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FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Azinga Fuzile vs. Kenichi Ogawa

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Highlights of Azinga Fuzile vs. Kenichi Ogawa from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

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Comments • 374

  • genbuuuuu
    genbuuuuu Month ago +87

    this fight was actually great to watch. I personally love matches like this. slow, methodical, evenly matched chess matches with abrupt bursts of action and excitement. Fantastic card overall, dazn delivers again.

    • Will L
      Will L 15 days ago

      Agree - this was a real pleasure to watch. One of the rare fights which is a tactical chess match but still action packed. Fuzile was trying to draw him into that left hand counter all night but Ogawa managed distance very well. He is a fast-twitch guy but managed to conserve his energy well by exploding at the right times and not over committing. Darting in and out and busting Fuzile up over the 12 rounds. Awesome fight and I'll definitely tune in to both of their future fights.

    • Jose Mejia
      Jose Mejia Month ago

      I was there and Fuzile was boring, pay attention to the crowd more than the commentators

    • kufujitsu
      kufujitsu Month ago +3

      @Orion 77 If you think that match is boring, you probably shouldn't be watching boxing...

    • nabil ghafar
      nabil ghafar Month ago +3

      @Orion 77 casual

    • Inde Jols
      Inde Jols Month ago +12

      @Orion 77 you cant appreciate high level boxing

  • Toj IV
    Toj IV Month ago +78

    Ogawa is a boxer and a puncher at the same time, IMO! What an impressive fighter he is in this fight!

  • jaguar324
    jaguar324 Month ago +23

    The first round was just the two studying each other. In the second round they started executing their strategies. Mid round the Japanese fighter came in fast but then fainted the second step. The South African swung with everything he had but missed by a mile. I knew then that the South African was looking to counter and that the Japanese boxer had a better plan. The rest is history.

  • Nelson Beltran
    Nelson Beltran Month ago +46

    Too much power by Ogawa on both hands that was very evident on Fuziles face! I agree with the very close scorecards but the power punches landed by Ogawa made the difference of this fight.
    Congrats Team Ogawa!

  • Robert Silva
    Robert Silva Month ago +11

    Ogawa knew he hurt him in the last round and won, but he let Fuzile finish like a warrior with dignity. Much respect

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez Month ago +78

    I've always respected Japanese fighters. I wish there were more Mexico vs Japanese fights 🔥😩

    • Joshua Sean Colon
      Joshua Sean Colon Day ago

      There are tons of Mexican fighters vs Japanese fighters.

    • CarlospicyWiener
      CarlospicyWiener Month ago +3

      @NinJazz Rhythm yeah there life to boxing

    • NinJazz Rhythm
      NinJazz Rhythm Month ago +1

      @Ka Mo samurai means "to serve".

    • Ka Mo
      Ka Mo Month ago +8

      True, Japanese fighters are warriors ( or I should say Samurai).

  • TheHuskyK9
    TheHuskyK9 Month ago +148

    Ogawa's right-hand is a bomb. Scorecards are bit too close but I'm glad Ogawa got the W

    • Kevin Ngm
      Kevin Ngm Month ago +1

      @Pio Amillos True that. It felt very obvious and so were the commentators

    • Pio Amillos
      Pio Amillos Month ago +11

      judges too bias against ogawa,kd save him from roberry

    • Boosted Juanito 2.3 🇵🇷
      Boosted Juanito 2.3 🇵🇷 Month ago +2

      💣 maybe a nuke lol dude got a dead hand lol

  • alessandro orlandi
    alessandro orlandi Month ago +77

    Ogawa is a straight gangsta, he gained a fan this night, looking forward his next fights🇮🇹🔥

    • Johnatan Aguilera
      Johnatan Aguilera Month ago +3

      Same here watch this fight from honduras a ogawa has a new fan here still sad for teo loss

  • DinamiteBarese
    DinamiteBarese Month ago +15

    Ogawa is a class act. Knew Fuzile was badly hurt, and didn't put the nail in the coffin to avoid permanent damage

  • Fluck3r
    Fluck3r Month ago +18

    Incredible fight, both athletes should be proud of this performance.

  • Chadwick Parks
    Chadwick Parks Month ago +7


  • ともゆき
    ともゆき Month ago +78


  • M.A.W
    M.A.W Month ago +9

    Great fight 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽😀👍🏽👍🏽 Ogawa gave great demo of power but props to Fuzile for getting up & going the distance

  • Sippomonuretasi
    Sippomonuretasi Month ago +18


  • TH Collect
    TH Collect Month ago +11

    Ogawa won the fight from round 1! These judge were blind for scoring that close. 💯

  • Yonela Siko
    Yonela Siko Month ago +62

    Fuzile is a great fighter, unfortunately in this Match Ogawa took control, he’s faster and more hungrier. We love you Fuzile, go back to the drawing board, Mdantsane is behind you👊🏼

    • TurtleShell 8024
      TurtleShell 8024 Month ago +2

      Not sure about _”great”_ but a _decent_ fighter yes. Seems like our boxing isn’t doing that great afterall. When the level of competition rises, we fall short every time.

    • Sfundo Zulu
      Sfundo Zulu Month ago +1

      Fuzile is great, i'm impressed

    • Siyathemba Siaz Matshaya
      Siyathemba Siaz Matshaya Month ago

      Fuzile needs to leave East London before his boxing career comes to an end prematurely.He must join Colin Nathan in Joburg.

    • Zola Marali
      Zola Marali Month ago +2

      @Naruto Peloñe yes he did, but I repeat fighting spirit has nothing to with taking a knee

    • Naruto Peloñe
      Naruto Peloñe Month ago +1

      @Zola Marali he took a knee twice 😂😂

  • 化身
    化身 Month ago +35


    • 化身
      化身 Month ago +10

      @Jhosser Duran
      That's right!

    • Jhosser Duran
      Jhosser Duran Month ago +13

      What a warrior this japanese!

  • realdeal139
    realdeal139 Month ago +43

    Ogawa is a beast! He’s going to be a problem

    • DBaleni Football Channel
      DBaleni Football Channel 26 days ago

      This guy is over 30 years

    • Joel Santos
      Joel Santos Month ago +4

      Exactly hes a star..im a boxing fanatic amd i admire ogawas talent..i saw on him a young manny pacquiao

  • TP Righteous
    TP Righteous Month ago +12

    I actually like what the ref did at the end ... He knew time was winding down and allowed he to lose on his feet instead of waving it off.

  • Kung_fu_licious *
    Kung_fu_licious * Month ago +20

    Cape Town and South Africa are proud of our boy, great fight! 🇿🇦🥊

    • Jose Mejia
      Jose Mejia 26 days ago

      Fusile esa even more boring y han rigondoux and thats hard to do

    • TurtleShell 8024
      TurtleShell 8024 Month ago

      @L. BC You sound bitter!😂 Fuzile got paid tonight.🤷🏻‍♂️ Don’t know about you👈 …. winner?😂

    • Inde Jols
      Inde Jols Month ago


    • Naruto Peloñe
      Naruto Peloñe Month ago

      Fuzile is a loser

    • L. BC
      L. BC Month ago +4

      Go get vaccinated and stop spreading variants.

  • Dirt Mike
    Dirt Mike Month ago +7

    all 3 judges had this fight a lot closer than everyone else ... i know it's not easy to be a ref or judge, but sometimes they are just straight out incompetent

  • Charlton Gio Prepeña
    Charlton Gio Prepeña Month ago +5

    Ogawa and Inoue 🇯🇵🎌 | Both of you were enlightenment of year 2021. No upset string attachment 😜🤭🤗😆. You made my year that should let there be light in against the darkness.

  • SwipeGameplay
    SwipeGameplay Month ago

    What I like is the technical ability but also the speed they actually fight like featherweights. Fighters in the higher classes like welterweights and middleweights fight way slower than they should be in comparison to fighters in previous eras.

  • Neivaldo Duarte
    Neivaldo Duarte Month ago

    Torci muito para o Fuzile terminar de pé... ganhar não dava, né?!

  • Sbu TuTu
    Sbu TuTu Month ago +15

    I told my E.L Hommies that Azinga is not going to win against this dude, I hope my Homeboy learn his mistake, I pray for him to come back strong

    • Pule Mothobi
      Pule Mothobi Month ago

      I kinda had that feeling too but it's not common for South Africans to fight at championship level so I was hoping he wins

  • Alvan Ramirez
    Alvan Ramirez Month ago +4

    Ogawa tried to do a Superman punch at the end😂

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne Month ago +25

    The power from these smaller japanese boxers. Scary

    • de nare
      de nare Month ago

      Ogawa Vs Rakhimov will be a bomb.

    • The Mastermind
      The Mastermind Month ago +8

      @Naruto Peloñe The dude probably means small as in the smaller weight classes, not small as in small is my guess.

    • Naruto Peloñe
      Naruto Peloñe Month ago +9

      I wouldn’t call 5’8 small .. Ogawa is listed 5’8

    • Timothy Spaghetti
      Timothy Spaghetti Month ago +3

      They eat right over there,no hormone meat or poultry and lots of fish and rice..

  • elkysunnykuri
    elkysunnykuri Month ago +3


  • V B
    V B Month ago +10

    Wow 3 knockdowns and still not that 1 sided.. HOW???

  • Ruperto Pondol
    Ruperto Pondol Month ago +2

    This kind of fight it reminds me of debut fight of legendary Pacquiao against Lehlo Lebwaba,his first U.S fight outside the Philippines.

  • iggy ザ・フール
    iggy ザ・フール Month ago +18

    尾川選手最高! ナイスファイト!

  • Kuko Ni Martz
    Kuko Ni Martz Month ago +22

    Wow japanese boxers now shining 🌟 congratulations from Philippines 🥰🥰🥰

  • Tshiamo Rangaka
    Tshiamo Rangaka Month ago +7

    My boy Fuzile got cooked, hopefully he can recover quick & make it back to the top.

  • Devin Robinson X
    Devin Robinson X Month ago +2

    That ref saved his ego...big time!

  • Grant Hirobumi
    Grant Hirobumi Month ago +5

    And New! Congrats to Ogawa! 🇯🇵🔥

  • K.C.E@自由奔放ちゃんねる


    • ライオン
      ライオン Month ago

      @z k まぁお前が何一つ事実を持って話せず虚言捏造などの論点ずらしで逃げ回るイカれたゲェジなのは確実

    • ライオン
      ライオン Month ago

      @z k このように的外れでなんの反論にもなってない、にわか主張で噛み付き発作起こしてコメ欄を荒らしているのがお前

    • ライオン
      ライオン Month ago

      @z k 同じ名前のアカウント


    • ライオン
      ライオン Month ago

      @z k 論点ずらし、論破済という事実を言って、更にこのようにまた再度説明してやってると何度も言ってるだろ?なのにまた事実でもない捏造、虚言で必死に論破済の主張をループさせて逃げ回ってるのがお前。これも何度目だ?

    • ライオン
      ライオン Month ago

      @z k 挙げることが出来ない

  • Carmelo Guagenti
    Carmelo Guagenti Month ago +4


  • TopDawg
    TopDawg Month ago +2

    Ogawa wayyy more active with with movements faints and footwork in this fight. Gotta be difficult trying time him

  • Khulekani Mtshali
    Khulekani Mtshali Month ago +3

    How can you avoid the straight right from Ogawa?

  • お気楽屋AAM
    お気楽屋AAM Month ago +5

    The scoring of these three judges is not convincing.

    There is no doubt that Ogawa will win, but there was a judge who would have been a draw if he had two downs.

  • Phillimon Moropa
    Phillimon Moropa Month ago +1

    Fuzile is talented but I have the feeling he has ben rushed and this could destroy the boy

  • Ullah Media UK
    Ullah Media UK Month ago +11

    Judges were trying to rob Ogawa....

  • MrMrwilson11
    MrMrwilson11 Month ago +47

    Its always a comforting feeling when the favorite who is expected to win, gets beat up

    • Caprisun Block
      Caprisun Block Month ago +9

      @HighSensPleb I enjoyed the main and co-main because of the upsets

    • HighSensPleb
      HighSensPleb Month ago +15

      I bet you loved the main event then, cause I sure enjoyed it. 😂

  • Yeng Her
    Yeng Her Month ago +2

    I like that Superman punch scare at the end haha

  • David Clayton
    David Clayton Month ago


  • Keneth Capoquian
    Keneth Capoquian Month ago +12

    Im a Filipino but japanese warrior is a big deal right now👊🤟 But im rooting for my Kababayan's warriors🥊🏅👊🏆

    • The Investor
      The Investor Month ago

      Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Indo, Malay, Cambo, Thai, Viet, Chinese etc - doesnt matter the Asians gotta stick together. 🥊

    • Michaela Britanico
      Michaela Britanico Month ago

      @kuze give noynay a rematch im sure both man wanna run it back 🇵🇭🥊 🇯🇵

    • kuze
      kuze Month ago +1

      @Naruto Peloñe That fight was a draw as the ref stopped the fight cuz of a headbutt in the early rounds.

    • Naruto Peloñe
      Naruto Peloñe Month ago


    • Naruto Peloñe
      Naruto Peloñe Month ago

      JOE NOYNOY stock just went up he gave Ogawa a draw

  • あたりめ
    あたりめ Month ago +2


  • Caprisun Block
    Caprisun Block Month ago +57

    What a 💩 scorecard, but glad the right man won, all he needs now is to pass the drug test.
    Also my favorite punch the entire fight 9:48

    • Mervin Maxes
      Mervin Maxes Month ago

      @Caprisun Block I agree

    • Christopher Henry
      Christopher Henry Month ago


    • Nicholas Dorsett
      Nicholas Dorsett Month ago

      @Caprisun Block yh coz he had that problem last time

    • Caprisun Block
      Caprisun Block Month ago +2

      @Mervin Maxes by the way I think Ogawa won this fight, just want it to be legitimate.

    • Mervin Maxes
      Mervin Maxes Month ago

      Thinking same he had lots of energy after the fight, drug test please

  • JM Pontillo
    JM Pontillo Month ago +7

    Ogawa reminds me of a young Pac.

  • Charles Lumberger
    Charles Lumberger Month ago +4

    Wow what a fight!

  • The D Hive
    The D Hive Month ago +3

    Ref did the right thing Goofy Mora just handing away KOs. ref let him finish on his feet. Excellent job

  • Siyathemba Siaz Matshaya

    Fuzile needs to find another camp,he is still young but needs to grow and fight the best trainer out of East London.
    His jab is gud and has strong left and right hooks,but on this fight he should have kept Ogawa away from him by using more jabs.

    • Børn Å Legend
      Børn Å Legend Month ago

      @Khulekani Mtshali y’all can’t box or fight. Running to America, learning, training, and copying American fighters then throwing up your African flag when you get a little success is played out. Y’all are on your own

    • Børn Å Legend
      Børn Å Legend Month ago

      @de nare after his fight with Haney?? Man please!🤣

    • de nare
      de nare Month ago

      Where is Nomeva Ndongeni I always thought he had a chance in elite boxing especially after his fight with Haney

    • B
      B Month ago

      He got outgunned period. Tried to sit back and counter the entire fight, can’t really respect that.

    • Khulekani Mtshali
      Khulekani Mtshali Month ago +4

      He needs to be in America and find a needs camp.I honestly think our trainers aren't elite

  • Josh Yang
    Josh Yang Month ago +5

    My goodness ogawa out there throwing bombs

  • Kevin Ngm
    Kevin Ngm Month ago +1

    Commentators are in love with Fuzile 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sergios
    Sergios Month ago +11

    That Japanese is scary, that 1-2 is too fast to react and hits too hard. Look at it teleport on the Africans chin.

  • t k
    t k Month ago +2

    Ogawa is PFP Fighter🥊

  • ES45x MORT4L
    ES45x MORT4L Month ago +4

    Great fight

  • Patt T B
    Patt T B Month ago +2

    Ogawa reminds me of young Pacman, new fan here congrats

  • Sibusiso Nkosi
    Sibusiso Nkosi Month ago +3

    Azinga has heart! So proud of him. Ogawa has power! Those shots were impressive. That other commentator who can't even give a technical analysis was trash. He is just loud.

    • Michaela Britanico
      Michaela Britanico Month ago +1

      No heart at all dude wanted to quit in round 11 on his corner

  • Carlos 13
    Carlos 13 Month ago

    Me hace acordar a inoue como se mueve y camina el ring

  • Dave N
    Dave N Month ago +22

    Floyd ruined a whole generation of fighters with the Philly shell cautious style. It robs the user of their power.

    This is what manny vs Floyd would have been like if they were both the same size.
    Kinda like pacquiao ledwaba.

    • Khalid Martie
      Khalid Martie Month ago

      @Dave N Based off this comment im going to assume you're new to boxing.

    • Dave N
      Dave N Month ago

      @Khalid Martie it was his fault bc these new guys think they can win like that but Floyd knew he was never going to lose in Vegas so he didn’t have to ko anyone.

    • Khalid Martie
      Khalid Martie Month ago

      Not Floyd's fault. He didnt invent the philly shell. He mastered it. He used that same style in his younger days and was knocking people out left and right. If you dont like him, just say so.

    • Sly Fox
      Sly Fox Month ago +4

      The Philly Shell is a tool. Floyd used it aggressively as Pretty Boy and defensively as Money. The problem is that they're imitating something they don't understand. James Toney is another great example of using that style while being aggressive and defensive at the same time. GGG and Holyfield come to mind too. But then again you don't know what you're talking about so what do you expect?

    • Dave N
      Dave N Month ago

      @Caprisun Block he couldn’t his style handicapped him backing up the whole fight like that. He was totally out classes with speed and power.

  • Robert decker
    Robert decker Month ago

    Ogawa is impressive. He should be in attendance for the big upcoming main-event, Lomachenko-Commey,and proceed to call out Lomachenko, Providing Loma wins against Commey on December 5th. They could make it a 130,135,or catchweight(132) Showdown. 🤔

  • チバユウサク
    チバユウサク Month ago +4


  • mpa324
    mpa324 Month ago +2

    Ogawa looking like the young pacquiao with the hair

  • Emma  🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    What a 💩 scorecard, but glad the right man won, all he needs now is to pass the drug test.

  • Wrong side of Heaven
    Wrong side of Heaven Month ago +2

    heart of a champ by fuzile? this commentator is crazy. what fuzile has done was running and falling

  • ホルスの目
    ホルスの目 Month ago +4


  • Jeremiah Alcantara
    Jeremiah Alcantara Month ago

    Very exciting fight. This is like a discounted manny vs mayweather fight. (Manny a right handerand mayweather not just running around)

  • axenz axtiz
    axenz axtiz Month ago +1

    Kenichi Ogawa hands very fast.. and he reminds me of his sister Maria Ogawa😅

  • 室賀敬
    室賀敬 Month ago +1


  • AlexN
    AlexN Month ago +5

    The mightiest disciple

  • Joel Santos
    Joel Santos Month ago +1

    Ogawa looks and moves like manny pacquiao

  • pureのカミサマ
    pureのカミサマ Month ago +15


  • josh'zz
    josh'zz Month ago +17

    Ogawa looks like the young manny paquiao

  • Alejandro Rivero Jr.

    Ogawa style is like a mixture of Pacquiao and Donaire.

  • ジン
    ジン Month ago +16


  • Nelson Pena
    Nelson Pena Month ago

    Ogawa is like inoue and pacquiao combined

    JB CBBA Month ago +23

    Japanese Boxer are the new dangerous fighters. They coming. 🇯🇵

    • Michaela Britanico
      Michaela Britanico Month ago +3

      @kuze Dream Matchup Dave Apolinario vs Junto Nakatani both young tall flyweights southpaw . 🇵🇭✨🇯🇵 im sure both fighters will cross path since Apolinario is rank high

    • kuze
      kuze Month ago +4

      @Dominic Hart Junto Nakatani is a young champion with a lot of power. That kid could probably dominate the flyweight division and move up to featherweight cuz he`s 5`7".
      Another rising star in japan is genjiro shigeoka. He`s a mini-inoue it`s just that he`s too short but I think that kid could dominate the minimumweight up to flyweight.

    • Dominic Hart
      Dominic Hart Month ago +6

      Ioka, tanaka too. These guys are no joke bro.

    • Timmy Turner
      Timmy Turner Month ago +8

      Inoue, Murata

  • まーぷりん
    まーぷりん Month ago


  • エンジェルハートキャッチ


  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones Month ago +1

    Ogawa.. the best

  • Tv Box
    Tv Box Month ago

    Ogawa reminds me of young manny pacquiao

  • TsoPaus
    TsoPaus Month ago +1

    This fight reminded me of the Pacquiao vs Ledwaba lol

    • T K
      T K Month ago


  • 二郎マカロニ
    二郎マカロニ Month ago +4


  • Ronie Tan
    Ronie Tan Month ago

    Ogawa fights like paquiao

  • 2thebestsport
    2thebestsport Month ago +1

    Commentators were horrible against Ogawa. By the 10th RD commentators (Mora) claimed Ogawa need the last to rounds to win the fight. 🤬👊 . DA ZONE takes favorite fighters and commentators go along. SAD for the sport

  • Jon Manuel Reyes
    Jon Manuel Reyes Month ago

    Ogawa seemed to look like a right handed pacquiao

  • CultureCombat
    CultureCombat Month ago +9

    Who else is waiting for them to drop the Teofimo vs Kambosos Highlights?

  • 健 田中
    健 田中 Month ago +1

    Ogawa's right is a bomb!

  • ラミテル
    ラミテル Month ago +1


  • Spazz Freeman
    Spazz Freeman Month ago +2

    The real pac man Jr 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andres Maurer
    Andres Maurer Month ago +5

    this was gonna be the biggest effing robbery in boxing history, 114-111 😂😂😂 was the biggest joke after Donald Trump, the dude won at least 9 rounds

  • viaumagma
    viaumagma Month ago +2


  • The Jade
    The Jade Month ago

    Imagine if Ogawa let his hands go a bit more. Dude can bang

  • Yongama Cimi
    Yongama Cimi Month ago

    Hard done by the results champ Fuzile, Champs don't lose they either learn or win. The future is very bright from here onwards

  • Waynzig Nordics
    Waynzig Nordics Month ago +2

    Fantastic referee. The commentators act like a bunch of women some times. If not for the 10th round, Fuzile might have left with the belt. Great referee.

  • KEI
    KEI 20 days ago +1


  • Yosep Yosep
    Yosep Yosep Month ago +4

    he's Many Paquiao as a bantamweight class 😅

  • jay lots
    jay lots Month ago

    Champion of the world 👊👍😎🤣

  • M M M
    M M M Month ago +1

    Big Crashing Right