It's a Date - SNL

  • Published on Sep 23, 2013
  • Dirk Ellington (Bill Hader) hosts this dating show where a woman (Vanessa Bayer) choses between a regular guy (Bobby Moynihan), the wild and crazy guys (Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd) and the D*** In A Box Singers (Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg). [Season 38, 2013]
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Comments • 1 232

  • Pink Greadly
    Pink Greadly Day ago

    Omg best snl sketch I have seen most are trash tbh

  • Nicole Simpson's Dog

    holy fuck this is an SNL wet dream
    edit: god i miss when dan aykroyd was batshit insane in a non crystal skull vodka way

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 3 days ago

    I have done many blind datez.. many... someone has to do the job

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 3 days ago

    I've never done this or speeddating.... hmm is 70 too old ??? lol

  • Claudia Marie Bermudez


    HASAN NAOMI R. 3 days ago

    Ooohh. I just luved this piece. Them wild and crazy guyz are just plaid awesome! But I knew guys number two wasn't black. I could tell. Black people didn't watch no DuckTales. We was watching Yes we was. Okay, they...naw, I still knew they wasn't black. It was kinda obvious. Too much cowbell in the instrumentals gave them away. That's how them white groups do.

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 3 days ago

    Judy is freaky. I like it.

    AJITHULLA 4 days ago

    Moving to pornhub yo

  • ncavlleguy
    ncavlleguy 7 days ago +1

    Girls can’t get pregnant in the summertime ? Humm I learned sumthin

  • Lyrics Vids
    Lyrics Vids 10 days ago

    Technically the two duos can see each other but that can’t see the other groups 😂😂😂😀

  • furioushazaa
    furioushazaa 12 days ago

    Young people, just always remember it was Samberg/Timberlake way before it was ever Fallon/Timberlake.

  • Jake Diaz
    Jake Diaz 13 days ago

    eh, they can have her... hahahaha

  • petar david
    petar david 15 days ago

    I mother lover you a mother fucker looool

  • Christine Sussman
    Christine Sussman 16 days ago

    Bill is a perfect game show host

  • Doug Eaton
    Doug Eaton 17 days ago +2

    I'm not gay. But if I was... Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin hands down. Lol.

  • Jean Marie Verdadero
    Jean Marie Verdadero 17 days ago

    Allmy faves are here !!!!!!!!!

  • dorourke105
    dorourke105 18 days ago +1

    Yes! The return of two wild and crazy guys

  • Jakub Mazur
    Jakub Mazur 18 days ago

    He said the are from Czechoslovakia but they are separated for years so theres only Slovakia and Czechia, I live in Slovakia btw

  • Jerimiah Gentry
    Jerimiah Gentry 22 days ago

    I feel like just earlier that day Judy was at lunch with her friends lamenting that "all guys are such assholes" 🥴

  • Bryan Bokser
    Bryan Bokser 23 days ago +1

    A date, or an orgy?

  • Nina
    Nina 23 days ago +1

    S C I E N C E

  • Chesterson Jack
    Chesterson Jack 25 days ago

    Judy really out here living the dream

  • elnelinqui
    elnelinqui 25 days ago

    So I guess SNL couldn't bring back Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell duo

    RANAAA 26 days ago

    It was great to see the festrunk brothers come back but you can tell that Dan akroyd forgot the names of those characters.

  • Papurri en Europa
    Papurri en Europa 26 days ago

    Its not gay if its on a threeway.

  • Sbeara H
    Sbeara H 26 days ago

    Omg love this!

  • iyoossaev
    iyoossaev 26 days ago

    Nice "American Russian spy" accents on those Slovaks :D

  • Austin Kloud
    Austin Kloud 27 days ago +1

    Hader is Hilarious as always- Aykroyd looks like he needs to stop shaking like that.

  • The Heart Of A Blackbird


  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold 27 days ago

    Did bachelor number 1 really lose? I mean a nice decent guy like that should not be with Judy.

  • Jason Hanlan
    Jason Hanlan 28 days ago

    best skit of all time

  • Marc Whitakay
    Marc Whitakay 29 days ago

    Dan Aykroyd looks like the deformed twins in that movie Nothing but Trouble.

    RITCHI3 Month ago +1

    Vanessa Bayer can be such a good Vicky (that white girl who claims to be black)

  • paralentor
    paralentor Month ago

    Bill Hader literally looks like a ratface with those teeth.

  • Macho Toast1122
    Macho Toast1122 Month ago +6

    I NEED a reality show parody staring the lonely island guys

  • Slow&Low
    Slow&Low Month ago +3

    Both of us railing on your butt.

  • Paddle Foot
    Paddle Foot Month ago +1

    I miss my ex Judy. Thanks crappy skit

  • Zimmit's Fun House Adventure

    Poor Bobby. He didnt have much chance. He should have told her she would want no clothes with him and that he would bring a friend. For sure that would have closed the deal.

  • Zimmit's Fun House Adventure

    Omg the D*ck in a Box boys. And the Wild N Crazy guys. Well that satisfies my dreams for the night. 😁 (RIP John Belushi, another great from the early days)

  • keith c
    keith c Month ago +1

    This was a classic sketch.

  • pokemon guy whoblahblahblah!!!!

    Bacherlors number 2: the motherlovers

  • Julianna H5782
    Julianna H5782 Month ago

    I definitely got pregnant in the summer.

  • A Crazy
    A Crazy Month ago

    For some reason Andy and Justin's bit i got their song 3way

  • Esther Bienek
    Esther Bienek Month ago +3

    I saw the lonely island and I did what any sensable person would do... I clicked

    • Macho Toast1122
      Macho Toast1122 Month ago +1

      Esther Bienek Me fucking to. No other reason. Not disappointed

  • G A
    G A Month ago

    "I can't believe you guys are not black!" Dead

  • Ha1rcuts
    Ha1rcuts Month ago

    Never even realized they mentioned the Lock Ice Skating Rink in Akron. I live a solid 45 second walk from there, beautiful place at night.

  • Madyson Mitchell
    Madyson Mitchell Month ago

    5:10 omg😂

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew Month ago

    I don't know if Vanessa was breaking or she really loved Andy and Justin.

  • CrossFoot
    CrossFoot Month ago

    Almost thought 3 was kennen and kel!

  • CharronBlue
    CharronBlue Month ago

    They needed Will Farrell and Chris Kattan to make this complete

  • PJ Pointer
    PJ Pointer Month ago

    The autotune made them funny...

  • Simply Drug Addict
    Simply Drug Addict Month ago

    Steve has a face i want to punch. I just can't stand looking at this guy.

  • MacciHP
    MacciHP Month ago

    Is Phil swift one of the brothers?.

  • Katie Kling
    Katie Kling Month ago

    I love the girl who played the Batcherorette in the poems skit

  • Julie Adams
    Julie Adams Month ago

    Don't akroid and m artin look epileptic as these characters?? Bwahahahaha

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Just found this....... my grandparents are from Czechoslovakia.

  • clazy
    clazy Month ago +2

    sitting here in 2019 australia and dating shows are the most popular thing on tv fkn kill me

    INTERNETWORK Month ago

    How can I thank SNL enough for bringing back the unfunniest, most overrated recurring sketch from the generally legendary first four seasons of the show? Wild and crazy guys my ass.

  • Jimmy Darrow
    Jimmy Darrow Month ago +1

    “We’ve had two ways” ...waita minute

  • Mateo_76
    Mateo_76 Month ago

    I got horny

  • casey e
    casey e Month ago

    bobby moynihan is equally incredible as
    a) the only guy who knows what's going on
    b) the singular ridiculous character

  • Zippy
    Zippy Month ago +1

    I loved how the audience joined in on the "wild and crazy guys" quote.

  • Emily- GetSchwifty-

    As soon as I saw their shadows I knew it was the lonely island 😂😂

  • Datonememe YEET.
    Datonememe YEET. Month ago


  • donna lie
    donna lie Month ago

    good to see vanessa and bobby still making people laugh even surrounded by legends

  • Dominick Hendricks
    Dominick Hendricks Month ago

    The 3rd bachelors were so fucking annoying. I can't even finish the skit

  • King of Meatballs
    King of Meatballs Month ago +1

    *can only hear JT saying "BOTH OF US RAILING ON YOUR BUTT"*

  • Ben Marino
    Ben Marino Month ago +1

    "Enjoy to be seeing them.............our Bulges!"

  • Kenny J. Rebollo
    Kenny J. Rebollo Month ago +1

    Ughh love Andy and Justin, two classics 😂

  • Hillary Hussein Clinton

    #1 got cucked