Top 10 Toys You Played With In Your Childhood

  • Published on Dec 2, 2017
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    Top 10 Nostalgic Toys We All Played With
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    Get ready to be brought back to your childhood. From Polly Pocket and Mighty Max, to Bop-it, to Furby, these toys will make you super nostalgic. WatchMojo counts down ten nostalgia inducing toys we all played with.
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    #10: Polly Pocket & Mighty Max
    #9: Yak Bak
    #8: Furby
    #7: Cabbage Patch Kids
    #6: Skip-It
    #5: Lite-Brite
    #4: Creepy Crawlers
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 523

  •  Year ago +21

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    • GroenFan
      GroenFan Year ago Ahoyhoy There, fellow RU-cliprino! I have about ten original Furbies, a Homer Simpson Etch A sketch , used to have a Lite Brita and Moon Shoes.

    • HS Melvin Saurus
      HS Melvin Saurus Year ago

      Newt Daily on what part.

    • Damjan Cvijanovic
      Damjan Cvijanovic Year ago

      very disappointed i tell you

    •  Year ago +1


    • Damjan Cvijanovic
      Damjan Cvijanovic Year ago

      off all this toys i did not find my self in neiter of these....i expected at least frst dislike to this chanel.... im very disappointed.

  • Kelly Ashford
    Kelly Ashford Day ago

    Why doesn't every child's favourite childhood hero, Thomas the Tank Engine, ever get a look in? Thomas is feeling oh-so left out of this. ERTL die-cast model toys of him and all his friends were more popular than any other collectables, in our childhood world. Also, on every store's shelves, one super hero (for boys and girls alike) who can run faster than the speed of sound came sprinting into our lives, changing the world of cartoon episodes forever: Sonic the Hedgehog. He should have gotten in.

    BTS SUPER ARMY 28 days ago

    0:41 I don't remember it clearly but I had a BIG BIG BIG house in a heart shape from Polly Pocket but it wasn't small JUST HUGEEE but :( sadly I don't know we're it is now..I just hope that who ever found it didn't break it and played with it like I did when I was 5 Now I'm 11 and I still miss that house..

  • Unicorn ASMR
    Unicorn ASMR 28 days ago

    I'm still a child 😆 So I can still play with toys! I play with LPS and dinosaurs

  • Dean Humphreys
    Dean Humphreys 2 months ago

    Gijoe was the toy I played with the most.. from the 80's till the 90's. I still think its the greatest toy ever made.. and the cartoon was incredible

  • Summer Petray
    Summer Petray 3 months ago

    I had all the furbys and luv them

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo 3 months ago

    Ah memories of my childhood😏

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 6 months ago

    i had a furby as a kid i played with until the batteries died on it and i also had a mighty max playset as well

  • AnimeComedy Entertainment

    😍Furbies!😍 Such wonderful memories! I still love them!

  • Adam Rinehart
    Adam Rinehart 6 months ago


  • Adam Rinehart
    Adam Rinehart 6 months ago

    XD my I was born in the early 2000s, and my grandmother gave me have of these ;-;

  • derek carew
    derek carew 6 months ago

    No way.. power rangers set.. I got the blue one in a McDonald’s happy meal and my moms boyfriend threw it out the car window. That bastard.

  • Lindsey Bennett
    Lindsey Bennett 8 months ago

    I love the skip it. Furby. Lite bright was awesome. Creepy crawlers were boss. I don't think I ever had an easy bake oven. But I had the etch a sketch. Played bop it. And I think I had a tamagotchi
    Loved these games

  • Arturo Games
    Arturo Games 8 months ago


  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze 9 months ago

    I don't understand the skip it toy. Couldn't ypu just loft 1 leg up?

  • detorie wyn
    detorie wyn 9 months ago

    Bop it was the best rage game

  • detorie wyn
    detorie wyn 9 months ago

    I remember playing with Creepy Crawlers when I was 4-8 it was my life

  • PinkyBearToys
    PinkyBearToys 9 months ago

    I never had Polly Pockets growing up, but I had friends who collected them. They just recently came out with new ones.

  • Malcolm Elliott
    Malcolm Elliott Year ago

    I remember Tamagotchi my sisters had them and I killed them when they went away with school forgot to look after them

  • Mario, The Nintendo Mascot

    Bitch, no Lego or Barbie? Not even Slinky?

  • Dog Fabulous
    Dog Fabulous Year ago +1

    My top 10:
    My phone
    My phone
    My phone
    Did I forget something? Oh yeah
    My phone

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 Year ago

    Used to? My Mom still has a Tomagotchi on her keychain.

  • Albert UwU
    Albert UwU Year ago

    Dang, I still play with the old furbys

  • Ryu's Bubbles
    Ryu's Bubbles Year ago

    would anyone like to play with annabelle?

  • Chino Ching
    Chino Ching Year ago

    I have a tight talking toy from the year 2000 super extra rear

  • ThatNarwhalKid _2121

    Tamagotchi, ha more like TamaGOTY, HA!

  • dem0nkiller0
    dem0nkiller0 Year ago

    my tamagotchi is still alive

  • Steph V.D.
    Steph V.D. Year ago

    Still have my own Koosh Ball and rolling it in my fingers while watching this video.

  • Nicolas Ribeiro dos Santos


  • luvthestage1
    luvthestage1 Year ago

    Omg I still have my yak back and surprisingly it still works 20 years later😂😂

  • SwivelChair Gaming

    I only had two out of all the ones u guys said

  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf Year ago

    I had a Furby... It turned out that mine happened to be Satanic though unfortunately. I had Lite-Brit and a Echa-Sketch as well.

  • Keynan Martinez
    Keynan Martinez Year ago

    Nobody messes with Adam We.

  • me hat
    me hat Year ago

    I still got a tamagochi

  • me hat
    me hat Year ago

    Adam We. -Lite Brite-Famili Guy

  • me hat
    me hat Year ago +1

    Im still a child

  • blastvortex
    blastvortex Year ago +1

    hey!!! where's my Viewfinder and Micro Machines!? and how come you've got Moon Shoes instead of Pogo Balls!? you know, "when you really wanna have a ball!" okay, so everybody had Transformers, Legos, My Little Pony, and G.I. Joe. those are given, regardless, but still...
    (bugger... now i feel least i didn't mention that Erector set or the Popples...)

  • Michael Javier
    Michael Javier Year ago

    I used to play with a Furby when I was a kid.

  • Kit Howell
    Kit Howell Year ago

    I'm surprised that 2XL wasn't on the list nor even an honorable mention

  • Izzy L.
    Izzy L. Year ago

    Skip it wasn't a toy, it was a weapon

  • Harpfrmhel
    Harpfrmhel Year ago

    I love the younger people complaining that these are toys 90s kids played with. Sorry your generation missed out and all you have are video games and smart phones. You know it's true.

    ROCKOE DELIK Year ago

    What about Hot Wheels and Micro Machines?

  • OOF-Series
    OOF-Series Year ago

    Never played with these I was sticked with legos OH YEAH

  • Nanako Chan
    Nanako Chan Year ago

    Yeah Polly pockets were great Intel u step on the house and broke it and it cuts u right between r touse so u had go get stiches and yes I played with most those toys I still have my orignal furby and she still work

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Year ago

    Etch A Sketch appears in Joey's flat in Friends.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Year ago

    From Denmark - Lego.

  • Florica Anderson
    Florica Anderson Year ago

    I think one of my best childhood friends had a lite brite. I know at some point we both owned Furby Babies. Her's was sky blue with a white belly, mine was royal blue with a pink belly. Ahh, good ol' memories.

  • shin0bi 272
    shin0bi 272 Year ago

    Is this a top 10 list or a women's study class? The fuck out of here with that "gender bias" bull shit.

  • Courier Of New Vegas

    I had a lite brite cube once

  • SnappingTurtle801

    I still have my first Easy Bake Oven from the 70's in storage somewhere. Not sure it works. I also have a working Light Bright, Furby and the awesomely dangerous original Click Clacker. It still scares me to play

  • Werten a.k.a Hoshi

    The days before you needed the internet to access everything.

  • REDC
    REDC Year ago

    Part of my childhood were Beyblade, Crush Gear, Yugioh, Pokemon cards and Tamiya... then you dont put them on the list?! 😠

  • Patrick Carter
    Patrick Carter Year ago

    Stop using titles that require 1 person to disagree just to make the whole video wrong! Especially whilst you show gender specific toys - EPIC FAIL! Not even heard of half of them or either honourable mention!

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Year ago

    I had a gigapet lol

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Year ago

    Dude my Yak Bak was fucking dope. My friend never stopped asking me to borrow it. I let him and he broke it -_-

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa Year ago

    I always wanted these toys growing up. Sadly I grew up poor... You guys are lucky whoever got these toys during your childhood.

  • Groot
    Groot Year ago

    Beanie babies?

  • RajaReign78
    RajaReign78 Year ago

    Had Cabbage Patch kids, furbys, a lite brite, creepy crawlers, etch a sketch, and a koosh ball 😂😂😂

  • Rin Jackson
    Rin Jackson Year ago

    I've never played with a Furby. Therefore, your video title is wrong on that alone

  • Melissa Rumble
    Melissa Rumble Year ago

    The tamagotchis got banned from my school lol..loved it.. I'm surprised the easy bake oven wasn't on there. I also had the furby and light bright..and prolly the sketch toy too. Furby and tamagotchi were my favourite

  • Edward Ramos
    Edward Ramos Year ago

    Didn't own any of those. 84 baby here.

  • Courtney Ailes
    Courtney Ailes Year ago

    I’m sad that they didn’t add the hit clip or the beat clip. Can’t remember which one it was called.

  • Yhonas
    Yhonas Year ago +1


  • Da Screamer
    Da Screamer Year ago

    Mighty max cartoons was the best cartoon ever made. No one knows about those anymore.

    HAYDEN VANCE Year ago

    Creepy crawlers used to be my life

  • Dunkelheit
    Dunkelheit Year ago

    Nerf guns

  • bandgeek89
    bandgeek89 Year ago

    what about K'Nex?

  • Youssef Salama
    Youssef Salama Year ago

    Want a change go follow omarsalama_ on instagram

  • lovelywaz
    lovelywaz Year ago


  • brianartillery
    brianartillery Year ago

    I had, and have still got, my etch-a-sketch from the early 1970's. All the rest - nope. But I have shot and destroyed furbies and cabbage patch dolls. Tremendously satisfying.

  • KT926
    KT926 Year ago

    I had a Polly Pocket and a furbie and my brother had a TalkBoy

  • Gina Altilio
    Gina Altilio Year ago

    I had Etch-a-Sketch, light bright, Tamagotchi, skip it, and cabbage patch kids

  • Evan MV
    Evan MV Year ago

    Anyone else used to have a massive collection of Beyblades?

  • Valyrian Vlinder
    Valyrian Vlinder Year ago

    Only had No.3 & 1.... now reevaluating my childhood

  • Not Bruce Wayne
    Not Bruce Wayne Year ago

    Never had any of these. I played outside with sticks pretending I was a jedi or some movie character.

  • LiveFree&LoveForever

    TAMAGOTCHI !!!!!!!!!

  • Sistik123
    Sistik123 Year ago

    Screw creepy crawlers, it was all about Dr. Dreadful

  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon Year ago

    1/2 of these I never heard of... and I miss my 'bug maker'. No more chance getting burned on that as opposed to a stove/oven/fireplace. Growing up, we played with lawn darts, bb guns and took out 'gi joes'...

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    I used to have furbies.

  • Ya boi Tom
    Ya boi Tom Year ago

    Where is the figit spinner?

  • Tyno
    Tyno Year ago

    My goal by the end of the year is to hit 10k views can you guys please check out out my channel. Thanks

  • Taka-Kevz
    Taka-Kevz Year ago

    Tamagochi's/yoyos /pogs are what i can remember playing with in elementary school

  • Inflango Intanglio


  • Cory Sennett
    Cory Sennett Year ago

    Check out my channel plz

  • Tomas Dragonetti
    Tomas Dragonetti Year ago

    No1 was the only toy from the list i had when i was a kid.

  • kLeeluv Readin
    kLeeluv Readin Year ago +3

    Geezus enough with the gender equality crap. Almost every freakin toy you mentioned, you brought it up. WTH?!?! I was a 90's kid and guess what ? parents let me be a kid without shoving all that pc garbage down my throat. I had my girl stuff, but I also played with my brother's toys. They never treated us different. My parents just wanted us to be a kids, innocent, happy and healthy . And now we are fully functioning members of society *sarcasm * who aren't constantly triggered. Just let kids be kids. 😞
    Anyone else agree?

  • Jerry T. John
    Jerry T. John Year ago

    Rubik's cube?

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones Year ago

    7:27 - It's funny, Digimon as a franchise is pretty much considered on equal footing as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh....but the very toy that spawned it never got as big or is as remembered as Tamagotchi. Did anybody here have the original Digimon toys?

  • todd phillips
    todd phillips Year ago

    yes i had a furby mine was the color of a ladybug and so i gave it that name. several years ago furby came back with digital eyes and they were so much better and showed more emotions.
    ah i also had a lite brite.i never had but bop it has came a long way. tomagachi was as big as furby. i’m glad that i grew up in the 1990’s with awesome toys,kids today didn’t get to have awesome toys like us 1980’s and 1990’s kids.

  • Imre Bertalan
    Imre Bertalan Year ago

    Title change:
    Top 10 Toys You Definitely Used to Play With if You Lived in the USA

  • Zarzo
    Zarzo Year ago

    I'm from east Europe and the only toy I had from the list was the pet thing. Other than that a ball and toy cars is what I had. And a stick, because we used to fight for fun in the playgrounds

  • SiCxNeMeSiS
    SiCxNeMeSiS Year ago

    No tech deck's or yomega's...

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. Year ago

    I honestly think I had almost all of these(I even forgot about mighty max and the yak bak). Also had something that was like the bug creator one but it melted metal and made small figurines. It just reminds me how awesome my parents were for making my childhood awesome.

  • Orlor
    Orlor Year ago

    #10: Nope.
    #9: Nope.
    #8: Nope.
    #7: Nope.
    #6: Nope.
    #5: Yup.
    #4: Yup.
    #3: Yup.
    #2: Nope.
    #1: Nope.

  • Mrsemipro
    Mrsemipro Year ago


  • Vaibhav Mamle
    Vaibhav Mamle Year ago

    Man i played with Hotwheels

  • Hard Style
    Hard Style Year ago

    >:/ no Rubik's?

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews Year ago +1

    I remember Mighty Max, along with Transformers, TMNT, He-Man, Power Rangers, She-Ra and a number of others too including The Incredible Crash Dummies

  • supermanisrad
    supermanisrad Year ago +1

    I’ve played with them all lol legit everyone of them D: miss those days

  • Athenis
    Athenis Year ago

    I wanted the moon shoes so bad. They were used twice. The sound of them slamming on the ground with each jump was enough to annoy kids just as much as it annoyed parents. The bands also broke really easily and if you came down on a bad angle with one that snapped, that corner would not support you and you could kiss your ankle goodbye. You just had to try and put your arms out in time so you didn't face-plant the ground.