Binging with Babish: Chicago-Style Pizza from The Daily Show

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
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    This week we're heralding the arrival of National Pizza Month (aka every month ever?) with a true Binging with Babish conceptual reach - using Jon Stewart's famous rant against Chi-Town's deep-dish speciality as an excuse to make some ourselves. With cups of sauce and pounds of cheese held at bay by a towering levee of buttery, flaky crust, how could you not like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza? Assuming you've never tried New York-style pizza, of course.
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Comments • 7 406

  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  2 months ago +14196

    Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.

    • cuthbertallgood711
      cuthbertallgood711 Day ago

      Lol "Crazy blue marble"

    • zemar's 51 backwards guys
      zemar's 51 backwards guys 2 days ago

      So you would rather have frozen sauce other than frozen cheese? You are crazy.

    • Kayvon Ducas
      Kayvon Ducas 15 days ago

      Trevor noah is tarded

    • Zachary Green
      Zachary Green 19 days ago

      *new york accent* hey im tryna lose some weight over here

    • prodigy gir
      prodigy gir 26 days ago

      I want someone to go on a rant about St louis style pizza so you can make that!

  • Frank DiCosta
    Frank DiCosta 5 hours ago

    You should recreate Lou Malnatis famous “gluten free” sausage crust

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal 7 hours ago

    Most Chicagoans don't eat deep dish regularly. Just once, I would like someone to cover Chicago-style thin crust pizza.

  • Ficco Clivano Ikhsan
    Ficco Clivano Ikhsan 8 hours ago

    That is a Chaotic way of eating pizza

  • Crowbachprints
    Crowbachprints 12 hours ago

    deep dish is not the only pizza in chicago
    it is not comparable to new york style because it's trying to do its own thing
    all it asks for is acceptance

  • Omar Al-Asfour
    Omar Al-Asfour 15 hours ago

    This is not Pizza, this is Cheeza

  • ishidex2
    ishidex2 16 hours ago


  • XxCactoos_ManxX
    XxCactoos_ManxX 16 hours ago

    "Probably the most controvercial style of pizza"


  • Mads Nielsen
    Mads Nielsen 19 hours ago

    not insane, just suicidal :)

  • Jacob Truman
    Jacob Truman Day ago

    You forgot the finely chopped-basil and oregano

  • weldrodson
    weldrodson Day ago +1

    I personally love Detroit style pizza the best but as im from Detroit im a bit biased.

    • ringoringo
      ringoringo 23 hours ago

      Same. grew up on detroit pizza cuz I live here.

  • W A
    W A Day ago

    You said the same thing I did! Marinara sauce is already cooked!

  • Tyler Mellors
    Tyler Mellors Day ago

    Am I the asshole? I think Chicago deep-dish is better than NY style, and I'm part Italian

    • asjkiea12
      asjkiea12 9 hours ago

      You’re not the asshole; you’re right

  • Bloomanddoom
    Bloomanddoom 2 days ago

    i also thought it was funny

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 2 days ago

    California pizza? Like that's a thing lol

  • S. Nifrum
    S. Nifrum 2 days ago

    Wanna know what pizza I think is the best in the world

    Pizza in general

  • The Renaldo’s
    The Renaldo’s 2 days ago +1

    “The sauce was saucey” XDDDDD

  • Hades The master of souls

    New York is best

  • zemar's 51 backwards guys

    Provolone cheese is the best poor boy cheese
    Change my mind

  • Playface
    Playface 3 days ago

    Chicago style pizza- NOT DEEP DISH THATS A MONSTROSITY- is the best pizza and you cant change my mind

  • Drayson Gamble
    Drayson Gamble 3 days ago +2

    Me sitting in California with all the frisbee with sauce restaurants that try to pass themselves off as pizza parlors 😢😢😢😢

  • Alexis :D
    Alexis :D 4 days ago +3

    i'm waiting for the brisket from the marvelous mrs maisel

  • Vanessa Walsh
    Vanessa Walsh 4 days ago +8

    Babish: *uses pre-grated Parmesan*
    Comments: you have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  • Oayx
    Oayx 4 days ago

    I watched this video earlier this morning. It’s night now and I want deep dish

  • Californian Railfan
    Californian Railfan 4 days ago

    Wow he really gotta say that to California pizza. But Chicago pizza is better though

  • TheGogeta222
    TheGogeta222 4 days ago

    I am a European and I say that's blasphemy!

  • Nathan
    Nathan 4 days ago

    *Stands up*

  • Ineke Kavanagh
    Ineke Kavanagh 4 days ago

    Canned onions, wot...

  • Daniel Giuseppe Di Niro

    This looks like a Marinara sauce and cheese tart. I'm pretty sure you can't define that "a pizza".
    Ps: we italians basically look at NY pizza the same way newyorkers look at Chicago pizza

  • Aiden Arroyo
    Aiden Arroyo 5 days ago

    The only thing that’s not pizza is St. Louis style pizza, I live in stl and I despise stl style, pizza is the only thing Chicago does better, we’re a more dangerous city with shitty pizza

  • yoitsgunattack
    yoitsgunattack 5 days ago

    if its not Italian pizza its not pizza its a diabetes ball of cheese and sugar.

  • Aidan Gallagher
    Aidan Gallagher 5 days ago

    I worked in 3 pizza places between the ages of 17 and 24. Chicagoans don't cook the sauce.

  • Lucius
    Lucius 5 days ago

    So Babish just always has his apron on anytime he goes somewhere.... he deserves the golden spatula for being so dedicated

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 6 days ago +4

    This man went out , in the streets , with a jacket over the apron . That’s dedication !

  • MelodyGames 10
    MelodyGames 10 6 days ago

    I don’t really care about deep dish or New York style pizza I like my pizzas thick, firm on the outside, soft on the inside, and with cheese and pepperoni 👌🏻

  • FruityGroovy
    FruityGroovy 7 days ago

    Me, a proud Californian: You got a problem with California Pizza?
    ...just kidding, I don't really care that much about pizza opinions. Pizza is pizza to me, no matter how you slice it.

  • LazerCherg
    LazerCherg 7 days ago

    Literally the best pizza in existence

  • Isuck Dick
    Isuck Dick 7 days ago

    That tomato paste (not because it’s in a tube) looks like Paint it’s so red

  • Mayor Ajuana
    Mayor Ajuana 7 days ago

    Chicago is stuffed pizza... Detroit is deep dish...New York is a flat pie....and any pizza made in Canada is a "Manitoba sauce bread"'s simple folks, you're welcome, no need to build a statue. It's a Civic duty

  • Sam Jenkins
    Sam Jenkins 7 days ago +5

    "It's not pizza, therefore it sucks." - Jon Stewart
    By *that* logic, prime rib, a French omelet cooked by Jacques Pepin, cheeseburgers, burritos, donuts, pulled pork, smoked salmon, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, etc. all suck too. Deep dish pizza may or may not be pizza, but whatever it is, it's delicious.

  • DinoTheHorse
    DinoTheHorse 7 days ago

    I bet your kitchen smells like Rosati’s.

  • Black Guy
    Black Guy 7 days ago

    Real New Yorkers love all Pizza but hold New York style to a higher standard, so no shame here.

  • Pablo Peraza
    Pablo Peraza 7 days ago

    Here from Spider-Man 2

  • Lulu Luxxe
    Lulu Luxxe 7 days ago

    This is why Seppos are fat 😂

  • fhmi.
    fhmi. 8 days ago

    i don't really get the hate between new york and chicago. if you like both pizza styles, you just have more pizza!

  • Ellie Priday
    Ellie Priday 8 days ago

    You should make a book called The Clean Plate Club and fill it with your clean plate club members, whether they’re from the show or exclusives to your own tastes. maybe even get some interviews with chefs you love about the dishes in their restaurants that have earned a spot.

  • Andy Kleiber
    Andy Kleiber 8 days ago

    Been wanting to make one of these for a long time.

    Finally did it!

    Came out very good.

    Didn't have a cast iron pan, so used an all-clad.

    Had trouble getting the dough to stick up on the sides; kept sliding down.

    Could not get the pie out of the pan in one piece. Ended up taking it out slice by slice.

    Will make this again indeed.

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop 9 days ago +2

    *Gino’s has entered the chat*

  • Collin Olewine
    Collin Olewine 9 days ago +1

    All pizza is good even New York style, HOWEVER Chicago style deep dish is the best pizza there is

  • Zen-RPG
    Zen-RPG 9 days ago

    Thank God outside Pizza Huts, we don't have this kind of Abomination here in Europe...

  • Fredenator
    Fredenator 9 days ago

    Im from illinois, not chicago tho. And lemme tell ya, sweet sauce annoys the crap out of me for some reason. I have no idea why.

  • Mary Marth
    Mary Marth 10 days ago

    Anybody know how he measured the flour? Top of scale or cup?

  • Ken Lackner
    Ken Lackner 10 days ago

    Are the dry ingredients for the dough measured by weight or volume? (This is a perfect example of why we just need to switch to metric.)

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 10 days ago

    New York pizza > chicago deep dish

  • WraxTV
    WraxTV 10 days ago +1

    Most controversial pizza? When I was in Japan we went to a Cajun-themed pizza buffet place that had a mayo pizza. Maybe its just that I can only at best tolerate mayo, but I found the idea pretty terrible.

  • DOT
    DOT 10 days ago

    After deep dish pizza
    Italian people : this is personal attack on us

  • Rocky Williams
    Rocky Williams 11 days ago

    Detroit style for the win! :)

  • Justin Tun
    Justin Tun 11 days ago

    As a Californian... yeah you ain’t wrong. But at least we got good Mexican and Asian food.

  • John Fanning
    John Fanning 11 days ago

    If you could try making Michigan style pizza which is the complete beta pizza out there

  • Linko
    Linko 11 days ago

    He totally liked it