7 Scary Stalker Stories That Will Keep Up At Night!

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
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    A stalker is a person who harasses and follows their victims around, usually without the victim even knowing. This is done when the stalker feels a deep involvement with their victim, sometimes even a perceived love that often times isn’t reciprocated. Too many times these situations become violent, and even when they don’t they can be an extremely scary situation. Today we’ll be taking a look at 7 Scary Stalker Stories That Will Keep You Up at Night!
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    I had a stalker and it was scary as hell.... fyi I live near the watcher house

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    This video hit home! About 14 years ago, I was in my late 20s, and started seeing a police officer that worked with my brother. This man knew I wasn’t looking to settle down at all!! After a few weeks, he thought he was in love, so I was done. Well, he wasn’t done. He would show up at my sons football games, he would end up at a lot of places that I spent time at.. but then he started coming by my house! I lived on a dead end street, so he wasn’t hard to miss. I talked to my brother & a few other cops about the guy stalking me, but he was a higher ranking officer and I didn’t want to ruin his career at that point and I was hoping that mutual friends could put a stop to it. No such luck.. I was awoken early one morning by someone messing with my bedroom door knob, I thought it was my son having a rough time trying to open it, but when it opened he was standing there!! Luckily, I kept my gun next to my bed and had mine pulled before he did.. I still didn’t call 911, I called my brother! The guy got his ass beat and agreed to leave. Thankfully he did move out of the state and anytime he comes home, he calls my brother to let him know that he is in town and when he will be leaving! Stalkers are not fun!! #SupremeFamily ♥️♥️

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