Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
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Comments • 9 759

  • JassyWassy4 0w0
    JassyWassy4 0w0 21 hour ago

    That’s great for her! But,
    Armpit hair is gross on everyone. Men, women and everyone in between!!

  • Mykayla Davis
    Mykayla Davis 23 hours ago

    Okay is girls are ment to be hairy, he's people thinks it's nasty but it's not. If our bodies grow hair then we ment to have it. I mean hes, there is nothing wrong with shaving it completely fine...but let hair is to, it is all natural.

  • Flip Booker
    Flip Booker Day ago

    Reason why she does not shave

  • Flip Booker
    Flip Booker Day ago

    She doesn’t shave because she thinks it’s to expensive and women back in the day did not shave
    Your welcome

  • Peaceful Painting
    Peaceful Painting 2 days ago

    The fact that women have to normalise normal is literally baffling to me!

  • Z K
    Z K 3 days ago

    Girls not shaving their legs and underarms are called out boys wearing makeup are called out why can't people just mind their own business and let us live

  • そのガチャウルフitz gacha wolfie

    i hate having brown hair you have to shave every day

  • Rabbid Rabb
    Rabbid Rabb 3 days ago

    I've shaved my legs before as a guy, I totally understand women giving it up. It's a hassle

    • Rabbid Rabb
      Rabbid Rabb 2 days ago

      @Expelliarmus Equuleus my hair grows the same as before, shaving doesn't make your hair grow any thicker

    • Expelliarmus Equuleus
      Expelliarmus Equuleus 2 days ago

      Like what dude? Is shaving make hair legs growing a lot than before or what..?

  • aqua girl
    aqua girl 5 days ago

    I hate darwin so much right now

  • flutter grace
    flutter grace 5 days ago

    Honestly I like when guys shave too

  • Destiny Nogitsune
    Destiny Nogitsune 5 days ago

    I haven't shaved my legs in 3 months. Everytime I do I scab up and get cuts just for like 3 hours of smoothness. Nah, pass.

  • tahsin tabassum
    tahsin tabassum 7 days ago

    Yep!I don't shave

  • Moneyman X2FLIPP
    Moneyman X2FLIPP 8 days ago

    Ewww if ya a woman that don't shave your not sexy

    • Erik C
      Erik C 4 days ago

      I disagree. Their job isn't to please you, hunny. ;)

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell 9 days ago +2

    “Once it stops mattering to you the rest of the world can deal with it”
    Preach, so inspirational

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell 9 days ago

    So also even if you have shaved legs no ones going to care because it’s expected and if you don’t then some people might be mean to you or judge you but let them! Most people won’t care anyways so what’s the point it doesn’t matter is kind of a lose - lose anyway

  • Michael Caz
    Michael Caz 10 days ago +1

    Woman Should "Do what THEY Want" - I think it's Sexy = No Shaving. I Hate all this Bikini Waxing & Obsession with Hair Removal for women. It is such a Misconception that Better Hygiene means No Hair. If you are Clean, then-you-are-Clean!!! I have known Asian Woman - who do Don't Shave, and they are some of The Finest Smelling & Tasting Woman on the Planet. Just Keeping it Real. If you can't get a Date . . . I will date you in NYC.

  • Catherine Pang
    Catherine Pang 10 days ago +1

    Worst when your mother has no hair on her legs and I do...

  • Payton Ward
    Payton Ward 13 days ago

    Yes girl I'm 14 and shaving because of this video and convinced some of my friends to shop shaving because of this video I started shaving when I was 10 years old because a guy that I didn't even like in my grade said that I have hairy legs and it looks like a "forest" and I was embarrassed so I went home and started shaving and I told my guardian and she was completely fine with it like it was normal for a 10 year old to be shamed into doing this and it is in this day and age which is so messed up and now I realize how much hassle in work it was to keep my legs shaved and how much time and effort I put into it and spending $10,000 on shaving is ridiculous I understand if you want to shave and it makes you feel good and yourself because YOU like you know self care doing what you want but doing that because society makes you think you have to I screwed up and I am done shaving you don't have to be but you can I don't want you though and this message goes to both men and women shave don't shave whatever you want to do no matter what your gender

  • Celia Ross
    Celia Ross 14 days ago

    Thank you! I'm a 12-year-old little girl and honestly, I've never really wanted to shave my legs but have always debated it. I think I'm gonna pass.

  • Angela Despin
    Angela Despin 15 days ago

    This video needs a Miley Cyrus redo to..
    Saying "Its my body I'll shave if I want to, Its my hair I'll remove if I want to"

  • Kigara
    Kigara 15 days ago

    My mom and my friends kinda forced me to shave. I never really wanted to and I stopped after about 5 years. I always hated shaving and didn’t even care about smoothness but now I had a problem to stop. Thanks, world.

  • Sarah Beara
    Sarah Beara 16 days ago

    I shave when I want to

  • kazkasa inca
    kazkasa inca 16 days ago

    I don't care if I women don't shave if they don't want then go ahead

  • NobleGuy
    NobleGuy 16 days ago

    She makes interesting points, and yet there she is dolled up with make-up because she's as socially engineered as anyone to make herself look false.

  • Abigail Bell
    Abigail Bell 17 days ago

    I am a Freshman in high school and about a month and a half ago I stopped shaving at all because I realized that there was no point in it and so now I just let it all grow and am proud to have harry legs

  • Minal Sehgal
    Minal Sehgal 17 days ago

    Shaving, razor cuts and someone pointing out the spot you left 🤦‍♀️ then again shaving razor cut and a spot is left. Vicious cycle.

  • 사유리Sayuri
    사유리Sayuri 17 days ago

    I don’t really shave since my leg hairs isn’t very visible ://

  • Zatara
    Zatara 22 days ago

    Thank you for sharing! It makes it easier for those of us trying to stop shaving to have others who do. Thank you!

  • sacha falcone
    sacha falcone 23 days ago

    I was blessed with practically translucent blonde soft hair so I don’t have to shave that often, yet still the hair on top of my head is super thin too, so volume is non existent

  • Kice D.
    Kice D. 24 days ago +1

    i really wish i could do that but if i dont shave even for like 3 days i'll get comments on my hair and how i must have missed some spots :/

  • Breezeheart
    Breezeheart 25 days ago

    Why do people say, you can't stop shaving once you started?🤔

  • Dilak Kambarova
    Dilak Kambarova 26 days ago +1

    watching this wile im waxing-

  • Yems Account
    Yems Account 27 days ago

    I just don’t like body hair on men or women. Makes me feel ichy

  • Ava Nichols-Kalinowski

    I don’t shave my legs and I do get self conscious sometimes but most of the time I feel great and I think, like it’s a choice for men to shave their beards it should be a choice for women and men to shave or not shave any hair on their body this video is so empowering!!!

  • Jessica
    Jessica 27 days ago

    i never shaved my legs, it wasn't really in my culture, then one day i went to college... and my roommate introduced me to "veet".. one word.. regret. my leg hair was smooth and barely noticeable, but after "veet" the new hair was so unruly and so... black... (i have black hair) i was never insecure about my body hair, since i don't grow a lot of hair naturally, but it's funny how you think what other people say have more weight than what you are comfortable with. I remembered one time i get on a train and i was minding my business with my cousin, we were talking and laughing, and then i felt someone is looking at me. Nope, i was wrong, the person was looking at my UNSHAVEN legs and i caught him looking. and i felt so ASHAMED. And it was a conflict within me, because it shouldn't have bothered me that he looked at my leg hair, he didn't even looked uncomfortable with my leg hair or grossed out by it, he was just simply looking...

  • Miss BellaBop
    Miss BellaBop 27 days ago

    I only shave if my legs are out on display. I don't find it an inconvenience with money or shaving so each to their own.

  • Abby d
    Abby d 28 days ago

    I shaved once and never did again😀

  • Μαρία Γ.
    Μαρία Γ. 28 days ago

    If you are a Mediterranean girl who has those thick black hair and has no confidence to stop shaving because in our occasion body hair look even worse... I feel you😢

  • Hannah C.
    Hannah C. 29 days ago

    I feel like people shouldn't shave for society and family saying stuff like, "OH YOU HAVE TO SHAVE, YOUR A LADY"
    Instead, if you want, only shave for yourself

  • ChemicalCheezWhiz击

    I think it’s good that you’re accepting yourself but I’m just going to keep on shaving because yeah lol

  • John Baker
    John Baker Month ago

    Hairy women are sexy!

  • North Korea
    North Korea Month ago +16

    *Im 13 and barely anyone in my school actually shaved, they seem happy just to walk about hairy*

  • North Korea
    North Korea Month ago +2

    *Is it weird all my hairs are blonde, they’re not visible, except the ones downstairs.* 😉😹

  • ThatGirlFear Eater
    ThatGirlFear Eater Month ago

    I wear pants so.......

  • CreeperAwwwMan
    CreeperAwwwMan Month ago

    I used to have really hairy legs, and whenever I wore shorts my friends and my brother would make fun of me constantly. I was too afraid to ask my mom. Eventually I realized as I got older that other peoples opinions didn't matter to me, so I stopped shaving

  • Ski
    Ski Month ago


  • Haute Mess Express
    Haute Mess Express Month ago

    I shave once a week, maybe once every two weeks. I have a few rogue dark hairs around my ankles and the rest is blonde and thin in texture. I've got naturally light brown with blonde and red highlights throughout so I'm not so blonde my body hair should be blonde, but all my body hair is very fine-textured and lighter than most people would expect.

  • Christel Meijer
    Christel Meijer Month ago +1

    I like the feeling of having shaved legs, but I think it's normal to have hairy legs. Nobody has ever said to me that I have to shave my legs, so I never had the urge to shave them. I do shave all of the other body parts, just not my legs (am I'm completely okay with that) 💕🙌

  • everthinka
    everthinka Month ago

    You stopped shaving your legs because you're lazy and disgusting.

  • Satu Lehto
    Satu Lehto Month ago

    This is something i really sruggle with. I have a lot of hair in my legs and I myself don't mind hair at all. I think all people could go without shaving, i even think it's rather cute to have that smooth hair on your legs. And I dislike the feeling of shaved legs. But I'm always super concious about the fact that other people do shave and they probably don't see the hair same way as I do. I don't want people to think I don't take care of myself just because I don't shave my legs. But if I do shave, I feel like I'm pressured to do so and that other people somehow get's to deside what i do with my body. That makes me feel super uncomfortable as well. So, basically, what I do is that i wear pants even in summer when it's hot whenever i go to public so i don't have to shave and no-one has to see my hairy legs. That's just sad. I hope I had the courage to wear skirts in public places but I don't.

  • Ava Cox
    Ava Cox Month ago +2

    I know this is out of topic...but I love your shark socks

  • Mic mic bungee
    Mic mic bungee Month ago

    I don't shave my legs. Becoz I think it's normal for ppl to have hair there lol idk it's just me 😂

  • Valentina Gorini
    Valentina Gorini Month ago

    In fact women remove their body hair since ancient times...

    • Valentina Gorini
      Valentina Gorini Month ago

      @Mindy Johnson yes but it is not something new like some feminists want to make people believe...

    • Mindy Johnson
      Mindy Johnson Month ago

      Not consistently since ancient times. It goes in and out of fashion.

  • Lee Almonte
    Lee Almonte Month ago

    Honestly, I STILL only shave my legs to just past the knee. xD I was one of those high schoolers who was convinced no one noticed the difference. And then as I got older, I just stopped caring. The hair on my thighs is naturally a lot thinner, so it just isn't worth the time and effort to me... None of the guys I've dated have ever said anything, either, so yeah.

  • Fatima Rehman
    Fatima Rehman Month ago

    If u never shave ur legs they neve grow

  • Martin Lacker
    Martin Lacker Month ago

    Dudes who are hairy is ducking gross , not just women

  • Rael Anne
    Rael Anne Month ago

    I was pressured into shaving by my sister and.. well a bit by my mother. But I like it, I understand what she is talking about but it’s Just. So. SATISFYING.

  • Jina Mooni
    Jina Mooni Month ago

    I never shave , nobody can tell

  • Rachel Hubley
    Rachel Hubley Month ago +131

    Why waste that money on pleasing society when you could be buying tacos?

    • Jinyoung Stan
      Jinyoung Stan 23 days ago

      You pleasing society by getting a new phone too so why not getting tacos

    • Marleigh Hudson
      Marleigh Hudson 24 days ago +2

      ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY tacos are more important than societal expectations

    • callme_babes _
      callme_babes _ 27 days ago

      What type of phone do you have? Bc if you an iPhone then why spend so much money on an iPhone if u could buy tacos. If u hv an Android y spend so much money on it when you could get a cheap flip phone and buy tacos? When u think about it you actually are also pleasing society.

  • Aircraft Planet 333

    I love to Shave