Top 10 Outrageous Fast Food Items

  • Published on Feb 12, 2015
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Comments • 7 740

  • Arsenal for Life

    KFC just introduced a chicken sandwich with Krispy Kreme donuts. Wild times we live in

  • peace and equality
    peace and equality 6 days ago

    Waffle taco may be good

  • The Saturday Morning Sessions

    I eat eight patty burgers regularly. The T Rex is just what I eat on a hungrier day. Pssh.

    THANOS 20 days ago

    In the middle of the waffle taco I got a taco bell ad

  • Hoopla!
    Hoopla! 24 days ago

    did you seriously just diss the baconator

  • Dylan Shramko
    Dylan Shramko Month ago

    The last creatures that would eat these and not die of a heart attack went extinct 65 million years ago

  • Theo H
    Theo H Month ago

    this video makes me want to develop an eating disorder

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills Month ago +2

    ...and then there's the KFC "Triple-down" - a "Double-down" with another piece of chicken in the middle...

  • Asher Moke
    Asher Moke Month ago

    you also can find the mega mac in New Zealand

  • vampire queen
    vampire queen Month ago +10

    "Heart Attack Grill" now THATS a name

  • Romn Ksn
    Romn Ksn Month ago

    McRib and Doritos tacos were amazing

  • Fae Terran
    Fae Terran Month ago

    Youre forgetting the giant (16 inch) gargantuan ay jimmy johns. Its 2200 calories and yes people buy it.

  • Valerieann Rumpf
    Valerieann Rumpf Month ago +2

    The Mc Rib sandwich is supposed to be coming back soon.

  • peregrine
    peregrine Month ago +3

    The big mac's freakin beef patty is 1 electron tall

  • 516 standing 701ray gamer

    They still do double Big Mac

  • Thunder McQueen
    Thunder McQueen Month ago

    I feel as if extra buns are way worse than just 2 more patties

  • jamie oiler
    jamie oiler Month ago


  • tirr
    tirr Month ago

    once we ordered a baconator and they some how forgot the bacon. Not sure how that was possible since it's in the name lol

  • erilaz7
    erilaz7 Month ago

    When Microsoft released Windows 7, Burger King in Japan commemorated it with the "Windows 7 Whopper," which had seven patties. A friend of mine tried it and said it took him 45 minutes to eat the thing.

  • lumpy368 wrath
    lumpy368 wrath Month ago

    Surprised Hardees' Monster burger isn't on the list.

  • The Loyalist
    The Loyalist Month ago

    Apart from the corned beef. That meat mountain looks good.

  • Andrew Bonafilia
    Andrew Bonafilia Month ago

    I worked at the Taco Bell.... that waffle taco was pretty damn good. The waffles came in frozen but like half way cooked, we would let them thaw and there was just a curbed molding in the frying basket we just put the waffles in (I worded that really badly). But it was pretty dang good.

  • Akash M Lal
    Akash M Lal Month ago

    Just because they sell an enormous burger doesn't mean that you have to eat it all alone.
    Share it with your friends.
    Mandans 😏

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Month ago


    God I hope that fat bastard suffered a painful heart attack

  • Log In
    Log In Month ago

    Call me Big Mac...

  • Retro 1974522
    Retro 1974522 Month ago

    seriously--we need to boycott burgers with bacon on them, bc that stuff NEVER looks like the photo. It's always cold, soft and flaccid, instead of crispy and delicious like the picture. Baconator is the worst case of this.

  • Lan Ster
    Lan Ster Month ago +1

    HEY! The Baconator isnt that outrageous! Id like to die with my mouth full of bacon, thank you very much. lol

  • GoldenIolaire
    GoldenIolaire Month ago

    This why you’re fat America

  • Melissa Olson
    Melissa Olson 2 months ago

    That aleglle hart attack grill is now banned for reel

  • Melissa Olson
    Melissa Olson 2 months ago


  • Renae Cassidy
    Renae Cassidy 2 months ago +1

    Okay some of those cheeseburgers are heart attacks on a bun does anyone else care about what they eat

  • Martin
    Martin 2 months ago

    McDonalds now sells bacon mayo french fries. I mean, it sounds good, but doesn't taste that great though, pretty sure it's gonna die out soon

  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson 2 months ago

    Double Down is a regular in New Zealand. So is the Twister, in three flavours.

  • Robert Masina
    Robert Masina 2 months ago

    One can't blame the fast food companies. One doesn't know if a food item is going to be a success or failure until it's tried.

  • Jesse Grant
    Jesse Grant 2 months ago

    Bring back the double down and the twister ha

  • Death row Chef
    Death row Chef 2 months ago

    Man...dear murica...our asses are fat😂 nah but fr...i better have a lifetime supply of weed finished in one day to eat a portion of this...holy "cow"

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 2 months ago

    The most outrageous fast food item is pineapple pizza.
    Not to mention Pizza Hut a few years ago used to let you pick the flavor of your crust and you could choose ranch and it was sooooooooo fucking good and then they got rid of it, which I thought was ridiculous because it was literally so good and they got rid of the drizzles, like wtf Pizza Hut that shit was good, don’t get rid of shit that gives the customer custom options that enhance the pizza

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 2 months ago

    Are you kidding? Locos tacos are the shit, ever since I was a little kid I always wondered why they didn’t have flavored tacos because clearly flavored tortilla chips exist, and then 8 years later they came out w the locos tacos, literally the best tasting taco at Taco Bell

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 2 months ago

    The waffle taco is actually really good

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch 2 months ago

    That Arby's roast beef sandwich looks like a blown-out pussy. Just totally wrecked.

  • Sharod Harrison
    Sharod Harrison 2 months ago

    triple down

  • Saul Linseth
    Saul Linseth 2 months ago

    Watch Mojo! Will you please stop with Pulp Fiction. It was a bleep movie!

  • rougeice18
    rougeice18 2 months ago

    Double down!!

  • THE legend SS
    THE legend SS 2 months ago

    Bruh , I currently am eating the KFC double down , LOL

    Well I live in India

  • Tacoman 101568
    Tacoman 101568 2 months ago

    If you ever wanted tacos for breakfast pssh "if" i usually always have tacos for breakfast

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 2 months ago

    I love the Baconator at Wendy's! I always get a Triple Baconator! Mmmm, good!

  • The Man•The Jamez•The Legend

    Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

  • Jimi Kivilompolo
    Jimi Kivilompolo 2 months ago

    bypass burger is not a really good name for a burger i think could name" big man burger instead" or something like that

  • Blight knight9
    Blight knight9 2 months ago

    Where are the Mac n cheese Fritos those shits look nasty

  • M0nkeyb0mber 339
    M0nkeyb0mber 339 2 months ago

    Meat Mountain is worth the calorie climb. It’s SOOOO GOOOOD!

  • Trevor McLaurin
    Trevor McLaurin 2 months ago

    I don't what people say the waffle taco is actually pretty good

  • drift anything12
    drift anything12 2 months ago

    2:35 😶


  • Irish Princess
    Irish Princess 2 months ago

    The guy dialed 911 just in case lol 5:01.

  • 심영규
    심영규 2 months ago

    I have eaten Zinger Double down max before
    It's awsome sandwich

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw 2 months ago

    Not a lot of difference between a hamburger and a sausage patty!

  • Sean Peters
    Sean Peters 2 months ago

    Aw man, here I am watching this at 2 a.m. and now I'm really hungry. :/

  • BMVS
    BMVS 2 months ago

    A vegan's worst nightmare 3:37

  • Ayesha Fatima
    Ayesha Fatima 2 months ago

    I dont think the Double Down is that crazy

  • Dream Guardian
    Dream Guardian 2 months ago

    I used to enjoy the baconator for years, but now by watching this, I doubt I'll be able to eat one again. The rest I can't believe actually existed. Gross to them all.

  • Keenan K
    Keenan K 2 months ago

    Look at this food. No wonder why America is fat azz country.