Kandy Muse Returns | Cosmo Queens | Cosmopolitan

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • Kandy Muse is BACK and we are OBSESSED with her latest sexy, cybergoth transformation! Have you ever seen anyone slay pink foundation quite like this?!
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Comments • 383

  • Marie Weiland
    Marie Weiland 4 days ago

    Oh noo dont use hairspray on ur face giiirrl

  • Dea Ydk
    Dea Ydk 10 days ago

    Great final result... better may be with a natural make up 🎀

  • وستر نيلسون
    وستر نيلسون 12 days ago

    عمه ابعينك يا مره لعن الله الرجال المتشبهون بالنساء

  • Hassna Bella
    Hassna Bella 14 days ago +1


  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz 16 days ago

    Serving jiggly caliente realness in the thumbnail

    Also she looks like if miss vanjie and jiggly caliente had a baby

  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard 17 days ago

    Omg she looks like a fat vanjie in this woahhhhhh

  • Xiomara La Gordita
    Xiomara La Gordita 19 days ago


  • ar ar
    ar ar 23 days ago


  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith Month ago

    What I saw was a sloppy hot mess....Alyssa Edwards....SOS

  • Carmelita SABAYO
    Carmelita SABAYO Month ago

    She's Perfecccccct 👅👅👅

  • en kt
    en kt Month ago


  • nerdy cherry kitten

    Kandy: *overly confident shaking and self love*
    Me: *hides under blankets covering my cats innocent eyes*

  • nerdy cherry kitten

    *good dancing has left the chat*

  • Renata Coltro
    Renata Coltro Month ago


  • ask.ふるちゃんず


  • Alessandro Piferi
    Alessandro Piferi Month ago +1


  • Rabia Waqar
    Rabia Waqar 2 months ago

    So much struggle

  • Nissa Key
    Nissa Key 2 months ago

    name of the music PLEASE

  • Samiul Islam
    Samiul Islam 2 months ago

    I lover her make-up and everything but can someone tell me the name of the music playing in the video?😂😊💯

  • Jacqueline Campos
    Jacqueline Campos 2 months ago

    Omg so gorgeous I fell in love with your makeup

  • Rodi Skin care Electric


  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 3 months ago

    Yo he kinda look like that “chick” of shrek

  • قطر الندى
    قطر الندى 3 months ago


  • صمتي حكايه
    صمتي حكايه 3 months ago +1

    ذي جسر مو حواجب😂😂وجهه صار طماطم🍅😂😂😂😂

  • Nashmia Lidenka
    Nashmia Lidenka 3 months ago

    I lov

  • ورده الربيع
    ورده الربيع 3 months ago

    جنك. خره

  • امٌ نرجس
    امٌ نرجس 3 months ago +1

    ستغفرالله العضيم شنو هذا 😨😨

  • Bibicha
    Bibicha 3 months ago

    Yaazik fi rasek

  • Dounia Mbarki
    Dounia Mbarki 3 months ago

    Sag mal hat Mann nötig soviel Make-up???!!!!

  • Hijsjs Bye
    Hijsjs Bye 3 months ago


  • سأرحــٰـل وأمـوت بـصـمـت


  • AbtahaL taLtaL Karrar
    AbtahaL taLtaL Karrar 3 months ago +1

    ياستار 🙏

  • Zo Zo
    Zo Zo 3 months ago

    مال كبر اي والله جنك كرشة طلي 😫

  • Brianna Itzel Lukyannova

    The only thing I did not like was the straight eyebrows

  • Lety Croft
    Lety Croft 3 months ago


  • Marilin Monroe
    Marilin Monroe 3 months ago

    K asco

  • YOUR T R A S H
    YOUR T R A S H 3 months ago +1

    This is weird, but I like it... people these days just wanna follow the same old trends about time someone was this creative

  • ninnáh Vs.
    ninnáh Vs. 3 months ago

    *lacrando na cara do preconceito*

  • Glen Jones
    Glen Jones 3 months ago

    No just NO I don't like this

  • Jessi Janeway
    Jessi Janeway 3 months ago

    Fuck your beauty rules. This is so creative and different.

  • DJUniMekaju
    DJUniMekaju 3 months ago +1

    Seeing all that makeup made my pores feel clogged. I don't know how you people do it.

  • Jakey Simard
    Jakey Simard 3 months ago

    When I say I love blush this is what I mean

  • Bigouini
    Bigouini 4 months ago +1

    Not a fan of the bull horn brows but work that look

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink 4 months ago

    The look overall is amazing what bugs me is them big ass brows.... Mrs.Thing... why them brows past them edges? What's going on here tonight...

  • Khedri Juline
    Khedri Juline 4 months ago +1

    C'est juste horrible , on dirait le diable en personne, heureusement que les femmes ne ressemble pas a ça

    HYEJIN A 4 months ago


  • эчпочмак.
    эчпочмак. 4 months ago

    блять чо я тут делаю

  • Luz Figueroa
    Luz Figueroa 4 months ago

    What is the salmon color used for.

  • Aleinverardi Inversrdi
    Aleinverardi Inversrdi 4 months ago

    Que bueno !!!!!! El mejor que vi hasta ahora

  • 腹痛
    腹痛 4 months ago


  • Raquel JB
    Raquel JB 4 months ago

    My fave 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Miles Vespertilio
    Miles Vespertilio 5 months ago

    Read it all before you'll hate me
    I find the idea of bdsm inspired outfit quite disgusting and weird. In fact, I really like drag queens, I think they do cool art and I have so much respect for their self confidence. But I don't understand what is going on with this guy.

  • Justice J. Srisuk
    Justice J. Srisuk 5 months ago

    I think that the pink foundation might’ve worked better if she had gone for a Kabuki look or something.

  • Chastin Martel
    Chastin Martel 5 months ago

    P H A T

  • Luiza Cañas
    Luiza Cañas 5 months ago

    J’adoreeeeeeeeee mama

  • DementedDarkness546
    DementedDarkness546 5 months ago

    Minnie Mouse Dominatrix Realness?

  • Megan McCorry
    Megan McCorry 6 months ago

    Gurl i was scared of that pink for a moment but bitch the longer it went on i live for it

  • Magdalen Morgan
    Magdalen Morgan 6 months ago

    stunning!! innovative!!!! love her!!!!!!!!!

  • Сирена Farukh
    Сирена Farukh 6 months ago

    Что за пиздец..??...когда это закончиться????.. этот розовый цвет, на жирной, мужлановской физиономии???👀👀👀👀

  • Kat
    Kat 6 months ago

    Girl look how pink you fucking look girl (ain’t shade just references)

  • Lily Carerro
    Lily Carerro 7 months ago

    Y’all talking about how she’s pink and stuff but she used HAIRSPRAY as setting spray? Oof.

  • Nugget Perry
    Nugget Perry 7 months ago

    Fuck, why y'all complaining about the pink foundation and not the video saying "set with hairspray"? I don't know if they actually did set with hairspray but who in their right state of mind would do that

  • Betty Jett
    Betty Jett 7 months ago

    Very kabuki

  • Rhys Stuller
    Rhys Stuller 7 months ago

    serving you sexy patrick star from spongebob realness

  • anan an
    anan an 7 months ago

    Likes Chinese opera make up.

  • Emily House
    Emily House 7 months ago

    Honestly if it were me, with acne and red coloured skin..pink foundation would make me kill over.

    *But girl you worked it💁🏼‍♀️ This was everything, I am totally living for this look. Very creative, loved it honey💕*

  • Misael Munoz
    Misael Munoz 7 months ago

    A queen that hits her pans is a queen thats booked and busy, WE STAN.

    GRAPEFRUITS ARE REAL 7 months ago

    Strolling true the comments trying to find out why everyone is saying stop giving out about the pink foundation and I'm just only like one person gave out about it take a chill pill

  • Juno Badtrip
    Juno Badtrip 7 months ago

    People: we so bored of fishy queens...
    Also people: the fuck is that mug, hun.

  • Zak Burgundy
    Zak Burgundy 7 months ago

    I wasn’t sure about the pink foundation at first, but the bitch is so fierce that she actually turned it the fuck out 😍 SLAY

  • Simz tan
    Simz tan 8 months ago

    Hold up... Did she just put 1wig and a half on... I like that's creative👌

  • Josh Rose
    Josh Rose 8 months ago

    I will say I was very not into the tan theme of her last one, but this one is a nice monochrome theme, I enjoy the pink pop vs the last one of heavy tans and golds.

  • Paris Jones Kelly
    Paris Jones Kelly 8 months ago

    Love it

  • Adore Lo' Ally Green
    Adore Lo' Ally Green 8 months ago

    The only thing I absolutely hate about this make up are the eyebrows, however, the rest is on point.

  • Mon E
    Mon E 8 months ago

    This is what I call eye kandy

  • BTS isbetterthanu
    BTS isbetterthanu 8 months ago

    How r they able to remove all that

  • Jhonathan Zaldivar
    Jhonathan Zaldivar 8 months ago

    LOVE THIS! Cosmo can we get KIM CHI AND NINA BONINA !!!

  • J D
    J D 8 months ago +1

    I wish raven would get out of the damn club all the time and do one of these

  • Anthony The Jester
    Anthony The Jester 8 months ago

    Gurl look how pink you look!
    No offense, she looks GORGEOUS

  • Christhian Canales
    Christhian Canales 8 months ago

    Her skin is sooo soft and good

  • Caesar Aguilera
    Caesar Aguilera 8 months ago

    Boiii( boy!) That is on strike!!!!!!

  • letsora
    letsora 8 months ago +6

    we don’t need to talk about the pink foundation(please, this pink foundation is just AMAZING), we need to talk about the about the goddamn hate. can’t the goddamn haters see that she’s a wonderful drag queen? man, this pink and black look is AMAZING!

  • rabblerouser
    rabblerouser 8 months ago

    Eew 🤢🤮

  • Olivia234178 Roblox blogs and videos

    4:19 ooh a black wig, oh and another wig omg is she roxxxy andrews 😂😂

  • twpy
    twpy 8 months ago

    Set with HAIRSPRAY??? H A I R S P R A Y !!??

  • Tijana Miladinovic
    Tijana Miladinovic 8 months ago +1

    When you take off your shades and look in the mirror but your face is sunburnt af...

  • Ronny Kildere
    Ronny Kildere 8 months ago

    AAA 🖤💗

  • black and blue
    black and blue 8 months ago

    I really really like this makeup.😍

  • Florida Kilos
    Florida Kilos 8 months ago

    Serving flamingo pussy realnessssss

  • Aden APopp
    Aden APopp 8 months ago

    This made me feel amazing all over my body in unexplainable ways ❤️

  • It`s me Haland
    It`s me Haland 8 months ago

    RuPaul: «why it gotta be pink?»

  • Callum Cameron
    Callum Cameron 8 months ago

    when is she going to be on dragula?

  • Ross Well
    Ross Well 8 months ago

    This crusty attempt to be Vander von odd isn't working

  • Nenad Rumovic
    Nenad Rumovic 8 months ago

    Okay so we saw her once we would like someone new

  • Abi Wright
    Abi Wright 8 months ago

    Love you kandy

  • Noe Fernandez
    Noe Fernandez 8 months ago

    Some people in the comments are so used to the same “normal” drag. Get over yourselves and LIVE smh.

  • Pratham Soni
    Pratham Soni 8 months ago +2

    Her makeup is so artistic it kinda looks like animated

  • Aleja Franco9898
    Aleja Franco9898 8 months ago

    She looks beautiful with them eyebrowssss😍😍😍

  • Lucky
    Lucky 8 months ago

    Oh wow..