GTA V Faggio VS Train | Legend vs Unstoppable Beast

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
  • Faggio, The Legend itself is now up against the unstoppable beast of Gta V "The Train". Can faggio Stop the train, Let's find out in this video.
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Comments • 122

  • Taposhi Rabia Hosain

    Vigilante best car

  • Taylor Whitehurst
    Taylor Whitehurst 2 months ago

    Or drunk trever!!!

  • Taylor Whitehurst
    Taylor Whitehurst 2 months ago

    Faggio vs shark

  • Magy hosni
    Magy hosni 4 months ago

    faggio is the king of thug life in one spot gaming

  • KoriZwick
    KoriZwick 4 months ago +1

    Fake train the train does not have those cart things to hold people that is a different train which I forget is called lol

  • definetlynot smurf
    definetlynot smurf 4 months ago

    faggio mod is in finnish peili helvetti english mirror hell

  • Shing Chit YING
    Shing Chit YING 5 months ago

    it can follow the damn train

  • The Awsome
    The Awsome 5 months ago

    Faggio is best and cannot be destroyed

  • Filip Toth
    Filip Toth 6 months ago

    All you have to do is stop that damn train, faggio

  • rona abejo
    rona abejo 7 months ago

    yeah faggio is a god on gta 5

  • Rodolfo
    Rodolfo 7 months ago +1

    Faggio is such a humble god that for this video he only used 0.001 of his power

  • Guy that no One likes
    Guy that no One likes 7 months ago

    opposite of bombushka

  • novabus boy
    novabus boy 7 months ago

    top 10 most epic anime battle of all time

  • Маданбек Хафизов

    1:13 That was UNfair. Vigilante need a FAIR rematch

  • Red
    Red 8 months ago

    *Batman has left the chat*

  • Xfayer Xfayer
    Xfayer Xfayer 8 months ago

    Legend is be the legend

  • The Saturdays
    The Saturdays 9 months ago

    the Faggio is a fucker cheater

  • Mike Oxman
    Mike Oxman 10 months ago


  • Achille Camilloni
    Achille Camilloni 10 months ago +5

    4:30when two indestructible and unstoppable forces collide the entire multiverse dissapear.

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  10 months ago +1

      That's the reason why dinosaurs go extinct

  • ChiefBurner
    ChiefBurner 10 months ago

    Faggio really I'm not impressed.

  • TheDuckCat
    TheDuckCat 10 months ago +1

    4:25 the answer you all came for

  • Teemu Kivelä
    Teemu Kivelä 10 months ago

    Faggio its op!

  • Cameron St. Germain
    Cameron St. Germain 10 months ago

    How is the faggo so strong in the video but not the game

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  10 months ago

      Same reason why a comment that says "faggio is fastest" get 1000+ likes

  • umberto de falco king
    umberto de falco king 10 months ago

    Like if faggio is the best

  • vinizv_ games
    vinizv_ games 10 months ago +1

    Faggio vs bombusca

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  10 months ago

      Faggio with wheelie

  • WaRnInG_ _
    WaRnInG_ _ 10 months ago +6

    Legend will never betray us

  • Eswaran Srirengan
    Eswaran Srirengan 10 months ago

    Faggio can defeat family by wheelie, fool

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  10 months ago

      It can but it don't want to hurt it's family

  • Asphalt 8
    Asphalt 8 10 months ago

    No the faggio said to cheat not win.

  • Apple Gaming
    Apple Gaming 10 months ago

    Its auto-train 😂😂😂

  • PewDiePie 4 Life Unsubscribe T-series

    That is the damn train actualy

  • medo amir
    medo amir 11 months ago

    Faggio is a beast

  • _Riot
    _Riot 11 months ago

    Good meme my guy.

  • Грустный гепард

    0:16 SD1ONE
    ride to home make a video for SPINTIRES, rare colorized video. XD

  • Kwl Gamer
    Kwl Gamer 11 months ago +1

    0:36 WTF Dawg :D LOL
    3:28 Sweet :)

  • Sergent_DAN
    Sergent_DAN 11 months ago +18

    Faggio 4 life! SCOOTER BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GamingMachineFTW
    GamingMachineFTW 11 months ago +6

    These edits😍

  • Capitão Explosão
    Capitão Explosão 11 months ago +8


  • Marco Pinch
    Marco Pinch 11 months ago +4

    Me: wassup faggio
    Faggio:*kills me instantly cuz it just don’t care*

    Also I forgot
    I have a faggio in gta

    Can’t wait to get rdr2 I hope they have faggio

    Also y is there a tram on the railway


  • Lord Pootis
    Lord Pootis 11 months ago +1

    Can you find a half-track mod for mudrunner?

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  11 months ago

      Spintires makes video making tough.... Spintires+ makes it even tougher... So i mostly avoid making vids on that game

    • SP1TFYRE 8
      SP1TFYRE 8 11 months ago +2

      How about the original spintires?

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  11 months ago +1

      There're no decent half track mods available....i'll do one as soon as i find one

  • Sideways Vehicle
    Sideways Vehicle 11 months ago

    Next up:
    Waffle vs handbrake

  • Mr Punch
    Mr Punch 11 months ago +15

    i think beamng would fit your channel for some reason

    • SP1TFYRE 8
      SP1TFYRE 8 11 months ago +2

      Mr Punch yes it would.

    HELLCATS RULE 11 months ago +3

    fagio dlc in red dead redemtion 2

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  11 months ago +2

      Hope rockstar don't add weird stuff in red dead online like they did in GTA v

  • Espetero Playero
    Espetero Playero 11 months ago +3

    The real results: both are gods. Anyone win because the train is unstoppable and indestructible, but have no guns. The faggio is indestructible and with many guns, but isn't unstoppable. Anyone is hurt, so anyone win.

    • LEGEND demon
      LEGEND demon 3 months ago

      Well the train is clearly got destroyed in this vidio

    STAR_ BOY 11 months ago

    Please do Zil 130 vs hyundai universe xpress (bus)

  • Albert Kakucs
    Albert Kakucs 11 months ago +1

    Finally anotjer gta video!you should make more gta vids:)

  • Igor Wójtowicz
    Igor Wójtowicz 11 months ago +2

    Bonus clip is liying to us!

    • Igor Wójtowicz
      Igor Wójtowicz 11 months ago +2

      SD1ONE Oh hi i don't expect you here...
      BTW keep up with great work!

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  11 months ago +1

      Ofcourse it is... Everybody knows that

  • Mischelle Vitente
    Mischelle Vitente 11 months ago +1

    Faggio sucks no protection you can by a differrent car for a better car for a better price

  • surprisefish 22
    surprisefish 22 11 months ago

    i refuse to believe that the faggio didnt blow up the train...

    LIES!!! LIES I SAY!!!

  • Emigdio Green
    Emigdio Green 11 months ago +3

    Awesome cam work.

  • Christos Papachristoforou Sventek

    👍 epic...

  • 카툰왕
    카툰왕 11 months ago +2

    The Next video FREIGHTLINER FLD 120 vs C-256

    • 카툰왕
      카툰왕 11 months ago +2

      @SD1ONE Thank you

    • SD1ONE
      SD1ONE  11 months ago +2

      In progress

  • TomsnGamer
    TomsnGamer 11 months ago +28

    Holy shit Faggio is realy the best vehicle

  • Faiz rage quit machine
    Faiz rage quit machine 11 months ago

    Train is the winner

    • Dan H
      Dan H 11 months ago

      +Afonso Morais Racer true that the train was the winner ? or false that the faggio is the loser ?

    • Afonso Morais Racer
      Afonso Morais Racer 11 months ago

      @Dan H false

    • Afonso Morais Racer
      Afonso Morais Racer 11 months ago


    • Dan H
      Dan H 11 months ago

      you mean faggio is the winner

  • Moryak _
    Moryak _ 11 months ago +35

    Faggio runs on vodka. That's all

  • Jegyes Lacus
    Jegyes Lacus 11 months ago +42

    Of course it beats the unbeatable train. What did you excpect?

    • Dan H
      Dan H 11 months ago +6

      it didn't disappoint

  • Tiny Bruiser
    Tiny Bruiser 11 months ago +8

    That family race tho

  • Karoli Evans
    Karoli Evans 11 months ago +9

    Hilarious, Your calling is to be a film director you realize that right?...Thank you

  • Split It
    Split It 11 months ago +1

    I’m always here

  • Muhammad Hanif
    Muhammad Hanif 11 months ago +1

    Faggio is best. No train, no other vehicles, only Faggio. XD

  • LR-Entertainment
    LR-Entertainment 11 months ago +2

    Aaah! Another good video from your production SD1ONE! Well done like always! 😁