Parents Try Guessing What Their Kid Will Do With $100 | What Would My Kid Do? (React)

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    In this new episode of "What Would My Kid Do", can these dads guess what their kids bought with $100?! Pop! Vinyl Figures, Lego sets, ICE CREAM?! With so many awesome choices, it would be hard to not go over-budget! Let's see if these kids can impress their parents with their spending skills!
    Reactors Featured:
    Don Jr.
    Don Sr.
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    Parents Try Guessing What Their Kid Will Do With $100 | What Would My Kid Do? (React)

Comments • 80

    REACT  2 months ago +539

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  • CyberHipHop
    CyberHipHop 3 hours ago

    I would taken
    1. Banana
    2. The Elephant
    3. Minecraft
    4. Infinity Gauntlet

  • Vilmer Sandqvist
    Vilmer Sandqvist 6 hours ago

    Cause i think its like sanoses hand 9:16

  • Mainkechup 7221
    Mainkechup 7221 10 hours ago

    “Sannoses hand”

  • layne mendius
    layne mendius 13 hours ago

    Typical dads iron man gauntlet🤦🏼‍♂️

  • TheMystericOne
    TheMystericOne 17 hours ago

    Me: “I’m just looking for a loyal girl and healthy relationship”. Girls I find: 1:25

  • hehe BOIII
    hehe BOIII 17 hours ago

    Is it just me but did the dad in the blue shirt start to sing little T at the end

  • Catherine Saranporn suttharangsee

    6.00 sex XD

  • P_Heinel
    P_Heinel Day ago

    Wow that stuff cheaper than what I saw in my country.
    With 100 $ I only expect that minecraft lego with some food

  • Blunt _Burger
    Blunt _Burger Day ago

    Did he say LEGO mine craft sex? 5:58

    CLEETUS Day ago +1

    The kid looks a boba fett:” I don’t even know who that is” YoU aRe A dIsCrAsE tO hUmAnIsM

  • Isaiah Freeman
    Isaiah Freeman Day ago

    F the budget the iron man gauntlet is mine

  • Iluminada Perez
    Iluminada Perez Day ago

    Yea ha yep

  • Danny Khalid
    Danny Khalid Day ago

    Soooooo.when are yall kicking lucas out?

  • ヴィス
    ヴィス Day ago

    Whoever likes James Charles needs help.

  • Dark souls Junkie

    The dad on the left sounds like gramps from boondocks

  • Lucky Lightning
    Lucky Lightning Day ago +1

    I own that big dog

  • ThePS4 Entity
    ThePS4 Entity 2 days ago

    "sanoses hand"

  • HendTolba
    HendTolba 2 days ago

    Don is super funny 😂♥️

  • Matthew Demers
    Matthew Demers 2 days ago

    Did he say sansosis hand

  • shRek memeS
    shRek memeS 2 days ago +1

    9:17 did he just say sanos

  • Misael Benitez
    Misael Benitez 3 days ago

    9:15 did Lucas just say sanos instead of thanos

  • Al3 Th3pr0
    Al3 Th3pr0 3 days ago

    Lucas: SANOS

  • Griffin BoBiffen
    Griffin BoBiffen 3 days ago

    How do u not get the LIMITED EDITION BOBA PHETT funky pop😤😫👎😥

  • Townie 745
    Townie 745 3 days ago

    Lucas’s comment on why he didn’t choose the biggest animal makes him sound like a procrastinating 30 year old woman with a New Years resolution (there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just a point)

  • Asparagusissexy T
    Asparagusissexy T 3 days ago

    That one kid reminds me of Jane Charles because she talks like him and acts like him

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 3 days ago

    Elephant 🐘

  • mettatontheburger eater

    I hate Marco's son

  • saber tron
    saber tron 4 days ago

    For the food i will just gonna pick the banana cause i like banana and banana is good for your body

  • Nino Tabagari
    Nino Tabagari 4 days ago +1

    Gir in the back: * didi u have a chance to look at the other box in front of u?*
    The boy: *this? Yeah no, that's not hapenin:)*

  • Marti Daly
    Marti Daly 5 days ago

    Lucis; *chucks stuffed animals*

  • Elijah Schabell
    Elijah Schabell 5 days ago

    Sanosas instead of thanos

  • Jujea Terry
    Jujea Terry 5 days ago +1

    That one kid is a mood 👑 ~ “this? Yeah no”

  • Dønkęy för dïńnêr!

    9:15 i tHinK tHiS iS lIkE *sAnoSEs* hAnD
    This kid’s basically James Charles

  • Coat Clan
    Coat Clan 5 days ago

    Marcos son sound so feminine

  • Gustavo Soares
    Gustavo Soares 6 days ago

    Lucas is so cute😊

  • EverythingNerf
    EverythingNerf 6 days ago

    Sanos's hand...

  • Sylvia Susanti
    Sylvia Susanti 6 days ago

    SHANOOSSSSSSS: infinity war

  • neuteredcow 8
    neuteredcow 8 7 days ago

    What is 100 dollars converted to pounds?

  • The Liam Games
    The Liam Games 7 days ago +1

    is it me or did i here lucas call thanos sanos

  • Skyrim_gamer 946 #2
    Skyrim_gamer 946 #2 7 days ago

    I'm a kid and I would choose the steak dinner

  • Zander 99th 17 Lester

    can I do what would my kid do

  • Ryan Desales
    Ryan Desales 8 days ago

    Can me and my family be next

  • Hunter Donovan
    Hunter Donovan 8 days ago

    Don was in 60 days in

  • M.g Films
    M.g Films 9 days ago

    I would take the ice cream away because that bunny is cute but I mean you got to have that ice cream 😂

  • Comment Police
    Comment Police 9 days ago

    Lego Minecraft sex
    Wait wth

  • Connor Booker
    Connor Booker 9 days ago


  • Dmitrius
    Dmitrius 9 days ago +1

    I don’t see anyone else noticing this but the dad Don Sr. Was on the show 60 days in season 3! He’s dope

  • Donita Beach
    Donita Beach 9 days ago

    I have the same infinity gauntlet!

  • Bennett Daniel
    Bennett Daniel 9 days ago

    I hate licas

  • lek bii
    lek bii 9 days ago

    Did my man's say sanos

  • Arwin Kongül
    Arwin Kongül 9 days ago

    Does no one know Don from 60 days in

  • Gacha Kai
    Gacha Kai 9 days ago

    if they show me the 100 dollars
    me:can i just go to a computer cafe XD
    also is that king bach my boy?

  • Yoshikazu Ito
    Yoshikazu Ito 10 days ago

    Don is the dude from 60 days in...that's kool.

  • Faceless
    Faceless 10 days ago

    Wish I had a dad like one of thoooose 😔😔

  • adrah faisal
    adrah faisal 10 days ago

    I know this is Sanos Hand I died 😂😂😂😂

  • Mighty Eagle66
    Mighty Eagle66 10 days ago


  • digna umana
    digna umana 10 days ago

    7:07 omg lmao 😂

  • It’s Phil
    It’s Phil 10 days ago

    Do they get to keep it?

  • Mikey Utley
    Mikey Utley 10 days ago

    Iron man all day. Thanos be like wat the f*ck

  • Ra fee
    Ra fee 10 days ago

    When a kid calls thanos Santos and doesn't choose the gauntlet

    Marvel fans: END HIM

  • Quinten Balback
    Quinten Balback 10 days ago

    I will bring you to Starbucks did you?

  • Zackie Carter
    Zackie Carter 11 days ago

    Me: wow boba fett
    Lucas: I don’t even know who that is
    Me: starts crying inside

  • GalacticRoFox
    GalacticRoFox 11 days ago


  • James Nama
    James Nama 11 days ago

    dang i know their kids more then they know their kids

  • DaCringeyBoi Channel
    DaCringeyBoi Channel 11 days ago

    “Sanos’s hand”
    1.Its Thanos
    2.That is not Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet It’s Iron Man’s Power Gauntlet

  • Arnold Yaranon
    Arnold Yaranon 11 days ago

    How much is a 100 dollars in my country

  • Michelle Cua
    Michelle Cua 11 days ago

    I want to

  • Miles Morales135
    Miles Morales135 12 days ago +1

    Everyone gets to be on these shows......Why The HELL am I not On These Shows?!?!?!??!!??!

  • Juan Espana
    Juan Espana 12 days ago

    4:26 "so this one is, DoNe." **yeets it and the following others into the air**

  • nikkow venne
    nikkow venne Month ago +7

    "new year, new me" haha that was gr8

  • Ilham Ramilla Gaming
    Ilham Ramilla Gaming Month ago +8

    𝚅𝙴𝙶𝙰𝚂 𝙳𝙾𝙽𝙽!!!!

  • E.B.A.H 211
    E.B.A.H 211 Month ago +2

    Ok he went overboard.. Trying to show off 😲

  • Julian Garza
    Julian Garza Month ago +2

    We have Lego Minecraft Sex he says

  • Mr hairy Donkey
    Mr hairy Donkey Month ago +3

    Guys this guy did not say set listen to it again 5:50

  • internotstellar ers
    internotstellar ers Month ago +5

    It's weird how much I hate Lucas

  • badboy98761
    badboy98761 Month ago +5

    I knew Lucas would pick the Elephant!!!! 😂

  • Finn
    Finn Month ago +5

    when did lucas become so wise

  • Susan Vandergriff
    Susan Vandergriff Month ago +2

    The clove is 100 by its self