Another Top 10 Movies with Bogus Science

  • Published on Dec 9, 2016
  • Another Top 10 Movies with Bogus Science
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    Movies featuring science that is completely ridiculous in real life, these films played fast and loose the laws of physics, energy, and just about everything else. WatchMojo presents Another Top 10 Examples of Bogus Science in movies. But what will take the top spot? A Volcano spontaneously forming and erupting in Los Angeles, the noise of space battles, or Indiana Jones Surviving a Nuclear Explosion by hiding inside a fridge? Watch to find out!
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    01:04 #10. Using Humans as an Energy Source in “The Matrix” (1999)
    02:09 #9. Getting from the Hubble Space Telescope to the ISS in “Gravity” (2013)
    03:09 #8. Ant-Man’s Inconsistent Weight in “Ant-Man” (2015)
    04:30 #7. Microwave Emitter in “Batman Begins” (2005)
    05:41 #6. Neutrinos Melting the Earth’s Core in “2012” (2009)
    06:37 #5. Curving a Bullet in “Wanted” (2008)
    07:42 #4. Martian Sandstorm in “The Martian” (2015)
    08:53 #3, #2, #1 ????
    Big thanks to Dan Paradis for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, check out the suggest page here:
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  •  2 years ago +12

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    • Joshua Nidero
      Joshua Nidero 2 years ago


    • Matt Marzula
      Matt Marzula 2 years ago

      @Robin Gilliver Well, it's gone now. I must have upset the kid.

    • dodgers doon1130
      dodgers doon1130 2 years ago

      Kev Walthall nice try kid

    • Kev Walthall
      Kev Walthall 2 years ago

      @Robin Gilliver The problem is when you have idiots that put something stupid like 300 the film on top 10 historical inaccuracies in film that 300 is a FUCKING HISTORICAL FANTASY" take because it based on a graphic novel by frank miller. it the same thing with that Wanted is more supernatural action movie that dont need shit about science!

    • fonts
      fonts 2 years ago

      I mean used and also for the Martian part

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 10 months ago

    Robots in reality are not as smart as the ones in science fiction, and they never replace us. Sorry, Steven Hawking.

  • Med G
    Med G 10 months ago

    Atoms aren't 'incredibly dense', they're 99% empty space. So that one was wrong.

  • July 24 Pictures
    July 24 Pictures Year ago

    Do a list of inaccuracies in Star Wars

  • Daniel Fabrey
    Daniel Fabrey Year ago

    I seriously can't believe Pacific rim doesn't make either list......

  • LadyArmand2000
    LadyArmand2000 Year ago +1

    I always thought that "curved bullet" nonsense was stupid in Wanted.

  • Burnzem & Friends
    Burnzem & Friends Year ago +1

    They are fuckin movies........why is this even a thing

  • sachdeep sivakumar

    Great video. The bullet curve one was obvious.

  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson Year ago

    I really hate 2012. Such a stupid movie.

  • Evil Monkey
    Evil Monkey Year ago

    Space fights without the Pew pew pew? That would be boring.

  • geeterman98
    geeterman98 Year ago +1

    it's called science FICTION for a reason. they're movies for entertainment not documentaries . how boring would movies be if everything was that accurate?

  • Roland Schlösser
    Roland Schlösser Year ago +1

    Why just episode IV from star wars? Sound in space is in like every space movie ever.

  • Wolvie
    Wolvie Year ago

    Sometimes you just need to put the real world aside and just enjoy a movie and not care if it meets all the perameters of reality, like Star Trek saying it's in a Utopian Future as we know that will never happen. Also if you were watching a movie with say 90% of it in outer space with no sound that would be boring as hell.

  • thefirst bushman
    thefirst bushman Year ago +2


  • Kushagra Saxena
    Kushagra Saxena Year ago

    Superman 2 moon scene

  • kid n'play
    kid n'play Year ago

    Damn. Stars Wars looked fake af. I can't believe people love it so much.

  • dreamhunter695
    dreamhunter695 Year ago

    Just a quick comment in defense of the matrix. I believe they did address in the film that the robots liquify the dead to feed to the living. So they would have to farm humans one way or another if they were to burn the food to generate more electricity. The science is still bogus though, just saying.

  • Mauricio Vallecillo

    Star Wars is a Fantasy. They the writers of this list forget That? Along with a lot of the others on the list.

  • Theodore Turnquist

    All of them.

  • clickerm44
    clickerm44 Year ago

    Why there is no mention of sunshine in these lists? It has the most stupid science related plot of all time.

  • oksanasdad
    oksanasdad Year ago

    Same as the last one... people don't go to movies for science.

  • Katy Myers
    Katy Myers Year ago

    Must not be a lot of them considering half of these were from the other video

  • Somber Stricken
    Somber Stricken Year ago

    Haha just noticed the Watch Mojo shirt that said "Running out if ideas since 2006". Good one mojo

  • Master Thief
    Master Thief Year ago

    Grey Tank Top + Black Short-Shorts or Underwear = Sexy? I do not think so.

  • Kevin Clapson
    Kevin Clapson Year ago

    Complaining about inaccurate science in science fiction/fantasy is right up there with a color blind person complaining about to little red m&ms in the bag. That said, inconsistent science within its own narrative, call that out all you want.

  • joshua hallman
    joshua hallman Year ago

    Transformers 4, with a fish-eating Psittacosaurus(really eats plants)

  • pomh10
    pomh10 Year ago

    i still like Volcano.

  • Jaycee Williams
    Jaycee Williams Year ago

    For star wars shouldn't they hear sound since they're not in a vacuum, they inside their spaceships which are creating the sound

  • SobeCrunkMonster
    SobeCrunkMonster Year ago

    A scientific innacuarcy of your own is that theres way way more than "trillions" of atoms in the body, theres at least several octillion

  • Ethan 64
    Ethan 64 Year ago +1

    Hey! Star wars isn't the only one with sound in space. Thousands of other things do it too. And you said it yourself, it's for effect and making it sound cooler

  • Grafight23
    Grafight23 Year ago

    Artificial gravity inside spaceships. The ship is not spinning, yet the people stand and walk as they would on Earth. This "gravity effect" would require enormous power and serves no practical purpose. Often there are explosions in shows and movies, where debris falls on people, so why not just turn the gravity off and easily move fallen objects? Also a common trope is a ship loosing all power, or requiring to turn off a system to power another, more vital function. Sometimes they board an abandoned ship (big or small) floating in space with no power at all left. Yet the artificial gravity never goes off. It's bogus and stupid.

  • Rectus Rectumius
    Rectus Rectumius Year ago

    Hey, the microwave emitter would vaporize humans too.

  • JustCallMeKopi
    JustCallMeKopi Year ago

    You forgot "Pacific Rim"- They use (I think) 6 helicopters to carry a Jaeger to the fight but then a few minutes later you see the Jaeger swing a tanker ship like it was a baseball bat. There is no way that 6 helicopters could even carry a tanker ship let alone something big enough to swing one around!

  • Ernst Gottschalk
    Ernst Gottschalk Year ago

    Its called science FICTION, its literally the idea around ScifFi to be not ACTUAL science. Try movies that try to pass nonsense as actual science.

  • GhostermanYT
    GhostermanYT 2 years ago

    U wouldn't exploded on mars if u go out with out a space suite

  • Nelson Paarsmarkt
    Nelson Paarsmarkt 2 years ago


  • joyunicycle
    joyunicycle 2 years ago

    Jaws blowing up was bogus, but still epic.

  • GreyHulk2
    GreyHulk2 2 years ago

    I believe you actually meant to say "this Roland Emmerich disaster of a film."

  • endorbr
    endorbr 2 years ago +1

    Star Wars has nothing to do with science. It's a fantasy space opera.

  • endorbr
    endorbr 2 years ago

    The fridge thing is stupid but the guy survived being exposed to mystical energies from the Ark of the Covenant. Whats a little nuclear bomb next to that?

  • vincentx915
    vincentx915 2 years ago

    I can forgive the Fridge in the atomic explosion because that was
    A "Back to the Future" Reference.

  • vincentx915
    vincentx915 2 years ago

    When it comes to my understanding of any kind of science.
    Scott Lang said it all with... "Huh?"

  • Bogmire42
    Bogmire42 2 years ago

    You mean a big scary volcano won't just spontaneously blow up LA someday? Oh thank goodness, I've been worried since the nineties.

  • Honey Bee86
    Honey Bee86 2 years ago

    Hey Mojo lady.....are you related to the lady from TheRichest?
    You have almost EXACTLY the same voice. I often forget I'm watching a Mojo video until you mention it again at the end :-/

  • unstoble king
    unstoble king 2 years ago +1

    Are you fucking kidding me. They are movies for fuck sakes their not suppose to be irl. I mean shit star wars the opening scene IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY. they are sci fi movies. get your shit right.

  • Fuze
    Fuze 2 years ago

    Yeah science!
    Also you said "Science-fiction"

  • wolf wing
    wolf wing 2 years ago

    while not cannon there is a explaation about how sound works in star wars, it has to do with the ships artificially creating the sounds as a 3d way of telling where the other ships are in relation to you.

  • wolf wing
    wolf wing 2 years ago

    Ummm martian deals with the radiation on mars, it's one of the books at least gimmie's, it's radiation protection that we lily could have by the time the movie is supposed to come out.

  • Scary's Reviews
    Scary's Reviews 2 years ago

    There's a reason why these films are Science FICTION and Fantasy.

  • Juice Stain
    Juice Stain 2 years ago

    Speaking of Star Wars, like 80% of the movies take place in space, yet there are no zero-gravity scenes.

    • Grafight23
      Grafight23 Year ago

      It's never explained what makes gravity in all the Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica, etc. spaceships. And even when heavy debris falls on somebody, crushing them, they don't turn it off. Ridiculous.

  • Sofia Ludwig
    Sofia Ludwig 2 years ago

    Episode potential long-term visible merely.

  • TheSquad4life
    TheSquad4life 2 years ago

    but don't most of these movies say they are Sci-fi anyways like the Matrix ,also who thought you could make a bullet curve by jerking your shoulders

  • 271294j1
    271294j1 2 years ago

    not to mention that it should vaporize the blood of anyone who got too close

  • Brandon Feehan
    Brandon Feehan 2 years ago +2

    Every, EVERY sci-fi film has sound in space, so don't single out Star Wars.

  • Lukas Hermans
    Lukas Hermans 2 years ago

    possession work really looks like heavil| cvtebaby :

  • VSixOneSix
    VSixOneSix 2 years ago

    The original idea for humans in the matrix was that human brains were used as computer processors . It had to be changed due to low computer knowledge by the public on computers on 1999 , so make them batteries would be more undertadudable

  • Crissyfox Does Stuff
    Crissyfox Does Stuff 2 years ago

    For the matrix the wachowski's didn't originally plan for the machines to use the humans as batteries. The original reason for keeping the humans in the matrix was to use them to expand the processing power of the machines. There is a quote from them about that somewhere but i cant seem to find it.

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore 2 years ago +1

    Virtually every aspect of 'Gravity'

  • Arnaldo Santiago
    Arnaldo Santiago 2 years ago

    Scarecrow didn't use the Emitter it was Ras. Liam Neeson's character

  • NinjaInPajamas
    NinjaInPajamas 2 years ago

    Star wars isn't fully scientific , it's science-fantasy , not sci-fi , the force isn't a thing of science

  • JFS The Reviewer
    JFS The Reviewer 2 years ago

    Here is an error from WatchMojo. It was not Scarecrow that uses the machine, it is Ra's al Ghul.

  • Kevin Vail
    Kevin Vail 2 years ago

    Star Wars has no relationship to science of any kind. Take Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, it's just a giant middle finger to any scientific explanation. A planet that drains the energy of a star to fire beams of energy, faster than light, that can be witnessed from the ground... wtf??? Ya, this has nothing to do with science.

  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 2 years ago

    i thought it sed another 10 movies with boring scenes

  • Morzac M
    Morzac M 2 years ago

    its called the microwave emitter and it looks like someone used to heat up their left over spag bowl that mum made lol

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 2 years ago

    Yeah you guys are focusing way too much on the Science, and NOT getting hit with the Fiction. But I see what you're trying to do.

  • Orlor
    Orlor 2 years ago

    When I first saw it, I had the same thought with The Martian. The air on Mars is so thin that you could have hurricane force winds and the most you would feel is a stiff breeze. You would be in greater danger from the blowing sand tearing a hole in your suit since Martian sand is a coarser and sharper then sand here on earth since it's never been eroded. I did however enjoy the movie despite that (Except for that guy who came up with the slingshot idea for the returning vehicle. He was just a nerd stereotype. "Hey! This guy is a nerd! Let's have him be strange.).

  • Kegan Griffie
    Kegan Griffie 2 years ago

    Maybe research ant man some more ....

  • Kit Coyote
    Kit Coyote 2 years ago

    Interestingly, the original concept in the Matrix was that the Humans brains were being used as parts in a massive neural network. The studio management felt that idea was too complex for audiences to understand so it was changed to being batteries.

  • Ashter Moon
    Ashter Moon 2 years ago

    eh movies? fiction? what is the point of criticize fiction when people clearly know that everything is fake? this video has been made for several top 10 channels you were like the most recent to burn this cliche

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 2 years ago

    Why the fuck would a fridge be lead lined?

    • Orlor
      Orlor 2 years ago

      If you allow me to don my fanboy hat..."Because, back in the 50's, everyone was scared shitless about the Atomic Bomb and thought that if one went off, then they could just hide in it and let the radiation pass right by you..." which is of course all bullshit..