Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    Venom - the symbiote with a taste for... well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!
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  • Mario
    Mario 8 months ago +18836

    Don't tell everyone my secret

  • MeleeMaster 1324
    MeleeMaster 1324 17 hours ago


  • Zerostream 74114

    Vault boy approves “Symbiotes get the f****k out of my wasteland we have enough things in here”

  • OfficialNoonOn
    OfficialNoonOn 2 days ago

    Have you seen the anime _Parasyte: The Maxim_ ? It is what Venom could have been/could turn into (the movie, not the alien race). Parasyte is basically Venom, but more advanced, not on the galactic level, like Venom in the comics though of course.
    What differences Venom from Parasyte is that the parasites in Parasyte can't (really) change their hosts, but Venom himself/itself can. That means he is not bonded to one body and is not in the need to protect one single host, like Migi. In my eyes the fact that he doesn't leave Eddie makes it pretty clear: he is not a parasite, but a symbiote. Also doesn't he say “I am starting to like you Eddie“?

  • Camron Caruso
    Camron Caruso 2 days ago

    12:18. For once my boy MatPat was right. Venom literally admits it

  • Joellen Norwood
    Joellen Norwood 3 days ago

    It’s not 6 it’s 10

  • Zekgangster
    Zekgangster 3 days ago

    I loved the movie it was cool

  • CircleCeption
    CircleCeption 4 days ago +1

    Honestly how did we live without Mat Pat!?! =D

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 5 days ago

    i dont own a cat so i am safe from it

  • Bruno Briseño
    Bruno Briseño 5 days ago


  • Alzarou For You 2011

    Vemon is superhero

  • Alzarou For You 2011


  • Solbon Chimit
    Solbon Chimit 6 days ago

    Ha good news im not in America

    ULTRA INSTINCT Zack 7 days ago

    Eyes,lungs, pancreas so many so snacks so little time

  • hirobot702
    hirobot702 7 days ago

    Bad guy? Bad guy.

  • 14XenonGaming14
    14XenonGaming14 7 days ago

    I played this in the family room, and when you said toxoplasmosis could increase risk of schizophrenia, my grandma said 'KILL THE F***ING CAT!'

  • Dynamite Brown
    Dynamite Brown 7 days ago

    Well the venom symbiote might just be making mild noises really close to his eardrums, which in his mind sounds like a normal voice.

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme 8 days ago +3

    This is also correct because as Venom says, they have to protect their host to live, and Venom had to constantly risk his life to keep Eddie alive, so that he could live.

  • Ian OwO
    Ian OwO 8 days ago

    After watching the Venom movie I forgot that he was part of Spidey’s story

    SLJREB YHTTAT 9 days ago

    Disliked for including a pic of fortnite

  • CanniestTread6
    CanniestTread6 9 days ago

    By the end of the movie it's said that venom isnt a parasite since he isnt harming Eddie. I mean yeah he has to eat but he east bad guys so yeah

  • Battle Beast
    Battle Beast 9 days ago

    OMFG I HAVE Arachnaphobia

  • toxic__hackz _
    toxic__hackz _ 9 days ago

    Parasite the maxim

  • Extra unOrdinary
    Extra unOrdinary 10 days ago

    I love Venom! He's my favorite😍❤

  • Marissa Brooks
    Marissa Brooks 10 days ago

    thank god i do not have a cat

  • Emerson Rogers
    Emerson Rogers 10 days ago +2

    But Cledus got a different symboiote, just remember that one

    • Gamerboy18635
      Gamerboy18635 9 days ago

      Emerson Rogers yeah but he was still a psychopathic killer. He gave himself the parasite so he could have a family. The thing is, he killed people and had the parasite take over the dead bodies.

  • Kaitlyn Leight
    Kaitlyn Leight 11 days ago


  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid
    Charmeleon Hockey Kid 11 days ago

    I think it’s kinda obvious. I always thought that. Mind is not changed.

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel 12 days ago

    All of this goes right out the window because the company made that stuff in this movie.

  • dragon force
    dragon force 13 days ago +4

    mat pat im disapointed he is a symbiote not a parasite
    a parasite lives inside and feed of the host
    a symbiote lives with the host and nuture eachother sharing weaknesses (like sound waves)

    a parasite cant and has been proven by seince once its dead or outside the body the host wil cure itself from any damage done by the parasite but in the movie this is totally reversed the moment that the symbiote leaves eddy he shown to be weaker and having many injuries that the symbiote (venom) coverd return thats why he was confused and sick becaus yes the symbiote needs its host but the same is said over the host itself and the best part to show it is on the launching platform when eddy was 'freed' of venom he couldnt move a muscle

  • mac oof
    mac oof 13 days ago


  • William.E Atkins
    William.E Atkins 14 days ago

    No it's 14:35

  • chirag varshney
    chirag varshney 14 days ago +1

    Venom is a symbiot not a parasite both are different

  • Elisheva
    Elisheva 16 days ago

    The cucumber 😂😂😂

  • FBI 1987
    FBI 1987 16 days ago

    Technically, venom having people attacking him is an advantage, since he eats humans in this movie.

  • Code Cat64
    Code Cat64 16 days ago


  • Educated Bulldog
    Educated Bulldog 17 days ago +22

    Me watches movie
    Turns out venom is the good guy

  • BlueFlaming Wolf
    BlueFlaming Wolf 17 days ago

    Spider-man is indeed someone I wouldn't want as my enemy

  • King Hazzard
    King Hazzard 17 days ago

    VENOM:A parasite iam not a parisite!

  • JoMac
    JoMac 18 days ago +1

    4:12 I thought it was going to be inside of a MatPat .....

  • Ibrahim El Mahdy
    Ibrahim El Mahdy 18 days ago +1

    Wow you got that right

  • RageDpxbro 08
    RageDpxbro 08 19 days ago +1

    No he is not a journalist he only became a journalist after he got fired from his job as a reporter 😁

  • Aqua Marine
    Aqua Marine 19 days ago

    9:59 they say it's the head severed head of a celestial (or something similar) in the movie

  • john lara
    john lara 19 days ago

    Love the cheeky "you can't change my mind" in the beginning. Pretty on point to what that show is actually about.

  • jon david
    jon david 20 days ago

    I wonder how MatPat felt when he saw why Venom ate those guys in the middle of a public area when he saw the movie

  • Natuping Portfolió
    Natuping Portfolió 20 days ago

    venom isn't bad at all
    look: venom's side is based on what is in his host's mind
    he became bad when he made parker his host because parker is seeking revenge the time venom is absobing him
    same with eddie
    (revenge for parker)
    venom will be corrupted once his host is also corrupted

  • elena koceva
    elena koceva 20 days ago

    I am vegan now

  • Mirco Hesse
    Mirco Hesse 20 days ago

    you don't really account for the symbiote beeing sentient
    sentient creatures, like humans, do all sorts of things contrary to survival.
    same with the symbiotes,
    they can enjoy the ride in their host, getting emotionally attached or even dominat if they so choose.
    and by bonding with a orgasm they don't have to adapt to a new planetary environment, cause their host already is, leaving minor changes for them to do.
    and in the movies, venom eats people cause he's burning through Eddie's body, where riot just jumps to another host when his is decaying.
    with the right diet venom wouldn't have to eat people at all, but he and Eddie don't really have time to figure out what's working for them.

  • SuperHeavyXD
    SuperHeavyXD 21 day ago

    Matt Matt Matt! Don't say the word parasite when taking about Venom! That's an insult to him! And trust me man, you do not, do NOT want to insult Venom!!!!

  • powerfullest killer
    powerfullest killer 22 days ago

    I saw the movie and venom was trying to take over the earth

  • Asleep Acorn
    Asleep Acorn 22 days ago

    Venom is not a parasite though. He says so himself in the newish movie

    • Prizefighter Highlights
      Prizefighter Highlights 16 days ago

      Asleep Acorn Well if I say “I am not a human” does that automatically make me correct because I said it myself?

  • Alba G
    Alba G 23 days ago

    I mean, pretty accurate

  • Teo Prendi
    Teo Prendi 23 days ago

    Do you play fortnite?
    (Saying this because of the scar)

  • MaedayMisfit
    MaedayMisfit 23 days ago

    Little did matpat know, the movie was going to actually be a romcom...

    FREDDY FUN FUN X 24 days ago +1

    I ❤ VENOM!!!

  • \-Lightz-/
    \-Lightz-/ 24 days ago


  • \-Lightz-/
    \-Lightz-/ 24 days ago

    Black death also called the Black Plague

  • Valter1275Plays
    Valter1275Plays 25 days ago

    Venom is a ante hero so he is not a bad guy?

  • The champion Teammate
    The champion Teammate 25 days ago

    wow it WAS actually 15min
    the more you know

  • Artie Quick
    Artie Quick 26 days ago

    Venom: *Like a terd in the wind*
    Me: *while laughing* what the heck?

  • Joey idc
    Joey idc 26 days ago

    Well yes in the movie Venom is more of a parasite and the comics it normally does not feed on its host unless it's the emotions which I guess can be considered parasitic but if you get super powers just have to be depressed half the time I'd be like go nuts I'm willing to take that deal

  • Chad Landon
    Chad Landon 26 days ago

    What about lasher from the venomverse

  • Efe Yalçınkaya
    Efe Yalçınkaya 27 days ago

    The first Character caused me to scared when seeing it.Venom is the Best.

  • Kayden Hutchinson
    Kayden Hutchinson 28 days ago +1

    The venom species that he is takes personality from everyone he covers

  • Dark Brahma
    Dark Brahma 28 days ago +1

    English mention it Venom was just trying to become a hero blind Peter Parker tried to get rid of him wishmade hatred girl on the Symbiote clucking hen

    • Dark Brahma
      Dark Brahma 28 days ago

      Suno it's Spider-Man's the real building

  • starfox dark
    starfox dark 29 days ago

    People might call me stupid for this but was sand man in Spiderman a real threat to other people like seariusly why

  • Lara Everett
    Lara Everett 29 days ago

    7:07 dude is that fortnite in the background

  • Rayhan Puthucheary
    Rayhan Puthucheary 29 days ago

    i likethe steven crowder

  • tereria player 101
    tereria player 101 Month ago

    You forgot deadpool

  • King Enma
    King Enma Month ago

    In the beginning he said give him 15 minutes then the vid is less than 15 minutes

  • Gio Rosiles
    Gio Rosiles Month ago

    MatPat: Mini theory Venom has a large tougne because of the increase strength he gives to his host's
    Venom: no the Giant tougne is to see if my prey will taste good
    Matpat: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😨😰😨😰😨

  • Kat the Dog
    Kat the Dog Month ago +2

    I love watching this AFTER seeing the movie and knowing it’s a rom-com

  • Silas dzielski
    Silas dzielski Month ago +3

    Matpat:lets make a theory
    matpat:Ha HA HA!

  • MasterONT
    MasterONT Month ago

    celestials are awesome. Although I wish the infinity watch could get some more gratification.

    TEMC GAMER Month ago

    who is venom?

  • ADiRespectDaPouch -

    I can agree. But then again Venom was legit eating Eddy’s organs. Also venom gives us some background that on his planet he was very... unpopular to say the least. He had different intentions than the rest. Remember that the comics were from Marvel (I believe) so Sony could change a lot. It’s said that they’re just like us, without a “creator” (minus religion.) Though the DNA must be perfect for an organism to perform symbiosis, none the less they are unintentionally killing humans. In my opinion, Eddy has no effect on Venom as venom was, yet again, an outcast. If you look at Peter Parker, venom attached himself to Peter, making him stronger. A side affect was that his personality and ego were altered. I can agree with the fact that they search for purpose, but take a look at the parasite in Drake (the one in final fight scene.) His parasite was not altered in any way shape or form and only intention was getting on the space ship. No change in traits can be seen. Although a good theory, and quite believable, I find that it could be incorrect (which is okay.) Also the relation between the parasites you compared were quite different, I can see where you were going with it. The ‘cat and mouse’ parasite takes advantage of its host to reproduce. Both the host and parasite have different needs in this case in Venom. Even though the parasite affected Parker, Peter had no effect on it, just as Drake’s parasite had changed him in the way as to make him understand, and also to alter his thoughts. Venom had no effect on Eddy, because of many reasons. Eddy came to a reasoning with Venom, and they both took a major part in symbiosis. Venom didn’t change Eddy, because they communicated well.To conclude, Venom had no alterations after bonding with Eddy.
    Edit: if the aftermath of Spider-Man 3 took place here, they’d both hate Parker. But as I recall Venom was defeated, after Venom (eddy and venom) tried to defeat him. I could be wrong.

  • Prosmarine
    Prosmarine Month ago

    Not several klyntar trillions there's a planet made out of them traping there creator knull

  • Gemma Guerrero
    Gemma Guerrero Month ago

    I took a test to find my parasite on Venom from Buzzfeed and I'm a Venom -.-

  • Martin Espinoza
    Martin Espinoza Month ago +1

    Actually Matt in 7:45 there are seven if you are counting the person in the car

  • Lileth Ayop
    Lileth Ayop Month ago

    Wait if venom threatening his own life HOW THE F**K VENOM TRIES TO KILL EDDIE BY RUPTURING HIS ORGANS and yeah i know that's threatening his life but BUTT (hehe) Eddie can just go to a chocolate factory (or a store) to get some CHOCOLATE and you it has a chemical thats inside the brain too (you probably know what in mean Matpat)

  • Girl Savage
    Girl Savage Month ago +3

    My phone was loading and I forgot it was on and when it turned it scared me 😱 😂

  • TheDankMinister
    TheDankMinister Month ago

    I mean... hes kinda right but mostly long

  • otala guardian
    otala guardian Month ago

    Honestly I think venom is a good guy

  • Asleep Acorn
    Asleep Acorn Month ago


  • Angel Carpenter
    Angel Carpenter Month ago

    Sorry I’m ten…………

  • Miles Solberg
    Miles Solberg Month ago

    You say that it was going 15 minutes or more it's less than 15

  • Bailey Geiger
    Bailey Geiger Month ago

    wait isn't peter Quill (StarLord) half celestial??? so venom is something that could have killed his father?!?!

  • Cooper Torbush
    Cooper Torbush Month ago

    He called it "Eddy maybe the one that purifies venom"

  • Cesar Jimenez
    Cesar Jimenez Month ago

    This video was actually almost 15 minutes

  • Zoe Lulu
    Zoe Lulu Month ago

    3:50 XD

  • GamingWithMilo
    GamingWithMilo Month ago

    9:25 that’s a drum stick
    Not a pointer
    Edit: also, I’ve seen, like, 12 videos sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. They are REALLY open for sponsorships

  • ام مروان
    ام مروان Month ago +17

    Wait I just realized that this theory came out before the movie

    Soooooo,he only had trailer to work with.... ULTRA THEORIST LEVEL 1000 BADGE OBTAINED

  • Teddy Wonders
    Teddy Wonders Month ago

    Well actually it’s the human flea that scientists think started the black pleague

  • Kid Druggie
    Kid Druggie Month ago

    Ya know spider man and venom are different universes

  • Lo Yolo
    Lo Yolo Month ago

    Mat pat do you even have to shave?
    I'm just kidding love ur videos xD

    DEADLY TANHIM Month ago +1

    Make a theory about Ghost Rider

  • DropNight
    DropNight Month ago

    I was just thinking why would a toxoplasmosis want to go through all of that, Isn’t it pointless? then I realised I was kinda saying why would people want to have kids, isn’t it pointless..

  • _Cyrusis _
    _Cyrusis _ Month ago

    Holy shit.

    Crazy cat ladies.

  • Émilie JFM
    Émilie JFM Month ago

    Okay so i know that this isn't true or scientifically accurate in any way, but i read a comic in which girls contaminated with a form of toxoplasmosis called toxoplasmosis x (from cat litter) will turn into murderous panthers and to know that that's based on a real thing (except obviously nobody turns into a panther) is really cool as I thought that it was just completely made up in every way. So that's a thing. (I'm probably gonna do extra research now.) Edit: so thank you of making me aware of this :)