SABATON - The Last Stand (Official Music Video)

  • The official video clip for Sabaton's The Last Stand, taken from the album of the same title.
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    ======= "The Last Stand" SONG STORY =======
    The story of the 189 brave soldiers in the Swiss guard during the sacking of Rome in 1527.
    Since Charles V, ruler of the holy roman empire couldn’t pay his troops they mutinied and forced their commander to lead them towards Rome where plunder was plentiful.
    When the invading force entered the vatican pope Clement VII escaped to Castel Sant’Angelo via passetto di Borgo.
    The few remaining guardsmen gave their lives on the steps to St. Peters Basilica.
    ======= "The Last Stand" LYRICS =======
    In the heart of Holy See
    In the home of Christianity
    The Seat of power is in danger
    There's a foe of a thousand swords
    They've been abandoned by their lords
    Their fall from grace will pave their path, to damnation
    Then the 189
    In the service of heaven
    They’re protecting the holy line
    It was 1527, gave their lives on the steps to heaven
    Thy will be done!
    For the grace, for the might of our lord
    For the home of the holy
    For the faith, for the way of the sword
    Gave their lives so boldly
    For the grace, for the might of our lord
    In the name of his glory
    For the faith, for the way of the sword
    Come and tell their story again
    Under guard of 42
    Along a secret avenue
    Castel Saint'Angelo is waiting
    They’re the guard of the Holy See
    They’re the guards of Christianity
    Their path to history is paved with salvation
    Dying for salvation with dedication
    No Capitulation, annihilation
    Papal commendation, reincarnation
    Heaven is your destination
    In the name of god
    Gave their lives so boldly
    Come and tell the Swiss guards story again
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.

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  • Sabaton
    Sabaton  Year ago +756

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    • Anthony Ruiz
      Anthony Ruiz 4 months ago


      SLAYPHER X_XHD 4 months ago

      You guys had 666 likes..........I had to break it.......sorry

    • snjeskal
      snjeskal 7 months ago


    • Resid Rashid
      Resid Rashid 8 months ago

      Last stand kazoo cover is milion times better

    • Francis L Varte
      Francis L Varte 9 months ago

      Please don't be the reason why Knight SGCs account got band. He was one of your most devout supporters.

  • GT
    GT 3 hours ago

    when the weird Islamic kid start talking shit

  • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube

    How can people listen to this and still remain Atheist ??

  • Soupy
    Soupy 6 hours ago +1

    bruh one of the band members looks like jesus

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 9 hours ago

    Deus Vult!

  • Disaster7317
    Disaster7317 12 hours ago

    A song about the medics fighting against Covid 19 would be amazing.

    It would be an amazing tribute to those heroes in hospitals!
    Well at least there are 100+ sabaton songs I all love.

  • Ömer Faruk Aktaş
    Ömer Faruk Aktaş Day ago +1

    Herkez ülkücü yalnız 😀😀😀

  • Gormon Remsay
    Gormon Remsay Day ago

    This makes me wanna protect the Holy Line.

  • Edward Miller
    Edward Miller Day ago

    We are all Catholic now

  • Jacob Stemen
    Jacob Stemen 2 days ago

    i have not subed to acdc my old fav but i had to sub to this lol

  • SHUM
    SHUM 2 days ago

    Мотивы и клипы у них классные!!!

  • Дикая акула

    Надеюсь ты перевидёш я тебя слушаю каждый день (ну почти каждый)классный усы)

  • TEXAS RANGER of The Lone Star State

    Atheist pagan ( radical liberal leftist and stupid feminist are our real threat

  • Darth_MABK
    Darth_MABK 2 days ago


  • Benjamin Pasten
    Benjamin Pasten 2 days ago

    Deus Vult

  • Historical Gamer
    Historical Gamer 2 days ago

    London 2020 was a whole diffrent world compared to this DAMM

  • anonymous boy25
    anonymous boy25 3 days ago +1

    This video is made 1day before my birthday

  • sacred kitsune
    sacred kitsune 3 days ago +1


  • Bayern München
    Bayern München 3 days ago +2

    My friend: What music do you like.
    Me: It's compliccated, what music do you like?
    My friend: I like Sabaton.
    Me: NO WAY! YOU TOO?

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine 3 days ago

    Deus vult

  • Cris Mark The Crusader

    Why are u using army uniform u should wear The Crusade becoz army is fighting for nation The Crusade fighting for Holy land u obviously in ur lyrics BTW God Wills it

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 4 days ago

    When everyone chooses Cleric in DND

  • Enrique Alberto Veliz

    There's no other Christianity but Catholicism.

  • Ramm Steinn
    Ramm Steinn 4 days ago

    Deus Vult

  • Thic Boi
    Thic Boi 4 days ago +1

    Petition to get this added to doom eternal the most holy game ever made.

    • SparkyForce
      SparkyForce 3 days ago +2

      Petition to get this added to animal crossing new horizons the most holy game ever made.

  • Dr. Gram
    Dr. Gram 4 days ago

    Templar’s be doing just dance

  • Ali AlMarhoun
    Ali AlMarhoun 4 days ago

    I have always how metal heads hear has such fluid movement

  • Lucho76
    Lucho76 5 days ago

    Deus Vult!

  • Master of all Cephalopods: Comrade Zulaski Kaitzo

    Batikan Iscan:
    ,,I fear no man.
    But that thing,
    it scares me."

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter 6 days ago

    The Last Stand, Also, known as the most misrepresented song in terms of Fan-Made Music Videos. Have you seen how many WW2 videos there are with this song?

    • Isaiah Belter
      Isaiah Belter 5 days ago


    • Eric
      Eric 5 days ago

      Link one

  • The Ravenous Lamppost

    This is literally my favorite song.

  • Valle Park
    Valle Park 6 days ago

    Deus Vult !

  • Lordcinc
    Lordcinc 6 days ago

    I discovered Sabaton when they had 650k subscribers

    • Eric
      Eric 5 days ago

      that wasn't that long ago, only 21k subs less lmao

  • Jebaraj Solomon
    Jebaraj Solomon 6 days ago

    We will take Jerusalem. DEUS VULT!

  • Ryzen с подливой

    Мне 14 лет, друг подсадил на Сабатон, за что ему благодарен)

  • Graag Gedaan
    Graag Gedaan 6 days ago

    Too bad for the drummer. He now is just the husband of ..

  • CJ Videos
    CJ Videos 7 days ago

    Deus Vult

  • Gustavo Cezar Reis dos Santos

    who remember the old good days of 1527 hearing this?

  • jack L
    jack L 8 days ago

    Soo bad u can’t go to heaven with tattoos

  • Sukma Dek
    Sukma Dek 8 days ago +1

    *My fav song*

  • power guido
    power guido 8 days ago


  • MoN0L!ght
    MoN0L!ght 8 days ago

    Funny how this song is about fighting in the name of God, but people under the scene are raising their hands with satanic gesture

  • Robert Goss
    Robert Goss 8 days ago

    See, Christianity can be awesome too!

  • Всё идёт по плану

    For the Emperor!

  • Sam Hewitt
    Sam Hewitt 9 days ago

    Me an athiest:
    "sabaton plays"
    Also me: turns the volume up considerably

      DEUS VULT 4 days ago

      So u dont believe in god?

  • Ricardo Falconi
    Ricardo Falconi 9 days ago

    Poor guards gave their live to protect the physical reincarnation of vanity, egoism, and overwhelming richness

  • emile jacques
    emile jacques 9 days ago

    found this incredible song (and group) with the Deus Vult memes, who else?

    CEO OF RACISM 9 days ago

    this gives me jerusalem flashbacks

  • metalhead _jj
    metalhead _jj 9 days ago

    This song makes me want to take Jerusalem

  • Your local Crusader
    Your local Crusader 10 days ago +2

    I'm converted now Deus Vult brother

  • aidan matchett
    aidan matchett 10 days ago

    I feel like this should have been the soundtrack to deathwing

  • CGMe
    CGMe 10 days ago +1

    I absolutely love how I even know of this band. I was listening to a Ghost radio station and this came on.
    I immediately grabbed a better speaker and cranked this song to full volume.

    • Sabaton
      Sabaton  10 days ago +1

      That's a good story!

  • Refeeance
    Refeeance 10 days ago +4

    I was planning trip to Rome this year (St Angelo castle etc) thanks to this song
    *then the coronavirus arrived*

  • Dedieu VALERIE
    Dedieu VALERIE 10 days ago +1

    So great,in the name of god ♥️🤟

  • Matt Horkan
    Matt Horkan 10 days ago +1

    Deus vult intensifies

  • big kahuna
    big kahuna 11 days ago +2

    i promise not to get all religious one song later YOU TALKIN' MAD SHIT FOR SOMEONE IN CRUSADING DISTANCE

  • Panzer Sati
    Panzer Sati 11 days ago +1


  • Bar Ossos Cruzados
    Bar Ossos Cruzados 11 days ago +2

    Afther this music, listen In The Name Of God

  • Bar Ossos Cruzados
    Bar Ossos Cruzados 11 days ago

    For Honor

  • Sigurd Gunnarson
    Sigurd Gunnarson 11 days ago +1


  • Brock Comegys
    Brock Comegys 11 days ago +1

    First time hearing this song I went absolutely nuts! Sign me up!

  • Stick Man
    Stick Man 11 days ago +2

    666k subscribers?

  • Wolfmire Bacta
    Wolfmire Bacta 11 days ago +1

    I want more stuff like Sabaton and Powerwolf when it comes to Christianity. Like I mean come on, he doesn't take a strong believer to know there are many epic songs to be made about the stories out there

  • Landon Hall
    Landon Hall 11 days ago

    This song slaps

  • habib Wakim
    habib Wakim 11 days ago


  • Akashi Equilibrium Demaria

    they have 666k subs.... I don't know what life is anymore

  • Error 404
    Error 404 11 days ago

    I am an atheist and i am not going to change my mind but i know good music when i hear it. And this is fucking good

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 12 days ago +1

    IFunny brought me here and I have no regrets

    DIMAZ 12 days ago

    Welcome in Russia !

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 12 days ago +1

    We must take Jerusalem

    Deus vult

  • Артур Жиленков

    Моя любимая у Сабатона.

  • Max Terekhov
    Max Terekhov 12 days ago

    **God likes this video**

  • Max Terekhov
    Max Terekhov 12 days ago

    Imagine that your in church and instead of traditional Christian songs starts playing this song.
    So it would be fucking great

  • Hat _
    Hat _ 13 days ago

    Man, the Emperor of Man would be rattling his bones with this bopping music.

  • Geely x
    Geely x 13 days ago

    We will take Jerusalem

  • Marcos Souza
    Marcos Souza 13 days ago +1


  • surfy gaming
    surfy gaming 13 days ago +3

    Things that teach History better than teachers and books.
    1. Assassin's creed
    2. Sabaton's songs

  • Tommi Lehto
    Tommi Lehto 13 days ago

    more the last stand

  • Mark Lester
    Mark Lester 13 days ago

    This is the most gayest song ever!

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 13 days ago

    This is probably the only song that can make a crossover into Powerwolf universe, now i want that see that collab