Do Not Adjust Your Set: Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Hunting Tigers

  • Published on Sep 9, 2013
  • This a clip features the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band from the 'Do Not Adjust Your Set' comedy series which directly preceded and inspired Monty Python.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • TitusPazmany
    TitusPazmany Day ago

    It sounds like a Hungarian Csárdás music.

  • Steve Veasey
    Steve Veasey 9 days ago

    Do Not Adjust Your Set must have been the most advanced children's television programme ever...

  • Johannes de Vreeze
    Johannes de Vreeze 22 days ago

    Great song

  • Ray Cope
    Ray Cope 26 days ago +1

    I will always love this lot.
    Thanks ever so.
    I wish you rainbows.

  • Walter Evans
    Walter Evans 2 months ago

    'Titty, titty, plonk' ....VIVIAN !.....That was a bit NAUGHTY for

  • The Theme
    The Theme 4 months ago

    First band I ever saw live, my parents took me to see them in the Bull Ring Shopping Centre Birmingham.

  • Martin Day
    Martin Day 6 months ago +1

    Just read on Twitter that some company has stolen their name and re-registered it. As such, they can no longer perform under their own name. Tragic...

  • Will Silva
    Will Silva 6 months ago +3

    Faul Faul Faul it's Freaking Faul McCharmly

  • Robert Newbegin
    Robert Newbegin 7 months ago


  • wayofthinkin
    wayofthinkin 8 months ago +2

    You can definitely tell that Viv is Faul. What is the date of this particular broadcast ?

    • Will Silva
      Will Silva 6 months ago +2

      Yes it's him no doubt the man can do many voices.

  • JeremyB
    JeremyB 8 months ago +3

    Hey its Paul McCartney I mean its viv

  • Sean G
    Sean G Year ago +4

    " I refuse to dress up this week!"

  • zlobel green
    zlobel green Year ago +2

    Monty Python band

  • Abc Bcde
    Abc Bcde 2 years ago +6

    Please let them do the next Euro Vision song contest 2017!

  • beatlecost
    beatlecost 3 years ago +1

    I just love the way Viv starts singing the first lines....Great, amazing geezer!

  • Philip Shirk
    Philip Shirk 3 years ago

    Whatever happened to them? They are reminiscent of Monty Python

    • Francis Blake
      Francis Blake Year ago +2

      Well, Viv Stanshall, sadly, died in 1995; and he was really the Heart of the bonzo's, so there was little point in them trying to continue as a band after he died. I believe Neil Innes, and Roger Ruskin-Spear are still perfoming. Dont know about the other member. They are one of the voices of Sanity that are sadly lacking in the 21st Century! Miss them hugely!

    • Philip Shirk
      Philip Shirk 3 years ago


    • Gregory Potter
      Gregory Potter 3 years ago

      Well Eric idle was in Monty Python after Bonzo Dog, John K less was not the only Genius.

  • Lucie Noordhuis
    Lucie Noordhuis 3 years ago


  • dav01kar
    dav01kar 3 years ago +3

    shear happy lunacy.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James 3 years ago +1

    A great clip, spoilt by selfish pop-ups.

  • pot
    pot 3 years ago +2

    Still fkin hilarious

  • athull08
    athull08 4 years ago

    The Banzo Dig Doo-Dih Bind

    • Roy Daintith
      Roy Daintith 3 years ago

      is sorted life is the Bonzo Dog dada band end up tired of

  • Jason1920
    Jason1920 4 years ago +3

    "Banzo Dig Doody Bin"

  • mark dirigible
    mark dirigible 4 years ago +4

    such a brilliant band. I saw then play the Boston Tea Party on Berkeley Street long ago...
    You all know how peevish tigers are...