becuz he played his ass off all season and he beat Clemson and he would of had a championship as a freshman but alabama defense was terrible so my nigga hard too

  • Chisel
    Chisel Год назад +1

    0:34 How could one man chase a thousand,
    or two put ten thousand to flight,
    unless their Rock had sold them,
    unless the Lord had given them up? Deuteronomy 32:30

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Год назад

    God doesn’t exist

  • trifulquita15
    trifulquita15 Год назад

    what sport is this? Im from Latin America. Im totally lost

  • Adolph Hitler
    Adolph Hitler Год назад +3

    Wow,what a humble, intelligent, God-fearing young man.Roll Tide and what a war that was with Ga.!

  • D. Paul Gladstone
    D. Paul Gladstone Год назад

    The Georgia Bulldog fans are whimpering like a kicked dog. They said the Big ten refs threw it in favor of Alabama, but that makes no sense. It was after all Alabama that beat out Ohio State for the last spot. UGA always need an excuse for their failures, when they should be blaming their head coach for putting their offense in the deep freeze for the second half. He thought he scored enough points to win, but that just means he's a chicken shi+ coach for not having courage.

  • Nick Metz
    Nick Metz Год назад

    Why would his parents be mad at him for being a Christian????

    • Da Masta
      Da Masta Год назад

      Nick Metzler he meant they would wouldnt like it if he doesn't mention Jesus

  • Luke Edwards
    Luke Edwards Год назад +3

    Go Jesus

  • ArtisanTony
    ArtisanTony Год назад

    At least black people give proper credit when they win (Jesus) :) If they only knew how to start the game by not kneeling :)

    • Da Masta
      Da Masta Год назад

      ArtisanTony He's Samoan so technically not black? Does the Rock look black to you? How bout Louganis? Mariota?

  • Doug LeMere
    Doug LeMere Год назад +1

    Pretty humble, advanced in his years. I believe the QB from the Carolina Panthers could benefit from listening to this outstanding leader.

  • Alpha Chino
    Alpha Chino Год назад

    Lol Alabama should thank Oregon😂😂😂 cause he was going to Oregon for sure to follow the footsteps of super Mariota but nah Mark Helfrich had to go by his rules and offer prospects until their junior and senior years💀💀💀 anyways congrats Bama and #GoDucks

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown Год назад +1

    Bama is the best team in the NCAA

    DANIEL ALEXANDER Год назад +3

    Way to go young man👏, give credit to whom credit is due!...#stayhumble
    Matthew 19:26(KJV)
    26) But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

  • VICSKIM949
    VICSKIM949 Год назад

    Russell Wilson

  • Gerald Pritchard
    Gerald Pritchard Год назад

    He's a big fish in a small pond! Step up to the NFL with the best of the best.