Fortnite Is Now A NEW Game! First Win + Battlepass Reaction! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Gameplay)

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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Comments • 2 105

  • SypherPK
    SypherPK  29 days ago +562

    THIS IS CRAZY! Be sure to Subscribe we'll be posting Chapter 2 Content ALL DAY!

  • Stan Messas
    Stan Messas 16 hours ago

    I am following you cause your tips and videos helped me a lot in Fortnite

  • DUBS7709 !!!
    DUBS7709 !!! 2 days ago

    How many peoples game glitched and gave them. Lobby full of bots

  • Marcelo Mercado
    Marcelo Mercado 2 days ago

    Why did this garbage returned? WHY?

  • Cana Bhie
    Cana Bhie 4 days ago

    Sad for the one who broke his laptop🤕

    CBT SLIMM 6 days ago +6

    1st time actually seeing fornite played lol😂😂💀

  • XboxGamer21 consle
    XboxGamer21 consle 10 days ago


    Jesus Christ it’s Jason born.....

  • Spy_chokerʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•̫͡•ʕ

    Wow we have been staring at water

  • Liberty Taylor
    Liberty Taylor 13 days ago

    That's so funny!!

  • Elijah
    Elijah 16 days ago

    The black hole skin looks like alien x from ben 10

  • Mfatz ren
    Mfatz ren 17 days ago

    This game sucks

  • FredTheAnimator
    FredTheAnimator 17 days ago

    Is it just me or does the fisherman skin look like sypher

  • Nelson ossible
    Nelson ossible 18 days ago

    Elvis Adele Adele jail not sore not for Warnock jail responsible Elvis allergies and allergies

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 22 days ago +1

    0:00 look at the bottom of the screen on the corner look what time is it he woke up at midnight

  • 関暁夫
    関暁夫 22 days ago



    FRANKXXX MULLERXXX 23 days ago

    Yes I think the game improved in chapter 2 I’ve been playing it for the past 3 days

  • squirtz
    squirtz 23 days ago

    Shrek said get out my swamp

  • Ben Talks Sports
    Ben Talks Sports 23 days ago

    I’m I the only one who noticed that his background lobby song was the best mates music

  • junior bros. Productions32

    Sub to Vamp moose

  • Ani Ademi
    Ani Ademi 23 days ago


  • xxJOAMI
    xxJOAMI 23 days ago

    Can i ask a question: were the players in the first game you play robots or real people? In syphers game people were building and everything but in my game it was full of bots and i got a 10 kill win.

  • maffy man
    maffy man 23 days ago +1

    Roasting someone for their twitch name dude you are not even that good 😂😂😂😂 80 percent of your viewers can take you

    • Tyler Edgar
      Tyler Edgar 11 days ago

      First day on the Internet pal?

  • JQUE
    JQUE 24 days ago +7

    *Piano key tunes*
    Sypher: “Oh my god”

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder 24 days ago

    your a fvcking grown man! how can you be so excited about a game for 12 year olds?!?!?!

    • Tyler Edgar
      Tyler Edgar 11 days ago

      Shhhh. Let people have fun

    • alan thunder
      alan thunder 24 days ago

      i guess that is your job right? still doesnt make you any less of a bitch!

  • Harrison
    Harrison 24 days ago

    Fk edit release is game changer

  • Blazin Spirit
    Blazin Spirit 25 days ago

    For me they filled the server with bots only lol

  • snekboy [snekboyy]
    snekboy [snekboyy] 25 days ago +1

    I "was" hating fortnite but now im playing it 24/7

  • Esme eisen
    Esme eisen 25 days ago


  • Junior O’Brien
    Junior O’Brien 25 days ago

    Fortnite will be more dead from ever,maybe I’ll try it for the first time if it never goes mainstream like it did last year

  • Adriian Braxton
    Adriian Braxton 25 days ago


  • Johnny Gypsy
    Johnny Gypsy 25 days ago

    I miss the eso days bro.

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart 25 days ago +1

    A grown man getting excited over a kids games... end times are here.

  • snapbackfishing !
    snapbackfishing ! 25 days ago

    Fortnite makes absolutely no sense at all what so ever. Get shot you just build walls and walls

  • mikey buckley
    mikey buckley 25 days ago

    I wish video games got me that excited lol. Hes like a kid in a candy shop

  • William Lynch
    William Lynch 25 days ago

    Arent you like 40 bro

  • Jaden Graham
    Jaden Graham 25 days ago +1

    I could watch the trailer all day

  • Alex Wheeler
    Alex Wheeler 25 days ago

    I dont play fortnite but im checkin it out to see if it got better

  • Stephanie Guilmenot
    Stephanie Guilmenot 25 days ago

    I tell what is crazy, is someone practicing shooting people and hurting things. You look like a bearded terrorist to me.

  • Lemon Gacha
    Lemon Gacha 25 days ago

    I.HATE.FORTNITE. It's the worst game you imagine

  • Ryan Snyder
    Ryan Snyder 25 days ago

    That just looks confusing AF

  • JonBon205 Bunny
    JonBon205 Bunny 25 days ago

    anybody love apex or Minecraft?fortnite sucks!!

  • Heidi Horkey
    Heidi Horkey 25 days ago

    Just wait until season 10 of chapter 2

  • MurderScene. Co
    MurderScene. Co 25 days ago

    Those were not bots for all the people saying the first game were bots lol I literally went against bob the builder and came in 2nd

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 25 days ago

    First of all, females will never be in special ops. Silly milineals.

  • Katy Gamer
    Katy Gamer 25 days ago

    That Bazooka gun is a healer

  • jayZ One
    jayZ One 25 days ago

    Just a game though, relax

  • Tony Parra
    Tony Parra 25 days ago

    This gameis so lame

  • Valentino A
    Valentino A 26 days ago +1

    I dont like FN but this was pretty cool haha

  • Jay Willi
    Jay Willi 26 days ago

    Apex Legends players will mess over you fortnite players yeah I don't want no smoke✍🏾

  • Dryreborn
    Dryreborn 26 days ago

    Some players were put in a bot lobby in their first match i got a 21kill game i thought i was a god

    QUENTON RACHEL 26 days ago

    Jokes on you mobile already had confirm edit on release

  • Bot sam ツ
    Bot sam ツ 26 days ago

    Like the hair lol

  • Andrew Demidov
    Andrew Demidov 26 days ago

    Thought fortnite is dead?

  • RichGrit
    RichGrit 26 days ago

    Is the first match real? Because I got second in the royale and I never get that far in a game

  • Wild bear Junior
    Wild bear Junior 26 days ago +1

    I won my first game on that drop when ur automatically dropped

  • Jt Moore
    Jt Moore 26 days ago

    fortnite seems gay and who ever plays blows on a small swizzle ler hahhh

  • Yankees Champions
    Yankees Champions 26 days ago

    Omg waaaayyyyyyy better

  • SlicerMusic
    SlicerMusic 27 days ago

    Chapter 2 Season1 is really crazy boy

  • Bint Adam
    Bint Adam 27 days ago +1


  • Cookie
    Cookie 27 days ago

    They put the bees emote cuz of minecraft 1.15 update