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Michael Armstrong: The Effect of Ancient Catastrophe on Humankind | Space News

  • Published on Jul 29, 2015
  • It is the hypothesis of many members of the Electric Universe community that within human memory, perhaps a mere four or five thousand years ago, the Earth’s sky and the inner solar system underwent profound changes. An epoch of planetary instability produced extraordinary electromagnetic events and global catastrophes that were recorded in myths and legends around the world.

    Today, we shift our focus to perhaps the most important question one can explore when considering this thesis -- what were the effects of these events on humankind, and to what extent did they shape our world and our species to this day?

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Comments • 173

  • obyvatel
    obyvatel 6 years ago +25

    It seems that Armstrong and Talbott take the view that what we call "civilization" began after the most recent great catastrophe (Phaeton?), and that at least Armstrong is suggesting a date of perhaps 5000 before present.

  • Nina Houchen
    Nina Houchen 6 years ago +17

    I tell you the sun is an entelechy maker. Our intellect must raise better thoughts.... It's inescapable, all connected and electric with magnetics.

  • Northern Lass
    Northern Lass 3 years ago

    Missed this first time around. This questioning is long overdue and helps open up a necessary platform for this sort of enquiry. Academics, those with university careers, tend to keep within strict boundaries so as not to jeopardise their jobs. It's people like those at Thunderbolts Project, Electric Universe Theory and others who are pushing beyond the limits. I'm not saying they are invariably correct - what this does is make for more openness and debate so as to allow important new information to be examined publicly. 'Experts' keep a lot of information to themselves or make it difficult for ordinary people to have input. Like the song by Laurie Anderson: "Only an expert can deal with the problem, 'Cause half the problem is seeing the problem…etc." I think now, we can all see the problem and the 'experts' aren't fixing it.

  • Kathy Fausett
    Kathy Fausett 3 years ago

    Humans have been trying to connect cause with effect since the beginning. This segment is a creative attempt to do just that, and sounds more reasonable than most accounts as we try to unravel the mystery of life. No one is denying that the mystery remains.

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 6 years ago

    I`v found Michael`s work to be right on the mark. And as Stixx n stones replies below only a few would think this man or what he said to be Marxist or atheist, he is merely pointing out the historical facts! As far as religion`s are concerned he is also correct in that the are human answer to an ancient set of circumstances in which all people`s were involved. So I`l say thanks to Michael for his presentation and Stixx n stones for standing up for truth, and suggest that Todd Crnkovich do a bit more research into the whole thunderbolts/electric universe paradigm and really realize, he`s right, we are on to something!

  • Jacob Rosenberg
    Jacob Rosenberg 6 years ago

    This may help explain the origins of the predominant thoughts about our creator and our relationship with our creator as well as our obsession with end times. It was detached from the metaphysical which is fine for this discussion. It left the audience open to form their own ideas about the creator.

  • Savi Winter
    Savi Winter 6 years ago +2

    Thank you Michael Armstrong, great points to ponder.

  • deadmoney219
    deadmoney219 6 years ago

    Why has it been forgotten?? or hidden from us?...something so incredible and important

  • salvatore guglielmo
    salvatore guglielmo 4 years ago +4

    It's like a global psychological repression of trauma and emotions.

  • TheInfirit
    TheInfirit 6 years ago

    I don't remember where I read this and can't seem to find the story, but wasn't there a study looking at mitochondrial (or normal) dna and it pointed to a small colony of humans surviving a great catastrophe to become all of the human race we see today. This then perhaps is linked to the same period/event..

  • Michael O'Connor - Astrologer

    I concur with Rand Bentson and the many who replied to his comment. I stopped the video at about 7.5 minutes wanting to see if there were such comments. I am relieved that there are. Assuming that phenomenology gave rise to spiritual principles and philosophies... presents a MASSIVE assumption. This represents the greatest flaw in the EU model that I have see to date. These good scientists should be careful not to instigate a new and even deeper trend of dogma which this video is already producing.

  • Larlue Fischer
    Larlue Fischer 6 years ago +4

    If they had studied the scripture, as I have, They would realize that Elohim had nothing to do with Saturn what so ever. I appreciate the work the EU people have done. what they have discovered has merely strengthened my faith.

  • brian patrick
    brian patrick 6 years ago

    I find everything that the EU community proposes to be infinitely fascinating. And consequently, the denials and suppositions of the standard model proponents to be rather rediculous, even childish given the evidence and lab results. Call me crazy, but I always thought the basis of science was to follow the evidence wherever it might lead.

  • Warren Hartman

    Might all religions and all ancient myths before them, both at the time of their formation and throughout their evolution, be regarded as manifest agents of class warfare, both lower vs upper, as well as more commonly, upper vs lower? That both upper and lower regions are elements of both modern religions and ancient myths, and that battles between the two have been consistent themes throughout time immemorial is a rather curious coincidence whose consequence might in fact grace humanity unlike anything possible in the cocoon of a brown dwarf star. Might refinements of perception presented by the various, evolved forms of remembering--all of which have their genesis in legendary cosmic battles that our predecessors witnessed--present clues as to which class of people was behind each and every new interpretation, the likes of which too few since, no matter their class, have anywhere near fully fathomed the very purpose of those extraordinary, original experiences? This thought, mind you, has bearing on the power of prayer, which power prehistoric man likely never knew to any extent now known possible. Indeed, prehistoric man had no reason even to pray that it stop raining! Might this still largely untapped capability affirm nature's purpose in trauma it occasionally imposes? We are conscious of our free will and imbued with desire to understand truth for a reason, no matter how imperfectly we must admit is our grasp of either. Furthermore we have come to understand that God does not lead us into temptation. All fine accomplishments in the face of a remembered trauma. So, did the fact that Saturn finally stopped incessantly raining water on earth define the Golden Age? I believe my comment has answered your concluding questions.

  • Giffy Guy
    Giffy Guy 6 years ago +4

    "Can we be more intellectually responsible in our belief systems."

  • Allan Egleston
    Allan Egleston Year ago

    been reading worlds in collision and earth in upheavel. most fascinating.

  • Karen Hatclerode
    Karen Hatclerode 6 years ago

    Excellent, thank you.

  • Marie Christine Sagnes

    Thinking and working on this way invite to create peace with masterpieces of knowledge as abilities to prevent catastrophes and unsuitable events that can happen on Earth

  • Xanaseb
    Xanaseb 6 years ago +1

    Some thoughts - were the peoples that were around at the time of the greatest cataclysms primitive or advanced? This question adds another dimension to Armstrong's argument. I'd posit that some, if not most, monumental and neolithic cultures must have been pre-catastrophe era, or in between catastrophes - which means that human large-scale-organisation must have developed beforehand.

  • Grinner Wolf
    Grinner Wolf 2 years ago

    While I agree that the universe had been different within human existence, your rationale that catastrophes led to the creation of religion is all too linear and speculative, which adds very little value (in my opinion) to the Thunderbolt Projects.