Twice Disrespecting Nayeon / "You never treated me like an Unnie! " - Nabongs

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
    Twice members dissing, teasing, rejecting the older member Nayeonie

    All credits goes to their rightful owners

    ONCE Let's stream TT. Twice' special vlive is an inspiration
    Once, Twice Jalaja!!!

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  • ᴍs. ᴀɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜs

    This is mostly Jeongyeon 🤣🤪

  • Mie :3
    Mie :3 3 days ago


  • Ashley Callanta
    Ashley Callanta 4 days ago +1

    This babies are just playing😕 how can you call it disrespecting?

  • Isidro Jr Hermogeno
    Isidro Jr Hermogeno 4 days ago +1

    1:46 link??

  • Yumnam Jayantakumar
    Yumnam Jayantakumar 5 days ago


  • Yumnam Jayantakumar
    Yumnam Jayantakumar 5 days ago

    Nayeon is pretty and good and cute someone should protect this baby. Nayeon unnie is the best

  • Marsh Galaxie
    Marsh Galaxie 5 days ago

    12:00 i lost myself to jeongyeon’s laugh 😂

  • Trashy Kpop Addict
    Trashy Kpop Addict 6 days ago

    1 like=1 hug for our Unnie!

  • Kendrick Pascua
    Kendrick Pascua 6 days ago

    Saying they are disrespecting her is such an overstatement I would say it’s either mucking around with/ making fun of or just roasting each other in a mean but friendly way

  • Piggy Piggy
    Piggy Piggy 7 days ago

    These girls need respect they shouldn't be doing that.

  • Hannah Cirilo
    Hannah Cirilo 7 days ago

    Love the song bts and twice collab so good love it

  • kaze noPE
    kaze noPE 8 days ago

    she has a hateable face tho

  • Kim Jisoo
    Kim Jisoo 8 days ago +1

    Nayeon roasted by Jeongyeon..

  • Shadow Clone
    Shadow Clone 9 days ago

    They're STILL playing this "inside joke" even today, as proven by the ONCE's 3rd Generation Recruitment video with Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung!

  • Haru yelle
    Haru yelle 9 days ago

    Poor little nayeon

  • 黃Bobo
    黃Bobo 10 days ago


  • 박미나
    박미나 10 days ago +1

    Jeongyeon is so savage too Nayeon. Thats why she is my bias

  • Gay for Ryujin
    Gay for Ryujin 10 days ago


  • tintin Wong
    tintin Wong 10 days ago

    I love your intro so much

  • Hide on Bench
    Hide on Bench 10 days ago

    Is there something up with nayeon and dahyun?they are my bias and I think something's fishy idk

    • Hide on Bench
      Hide on Bench 10 days ago

      Reay Im thankful for that😊They are my bias and I'm just a little bit worried if they have conflicts within them

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  10 days ago +1

      There is, they are so close hehe
      Nayeon admitted having an apologetic heart to Dahyun because she thought she is lacking on taking care of her as she takes care of Tzuyu and Chaeyoung more. But Dahyun contradicts that and she said she feels thankful and until now Nayeon takes good care of her

  • Gab Alonzo
    Gab Alonzo 11 days ago

    "YoU NeVer tReAt mE liKe aN oLd MeMbEr! I'm oLdeR!"

  • Foxy09
    Foxy09 11 days ago

    Jisso and Jin understand you Nayeon

    Why are the elders always rejected the other members of the group? 😂

  • Once&blink :3
    Once&blink :3 12 days ago

    Yall keep saying nayeon is a bully the truth is that shes the one getting bullied🤣

    SUPER SHIPPER !! 13 days ago

    I Feel so bad for my baby

    •KPOP LOVER• 14 days ago

    I mean, if you try and show Nayeon’s funny pictures and videos, she will call yoi? Hmm..let me try!

    Oh wait, I don’t have her number ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂

  • Jeremiah Jung
    Jeremiah Jung 14 days ago

    ya had to cover up all the show names...
    could you at least reply with the names?

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  9 days ago

      Nayeon Being Bullied

      Please take care of my refrigerator
      Cheer up commentary bonus
      Star Countdown
      TWICE's B Vlive
      TWICE Field Day
      TWICE Ask in a box
      JeongChaeng MoTzu Vlive
      What is love? Commentary
      Mina Day Vlive
      Idol Master
      Ask In a box (DTNA)
      Let's Dance
      EPL Tzuyu spy
      EPL Mina and Nayeon Punishment
      Signal Fansign
      TWICE Lost Time
      TWICE on Park Vlive
      JeongMiTzu Vlive

  • I'mUrSenpai 69
    I'mUrSenpai 69 15 days ago

    3:59 what show and episode?

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  9 days ago

      Please take care of my refrigerator

  • Ryle Dan
    Ryle Dan 16 days ago

    What's an Unnie? All I know are the Unnies

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  11 days ago

      That's how a girl call another girl older than her.

  • ほんおか
    ほんおか 18 days ago

    Tbh, if i were to be treated that way, I wouldve been hurt but ofcourse you wouldnt be vocal about it....

  • Yami - chan
    Yami - chan 18 days ago

    Jeongyeon roasting nayeon

  • Abg Cute
    Abg Cute 18 days ago

    Don't worry are very important to TWICE!

  • Yunz06
    Yunz06 18 days ago

    90% Jeongyeon being a bully, 10% other lol

  • Arturo Gaona
    Arturo Gaona 20 days ago

    NAYEON is literally the best

  • Sia K. R.
    Sia K. R. 20 days ago

    Poor nayeon! :"(

  • Andrew
    Andrew 21 day ago

    I know it's all fun and play and i respect that so much❤ just hurts when she hurts... that's all.... don't let me catch y'all doing this to Momo tho😡😡😡😡😡 hahaha jk byee

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  18 days ago

      I suggest you watch this 😂
      They are all like this, don't worry


    11:58 are you freaking serious!? The MC asked “What would you do if you were eliminated” seriously! Why do that to a teenager who’s going through a tough time thinking she won’t debut! And jeongyeon just laughs!?

  • Kanitha Khut
    Kanitha Khut 21 day ago

    I hate the fact that when scandals happen to the members, they suddenly became so quiet. Like Tzuyu, Mina, Sana and probably the rest too cuz now they're not as bubbly and crazy as before they're more well mannered and less rebellious.

  • Gellisa Lin
    Gellisa Lin 22 days ago

    I feel like nayeon and jungkook are siblings

  • Aki
    Aki 22 days ago +1

    The title should've been... "Jeongyeon being savage." 😂

    RECOIL53 PUBG 23 days ago

    Whats ya

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  22 days ago

      In Korea, calling someone older than you "Ya" is disrespectful, it is like "Hey" in english. However, Momo just accidentally said that to Nayeon because she is stopping her

  • Enteng TV
    Enteng TV 23 days ago +3

    True friends hurt you outside but love you inside. #nayeon

  • One Stan7_
    One Stan7_ 23 days ago

    JYP STAN!!!

  • Sauce senpai
    Sauce senpai 24 days ago

    nayeon is not my unnie but my dongsaeng. hehehe 😂😂😂

  • alucard kaizokudan
    alucard kaizokudan 25 days ago

    Jong yeon more 'unnie' than nayeon

  • john john
    john john 25 days ago

    Can somebody translate what was said at 12:00 the one that made unnie cry

    • john john
      john john 24 days ago

      @Tzuyoda 995' awww i wish i could've watch the whole show. Did they get eliminated or not?

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago +1

      It was during SIXTEEN. the survival show where TWICE is born. Her Team and Momo's team performed to be safe from elimination.
      Therefore, the host asked her "What if you are the one who gets eliminated?" then Nayeon burst into tears.

  • Moon Sun
    Moon Sun 26 days ago

    1:46 name plz

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago


  • Zera twizter
    Zera twizter 26 days ago

    nayeon 😍

  • Farheen Sardar23
    Farheen Sardar23 26 days ago

    What she so cute I like her form all girls she looking very cute

  • 김신유
    김신유 26 days ago +1


  • dhurbajyoti saikia
    dhurbajyoti saikia 27 days ago

    Twice plz don't disrespect our cute naeyon unnie

  • Stop Being Toxic
    Stop Being Toxic 27 days ago

    To be fair, she acts like a fake maknae (judging from title, posting this comment before watching)

  • sonnicole Mercado
    sonnicole Mercado 27 days ago

    At 5:40 can i get the link pleasee

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago

      TWICE Elegant Private Life

  • s s
    s s 27 days ago +1


  • giroud good
    giroud good 27 days ago +1

    Nayeon isn't my bias but she's so damn funny and cute. poor bunny 🐰

  • sara zigova
    sara zigova 28 days ago

    its not aboit being manke or the oldest but she let them be like this to her ao they keep doing it

  • rainbow rush
    rainbow rush Month ago

    what did momo say to nayeon at 3:38

    • rainbow rush
      rainbow rush 25 days ago

      @Tzuyoda 995' OOHHH THANK YOU but i guess age is a big deal in korea

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago

      In Korea, saying "Ya" to someone who is older is disrespectful. However, Momo just accidentally said it because she is laughing while making Nayeon stop

  • Bangtan L.A
    Bangtan L.A Month ago +2

    Nayeon: WHY DID YOU HIT ME TOO!?
    Why is that so funny?

  • Prince Carlos Graal
    Prince Carlos Graal Month ago +1

    1:45 lmao xD

    ARMYx ONCE Month ago

    Make more videos

  • John Bull
    John Bull Month ago

    Thanks me later

  • Roramel Rallos
    Roramel Rallos Month ago

    Jeongyoen keep teasing Nayeon i think the baddest of them all is jeongyeon

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago

      No one is bad from them, they are all nice and they are just so close that's why they treat each other and tease each other like that 😊

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin Month ago +6

    4:44 "A younger guy" you meant.... a younger girl (Jeongyeon) ???? =)))))))))))

    • Catcraft 1ndo
      Catcraft 1ndo 17 days ago

      Yu jin, jeongyeon was answering a question

  • Errah Ann
    Errah Ann Month ago

    Jeongyeon truly good at teasing Nayeon ahaha 🤣

  • Andrea Villar
    Andrea Villar Month ago

    12:17 Jeongyeon oppa😍😂

  • زهراء الشاوي

    Signal + fire = 😵💖👏

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack Month ago

    I'm a blink and a once so I have a FANDOM named Oink

  • Panicky Khan
    Panicky Khan Month ago

    I'm pretty sure Nayeon browses a lot of memes that's why she laughs at her phone a lot

  • Mr. Chow
    Mr. Chow Month ago

    I just couldnt imagine continuing to live without Nayeon.

  • K-Pop Ships
    K-Pop Ships Month ago +1

    Twice teasing Nayeon :)

  • Big Fan Of BlackTwice

    3:31 I don’t get it wat happened?

    • Big Fan Of BlackTwice
      Big Fan Of BlackTwice 25 days ago

      Tzuyoda 995'

    • Tzuyoda 995'
      Tzuyoda 995'  25 days ago

      Momo accidentally said "Ya" to Nayeon to stop her. And in Korea it is desrespectful to call someone older than you "Ya"