Why I Stopped Shaving My Legs • Ladylike

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
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Comments • 9 219

  • Geri Cb
    Geri Cb Hour ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been suffering with my leg hair so much the last 2 years. I remove it every other day but it all grows back fast and ingrown, now they are a scabby mess which I can't bear anyone to see. Your video's given me insight that it's actually ok to just let it grow out and let them heal. I'm done with leg hair removal!

  • iiCoconutxX
    iiCoconutxX 4 hours ago

    I have NEVER shaved my legs before and I'm not going too!! ❤

  • Brooklyn Whiteside

    I just shave because I like how smooth they are but my leg hairs grow back pretty quickly

  • Darahs Drawings
    Darahs Drawings Day ago

    I stopped shaving my legs like 2 years ago but I can’t do armpit hair lol

  • Cheesewheel Vlogs
    Cheesewheel Vlogs 2 days ago

    I personally shave my armpits and my vagina because when i sweat, the scent is held in by the hair

  • L P
    L P 2 days ago +1

    I dont shave much I shave my armpits once a week and my legs every other week only shave ankle to knee I dont have much hair on my legs I actually have more hair on my arms then my legs I dont shave my arms

  • Dumb Lil Blonde
    Dumb Lil Blonde 3 days ago

    I could literally never go out with unshaved legs, I think it's great for other people who feel confident enough but I don't and I don't think I ever would be confident enough tbh

  • S.A. Huber
    S.A. Huber 3 days ago

    Is it weird I want to shave now

  • jenny suarez
    jenny suarez 3 days ago

    I stopped shaving my everything when I had to go to the hospital for my schizophrenia and was so beyond uncomfortable in my own skin I’ve always hated my hair because I was made fun of when I was in elementary school Jenny has hair legs they would say and now I can’t imagine my life with my body hair I love it I wear shorts you can clearly see the hair and it’s not bothering me anymore so yeah leave reply if you have one please 😋😚😇

  • Ana Esteves Brandão
    Ana Esteves Brandão 4 days ago +4

    My ex boyfriend once told me: "But it feels so nice, smooth legs. You should shave."
    That made me so insecure. After we broke up I never shaved again, until I was acting in this play and the director told me I had to shave my legs. I was 17 at the time, nothing to protect me. I was devastated.
    I shaved my legs and hated it so much.
    Now I let it grow out and now and then I feel like shaving. The thing is occasionally no hair will make me feel feminine, but most times my leg/armpit hair make me feel sexy and feminine.

  • Aayushee Khanna
    Aayushee Khanna 4 days ago

    I've a hairy body. Have had hair removed once or twice when I wanted. Don't plan on removing hair regularly unless I WANT to.

  • Sophia Gott
    Sophia Gott 5 days ago

    I don't shave in the winter, and still wear capris. I'm in high school, and most people didn't notice except for a couple guys (who I am friends with) did comment on it and joked about it and were like "eW sOpHiE sHaVe YoUr LeGs" and I was just like fuck you I don't want to don't tell me how to live your life who don't you shave your legs if you want to wear shorts or something like that

  • Maggie L
    Maggie L 5 days ago

    Well you don’t want to be a werewolf and I feel like all body hair is a little gross

  • Witch
    Witch 5 days ago

    I stoped shaving my legs several years ago and I love it! My legs are so soft and fluffy. At the beginning I was insecure wearing shorts in public but over time I realized that most times people don´t even notice and if they do I find it funny to observe their reactions XD

  • Fenomanom Slimes
    Fenomanom Slimes 5 days ago +2

    I don’t shave I wax

  • Glitter Kween
    Glitter Kween 5 days ago

    Me: im lazy

  • P Williams
    P Williams 6 days ago +3

    “Hairy, Braless, Bra Burning Feminist” Wise women are always seen as crazy until the world catches up with their ideology.

  • thelazy omegawolf
    thelazy omegawolf 6 days ago

    Got an add about leg shaving on this, lol

  • Nancy Noel Bowman
    Nancy Noel Bowman 6 days ago

    Love those socks!

  • Monique Metcalfe
    Monique Metcalfe 6 days ago

    Thats what happened to me

  • Giwta Bg
    Giwta Bg 6 days ago

    u stoped saving because u started a relationship with a girl. and obviously lesbians dont care about those things.. if u wanted to hook up with a guy u would save again for sure because u would want him to like u and give a good impression. i think that what u do is inspiring and i wish we could all let those things of the past just stay there. in the past. embrase ourselves the way we are. but as long as there are women who take care of themselves guys will think that not saving is disgusting...

  • wherearetheavocados
    wherearetheavocados 7 days ago


  • Jonte Guillory
    Jonte Guillory 7 days ago

    I don't shave my legs but I do shave my armpits though.

  • Nayomii Greene
    Nayomii Greene 7 days ago

    yeaahh!!! hairy legs arise

  • serena daniells
    serena daniells 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else love her socks! There so fricken cute!

  • Adela 003
    Adela 003 8 days ago

    I felt pressured to shave because once i went to the swimming pool with some friends and one of my guy friends saw my legs and said "wow, you really should shave"....

  • Kate Books
    Kate Books 8 days ago +4

    I still won't stop shaving my legs.

    • nitronica
      nitronica 4 days ago +1

      No one is forcing you to. Shave if you want or leave your hair be, it's your choice,

  • inuyashakarin
    inuyashakarin 9 days ago

    My God either you do or don't, who the fuck cares??

  • Miss Kylie
    Miss Kylie 9 days ago +1

    I personally shave every night because I like it.. not because of the beauty standard

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 9 days ago +4

    Ladylike, please don't add "scream" sounds to your videos.
    You make viewing inaccessible to people with PTSD & anxiety.

  • Ilaria Franchi
    Ilaria Franchi 9 days ago

    Tbh hair removal for women has been around since the Middle ages or even Ancient Rome. It's not like Darwin came around saying that women should shave and everybody started shaving/being expected to shave.
    Apart from that I think everyone should be able to do as they please. Personally I don't like having body hair so I've never had a problem with shaving or being expected to shave.

  • Phia Griffith
    Phia Griffith 9 days ago

    I just wait for the water to dry on my parts I’m shaving and put soap on it and just shave it and boom! Shaved and money saved so theirs that

  • potato bunny
    potato bunny 10 days ago +1

    It wasn't Darwin, we actually have Gillette and a pantyhose shortage during and after WWI to thank for women shaving 👌

  • Jenna Wood
    Jenna Wood 10 days ago +1

    I......I like my legs smooth......... I don't mind spending the time......... and my mom still buys the stuffs

  • Jessika Young
    Jessika Young 10 days ago +1

    My mom, even though I'm moved out, still says stuff about my pits, if they are even the littlest bit hairy. I already don't shave my legs and now I think I'm gonna try not shaving my pits.. Don't know how my husband will feel about it but I know how I feel about it

  • Rafaa Bukhary
    Rafaa Bukhary 11 days ago +3

    I don’t shave cuz it usually takes a lot of time and the hair comes out prickly. I usually use laser and occasionally waxing and sugaring cuz it lasts longer 👍

  • Mia Treadwell
    Mia Treadwell 12 days ago

    I just can’t be bothered and I don’t really care if my legs are hairy or not

  • littleblondemop
    littleblondemop 12 days ago

    First of all did you grow your hair longer-it's so pretty! Second, There was a day when tank tops and arm-pit revealing tops and leg-revealing pants were not such a "thing" so you couldn't tell who shaved. otherwise, I have been thinking about this lately. Interesting topic;).

  • Mina Naseer
    Mina Naseer 13 days ago

    Preach sis.

  • Kyla Dunn
    Kyla Dunn 14 days ago

    I stopped shaving my legs when I realized that no one was really looking at my leg hair. Like my legs aren’t that hairy why would anyone care? It’s a waste of my time to worry so much about what other people may or may not even notice.

  • Madison Burr
    Madison Burr 14 days ago

    In the moddle of this video i went and shaved and cut meh knee

  • ariana mongy
    ariana mongy 15 days ago

    Why when u start u can’t stop shaving?

    • The Nightingale
      The Nightingale 10 days ago

      ariana mongy the hair grows back faster and longer

  • Wolf Holley
    Wolf Holley 16 days ago

    Okay soooooo I love you!

  • Ariadna Gaytan
    Ariadna Gaytan 17 days ago +2

    Yes! I personally don't believe in women shaving because they prefer it, feel more confident, feel more clean. We've been told all sorts of lies that now we actually believe them. I'm unshaven and proud.

  • Blake31660 Blake
    Blake31660 Blake 17 days ago

    I only shave so my legs feel nice against my covers.... no oofs round here

  • AudOldEnds
    AudOldEnds 18 days ago

    This is all total valid. I DESPISE the feeling of hair on my body. Anywhere besides my eyebrows and head. HATE IT!

  • akshita singh
    akshita singh 18 days ago

    But your legs are hairless how that happened????

  • Laura NS
    Laura NS 20 days ago

    loved this video!

  • Lauryn Draper
    Lauryn Draper 20 days ago

    I love her socks ❤️😍😂

  • anony885
    anony885 21 day ago

    I never shaved my hands or face or body except half legs in entire 30 years of my life

  • Lara Darwish
    Lara Darwish 21 day ago

    Well I have really thick hair all over my legs and under my armpit. Well I stopped shaving them. But I started waxing.
    You have sort of Shakira vibes

  • Yousra Boucetta
    Yousra Boucetta 22 days ago

    Love her socks

  • Lynzie Ball
    Lynzie Ball 22 days ago

    I think men and woman should trim their armpit hair because the b.o smell kinda sticks to the hair. I can’t really shave my armpits cause i get like razor burn no matter what I do so I trim

  • Vernons Thighs
    Vernons Thighs 22 days ago

    Even though I don't care much about hair I still shave because I like the feeling of having shaved body parts better and I prefer it on myself. Plus I have anxiety is I don't like wear shorts without shaving

    SAMANTHA RAMIREZ 23 days ago

    The average woman?well my mom doesn't even spend 5% of that ..only like 50 a year ..soo um miss information

  • tapiwa kadzviti
    tapiwa kadzviti 25 days ago +3

    Idk if it's just me but my mum never taught me to shave me legs so l never have

  • Chloe Beal
    Chloe Beal 25 days ago

    i like this because it is super DANGEROUS!!! i only shave once a year thats four the summer

  • KND
    KND 25 days ago

    I don't shave my legs either, and who cares? no one can say anything.

  • Kristiina
    Kristiina 25 days ago

    God I remember the first time that shame hit me. It's literally the only reason I ever shave, even now 15+ years later. I hate it so much, just all of it, but especially the insane insecurity.

  • Nena Barreto
    Nena Barreto 26 days ago

    I hate society, I hope someday I can put bikinis on without thinking about my hair

  • Nena Barreto
    Nena Barreto 26 days ago

    Today I asked a friend of mine ( a boy) why boys think their hair is normal and our isn't, he just said "girls with hair are gross"

    • Ada
      Ada 22 days ago +1

      well he's a douchebag.

  • Josie Jeanne
    Josie Jeanne 26 days ago +1

    Ok but I like feeling my smooth legs

  • Cupcakeangel plays
    Cupcakeangel plays 27 days ago

    My mom told me that she stopped shaving her legs because it growed thicker

  • Anythingellie7
    Anythingellie7 27 days ago

    I don’t care about what people think of my body hair but I shave because I like the feeling of smooth legs not because I care about other people’s opinions

  • Mesmerize.
    Mesmerize. 27 days ago

    Yes but your hairs are practically invisible.... When I do stop shaving my legs, I look like a f*cking werewolf

  • Erin Austin
    Erin Austin 27 days ago

    I love people who dont shave, that takes a lot of will power because I HAVE to shave my arm pits because i cant stand the feeling! I wish i could but the feeling i get bothers me not because what people say but because the way it feels!

  • Elly Anderson
    Elly Anderson 27 days ago

    I don’t and a lot of people think it’s weird. Hello guys don’t. And some men are idiots think it’s gross 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Depressed Gacha Emily
    Depressed Gacha Emily 28 days ago


  • Sophia Arenas
    Sophia Arenas 28 days ago

    I was in the shower for a whole hour today shaving my legs

  • Akuseru
    Akuseru 28 days ago

    Gurl, where's your hair?

  • erin
    erin 29 days ago

    just me i guess

  • lama corn
    lama corn Month ago

    Ok i now this is a serios video but look at her socks your welcome

  • Riva Homos
    Riva Homos Month ago

    I have really thick dark hair. once someone mistaken my legs for a mans

  • Thoon Naing
    Thoon Naing Month ago

    I can’t relate at all. Where I live no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, shaves their legs..

  • LV Teach Me
    LV Teach Me Month ago

    It's ridiculous that we follow social norms without question; we don't even know where it all started and if it has an adverse effect. We are constantly removing or changing our natural being. Everything on the human body has or had a purpose. For this reason, we should research it's purpose and think before altering our natural selves. I like what you said: we should do stuff because we want to not because we are afraid of what others will think if we don't do it.

  • DottedViola
    DottedViola Month ago +2

    I've had hairy legs for like forever since I've remembered

  • Mahesh Nepal
    Mahesh Nepal Month ago +2

    I like girls with little hairs on their thighs and calves. I find it so sexy😍

  • Ijeoma
    Ijeoma Month ago

    oh no. im 11 and my mom just bought me stuff to shave my legs. but i really want to yolo? and i cant waste it.

  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ Month ago

    I only shave when I wear shorts
    BeCauSe I’m LaZy

  • Sammi Osborne
    Sammi Osborne Month ago

    i haven’t shaved my legs in about 3 months

  • Abigail S413
    Abigail S413 Month ago

    Also, I shave whenever I feel like shaving, and my legs get very hairy a lot of the times and my husband could not care less...

  • Abigail S413
    Abigail S413 Month ago

    My mom never shaved her legs and her hair on her legs are almost invisible.... I regret shaving my legs....

  • emyrose tameta
    emyrose tameta Month ago

    Shaving Makes the hair on ur legs thicker

  • Poly Farzana
    Poly Farzana Month ago

    I never shaved in my whole life.

  • Mika N
    Mika N Month ago

    Stop craping on Darwin, if in the next sentence you talk how old the idea is way older. You can't blame him for something that was already popular in renaissance

  • Wissal Kherbache
    Wissal Kherbache Month ago

    WHERE is her body hair???

  • Lily H
    Lily H Month ago +3

    Also! Hairy legs makes your legs look more tan... which I need

  • Emma Wetta
    Emma Wetta Month ago

    This makes me feel ashamed for making me want to shave....

  • idk stuff
    idk stuff Month ago +1

    Omfg I love your socks😂

  • something something

    if u dont shave how do u hav smooth legs?

  • Riley Sieber
    Riley Sieber Month ago +1

    What does it mean by, ‘once you start you can’t go back’ because I don’t get that please someone explain

  • The Indian Princess
    The Indian Princess Month ago +1

    I stopped caring what people thought..
    We are all mammals here.. Come on dude!

  • Vanessa Cosner
    Vanessa Cosner Month ago

    My girlfriend shaves every day so when I want to feel smooth freshly shaven legs I just touch hers so I don't have to put the effort to shave myself

  • Eda Nur
    Eda Nur Month ago +8

    *patriarchy has left the chat, biachez*

  • Crazycatlipsy101
    Crazycatlipsy101 Month ago +23

    Why I stopped shaving my legs:
    Me: cus I’m a lazy sloth who couldn’t be bothered 😂😅

  • Rylie Hall
    Rylie Hall Month ago

    Oh no I have natural hair on my legs that I didn't choose its not women's fault
    like who cares it's all natural

  • Jaime Digel
    Jaime Digel Month ago +8

    I had a razor ad before this video

  • Salsagirl66
    Salsagirl66 Month ago

    LOL I just got an ad for laser hair removal at the start of this video 😆😆

  • Milly Stevens
    Milly Stevens Month ago

    I like your socks

  • Who gives a fuck Who cares

    That's a lot cish what