5-Minute Vs. 50-Minute Vs. 5-Hour Steak • Tasty

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • "Man, this is the best day ever." 3 steak dishes, 3 time scenarios, and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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Comments • 11 396

  • Machine_Gun_Kelly
    Machine_Gun_Kelly 35 minutes ago

    I died from starving watching this

  • Liam Tough
    Liam Tough Hour ago

    Sirloin is the best cut of steak

  • Xavery Nchimbi
    Xavery Nchimbi Hour ago

    Just like for your boy

  • Bob Cook
    Bob Cook 5 hours ago

    You idiots can't speak proper English. That's why you are unemployed. You never learned any thing in school.

  • Bob Cook
    Bob Cook 5 hours ago

    Can anyone make a comment in English?

  • Fireblazer12456
    Fireblazer12456 5 hours ago

    Omg I could smell it from here the 50 min one

  • Miguel Parungao
    Miguel Parungao 6 hours ago

    Butter is never absent on a Tasty video.

  • Lerpyplayz21 Lerp
    Lerpyplayz21 Lerp 6 hours ago

    He should be in Master Chef

  • BoW Rattana
    BoW Rattana 8 hours ago

    I like steak # steak

  • Clout_man69420
    Clout_man69420 10 hours ago

    Guga foods is still better

  • Doguinho Dj
    Doguinho Dj 13 hours ago

    esse vinho que ele fez parece açai

  • TeLcH
    TeLcH 19 hours ago

    5 hours steak and still raw

  • #1InJK Gam3rs
    #1InJK Gam3rs 20 hours ago

    Yo I just got a Bailey's Chocolate liqueur ad endorsed by tasty WTF

  • dosduros
    dosduros Day ago


  • ninni
    ninni Day ago

    Anthen there is me, watching this while eating instant noodles :(

    KAXZTE Day ago

    I mean I could go to my nearest golden coral and get the five hour steak

  • MoraWorld 21
    MoraWorld 21 Day ago

    I want to try the 5 hour one it looks very fun to do

  • aespavil
    aespavil Day ago

    For the 5 hour steak, you could’ve made a ying yang with the mashed potatoes and the red wine sauce!

  • Natalie Haygood
    Natalie Haygood Day ago


  • NO AH
    NO AH Day ago

    Did anyone hear that moan?

  • dark4o90
    dark4o90 Day ago


  • suL33T
    suL33T Day ago

    Why does it look like the oil is not splattering everywhere when the pan is smoking hot?

  • Ethan Donald '20

    Lucky ass

  • Imron Rosadi
    Imron Rosadi Day ago

    But I am not a rapper, yeah you should got a battle first

  • Christopher Bernal

    Oops when spilling wine you don’t see it wine be like fuck off mate

  • Rish
    Rish 2 days ago

    Soo would you still enjoy a 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-century steak?

  • Kyle Whitney
    Kyle Whitney 2 days ago

    Paula Dean: *heavy breathing*

  • Meltedice 64
    Meltedice 64 2 days ago

    I tried the first recipe and it was terrible

  • Grey Rodgers
    Grey Rodgers 2 days ago


  • Grey Rodgers
    Grey Rodgers 2 days ago

    I’m so using this on my first at home date

  • lonewolf
    lonewolf 2 days ago

    i only eat meat well done
    no blood

  • Anthony Sturm
    Anthony Sturm 2 days ago

    Can you tell us how much each of these recipes cost?

  • Julia -
    Julia - 2 days ago

    Jesus Karen. That’s a lot of salt

  • Leif Steele
    Leif Steele 2 days ago

    Bro I love Alvin but I can’t believe seasoning to some people is salt

  • Stephanie Brently
    Stephanie Brently 2 days ago

    What soy sauce did u use?

  • Derpster Productions TCG

    When the frying pan is hotter than you hahah....
    I’ll leave now

  • ItsJustTech
    ItsJustTech 2 days ago

    Today on worth it we have three different steaks at three drastically different time periods

  • Devin Gargano
    Devin Gargano 2 days ago

    My favorite food is a burgers

  • DaBoi
    DaBoi 2 days ago

    “This Pan Is You Know Super Hot, But I’m Not A Rapper”

  • Judah Fisher
    Judah Fisher 2 days ago +1

    you should try seasoning your cutting board

  • Christian Muncy
    Christian Muncy 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey wya

  • French guy
    French guy 2 days ago

    They should do tacos next

  • OPOLK1 1
    OPOLK1 1 2 days ago

    Stop eating raw meat you perverts!!!!

  • ComicalOrange
    ComicalOrange 3 days ago

    Five minutes for steak sounds dangerously quick, like, wouldn't it still be raw or extremely rare?

  • mateo lopez
    mateo lopez 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ how much butter is enough????

  • Al Real
    Al Real 3 days ago

    🤮🤮🤢you have 5 hours to cook a steak 🥩 but that shit is still pink ?!

    • Al Real
      Al Real Day ago

      Qui P oh hell no that’s some nasty shit well done only !

    • Qui P
      Qui P Day ago

      Al Real It’s steak. You can eat it rare.🤨

    • Al Real
      Al Real 2 days ago

      Qui P that’s how you catch a disease all E Coli in that meat 🤢🤮

    • Qui P
      Qui P 2 days ago

      That’s how you eat steak. Rare to medium rare

  • Samuel Chow
    Samuel Chow 3 days ago

    Ingredient measurements/

  • Big Man
    Big Man 3 days ago

    Vegans have left the chat

  • AjLit Af
    AjLit Af 3 days ago

    All those steaks in the video you see. Imagine all the slaughtered cows🤯

  • Zergling 213
    Zergling 213 3 days ago

    Vegans hate him.

  • MIST_ Aspire
    MIST_ Aspire 3 days ago

    PETA wants to know your location.

  • Maggie Foshee
    Maggie Foshee 3 days ago +1

    i'm vegetarian and have no crave for meat what so ever...i'm literally just watching because i like the way he cooks 🤣🤣

  • david .boudreau
    david .boudreau 3 days ago

    Imagine cooking the 5 hour and dropping it in the way 2 the table.

  • Lindita Berisaj
    Lindita Berisaj 3 days ago

    with the 50 min steak he forgot to sesen the other side

  • Anelyn Fulgencio
    Anelyn Fulgencio 3 days ago

    Asparagus? you mean sitaw?

  • Turbulent Jump Glide
    Turbulent Jump Glide 3 days ago +1

    We love ourselves a mans who can cook.

  • krOdyssey
    krOdyssey 3 days ago +1

    1:06 voice crack thumb up if you hear it

  • maxence mougin
    maxence mougin 3 days ago

    rip veggies

  • john
    john 3 days ago

    If you don’t cook your steak on a grill, you’re not enjoying a true steak. 💯

  • Millie xox
    Millie xox 3 days ago +1

    That steak is so rare it's literally still moving...
    I can't eat steak like that, I find it too bloody. Is there any way to gradually begin to like it that rare and be able to eat/enjoy it???

    • Whereskelly?
      Whereskelly? 3 days ago

      Millie xox just fucking eat it lmao. How do you think you’re not going to enjoy something if u don’t try it