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The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
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Comments • 17 588

  • Ofelia Kim
    Ofelia Kim 3 years ago +1

    love how ppl claimed her taking off a hijab was going against islam... yet the hate she received was the most disgusting thing iv seen

  • S. dot
    S. dot Year ago +159

    Dina pulled a BOSS move. She created a 50 minute video clapping back at the haters and put in 8 advertisements. The haters are LITERALLY putting money in her bank accounts.

  • Syeda Mina
    Syeda Mina 3 years ago +429

    This is the most hurtful video I have ever watched. I don’t know if all the thousands of positive comments will be able to compensate the hate, but I suppose we will still try. Dina, your religion is upto you, it’s the relationship between you and Allah and you know the right from the wrong. Please do not let these haters get to your head, cause no where in religion are we allowed to curse and bully people who arent in the right path... astagfirullah. My love for you and your beautiful family 💕

  • Smith A
    Smith A 2 years ago +608

    I find it so ironic and hilarious when Muslims attempt reverse psychology on women and tell them they look more "attractive" WITH the hijab...If that's the case then the hijab is defeating its own purpose, now isn't it??? LOL

  • Tehmina Aslam
    Tehmina Aslam 3 years ago +507

    I couldn't get through the whole video 😭 Muslims love to bang on about how the world hates them for no reason .. THIS is why the world hates us. Some of these comments will make you lose faith in humanity😞

  • **
    ** 2 years ago +216

    As a moslim I’m so embarrassed of all those disgusting comments

  • SB
    SB 3 years ago +1

    Putting ‘may Allah guide you’ after calling someone a hoe doesn’t make it ok

  • MeyahC
    MeyahC 3 years ago +120

    Such awful comments. People can be so mean. I've had the exact same experience when I took off my hijab. It was the loneliest and saddest period of my life, but it surely teaches you who your real friends are. I learned to focus on the good things in life and decided I was going to stay the way I've always had been: nice and kind to others. I wish you strenght and happiness. Love from The Netherlands

  • Surfer Rosa
    Surfer Rosa 3 years ago +721

    I support women's right to dress however they want.

  • X
    X 2 years ago +182

    If a man can’t control himself around a woman showing her hair so she must cover up, there must be something the matter with the man.

  • kamal gujral
    kamal gujral 3 years ago +246

    What Dina does with her life is up to her. How she practises Islam is up to her. Whether or not she wears a hijab is up to her.

  • Rayhaan
    Rayhaan 2 years ago +174

    Should I really be surprised at the fact that virtually all of those disgusting comments were made by men???

  • JMJ4life
    JMJ4life 3 years ago +511

    I am so glad she chose to keep the identities of her children from social media. People are evil.

  • Hodan Yusuf
    Hodan Yusuf 3 years ago +571

    Don't think modesty is the hair it's the mouth as well respect ourselves

  • H2O Hexagon
    H2O Hexagon 3 years ago +64

    Thank you for making people show their true colours. It is never as clear how much of a "free choice" the hijab really is than when somebody takes it off. This also exposes what they really think about everyone else that is not wearing one, too. Toxic, indeed.

  • ohyiu
    ohyiu 3 years ago +568

    They use these insults and words towards you, then criticize you for not being a "good muslim"? I hope they look at themselves first lol.

  • Aanika
    Aanika 3 years ago +49

    dina, you incredibly strong woman. my respect for you just grows more and more. these people are absolutely horrible. you don’t deserve this hatred. i will be sending you love, always. don’t take these disgusting words to heart.

  • TheStonesQT93
    TheStonesQT93 2 years ago +26

    Amazing. I got the same abuse when I was 17 and took it off. “You took it off your head and put it on your waist”. Mind you, I kept wearing the same modest clothing...People are just ghastly. I’m 27 now. Still remember those words. Still miss my hijab. Still can’t put it back on.

  • N
    N 3 years ago +408

    Please keep your children’s identities hidden. They need to be protected from such hateful weirdos.

  • Robbero
    Robbero 3 years ago +45

    I have never watched any of your videos, but I have massive respect for you. I hope it inspires other women to step up ! Be safe out there, dont let the hate get to you.