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Hassan Haskins scores 5 TDs as Michigan upsets Ohio State

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Jim Harbaugh beats Ohio State for the first time as No. 5 Michigan upsets No. 2 Ohio State, 42-27. Michigan RB Hassan Haskins leads the way with 169 YDS rushing and 5 TDs as the Wolverines defeat the Buckeyes.

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Comments • 720

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +217

    One of the best games I have watched

  • witchler glezil
    witchler glezil Month ago +359

    This game rocked me to the core. I cried… as a die hard Michigan fan this really changed my whole year. I feel like i gotta go out and accomplish all y goals after this one. Thank you God for this win!

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far 18 days ago

      How ya feelin’ now?

    • RevotechDesign
      RevotechDesign Month ago +1

      Yesss indeed, I thought I was the only 1 🤣🤣🤣

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far Month ago

      @Kol Thaqi I’m not salty, I’m pissed. There is no excuse for our lines to get dominated like this, especially on defense. Ryan Day needs to make some changes before Ohio State football turns into Oklahoma: All offense and no defense.

    • Kol Thaqi
      Kol Thaqi Month ago

      @A Fridge Too Far we still hold all time record stay salty my friend

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      @David Spellman sounds like someone's a Fuckeye fan 🤔

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Month ago +574

    Haskins and Hutchison made Ohio St look like a D3 team today. Happy for Michigan players and Michigan fans today

    • Tim Blue
      Tim Blue 24 days ago

      @Greg Norris ☮️🎶 - a musician with soul this is just to easy !!! 😂😂😂😂

    • Tim Blue
      Tim Blue 24 days ago

      @Greg Norris ☮️🎶 - a musician with soul good comeback loser !!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    • Tim Blue
      Tim Blue 24 days ago

      @Greg Norris ☮️🎶 - a musician with soul looks like your the only idiot here have a nice day little boy 😂😂😂😂

    • mfriedrich2012
      mfriedrich2012 Month ago

      I wouldn’t say they looked like D3 team.
      But the Ohio DL and OTs did look like they were on roller skates all game long.
      And let’s be honest, by the end of the 3rd Qtr their QB, LBs and secondary looked like they didn’t want to be there anymore.
      I still don’t understand it.

    • Vulcan Raven
      Vulcan Raven Month ago

      @AssassinT47 Likewise & good luck to Michigan the playoffs!

  • David Dudley
    David Dudley Month ago +266

    It's been 10 years since Michigan has beat OSU. It's all we fans have ever wanted since 2011 is to beat this team and now the streak is OVER 🥲🥲🥲

    • Kiyoni bowman
      Kiyoni bowman 10 days ago

      @C P imagine thinking a two touchdown win is a lucky win😭😭😭 This game could’ve been even more lopsided if Michigan didn’t decide to take a knee at the end. Their defense had no answer for Michigan’s offense. This wasn’t luck. It’s turning of the tide. OSU won’t be winning every year from now on.

    • Robert bishop
      Robert bishop Month ago

      OSU was in a meat grinder of a game. I'm proud of Michigan and hopefully this will be one of many. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Michigan must beat Iowa and win the big Ten championship. They have won the battle and not the war. Hopefully next year the can repeat in Columbus.

    • Gen X
      Gen X Month ago

      @Shawn Johnson Funny, you clearly have ZERO School Spirit. LOL

    • Gen X
      Gen X Month ago

      @C P Nah, i just dont like cheaters. Justice has bee served against Ohio State.

    • WhipahSnapah
      WhipahSnapah Month ago +5

      Alll those Ws in a row and Michigan still leads the rivalry 59-51-8

    FAITHandLOGIC Month ago +147

    As a general football fan, I’m just happy this is a real rivalry again.

    • OmarDedrick2
      OmarDedrick2 Month ago

      @Ryan Wallace funny cuz a good 50% of those 59 wins were before WW2. Besides i’m not an OSU fan.

    • Kol Thaqi
      Kol Thaqi Month ago

      @FAITHandLOGIC it doesn't matter what they were it was still these same two teams and Michigan still proudly holds the lead

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +1

      @FAITHandLOGIC is that really an argument you morons have about the all time series record? I've never heard that one before... That's pathetic that that's the best you dummies can come up with lol Go Blue!!!

    • cykaware
      cykaware Month ago +1

      It was a rivalry before, it wasn't that michigan was bad it was that Ohio was really good. If you look at all their past games, most of them are pretty close with ohio winning with a 3 point lead.

      FAITHandLOGIC Month ago +1

      @Ryan Wallace all you have to do is remove 1897-1910 (basically rugby games) and Ohio State is in the lead.

  • Chaawarataza Yahawadah
    Chaawarataza Yahawadah Month ago +313

    I'm still in disbelief. We actually done it!!!! What an difference an lil staff shake up can do!!! Haskins wit 5 td's against that team?!!! Wow!!!! Mike Hart truly got his revenge.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +1

      @Will Unscripted can't wait brother... Don't discount Ohio States talent and accomplishments this year... They're a good football team, as always.. What a great game, Go Blue!!

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      I lost my voice during that game and I was on my couch lol reality did set in that we won until Sunday morning...I still kind of don't believe it, it feels like it's been FOREVER since I've had this feeling... Go Blue!!

    • Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris Month ago +2

      we actually did it*

    • FAMFIRST718
      FAMFIRST718 Month ago +5


    • Will Unscripted
      Will Unscripted Month ago +5

      You guys deserve that win. As an Ohio State fan we were ranked to high I believe. Stroud and Henderson are still a bit inexperienced. Next year though watch out.

  • William Herman
    William Herman Month ago +84

    I have not been this shocked by a Football game since Boise St defeated Oklahoma!

    I don't necessarily mean the final score was shocking, but it was more _the way_ Michigan won...

    They were Dominant up front, on BOTH sides of the ball. And I mean DOMINANT!

    This Michigan Team is really, really Good!
    Great even!

    Anyway, from this life long Notre Dame fan:

    Congratulations to Michigan!
    Congratulations to all Wolverines fans everywhere!
    I truly am happy for all of you!
    Now, take this amazing opportunity and just go WIN IT ALL!!

    • Ryan Nichols
      Ryan Nichols Month ago

      Ty. ND is class and we Michigan fans can be found in SB chillin when u win too. Rootin for you cuzzo.

    • Sum Yung Guy
      Sum Yung Guy Month ago

      Then you didn't know Boise State. That year they were a legitimate national title contender.

    • TheTeacherUSC
      TheTeacherUSC Month ago +1

      @FlyingGarciaAh ok. I did see they beat Stanford really bad. Don't know what happened to Stanford. From the little games I have seen, looks like UGA is the team to beat. Don't know how good Cincy is. Bama might lose another game before the playoffs. Looks like ND has a great shot to get in the playoffs. Even though I root for USC, I don't hate teams like UCLA and ND. Good look to ND!

    • FlyingGarcia
      FlyingGarcia Month ago +2

      @TheTeacherUSC they’re better and maybe the #5 team in the country now along with everyone else moving up a spot while Ohio state drops.

    • TheTeacherUSC
      TheTeacherUSC Month ago

      Haven't been able to watch a lot of college football this year. How good is Notre Dame?

  • arnab banik
    arnab banik Month ago +166

    Loss of Ohio state is always a joy

    • david
      david Month ago +6

      @g513 Stay mad, only thing good to ever come out of Ohio was the frats 😅

    • g513
      g513 Month ago


    • Lpotts75
      Lpotts75 Month ago +3


  • Robert Raider Nation
    Robert Raider Nation Month ago +47

    What a great victory in The BigHouse today. I still have happy tears in my eyes Im so happy we beat Ohio today. This is the start of a new long winning streak! Love my Wolverines. GO BLUE!!!

  • Luke MeOw
    Luke MeOw Month ago +155

    Coming from an Ohio State fan it was bound to happen one of these years. You guys earned it and good luck in the playoffs.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      @Chris Rohde 42-3 big ten champs... satisfied yet? If not, I think you need a Snickers... It's time you took after Luke Meow and learned about respect and dignity and class but mostly respect... Go Blue!!

    • Chris Rohde
      Chris Rohde Month ago

      @Tony Martin Aside from us and Sparty(who beat you) , Meatchicken didn't play anyone all season long. Western Michigan, Washington, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern, Maryland??? What a joke of a schedule. You barely scraped by a bad Nebraska team and a terrible Penn. St. Team.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      @Officialdavid_23 Michigan can't beat Iowa? Based on what? We came into this season unranked bcuz of all you haters and what did we do? We bulldozed our way thru the season climbing the ranks with one contraversial loss and then BEAT OSU DOWN!! We're #2 in the country and after ALL THAT there are still doubters out there smh it's all good, we need haters, more of a reason to beat Iowa down on Saturday... And even then there will be people who still doubt us somehow...Go Blue!!!

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      @Chris Rohde "Michigan didn't win this game, OSU lost it".... That is the most absurd untrue statement I've heard in a long time...Go Blue!! Dummy

    • Dr. Nigel Pisswater
      Dr. Nigel Pisswater Month ago

      @Daniel Rauch say what?

  • joshua barnes
    joshua barnes Month ago +17

    Y’all don’t understand this all I wanted! Winning the national would probably make me have heart attack. I been getting trashed 9 years straight! I feel like Kevin Garnett! ANYTHING IS POSSSIBBBBBLLLEEEEEE!!!🍻

    • ljg215
      ljg215 Month ago +1

      Lmfaoooo be safe bro Jesus …

  • Sasha
    Sasha Month ago +5

    If Hassan Haskins had played the way he did today in every game of the season, he would have for sure win the Heisman and become a first rounder.

  • Blake.
    Blake. Month ago +13

    Let’s hope Michigan plays more games with this energy and skill

  • Fishing With Dom!
    Fishing With Dom! Month ago +10

    The atmosphere was ELECTRIC at the Big House today!!! Won’t forget this for a long time.

  • Steve Reeser
    Steve Reeser Month ago +20

    One of the best games I have watched in the last 5 years GO BLUE!!

  • Isaac Banks
    Isaac Banks Month ago +4

    I never thought this day would come, I fully expected us to lose but we did it! Let's go Blue!!

  • Ren Rose
    Ren Rose Month ago +45

    I’ve watched my wolverines lose 9 straight games and man we didn’t just need this we wanted it more

    • Elton Grigley
      Elton Grigley Month ago

      @Louie Louie doesnt warrant getting your helmet ripped off and thrown. Dude got what he deserved, probably was mad they were losing.

    • Matt P
      Matt P Month ago

      @Louie Louie should he get called sure but the OSU guy should of also gotten called for ripping off the helmet as he did.

    • first name last name
      first name last name Month ago +1

      @Louie Louie @Louie Louie yes, the calls in that game were QUITE biased towards one team. but that doesn't stop the fact our defense decided to stay in columbus. we've been dishing out the trash talk for 8 years, time to learn how to take it. we've been telling UM fans to stop complaining about the 2016 game so no reason to complain about it after today. we go beat, bad. that's all. tbh, we needed a humbling. gg UM

    • Shouse52
      Shouse52 Month ago +1

      @Louie Louie 😭 lol cry baby

    • Louie Louie
      Louie Louie Month ago +3

      Yeah, number 14 wanted so bad he grabbed the Ohio player by the ankle for a penalty. Michigan should have the unsportsmanlike not Ohio.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +43

    Buckeye here but congrats Blue, absolutely deserved. Completely controlled the game.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago


    • Kyle Kokotaylo
      Kyle Kokotaylo Month ago +1

      Man of class. Ohio state is a dynasty. Thank you. Next year will be great too.

    • Chuck Burrows
      Chuck Burrows Month ago +2

      True football fan !

    • Miles Majeran
      Miles Majeran Month ago +3

      Perhaps I treated osu fans a bit too harshly, thank you for being nice about it.

  • Matt Bloom
    Matt Bloom Month ago +3

    Congrats to Michigan, he was absolutely a warhorse. Dominating performance on both sides of the ball.

  • RxseJayツ
    RxseJayツ Month ago +118

    From an LSU fan congrats to Michigan

  • Reptile Dysfunction
    Reptile Dysfunction Month ago +65

    Wow, Michigan's O-line is nasty-good. I wish my Auburn Tigers had an O-line half that good.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +2

      Born and raised a couple mins from Ann Arbor...I was rooting for Auburn, what a good game... Would've been a GREAT upset... You guys basically held Bama scoreless all game... Exciting stuff

    • Rob Evans
      Rob Evans Month ago +2

      A dominant O-line makes a team's QB, backs and receivers all look good. The Michigan O-line has really developed during this season.

    • Chaawarataza Yahawadah
      Chaawarataza Yahawadah Month ago

      More like an scary type of good

    • PopularNutria66
      PopularNutria66 Month ago +2

      If Auburn had won, oh my God, that would've been exciting. Man you guys were going THROUGH IT during that Iron Bowl and so was I to be honest.

    • Tunak Tunak Tun
      Tunak Tunak Tun Month ago +6

      @Reptile Dysfunction rooting for auburn. hope they crush bama or at least make it a close game

  • Uncle Chester The Pester

    I’m so happy, my Wolverines last victory against Ohio state was when I was 13!!!! This gives me motivation that 2022 will be my year to thrive and accomplish my goals.

  • U4Eye
    U4Eye Month ago +70

    I'm happy for Harbaugh and his Team for Finally kicking there butts

  • Derrick Logan
    Derrick Logan Month ago +21

    I have, like many others, been waiting for THIS MOMENT to happen for a LONG, LONG time!!!

  • Aswad Malik
    Aswad Malik Month ago +11

    We are finally recovering from the Rich Rodriguez curse, and are playing the Michigan football I fell in love w/ as a kid! We’re baaack Mortimer!

  • Da_SRB_Detroit
    Da_SRB_Detroit Month ago +8

    Ohio State Buckeyes learns the meaning of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.🏈

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    That Michigan O Line DOMINATED OSU’s D Line

  • Dinga
    Dinga Month ago +39

    Absolutely insane. AWESOME GAME! GO BLUE!

  • Leitha Norris
    Leitha Norris Month ago +29

    Born and raised in Ohio but never liked Ohio State. Congratulations Michigan!!

    • Snakey Boi
      Snakey Boi Month ago

      @Andrew Smith can’t be a traitor if you never liked Ohio in the first place lmao

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith Month ago

      Traitor LOL

  • Greg Note
    Greg Note Month ago +3

    What a great game. The best part was Ryan Day's facial expressions as his team got manhandled.

  • Elijah Elliott
    Elijah Elliott Month ago +8

    I'm indifferent with both teams but I was so happy to see Michigan finally win. Was almost starting to not feel like a challenging rilvary anymore

  • Superugly313
    Superugly313 Month ago +6

    It feels great to be a Michigan wolverine

  • Vavy
    Vavy Month ago +4

    I think it is safe too say, after this win the rivalry is officially BACK!

  • 5Ring
    5Ring Month ago +4

    I'm 52 years old. Harbaugh was the UofM Qb when I was in High school. Vicksburg HS (go Bulldogs). I have never since seen a College football game that brought me to tears.

  • Daisuki 2U
    Daisuki 2U Month ago +4

    Yes I knew the wolverines would win! I'm truly excited for my team this year!

  • Kartik Raj Singh
    Kartik Raj Singh Month ago +4

    Not a college football fan, but I know Michigan fans have been waiting for this moment for a very long time

  • 33TimberWolf
    33TimberWolf Month ago +17

    Just like that, Finebaum is on suicide watch... and it's very quiet in that city to the south. All is right in the universe!

  • Travis Ingram
    Travis Ingram Month ago +3

    I want to say I'm Sooooo happy for that young/Haskins#25.... This game, and performance is what dreams are made of 🙏🏿✨!!!! I've bn at that level to know🏆.

  • Josh Westlake
    Josh Westlake Month ago +3

    This has definitely been Michigan's best game this season. I was a little worried going into it but as soon as I saw how dominate they were in that first quarter I knew we stood a real good chance, and we ended up pulling it off. Go Blue!

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +1

      Agreed... My only worry was losing our drive and angst during halftime and then that nonsense broke out in the tunnel and I immediately said it's over, we got these boys now... That was exciting, Go Blue!!!!!

  • Tolu Ojo
    Tolu Ojo Month ago +50

    What a way for Jim and Dan to go out. Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!

    • WW lll
      WW lll Month ago

      I'm going to miss them.

  • Just Some Dude With Wings

    Thought the wolverines were supposed to run into this unstoppable beast lmao

  • Jedi Root
    Jedi Root Month ago +6

    This was Jom Bradstetter and Dan Dierdorf's last game. What a way to go out

  • Andre Jamison
    Andre Jamison Month ago +3

    The importance of an offensive line. Harbaugh 29-0 rushing over 200 yards at Michigan

  • FredoDaGreat
    FredoDaGreat Month ago +10

    That o-line beast mode 🔥

    • PopularNutria66
      PopularNutria66 Month ago +1

      Number 65 was blocking freaking two guys during that last touchdown sheeeeeeeesh

  • folm235
    folm235 Month ago +3

    Michigan '77 grad here. I'm as stunned by this win as by any Michigan game since we beat OSU back in 1976.

  • Homedog Gaming
    Homedog Gaming Month ago +5

    Imagine had Michigan made these staff changes years ago man this team broke Ohio state physically and mentally

    • Alexander Buffington
      Alexander Buffington Month ago

      I'm not sure it would've made as big of a difference years ago. maybe 2018. OSU 2019 was a different beast that probably would've played for a title if not for some mental errors in that clemson game

    LSU TIGERS Month ago +7

    I’m so hyped Michigan finally beat them Haskins was a monster to but GG to both teams

  • DJ
    DJ Month ago +18

    If y’all look on twitter the Buckeyes made a “team up north” trailer and once you watch that it is sad and embarrassing about how the buckeyes lost. But as me being a Michigan fan it feels great!

  • Andrew Cropsey
    Andrew Cropsey Month ago +42

    It felt like forever since we took down the buckeyes 🥳

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far Month ago

      You still haven’t won in Columbus since Bill Clinton was in office.

    • Dennis Townsend
      Dennis Townsend Month ago +1

      Seems so, I am still mad at Plaxico Burress. OSU was supposed to go undefeated that year and it was another MSU and then UM games. OSU overlooked MSU and Plaxico lit them up. Yes I'm old 😂. After that year i was Forever a Michigan fan. Go Blue !

  • Apostle
    Apostle Month ago +2

    That is a great win for the Michigan Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh, that was the best decision to keep him, patience is the key and that is a proof out there for everybody who want to fired a coach rapidly, that message goes to Florida, Auburn last season with Malzhan, Texas, Tennesse, USC, LSU.

  • Cryogenx37
    Cryogenx37 Month ago +8

    Imagine telling a Michigan fan in 2018 that they’ll be cheering for a guy named Haskins who scored 5 TDs in The Game

  • Michael Erickson
    Michael Erickson Month ago +3

    Happy for jim considering we beat him in the Superbowl and he was 0-5 vs the buckeyes I supported Michigan today for the sheer fact he's the best coach in the world john harbaughs brother

  • L J
    L J Month ago +18


    • Richard Turner
      Richard Turner Month ago

      @L J who said anything about titles and championships? I was just offering examples of teams in the big ten that have beaten OSU in the past 3 years.

    • L J
      L J Month ago +1

      @Richard Turner how many titles have they won?.....this century? How many championships? Think before you speak

    • Richard Turner
      Richard Turner Month ago

      @L J ever heard of Iowa and Purdue? Do you even follow the big 10?

    • L J
      L J Month ago +1

      @Richard Turner no actually Alabama is not a bully because they mostly have competition who beats them within their own conference. Osu and ou has not lost a game inner conference in years.

    • Richard Turner
      Richard Turner Month ago

      The bullies are Alabama. It was nice to see OSU lose but it’s gonna be real satisfying to see bama get their cheeks clapped by Georgia😈

  • biuor su
    biuor su Month ago

    I’m so happy, my Wolverines last victory against Ohio state was when I was 13!!!! This gives me motivation that 2022 will be my year to thrive and accomplish my goals.

  • Grace Kiter
    Grace Kiter Month ago +1

    Bought my bf and I tickets for this game, what a game it was to see! Couldn’t have been more perfect

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Month ago +1

    I’ve watched my wolverines lose 9 straight games and man we didn’t just need this we wanted it more

  • William Burr
    William Burr Month ago +2

    Wow, no one I knew gave Michigan a chance to win this game. Congratulations guys!

  • Mangroves To Mountains Outdoors

    Go Blue! The future is once again bright for college football's all time winningest team.

  • TokenMG
    TokenMG Month ago +4

    That offensive line was nice 🔥🔥

  • Ed Serrano
    Ed Serrano Month ago +11

    Finally Wolverins staying strong!!!

  • Latimothy Herron
    Latimothy Herron Month ago +8

    Michigan played them just like Oregon did they can’t stop the run!!!

  • Jleed989
    Jleed989 Month ago +6

    I’m going to miss Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf

  • agoodman002
    agoodman002 26 days ago

    Poetic. Always will be the greatest rivalry in sports, in victory and defeat(even though that has stung the last 8 seasons)

  • The Badgerette
    The Badgerette Month ago +32

    Congrats Michigan! 👏

  • Quincee 33
    Quincee 33 Month ago +6

    Congrats to Michigan from a Penn State. Our program stinks . Nice win by you guys. I'm watching Alabama and Auburn in Overtime right now. Should be real interesting if Bama loses.

  • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    I’m so glad Michigan finally beat OSU. Good to see the Buckeyes lose when it matters most.

  • Garett Bauer
    Garett Bauer Month ago +4

    Michigan’s line was killing em

  • Rob Evans
    Rob Evans Month ago +1

    Check out the blocking by Erick All #83 in a couple of these TDs. Definitely a factor.

    With 2:17 remaining in Q4, Haskins simply jogs into the end zone. Major props for Michigan's OL.

    And none of this is to take anything away from Haskins' skills - the guy is fantastic.

  • Skully CLipz
    Skully CLipz Month ago +4

    This was the best game I have ever seen

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores Month ago +5

    Man that haskins fella is a BEAST !

  • Crypto Nous
    Crypto Nous Month ago +41

    Remember the series has 117 games don’t let O state only talk about the times they were winning. Michigan leads the series. Focus on the large picture.

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far Month ago

      @Crypto Nous Ok, but based on your criteria you have to admit
      Yale > Michigan
      Remember, we have to look at ALL of the history

    • Jt Massecure
      Jt Massecure Month ago

      @A Fridge Too Far We beat y'all in the 90s too though so what's your point just take the L remember y'all said y'all was gonna blow us out.

    • Crypto Nous
      Crypto Nous Month ago

      Michigan > Ohio St just check the numbers

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far Month ago

      @Crypto Nous I'm just using your criteria of "looking at the entire history". Yale has 27 National Titles, Michigan has 11. Therefore Yale football is better than Michigan based on your criteria

    • Crypto Nous
      Crypto Nous Month ago

      @A Fridge Too Far give it up dude 42-27 😂. You have the complexity of a refrigerator 😂.

  • Officialdavid_23
    Officialdavid_23 Month ago +15

    Michigan running game was great Haskins a dawg we haven’t got punched in the mouth like that since the Oregon game went verdell went crazy

  • aliss liou
    aliss liou Month ago +1

    Absolutely insane. AWESOME GAME! GO BLUE!

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Month ago +55

    I don’t even like college football I just hate Ohio state this was great

  • Jynn Morris
    Jynn Morris Month ago +10

    Congrats to UM. Y'all wanted it more today and it showed! Now stomp Wiscy/Minne and get in the playoffs!

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +2

      @John Hutchison Go Blue!! We got this 💪👊😎

    • John Hutchison
      John Hutchison Month ago +3

      Iowa. They're next. Go Blue!!

    • johan fretzen
      johan fretzen Month ago +1

      If wisconsin beats minn today theu go to big ten title game if wisconsin loses iowa goes to play michigan in big ten title game

  • Dan Rozanski
    Dan Rozanski Month ago +2

    Congrats to Michigan, but a bigger congrats to Jim Brandstater and Dan Dierdorf. I'll miss hearing them both every Saturday. I already miss Jim enough on Sundays for the Lions games. What a game to go out on

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +2

    Go Blue what a game for Haskins and Hutchinson the best defensive player in the country. Despite being held allot he had 3 or 4 sacks and was constantly getting pressure.

  • Gary C
    Gary C Month ago +3

    I haven't been this excited for Michigan since C Wood was on the team.

  • Lily  👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е 💗

    As a general football fan, I’m just happy this is a real rivalry again.

  • Melisha 👉 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    As a general football fan, I’m just happy this is a real rivalry again.

  • juditalbin
    juditalbin Month ago

    As a general football fan, I’m just happy this is a real rivalry again.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith Month ago +1

    This was the Greatest game of this season.
    No one in the Country deserved this humbling and embarrassment like OSU did. Great Job Michigan!

    • John Rion
      John Rion Month ago +1

      Other than maybe Bama in week 6

  • Colton Thorpe
    Colton Thorpe Month ago +4

    Michigan earned that win yesterday. You could tell just by the way they entered the field that they were more excited to play than the bucks and they fed the buckeyes a harsh lesson up the center of the field the whole game. As a buckeyes fan living in Michigan, I am very much not looking forward to walking into work tomorrow. Haha. Good win, blue.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago +1

      It's 1030a Monday... Hope your morning is going well lol Go Blue!!!

  • R S
    R S Month ago +1

    I'm from New Jersey but I've been a big Michigan fan since I was a little kid in the 90s when I started playing ice hockey. That game and win was great! Loved the energy from the team and the crowd. If they continue to play like that I don't see anyone beating them accept Georgia but Michigan still has a shot.

    • R S
      R S Month ago


  • The_VR _MD
    The_VR _MD Month ago +35

    Haskins dominated. Go blue.

    • Rob Evans
      Rob Evans Month ago +2

      And so did the O-line.

    • Chaawarataza Yahawadah
      Chaawarataza Yahawadah Month ago +2

      @Desmond Day and he must've listened!!! 😁😁😁😁

    • Desmond Day
      Desmond Day Month ago +3

      Haskins got a phone call last night from Biaukabatuka 😎👌

    • Chaawarataza Yahawadah
      Chaawarataza Yahawadah Month ago +1

      Who would've ever thought Haskins would've done that?!! Man Mike Hart truly got his revenge!!!

  • A Chavanarorkrat
    A Chavanarorkrat Month ago +3

    Michigan finally have a year of glory

  • Frederick Farmer
    Frederick Farmer Month ago +3

    I'm a proud 👏 of my Michigan tean Haskins is a beast 💪

  • Garnet Burgin
    Garnet Burgin Month ago +20

    Can we finally quit talking about how good Ohio stinks is.

    • Zerofps 1
      Zerofps 1 Month ago

      We’re positive so we’re still good lol

  • Big Tower
    Big Tower Month ago +19

    Michigan Wolverines showed them punk Buckeyes "We ain't the Michigan State Spartans".🏈

  • Toye B
    Toye B Month ago +3

    Congratulations Michigan!!!🎊👏

  • Avinash Reji
    Avinash Reji Month ago +10

    The Rivalry needed this to happen

  • Marquise E
    Marquise E Month ago +1

    My grandad passed away this year he was the biggest blue fan their was I believe he was up there talking to the football gods pleading with them 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Rob Tinsley
    Rob Tinsley Month ago +7

    “GO BLUE”! This day’s been a long time coming!!

    • David Spellman
      David Spellman Month ago

      @Jt Massecure good to know 👍

    • Jt Massecure
      Jt Massecure Month ago

      @David Spellman Sarcasm doesn't take that fact away that your salty Ohio st fan who can't make a analogy

    • David Spellman
      David Spellman Month ago

      @Jt Massecure Really !!!! Wow you're a genius.

    • Jt Massecure
      Jt Massecure Month ago

      @David Spellman squirrels get nuts, acorns, peanuts ect. more then once in a while especially during the winter time choose a better analogy next time.

    • David Spellman
      David Spellman Month ago

      @Jt Massecure really how old Are you

  • No Ragrets
    No Ragrets Month ago +2

    The MAN !! 💪

  • Candace Mousseau
    Candace Mousseau Month ago +18

    Go Blue!!!! 💛💙🏈

  • [Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    I'm still in disbelief. We actually done it!!!! What an difference an lil staff shake up can do!!! Haskins wit 5 td's against that team?!!! Wow!!!! Mike Hart truly got his revenge.

  • [EVANCA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    I'm still in disbelief. We actually done it!!!! What an difference an lil staff shake up can do!!! Haskins wit 5 td's against that team?!!! Wow!!!! Mike Hart truly got his revenge.

  • Play Disc Golf
    Play Disc Golf Month ago +4

    Haskins has 5 touchdowns....
    That sounds familiar, but this time I’m happy

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      Disc Golf Chaaaa...we got em baby!! Go Blue!! 👊

  • hilgy235
    hilgy235 Month ago +2

    Two exciting announcers! Sad they are retiring

  • [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

    One of the best games I have watched