Sean Payton knocked out the Eagles with their own play design

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
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  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 4 months ago +379

    Oh man, i have to bet my life savings on the Rams now. #KollmannCurse

    • VSX0021OmegaGundam
      VSX0021OmegaGundam 4 months ago

      @Arch Stanton such a freaking Texans homer

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton 4 months ago

      @Kayman Fani i mean if you watch his 2018 season prediction video he only got 3 out 8 division winners right with the Packers defeating the texans in the superbowl, Aaron Rodgers being league mvp and Fournette being Offensive POTY.

    • Kayman Fani
      Kayman Fani 4 months ago +2

      #KollmanCurse is literally not a joke.
      His video on the Redskins and De'Ron Payne was put out when the Skins were 6-3
      the next game later. Alex Smith breaks his ankle. The Redskins defense became almost non-existent. And the skins finished 7-9 fit the season.....
      Brett's analysis is unmatched. But hope he never covers your team....

    • Derek Wells
      Derek Wells 4 months ago +1

      @Joe Mancini key word "if," but you Can"tGaurdMike

    • The Most Underrated Youtuber Ever
      The Most Underrated Youtuber Ever 4 months ago +4

      The curse will be broken #whodat

  • Keva Antaya
    Keva Antaya 14 days ago

    That shade on the chargers lmao

  • Jj Ll
    Jj Ll 19 days ago

    I LOVE this video. Something I nor 99% of fans would have known about if not for a dedicated analyst's film study. This is why I subscribe to Brett.

  • Billy Corners
    Billy Corners 3 months ago

    Ty! I learn a lot from your videos.

  • Connor Hoagland
    Connor Hoagland 4 months ago

    It also doesn't help that the superdome is extremely loud, one of the most intimidating stadiums for away teams

  • Gracen304epic
    Gracen304epic 4 months ago

    This is undoubtedly better than the gimmicky “detail” by Peyton Manning.

  • Sam Dawkins
    Sam Dawkins 4 months ago

    youe vids are fuckin fantastic

  • SDotFrost
    SDotFrost 4 months ago

    Great vid

  • Tetsuya Nomura
    Tetsuya Nomura 4 months ago

    I would love to see a video on whether or not the Giants offensive inconsistencies are because Eli Manning's play or something else

  • RedxTide
    RedxTide 4 months ago +2

    How does Brett get all these different angles? and how does he keep the picture quality so high?

  • Christopher Choe
    Christopher Choe 4 months ago

    Could ya do a video on new coaches and their respective teams

  • Toby Irving
    Toby Irving 4 months ago +1

    When will the college player breakdowns be coming. Great video btw

  • Cowdizzy Comedy
    Cowdizzy Comedy 4 months ago +2

    Yo Brett, Dallas is in the market for a new OC...

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman 4 months ago

    Idk what’s more impressive: Sean Payton using a team’s own play against them or you being a football fan and recognizing that?

  • chance2413
    chance2413 4 months ago

    Pretty sure Alshon Jeffery knocked us out...Just sayin...

  • L
    L 4 months ago

    Brett, I know you're probably already planning on doing this, but if not I think I speak for a ton of NFL fans when I say we want a breakdown of the Rams Saints game

  • Josh Blacksheep
    Josh Blacksheep 4 months ago

    It also helps that this corner is the backup to our corner who is also a backup. Oh, and he’s the 3rd corner like that too... hahaha. This dude wasnt even supposed to play until Douglas got hurt.

  • lacucaracha111
    lacucaracha111 4 months ago +1

    The Kollmann curse is real 😭😥

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 4 months ago

    PLEASE do a video on the Pats and how great belichick and McDaniels are or something because your videos are absolute cancer for the subjects of said videos. YOU WILL BE A HERO.

  • Jayce Osterholt
    Jayce Osterholt 4 months ago

    I hope Brett can at least do a short video about the recently voted the 1# 0-Line of the Steelers.

  • Ago Mes
    Ago Mes 4 months ago +1

    Do a vid on PHILIP LINDSAY

  • The Meta
    The Meta 4 months ago +1

    Can you do a video exposing Bill O'brian's bad coaching

  • PezDispens3r
    PezDispens3r 4 months ago +1

    You did it again Brett, you did it again

  • quackxhead
    quackxhead 4 months ago

    Mtfer.. this dude jinxed the saints.. unsubbed

  • Jake Bru
    Jake Bru 4 months ago

    Do a film room on the rams defense please

  • Angus Woodcock
    Angus Woodcock 4 months ago

    Hey I’m looking to start up my own football channel and I wanna know where you get your clips from thanks Brett

    • Angus Woodcock
      Angus Woodcock 4 months ago

      Brett Kollmann I have nfl game pass but I’m unsure how you get all of your great angles such as end zone angle.. can you tell me how you do itV

    • Brett Kollmann
      Brett Kollmann  4 months ago

      NFL GamePass

  • LK Mufasa
    LK Mufasa 4 months ago +1


  • Joseph Zepeda
    Joseph Zepeda 4 months ago

    Josh Hawkins didn't join the Eagles until December so I doubt he had studied it all season.

  • cloudsat7326
    cloudsat7326 4 months ago +8


  • emerand mukikala
    emerand mukikala 4 months ago

    Currently watching saints and rams game, and they ran the exact same screen pass except switched out Thomas for Taysum Hill and instead of starting trips Hill motioned across the field. Sean Payton you dog!

    • Brett Kollmann
      Brett Kollmann  4 months ago

      He's so damn good at disguising the exact same play over and over again lol

  • Dennis Loftus
    Dennis Loftus 4 months ago +1

    Pretty certain they just pulled that play out with taysom hill on the opposite side

  • João Marcus Barbosa
    João Marcus Barbosa 4 months ago +3

    Mate, Sean Peyton just ran another variation of this play right now. Kollmann hits it right on the money. Again.

  • Benita Thelen
    Benita Thelen 4 months ago +2

    Lol, they just ran another variation of the play to taysom hill for a td

  • Daniel O'Quinn
    Daniel O'Quinn 4 months ago +5

    saints just ran a wrinkle of this for Taysom Hill against the Rams...I would not have ever noticed it without this vid! Great job!

  • Frogman Jones
    Frogman Jones 4 months ago +5

    And Peyton just called this same play using Taysom Hill, for the TD!

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago +17

    They just ran this play against the Rams. Motioned Taysum Hill to check if they were in man, easy walk in touchdown. Your breakdown was right on the money

    • michael roche
      michael roche 4 months ago +2

      Sam yep came here to say this. Sean is too fucking good

  • Devron
    Devron 4 months ago +5

    Came back just to say the saints just scored with Hill off the play but flipped. Knew it as soon as I saw it because of this

  • James Park
    James Park 4 months ago

    Oof charges that hurt me

  • Ryan Alexander Bloom
    Ryan Alexander Bloom 4 months ago

    07:30 yeah dude. Chargers never applied pressure and got eaten alive. Defense fail from the top down.

  • TedJustTed47
    TedJustTed47 4 months ago

    Sean Payton is a dirty cunt!

  • Ronald Beaulieu
    Ronald Beaulieu 4 months ago

    Also took advantage of a corner that was literally added to the roster 3 weeks ago and was in for Douglas because he got injured on that drive. That drive was the dagger that sealed it for the Saints.

  • foresttdog
    foresttdog 4 months ago

    Subscribed, mostly due to your fully adult use of capitalization in your video title.

  • philwauke
    philwauke 4 months ago

    can you talk about after the eagles scored 14 pts they didn't do anything afterward? why?

  • DJ Blade Brown
    DJ Blade Brown 4 months ago


  • Too Many Lies
    Too Many Lies 4 months ago

    Once again, great analysis after putting in the hard work. Kudos.

  • bennett
    bennett 4 months ago

    thank u sir ur amazing

  • MrKKUT1984
    MrKKUT1984 4 months ago

    How do you not have a job in the NFL? This is professionally broke down film, and done in a way for the average joe to understand. By the way, I hope my saints win big. Who dat!

  • Grand Priest
    Grand Priest 4 months ago +1

    Leblanc( prob spelled wrong) is a pretty good cb,he really impressed me, great find by Philadelphia

  • Tran Chau
    Tran Chau 4 months ago

    I think the Michael Thomas play looks really similar with the play that Danny Amendola got the 2 pts conversion for NE in the Sb vs Atlanta.

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 4 months ago

    Can you do a josh allen type video?

  • Joshua Hunter
    Joshua Hunter 4 months ago

    Jaime Collins saw the motion and jumped it, he ain't even come upfield confused the crap outta armstead the first run through. All pats must know that play😂😂

  • AJ_
    AJ_ 4 months ago

    Does someone know where he gets his tape from?

  • Become What You Mean
    Become What You Mean 4 months ago


  • Sami Sheikh
    Sami Sheikh 4 months ago

    This is fucking brilliant. Dude your channel has to be one of my favorites I sub to. Keep pumping content like this out, it's amazing.

  • Euan Holmes
    Euan Holmes 4 months ago

    Perhaps even more history - the original play is also what NE used to tie Superbowl LI

  • villen
    villen 4 months ago

    inb4 the Rams knock out the Saints with their own play design making another video irrelevant

  • Dion Fleming
    Dion Fleming 4 months ago

    Possibly your most succinct breakdown yet

  • Big 12
    Big 12 4 months ago

    congrats on your 99th flim room episode i love this series

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 4 months ago

    Your best work so far. Great video!

  • ryan blood
    ryan blood 4 months ago

    I know on tv it looked like a broken coverage that gave up an easy touchdown...but it was Payton's genius! Bro, I honestly love your breakdowns, they're usually spot on... but c'mon. On one hand you say they were totally waiting for it, LeBlanc jumped the shit outa it... but you neglected to mention who that "corner" was that completely shit the bed. Here's a good question for you... can you even name him? I bleed green an I can't even name him! He's about what... 8th on the depth chart? Meaning he had no business being on any regular season roster... let alone playing man coverage on the goal line against the #1 seed in the playoffs! Yes, they stole the play from Doug Pedersen. Yes, good on them that it worked. BUT... if the Eagles had anything resembling a professional cornerback in the game at that moment... one who might have known what the rest of the defense obviously did... it might not have looked like a broken coverage that gave up an easy touchdown.

  • Chris Little
    Chris Little 4 months ago

    God damn I love football. These videos are phenomenal

  • Gary Coughlin
    Gary Coughlin 4 months ago

    *7 weeks later* Damn Marcus Peters and Lamarcus Joyner do their homework. Also looks like Troy Hill picked up on that too(I think that's who that is).

  • TL03RIZZ
    TL03RIZZ 4 months ago

    Can you make a video on the Eagles future

  • stealthiscool
    stealthiscool 4 months ago

    Payton does not get nearly enough credit for Brees' consistent success in New Orleans

  • Bryan C
    Bryan C 4 months ago

    If they run, and succeed, with this play Sunday; it will be the greatest thing ever.

  • Bryan C
    Bryan C 4 months ago

    Great video. So pumped for Sunday!

  • 劉璟農
    劉璟農 4 months ago

    I couldn’t imagine how much work was put in in this video...... so much film grinding. Love your work ~

  • Rendell Bartholomew
    Rendell Bartholomew 4 months ago

    Sean Payton Is a true offensive genius. WHODAT#1

  • Christ James
    Christ James 4 months ago +1

    In a world of trash content you find a way to to continually bring Grade A content. Salute to You

  • Sarang Shravan
    Sarang Shravan 4 months ago

    lol the chargers roast. Brady's not the GOAT you said it yourself coaches matter, Belichick could make the real GOAT, Nathan Peterman, a great qb

    • Sarang Shravan
      Sarang Shravan 4 months ago

      @southpark645 So now Gronk and Moss and Edelman are comparable to Marques Colston and one year of Michael Thomas. Makes no sense but ok.
      Brees' numbers drop in the cold because he's not used to being in the cold, seeing as he's played in Indiana and Louisiana. Now take Brady who played in Michigan and Massachusetts. Once again your argument makes no sense.
      Also Brady has only thrown more than 30 touchdowns in just one of the Super Bowl years. And the lowest ranking he's had from his defense is 8th. So he benefits from having a consistently great defense, which makes up for his ok numbers.
      And Brees was up against Suh, Donald and Fowler in overtime and his arm was hit by Fowler on the pick. Brady was going up against the 31st ranked defense in the league, and a defense so bad they just fired their offensive coordinator.
      McDaniels never left the pats. He was supposed to go to the colts but decided not to which was kind of a dumb move their offense was amazing this year.
      So basically your argument sucks
      Oh and I forgot. Did your really just say Sean Payton is on the level of Belichick. I love Payton and hate Belichick but I can't deny Bill as one of, if not the best, coach of all time
      Also one more thing. Brady only does check downs lol

    • southpark645
      southpark645 4 months ago

      Sarang Shravan lmao outside of Gronk who is past his prime now even though he shouldn’t be, and randy moss. Who else has Tom Brady had? Drew Brees also had Marcus colston, so for the two of them I can name two receivers that have helped them significantly throughout their career. Brady is most definitely the GOAT man, one thing you’re leaving out is that Brees has a guaranteed 8 games in a dome and usually more because of teams like Atlanta who are in their division and also play in a dome. Gillette stadium is an outdoor stadium, and Brees numbers drop off in cold weather and like yeah everyone’s numbers drop off in the cold but Brady’s seem to remain more consistent in cold weather compared to Brees. It’s funny that you bring up coaching, but fail to realize drew Brees has one of the most creative And smartest offensive minded coaches in the history of the league, Sean Payton is highly underrated and not talked about enough but make no mistake, Brees benefits form having an offensive coach like Payton. Now look at Brady and bill, bill had a losing record as head coach before Brady became his starter, not only that, bill was a defensive coordinator for years and won a super bowl as a defensive coordinator. Brady runs that offense in New England man, hats why every OC that was on the pats and left and fell flat. McDaniels left the pats and couldn’t do anything so he went back, and that’s why he changed his mind and decided to stay in NE. Also, Brees threw a horrible interception that wasn’t smart in that OT game against the rams and I admit they shouldn’t have even been there in the first place. However the saints had their chance to win and Brees made a play that wasn’t very smart and in turn some of that loss is on him, meanwhile later that night in OT Tom Brady made the best of his team receiving the coin toss and drove his team downfield and got them into position to score a game winning touchdown.

    • Sarang Shravan
      Sarang Shravan 4 months ago

      @southpark645 I said that meaning it was matt cassel, a terrible qb and they still went 10-6. The drop off from Brady THEN to cassel is huge. but hes still not the GOAT. Im not a saints fan but I think Brees is the GOAT. He doesn't have rings or anything because he's never had a good team around him. Thomas is the only pro bowl receiver he has ever played with. And he's had to deal with a defense that let up 7,000 before. Then last year when he does get a solid defense, one of the luckiest plays in NFL history happens. And this year he's robbed by the refs. Meanwhile Brady has always had a defense coached by Belichick. And he has Gronk and the undefeated season was the year Moss has 23 tds. So Brady has had a lot of help and it took someone like Matt Cassel to make the pats miss the playoffs, and even then they went 10-6

    • southpark645
      southpark645 4 months ago

      Sarang Shravan yes it was, in the season after the pats were undefeated with Tom at qb

    • Sarang Shravan
      Sarang Shravan 4 months ago

      @southpark645 well that was Matt Cassel wasn't it? lol

  • mel vin
    mel vin 4 months ago

    why did i get an ad to join a cult?

  • Chim Richalds
    Chim Richalds 4 months ago

    So since the rams and saints are quite similar, he might do that same thing to the rams lol. That would be funny

  • Lag23
    Lag23 4 months ago

    The Philly Special claims another victim

  • MuhfugginMike
    MuhfugginMike 4 months ago

    Fuck Da Eagles

  • monaso9
    monaso9 4 months ago

    Belichick is the only reason the Patriots have won those Superbowls. It doesn't matter who goes down in that team. He won 11 games when Brady went down

  • My penis is incredibly tiny, but

    Put this man Brett on an nfl coaching squad fr

  • Yuan Tang
    Yuan Tang 4 months ago

    That corner is Josh Hawkins, who was just promoted from the practice squad in Christmas. The only reason that he was on the field is because Rasul Douglas was injured a few minutes ago.

  • SuperBallashotcalla
    SuperBallashotcalla 4 months ago

    Naw. Morning sports shows taught me that players with the most heart win games. This is nonsense

  • andy borowitz
    andy borowitz 4 months ago

    if Jeffrey had caught that ball it would have been a different story.The Eagles were moving on that last drive.
    Saints were lucky.

    • Monkey0921
      Monkey0921 4 months ago

      Or maybe they would of got stopped

  • Dat Le
    Dat Le 4 months ago

    When I asked for an Eagles video I didn't mean this. Not like this.

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 4 months ago +2

    New England started the shield screen Super Bowl Falcons... come on brett!

  • iDeuceEx
    iDeuceEx 4 months ago

    First time i ever watch your videos and this content is fucking phenomenal.......

  • TheGamingBeast
    TheGamingBeast 4 months ago

    Another great vid! Enjoyed it a lot

  • chuck430
    chuck430 4 months ago


  • Benjamin Bartlett
    Benjamin Bartlett 4 months ago

    Brett, great breakdown as always. Any chance that you could do a video sometime (perhaps the offseason?) where you actually show us your charting? I'd love to see what you did on Payton and his evolution through the season.

  • Sho Tohara
    Sho Tohara 4 months ago

    Sean Payton and knocking out? Poor choice of words lmao

  • André Alves
    André Alves 4 months ago

    Brett, if the curse really exists i will contemplate unsubscribing, we can't have it this week

  • MrQ000000
    MrQ000000 4 months ago +1

    We are left with the 4 best teams with the 4 best rosters and the 4 best records armed with the 4 best offenses captained by the 4 best coaches in the league. Could not have hand picked more exciting conference championship games.

  • Henry Teccsi
    Henry Teccsi 4 months ago

    Who here wants to learn about God?

  • RamboRigs
    RamboRigs 4 months ago


  • Satvik Srinivas
    Satvik Srinivas 4 months ago

    Dam Brett u smart

  • Ali Hu Chyad
    Ali Hu Chyad 4 months ago

    amazing video

  • TheIceMan SP13
    TheIceMan SP13 4 months ago

    If the Saints lose because you jinxed, ill be so upset

  • Saucy Sasuke
    Saucy Sasuke 4 months ago

    Who dat!

  • Evans Falgoust
    Evans Falgoust 4 months ago

    I wish you had your own television show. You are the best in the business - keep it up!

  • John Lage
    John Lage 4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the Patriots ran this play in the Super Bowl vs the Falcons on the game-tying 2-point conversion

  • its alright
    its alright 4 months ago

    Why did you have to make a saints video!? You jinx every playoff team you have made a video for smdh

  • PresidentBelichick12
    PresidentBelichick12 4 months ago

    So the rams are winning

  • Brock Mak
    Brock Mak 4 months ago

    Me too if Saints lose, will he be poached by another team, even as an OC?

  • Jackson D
    Jackson D 4 months ago

    Everyone sees how genius Peyton is yet Belichick been doing this stuff for 20 years