2018 Mercedes AMG E63s Station Wagon FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • At long last, MotoMan drives the 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 S and in it’s BEST version of this hot rod Mercedes Benz - the STATION WAGON!!!! He starts a read through the Mercedes AMG E63s owners manual to give this episode a fast start then moves through design - of course - and while yes, this is a Mercedes Benz E63 FAMILY CAR episode, it marks the return of a beloved family member . . .
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Comments • 189

  • Mr8Zylinder
    Mr8Zylinder 17 hours ago +1


  • Benz G 63 A
    Benz G 63 A 9 days ago

    you are best thank you

  • goyangi
    goyangi Month ago

    couldnt agree more with the black trim... who the hell made that popular!? I want contrast!

  • Target-sequence *
    Target-sequence * 2 months ago

    Whole paycheck groceries 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Lear
    Samuel Lear 3 months ago

    I was looking at this wagon vs. B7 Alpina. Going with wagon but worry about low profile tires. Pot holes and irregular road surface are an occasional problem. I see a matte finish grey wagon near me, great color.

  • Kris Bower
    Kris Bower 4 months ago

    E63s all day, every day!

  • Clive Sinclair
    Clive Sinclair 5 months ago

    Needs more power - in the form of a plugin hybrid version. Another 120-150bhp. 30-40 mile of electric only range and it would (kind of) become an affordable eco station wagon.

  • Mike Ciulini
    Mike Ciulini 5 months ago

    Hy, my name is E63 and I am a SUV killer. >100000$ priced SUV assasin that is.

  • Michael Foley
    Michael Foley 6 months ago +1

    Nice reviews, thanks very much. I appreciate your insights and commentary. Agree with almost all that you said.
    I just ordered the AMG E63s wagon over the Porsche. The M5 was not even a contender due to the lack of cargo space. I did consider the X5M and found the driving safety tech to be lacking (I drive a lot in traffic in Boston and get a lot of piece of mind with Distronic and lane change). Also there is no comparison on performance between the X5M and the AMG.
    I traded my 2017 R8 v10+ for the wagon, and got cash back. I had the R8 plus an X5 diesel for long haul/hockeybag moving efforts. When I get rid of the X5 35d I'll decide what sporty thing to replace the R8 with. The problem with the R8 was the statement it made. I work in private equity and we are always pushing companies to manage costs down and be lean - drive in with that car and you are not making the right impression let's just say. As a result I drove it less than 2,000 miles in 2 years. Won't lose slip over that. When I chip the AMG it will be pretty close to the R8 in performance.
    I had an RS7 before the R8, incidentally. Loved that car. Chipped I was doing 0-60 in 3.3 with amazing sounds coming into the cabin and all of tech you could imaging. Audi gets interiors right. HOWEVER the best car I ever owned for the mix of driver passion and stealth - the E39 M5. Still the standard by which I measure all others, and I have had or driven almost all of them. Can't wait to compare this to that... I know different but the RWD mode is going be interesting.
    The Porsche Panamera Turbo is amazing, I drove it but it's a bit too expensive in comparison and still a bit of a problem "impression wise". The Porsche is hands down a better drivers car. I had a 911 Turbo S and came to respect Porsche's single minded focus on excellence in driving performance. The telepathic feel you get when you drive.
    In summary it's the stealth mode, performance, and practicality that got me to the AMG - I know this is my own personal thing but that's what I LOVE about the Mercedes. I will debadge it to further avoid the problems with "making the wrong impression". And that's what I LOVE about this vehicle. 19 out of 20 people will NEVER KNOW. Oh and get this - wife always riding me to get rid of the R8 - "you never drive it" - she won't even get in it because it's too low, etc. So when I told her I was trading it she sort of turned white expecting something even more extreme. When I told her I was getting a Mercedes wagon and showed her a picture she lit up like a Christmas Tree.
    And that's the icing on the cake.... (At least until she hears it)

  • K03sport
    K03sport 6 months ago

    E63 S, easy choice when compared to the panamera E-sport thingy. Mine built came to 116,620, Blue, brown int, AMG Premium pkg (lots of safety stuff), and AMG exhaust + 3yr MX. People have to realize, you don't need to get silly in the options checklist part of the build and just be sensible, or as sensible a $116k, 603hp wagon can be. $10k over base isn't horrible and is 10% of the car, so right in light with other options on lesser cars.

  • Red Gatorade
    Red Gatorade 6 months ago

    I want a 2019 in obsidian black

  • Darryl Thompson
    Darryl Thompson 7 months ago

    This is such a true off ok a station wagon is not a race car it truly a family car do u really think u are going to be racing with your family in the car NO its a traveling car road trip picking your children up from school and family outing I’m so tried every time i see suv or just luxury car they want to race them or drag race them suv or a luxury car is not build to that it build for fun or family outing road trip are u really going to drag race with children in the car or family members luxury car is for date night with the wife suv is for family outing or road trip and what up with the music it don’t explain nothing or compare nothing so please when you show your car or suv or station wagon thing of family traveling or night out or children safe i bet u sale more then drag racing

  • William Kinn
    William Kinn 7 months ago

    You have so much more space in the back seat and cargo area of the AMG . The 9 speed is also better and it costs less!

  • FozWasHere
    FozWasHere 7 months ago

    Buy this used in a couple years for 35 40 grand yes please!

  • Kerun Bindra
    Kerun Bindra 7 months ago

    This vs RRS SVR?!

  • Brady Smith
    Brady Smith 7 months ago

    This is what you buy to scare the shit out of your kids to ensure they never ask you for a ride again

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson 8 months ago

    "I don't smoke, but I need a cigarette"! I need that wag!

  • Yash Anvekar
    Yash Anvekar 8 months ago

    Top speed?

  • Rock Steady
    Rock Steady 9 months ago

    Just curious.... You test all these amazing vehicles (with a Toyota Avalon tossed in to erase all the smiles) but what is your daily driver? What do you own that you drive to get to these amazing vehicles you test and keep your fans giggling? Keep up the good work!

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  9 months ago

      That answer is liberally sprinkled in most of my episodes - however, had to stop because viewers got sick of hearing about it. That said, now more into airplanes . . . Check it out on Instagram: @MotoManTV

  • Peter Clifton
    Peter Clifton 9 months ago

    Speedshift MCT unit from Mercedes-AMG, is a multi-clutch automatic gearbox. Instead of a torque converter, like conventional automatics, it possesses a “clutch pack,” which includes multiple clutches placed together and controlled separately. It is easily differentiated from dual-clutch automatics because it has a single input shaft

  • TheBennyTallis
    TheBennyTallis 9 months ago

    I'd have this. shame they don't offer the aluminium tail stripe in CF or Black satin. but am sure you could get the pieces made aftermarket in CF. configurator.mercedes-benz.com/configurator/gb/en/class/body/summary?subprocess=CCci&Mcid=MYML6EUH

    • TheBennyTallis
      TheBennyTallis 9 months ago

      And i would probably get it wrapped in the same colour but Satin / Satin-Chrome

  • Alexander SHE
    Alexander SHE 10 months ago +2

    I choose the Mercedes AMG E 63s 4Matic+ Wagon, with Night package and a white paint with black wheels, because I think in this way it looks sporty. OR, I also like it in the black in the video and have standard chrome trims and aluminum wheels to give it a flavour of elegance.
    Although the Porsche Panamera Turbo is also a stunning wagon, I think there is no reason for anyone to choose that over the E 63. Since it is slower and more expensive. Thank you!

  • Ludwig Garcia
    Ludwig Garcia 10 months ago +1

    I like subtlety so I would go for the Merc and remove the badges. I want something special but I don’t like flashy so I would opt for this black on black with badges removed. Go to the grocery store, pick up the kids from school on normal days and hammer it down on the not so normal days. Only gear heads would know what this is and just a nod of the head would do.

  • Bill McLaughlin III
    Bill McLaughlin III 10 months ago

    The black trim is part of the "Night Package" -- without that option there is plenty of bright-work to make those various areas "pop." Personally, I like the blacked out look on the higher-end AMG models.

  • Ronin AMG
    Ronin AMG 10 months ago

    Nice review, I have one [Selenite Grey Magno] and traded in my 991 Turbo S for it. It really is that good and add a tune [720hp] along with adjustable front upper A arms for proper camber when lowered to dial in the handling, you have a canyon monster.....just sayin

  • Afradh Ahamed
    Afradh Ahamed 10 months ago

    ive had it with people saying this looks like a normal estate, you are fooling no one with the quad exhaust and the humongous front end

  • Mikhela
    Mikhela 11 months ago

    Just order it w/o the Night Package if the black trim is too much. Personally, I prefer the black trim w/ Lunar Blue metallic.

  • WestUCoog
    WestUCoog 11 months ago

    AMG engines are terribly unreliable. Search head bolt on the 63's or oil pan o-ring.

  • NFiltr8Red
    NFiltr8Red 11 months ago

    The Merc all day, it’s a sleeper! What more do you want to hear? I’d debadge it just for the added smile on my face when I dust 90% of the cars on the road.

  • pigatt1
    pigatt1 Year ago

    I like the M5. I LOVE the E63s Wagon. The practicality of the wagon combined with the fun factor is mind blowing. I would take it over the Panamera as well and have enough money left for a Performance Pack2 Mustang!

  • stateniland
    stateniland Year ago

    what is he talking about.. adding 'chrome trim' to an ALL black sport WAGON?? The whole idea of Black on Black is making it ALL BLACK!

  • Ryan O'Connor
    Ryan O'Connor Year ago

    Panamera over AMG wagon. 1) Porsche has more panache. 2). I own a Porsche and a Mercedes and I’ll take Porsche engineering every day over MB. 3) It’s a Porsche. 4-10) It’s a Porsche. Ok - I’m a Porsche fan boy that drinks Porsche flavored kool aid.

  • arthur buchanan
    arthur buchanan Year ago

    This car is like a brandnew baby you cant stay away from it

  • Michal Kunst
    Michal Kunst Year ago

    That trunk solution with hook is so incredibly stupid and cheap for such high class car.

  • Elton Elzee
    Elton Elzee Year ago

    I'll choose the E63s because it is cheaper and very fast.

  • angurisloud
    angurisloud Year ago

    My 2014 E63 wagon has the shifter on the center console - I like the new features on the 2018, but not loving the shifter. We'll see which year I upgrade to and when. This is a GREAT CAR!

    • William Kinn
      William Kinn 7 months ago

      After you get used to it you would like it better. You have paddle shifters so it is just a selector to from forward to reverse.

  • RAN D
    RAN D Year ago +1

    Super enthusiastic review! I love it! This is one badass car that I wish I see more on the road. Wish they kept the 6. 2 liter engine though.

  • KTurner212
    KTurner212 Year ago

    Is this better than the M5?

  • Norm T
    Norm T Year ago


  • Slugsy001
    Slugsy001 Year ago

    This is a tough choice! I have to pick one this week! With 2 kids and luggage, the Merc should be a no brainer but the Merc has a really harsh ride compared to the M5 and that has really made it tough!

  • Peter Clifton
    Peter Clifton Year ago +1

    Great video 👍 E63 all day, love the look the sound but as you said maybe a little to much black apart from that nice car

  • Brent Wilson
    Brent Wilson Year ago +1

    Out here in the West, I have to go with the Panamera turbo sport truismo e-hybrid, and damn the extra expense. Momma has her LX570.

  • Tesla Fans
    Tesla Fans Year ago

    Best Car Review Channel hands down!

  • Marco Vanni
    Marco Vanni Year ago +1

    Quickest station wagon on the roads! Moms will be happy :))

  • Christian Meng
    Christian Meng Year ago

    Dont get me wrong...,i like the motoman reviews...
    1. Yep its no dual clutch, just automated mct or whatever its called... and
    2. nope, u dont have to stand still for "drift mode"... u can even engage on the highway as long as youre below 100kmh

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown Year ago

    Yes, Burgundy would work best!

  • Luc Laflèche
    Luc Laflèche Year ago

    The AMG is the best performance wagon available stateside. Obnoxiously loud in town - not for me. Porsche money shouldn't be wasted on a wagon. Using the force to get BMW to expand Alpina lineup. B5 Touring all-the-way.

    • Luc Laflèche
      Luc Laflèche Year ago

      Travis McGowan Lol.. Easy there big fella. Once was a rock star too, but, living city centre with kids now and loud pipes are wreaking havoc on my circadian rhythm. And if we're going to talk perfect sound... the Maser Granturismo is the sexy wolf as it glides the strip. #justsaying - but I like your passion.

    • Travis McGowan
      Travis McGowan Year ago

      Luc Laflèche I WANT AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  • ghous shah
    ghous shah Year ago

    M5 wins.

  • Fluterra
    Fluterra Year ago +1

    How is the chassis rigidity?
    I drove a GLC which is on the E chassis, and I was not impressed. My C63 507 is much stiffer.

  • Jason Gilliam
    Jason Gilliam Year ago +1

    I pick E63 Exterior color red black interior & fully loaded

  • Jamal Terrell
    Jamal Terrell Year ago +1

    You can get that red from the AMG GT on this car. And all that black trim and carbon are optional. It comes standard with chrome, and can look almost like an E400 with the right choices.

  • AyoJay Will
    AyoJay Will Year ago

    Awesome video but you can’t always assume the wife is going to go for it just because it’s a big fat station wagon. So what it has a high performance engine, a lot of people will agree wagons are ugly. Love Mercedes, I own a Mercedes.. but the gender role expectations are dying off.

  • leaf 4
    leaf 4 Year ago

    Did you change you recording camera ? It is terrible.

  • S G
    S G Year ago

    That launch gave me goosebumps

    • A. S
      A. S 8 days ago

      U must stink then

  • vangloryous
    vangloryous Year ago

    E63, WITHOUT QUESTION ru-clip.com/video/ygJAFutz2cs/video.html just like that!
    Its 50k+ less, carries more in comfort in style. Ive got an '06 Outback XT 5spd and wagons just make more sense vs a sedan. A Benz wagon, especially this one, is a power statement cuz its, well a wagon, ergo, its rare all of which makes it more exotic than most "exotics" which puts it on a plane no Panamerica can ascend to cuz its closer to the perfect car. Audi NEEDS to import 500-1000 RS6s and RS4s cuz they ARE exotics here.

  • Thomas Yu
    Thomas Yu Year ago

    LOVED your statement on colour. I have this wagon and I chose a matte diamond silver. You’re right...it’s such a better combo with the night package. Photos on my Instagram (@thomasyupiano).

  • zkum16
    zkum16 Year ago

    Is this an independent channel now or are you still affiliated with the family of dealerships

    • zkum16
      zkum16 Year ago

      Whoops mixed you up with Rosenthal Automotive which is a channel run by a dealership network.

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  Year ago +1

      Not certain what you are referring to, but this has always been an independent channel.

  • mcrn12
    mcrn12 Year ago

    Poor dog! Mine did the same thing! Took her to an animal chiropractor.....big difference! Thanks for this awesome video!

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis Year ago

    OK I’m putting the “Nursing Home Money” into one of these!

  • JET997u
    JET997u Year ago

    Best car on sale today. It's everything in one: wagon, sports car, family hauler, AWD for winter, huge power for cruising, superb safety technology and highest-ranking crash standards. All for about $120K? What a bargain.

    • A. S
      A. S 3 months ago

      Don't u think the rear looks so off? I tried to like it but I can't get myself to

  • 911 991.2 TURBO S

    I have to admit I really hate station wagons they were real popular when I was a kid. But this is the exception, I like it probably would not buy it though. Love your Husky I have it’s big brother all white Alaskan Malamute it’s 128 pounds and chases coyotes that come up from the canyon. Just to play but want no part in that.
    My choice is the BMW M5.

    • Travis McGowan
      Travis McGowan Year ago

      KEVIN MANSFIELD I’m over boring sedans. The Europeans do cars so much better than Americans, it’s not even funny.

  • Edysin Simon
    Edysin Simon Year ago

    I like apples! Especially when it's apple crispy! Wait a minute?! A dual clutch? A 9 speed dual clutch? Wow! I prefer the selentec gray with the polished forges spoked wheels and I'd also keep the chromed exhaust system! A killer wagon no question! However, I'd rather have the sedan version of this E63S. The regular E400 wagon is also quite nice for what it is.

  • Omar Esieed
    Omar Esieed Year ago

    Compare his reactions to the AMG and the M5,you will know which one is better lol

    • 911 991.2 TURBO S
      911 991.2 TURBO S Year ago

      Omar Esieed
      Yes Omar the 2018 M5 has the faster reaction. Your thinking of the F10 M5 that is only 2 rwd , now that they have AWD its more even and Mercedes now falls short.

  • Arne Asada
    Arne Asada Year ago +2

    I wish all car had column shifters.

  • seattlemercedesspotter

    Previous Gen AMGs had their shifter (when they could) in the console. But also look at that panel in the console. Where are they gonna put a shifter?

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  Year ago

      By moving the cup holders. MUCH preferred the old shifter . . .

  • texal
    texal Year ago

    The trim around the windows is brushed standard like you want the black is an option.

  • Isaac D
    Isaac D Year ago +1

    I'd pick the E63 Wagon over a Sport Turismo for the family car. Mercedes is known for being a family brand, whereas Porsche is known to be a sports car...let's keep it that way. Turn it around and ask me if I'd prefer a Porsche turbo (s) vs a AMG GT-S and I'd go with the 911 no questions asked. All in all, if I'm going to buy a family car it'll be a Benz, if I'm going to buy a sports car it's going to be the Porsche.

  • Tri Life Kona !
    Tri Life Kona ! Year ago +9

    Merc all the way. Will use remaining funds to buy a used 911. Heptic feedback is enough to pass on the Panamera.

  • Mitchell Pritsker
    Mitchell Pritsker Year ago +1

    Oh my god a station wagon can go really fast.

  • E55 KEV
    E55 KEV Year ago +1

    So which is it? Does the Panamera compete with the E63 or the S63? In your previous review you stated the Panamera competes with the S63.

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  Year ago

      Yes, technically the Panamera is an S Class competitor . . . However, being this field is SOOOO small, I would consider the Sport Turismo derivation of the Panamera a competitor to this due to form factor, cargo capacity, use and - of course - output.

  • 93455Driver
    93455Driver Year ago +10

    What an amazing sounding engine. Sadly used AMG wagons just like used CTS-V wagons annoyingly hold their value, must all the car magazine journalists buying them.

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  Year ago +1

      Yes, most AMGs drop like stones except - ahem - for this one:( Maybe one day I will tell you guys the story of how I talked my neighbor out of leasing and got him to BUY a used CTS-V Wagon with a stick . . . which he already has a built in profit on. I don't like him:)

  • hisham202
    hisham202 Year ago

    Chevy should have made a wagon out of the SS....:(

    • bman99ss
      bman99ss 10 months ago

      Since the Holden Commodore (upon which the SS Sedan was based) was available in a wagon, it should have been no trouble at all for Chevrolet. I would have purchased one in a heartbeat . . .

    • 911 991.2 TURBO S
      911 991.2 TURBO S Year ago

      Nooooo !!!

    • MotoManTV
      MotoManTV  Year ago

      Amen to dat!

  • 186bingo
    186bingo Year ago +3

    Wonderful editing and filming. Great review. You need more subscribers.

  • Frank DePasquale
    Frank DePasquale Year ago +3

    Good to see The Boss is back, in a car worthy of his presence! My problem with the Panamera is the size. 5 inches longer, and a whooping 4 inches wider, and you feel it downtown to a point where you get conscious about its size. It's also, to be fully honest, overpriced, even for cars that defy rationale. The E63S, I'd spec it in the dark-ish blue, with brown nappa leather and brown ash wood open pore. Leave the piano black or carbon fiber at home, please. Hauling from Canada!

  • The Truth
    The Truth Year ago

    Ultimate wagon